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  1. Beauty Eh? Amazing how f'ing polite those Canadians are!
  2. Most likely an older 12v power socket. I don't remember exactly what they are called unfortunately.
  3. If the cop had had any idea what you were riding, or taste in bikes, he would have stopped you just to have a look.
  4. Still enjoying the ride Leon! Keep it coming.
  5. Sweeper

    2021 FallRide

    Details in Major Events.
  6. We're six weeks out! Ol'Heavy insisted on a bath, new shoes, and a gold chain. Somehow she's gotten the idea that she is kind of a big deal? It might take me four weeks to finish all of that at the rate I'm going. Have you booked a room? Is your ride ready?
  7. I really liked the prototype but somehow the new images just don't have the same draw. Maybe when I see one in person.
  8. The pic of the backside makes me think Hydrodip. You could always buy a pair of factory black.
  9. For anyone hunting a 8th gen....There is a white 14 on FBMarketplace in Birmingham, AL. $5200 with 9800miles. Somebody buy it so I will not be tempted anymore. I do not know anything about the owner or the bike. I just thought it was a really good deal.
  10. Jamie is a super nice guy and was great to talk to over the phone but he is apparently overrun with work. I tried to buy from him last year and after three months without anything to show we decided to drop the order. It was not a supply issue. He forgot about me twice and then still needed time to get the kit together. I don't want to disparage him or his work but feel like I owe the members here the warning. His business has grown a lot from what most here had experience with. I've talked in private with a few people from this forum who had similar issues. If you decide to go with him, ask up front about real timelines. In the end, I ordered gold valves and springs from Racetech. I installed them myself and will say that its pretty simple and I feel better understanding how it all goes together.
  11. Just in case you forgot.... this is still on. Don't use a booking app because they will tell you the rooms are all booked. Call Mike. Do it now!😛
  12. Nice bike!😜 The rapid bike should help a ton with the throttle issues. Do a throttle sync or have it done. Make sure there isn't slack in the throttle cables. I've had three 6th gens and wonder how anybody rode them before I got them. I guess if you're used to it or don't think to check it. They can be miserable to ride a parking lot speeds until you've sorted it.
  13. I've been riding my CB500X a lot more than my VFR the last two years. I still enjoy the VFR for mountain riding but anything else and the lighter bike is just more fun. I've just put slightly lower bars on it in an attempt to take some pressure off my spine. Get old is no joke! I'm still hanging with the TMAC crowd and ask them on a regular basis to please tell me when I need to stop coming. 😛 If Honda would bring the big 750 ADV scooter to the states, I'd have one now. Good luck with the hunt Jim.
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