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  1. I run Waze anytime I'm on the interstate. I find the crowd input on road conditions really useful.
  2. Its five ish hours for me and I trailer in. My tires are a lot more fun when they are not flat in the middle. I usually ride about seven or eight days and my old ass is tired at the end. The boring trip home is easier in the truck. After a week up there, all of the other roads are boring. We have a few who trailer all the way from North Carolina.😀
  3. There is a group of twenty or so who show up whenever there is a ride. A lot of them don't have VFR's any longer and so are not on VFRD much. Unfortunately, there's a lot more planning that goes on on that damn social media site we all hate. I've been trying to keep plugging the event both places to catch as many as we can. So many have moved on and its left the groups much smaller. Its still a great crowd as always, just smaller. The cops don't show up like they used to either.😀
  4. Just about two months out. Y'all makin your plans?
  5. I have that performance part in RWB and can say that it made so much difference that I had to put one on the back of my helmet just to keep up.
  6. until

    Now I can look forward to seeing one of my favorite VFR's! 👍
  7. Yes, IT IS A MESS! When I lived in the north east thirty years ago, a lot of people would drive old beaters because a new car would rust through in about four years. When they wanted to travel, they would rent a car. I have had people tell me that the trout fishing in NC has about gone away because of all of the runoff from the roads. The stuff gets everywhere when you ride or drive through it.
  8. until

    As long as you bring The Muscle, we are all good! She'll look after us all.
  9. Welcome! This is still the best place that I've ever found for technical help of any kind. I have more friends from VFRD than I have made elsewhere in my entire 62 years. What can I say, I'm picky.
  10. until

    Rates have been confirmed: Microtel Franklin, NC $70/day weeknight $90/day weekend No fees. There will be no food, tents, chairs, shirts, or beer provided. We have used this format for the fall ride for several years. It works and is a lot less effort. We still end up with beer looking for a home at the end of the weekend. Maybe we're all getting old? If you haven't been for a bit or don't still own a VFR, come on anyway! Its still a great group of people to hang with.
  11. You can tell its a new garage....there's a four wheeled vehicle still parked in it. Five bays at my house, only the wife's car inside, no room to even work on a motorcycle. Hope to get that all sorted this spring.
  12. You might get some input from the 7th gen forum. Each of my 6th gen's had a lot of slack in the throttle cable when I got them. It can make them difficult at low speed. Just a thought.
  13. And he couldn't have done it for a nicer guy! This is a great community.
  14. Welcome aboard. I've seen a couple of 8 spokes turn up in the last few months. They are not cheap. Wish I had kept my spare one now. Good luck with the hunt.
  15. I drilled my slab and put in anchors for my tire changer. If the threads get full, I use the shopvac and I can attach whatever I want to the floor now.
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