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  1. I have had Corbin and currently have Sargent seat on my 6th gens. The Corbin was always like a nicely shaped wooden chair. It felt great when you sat down and thirty minutes later you were ready to get up. It was bad enough that I went back to stock. My current came with the Sargent and so far I have stayed with it. For what they cost, I would find a good upholstery shop and have the stock reshaped to suit you. There are some aftermarket cover kits for 6th gens but I can't remember names. Good luck with your search.
  2. Hi Sweeper, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. Wow, that went better than expected! Let's go on and knock this thing out!
  4. Is this place awesome or what! Thanks Grum for sticking with it to help out another member in need.
  5. Terry, If you go at it from the inside, you will need paint. I had to tap out and back in over the whole area. Can’t find a pic of how oil canned it was. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I just noticed the Operational Budget is at about three quarters for the year. I also noticed that it fell short last year. I know that traffic is down and that its not the entertainment mecca it was in years past but this place needs to continue. There is so much technical help here that won't be available on social media. Any of you read the post in 8th Gen Forum this week 'Weirdness'? It's a perfect example of why this forum is so great. I just wanted to encourage all of you that have not done so to make a donation. VFRD would be a terrible thing to lose.
  7. OK, this is two weeks out. I know there are ten or fifteen members attending but no newbs? Where is everybody? I'm actually going to go ride my bike today just to make sure it will be ready to go.
  8. I used one of the HF tools and had pretty good luck on simple dent pulling. The CB's tank was creased and had to be beat back out. Just don't use anything with a sharp edge because it will show. If you go too far, just tap from the outside. You don't have much to lose by trying. Good luck with it.
  9. It’s really pretty easy when the fuel pump is out. I shaped a piece of hard wood and worked it slowly with a hammer until it only needed a little light weight finishing filler. The metal is thin. My CB500X has a pretty bad crease and I was able to save it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for the follow up. I always like to read about how an issue is resolved. You never can tell when you might need it.
  11. With bikes like these, the mileage may not be as important as the service history. Tires and fluid changes will cost the same regardless of mileage. Ask questions and be sure you trust the seller if you are going to fly and ride. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Both of these are awesome people to deal with. One advantage of ridewnc is that he will work with your schedule rather than you waiting around for a slot. All you have to do is call him and schedule a time to be there.
  13. For best price on any Honda parts call Keith at Mason City Honda in Mason City, Iowa. He gives a 15% discount to VFRD members. What he doesn't have in stock, he can get in two days from a regional depot and have it in the mail to you.
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