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  1. You could all head out to the east coast for the Spring Ride in May. There is always room for more VFR! Here's to us all riding more in 21!
  2. Check for shorted wires under the seat. Witnessed a 6th gen with a pinched wire when seated. Look for something that would move from the bump.
  3. Hi Sweeper, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. I'm just happy that no harm came to the cleanest VFR I've ever seen in person! I'm sure its spotless again already.
  5. The only thing really noticeable about VTEC for me is that glorious roar!👍
  6. If you get a top box with the bags, comfort won't be too bad. The VFR is a great compromise for sport and tour. It really is as much sport as anyone needs on the street in my opinion. I haven't seen prices on the new bags but the good news is they used it for several bikes and it requires no hardware. I've been considering an 8th gen myself.
  7. The V4 800 is an awesome motor. If they would just find a light weight bike to put it in, it would be the last bike I every needed to buy.
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy 2021 Dutchy!
  9. Just noticed the sign on the wall. A subliminal message about the VFR?😃 Even if it is a covered boat, I still want it.
  10. THIS! If I could find a deal on a white deluxe, I could be temped away from my 07.
  11. I've seen an 8th gen with the older VF rwb paint scheme and it looks awesome. So good that I'd consider buying a white 8th gen to make one.
  12. He called me today. Healthy and safe. We had a miscommunication and he was working out of town. Back on track with the project now.
  13. Anyone know him personally or had recent contact with him? I was in contact with him several times and he was working on something for my CB500X. Its been two months and I haven't been able to reach him the last ten days. I left a voice message and sent an email nothing has been returned. Wondering if he's ok.
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