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  1. I have one of Huntingguns ram mounts on my VFR. It works great and doesn't spin around like the cheap stem mounts. For my iphone, I took an old belt clip holder and cut the clip off. Then I attached a round ram ball mount to the back of the phone holder. I've used it on my CRF250 while riding some pretty rough off road and never had a problem. I don't have a pic but will take one if you need it.
  2. When I returned home, I put Ol'Heavy in the shipping container while I finish some shop renovations. I don't think she's happy. The mystery of the missing fluid my be revealed soon.🤨
  3. 2021 SpringRide is in the books. If you didn't show, you missed a great one! I drove up to CasadeCarver on Friday to meet CornerCarver and Clarkson for a ride to Franklin where the rest of the PreRide crew was waiting. When I loaded my bikes in the trailer, I discovered that my CB500X had a leaking fork seal. No problem, I had the seals ready for Racetech install. I was lucky enough to have some help from MiniCarver installing the new seals. It went perfectly of course!😀 We had some hotel mixups and ended up with only one room so Steve was nice enough to put us all up in his basemen
  4. Sorry Leon, I didn't get any. Aaron did have his there so maybe somebody got one.
  5. My 03 was the same way. I installed a PCIII and it was perfect. My 07 came with PCV and AutoTune. It still has a slight stumble on throttle pickup. Tried to sync but never got it quite right and have always suspected the vacuum operated cruise control. It is strange how some 6th gens have it bad and others not at all. I did read somewhere about loose clamps on the boots from the factory.
  6. Just got home this afternoon. Pics and details when I get caught up a bit. We had over thirty bikes and about 13 or so VFR's this year.
  7. I am leaving in about ten minutes for PreRide. I'll see those of you who make it on Wednesday in Franklin.
  8. I'm a little farther out than that but would be happy to let you try mine. I found that they really help my neck because I'm not leaned down as much for easy riding. Don't really notice much difference for sport riding. If you don't find someone in the next couple of weeks, ride up to the Spring Memorial Ride in Franklin. There will be a couple of VFR's still around.
  9. As an alternative, how about the Halfrica Twin? The CB500X is huge fun on and off road. Its not better at either but a great deal less to throw around. Not as comfy for all day highway riding as the AT but I don't do that anyway. If the road is straight, it was made for four wheels. I'm pretty sure I'm faster on the CB than on the VFR. I've become a fan of Less is More.
  10. With your positive attitude, you'll get through this no problem. Glad the bike is there to help you!
  11. until

    Five weeks out! It won't be long until we can all start looking at the weather forecast! Tell me you don't need a ride right now.
  12. I run Waze anytime I'm on the interstate. I find the crowd input on road conditions really useful.
  13. Its five ish hours for me and I trailer in. My tires are a lot more fun when they are not flat in the middle. I usually ride about seven or eight days and my old ass is tired at the end. The boring trip home is easier in the truck. After a week up there, all of the other roads are boring. We have a few who trailer all the way from North Carolina.😀
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