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  1. Maybe contact American Honda for some push?
  2. until
    Microtel 828-349-9000 (mention VFRD) Franklin NC Rooms: $70 weekday $100 Friday/Saturday
  3. until
    Microtel 828-349-9000 (mention VFRD) Franklin NC Rooms: $70 weekday $100 Friday/Saturday
  4. We've been running about twenty five spring and fall. It's a good group of folks who have been together for close to ten years. We get in some great riding and some great socializing. If you look at some of the Major Events threads, you'll see a lot of the same faces in the pics. We pick up a couple and lose a couple every year. Come join us.
  5. Its official...The Spring Memorial Ride will be May 19th to May 22nd. Microtel 828-349-9000 (mention VFRD) Franklin NC Rooms: $70 weekday $100 Friday/Saturday No fees, No food, No shirts, but there's always plenty! We mostly don't care what you ride or how unless you are out of control.
  6. Looks like silver overspray on the tire and the lower chain guide. Whoever did it wasn't very crafty. May just be part of the dealer's normal cleanup on used equipment. A lot of small dealers here do that with cars. A good thirty footer without a lot of effort. I'd be sure and use it against them in the negotiations.
  7. If you are flexible on the date, the Spring Memorial Ride is mid May(19-22) out of Franklin. There are a few of us who usually meet the weekend before and ride "all the good roads" before the event. If you look in the South forum, there are some routes from previous PreRides. You might also see if @VFRpwr has some input. He has a treasure chest full of good roads. The FallRide will be late September out of Little Switzerland.
  8. I love to give ridiculous tips this time of year. Wish I could be as dedicated as her.
  9. All that space! Where is all your stuff? Mine had more in it before it was even finished!
  10. I got one for $12 on amazon. Put it on my CB500x stock screen. I can use it to push air at me in the summer or over me a little better the rest of the year. The later is actually a little quieter as well. It takes two hands to adjust it but its really not all bad. I have a MRA on my VFR and can't say that it does a lot. Seems to be a little less range of motion and my seating position is less upright. For the money, what's to worry about?
  11. Just picked this up for $279. The photochromatic shield is $139 if purchased on its own. I haven't ridden in it yet but I will say it is not up to the same material quality as my RF1200. It is a lot lighter.
  12. They've been selling these here as Grom knockoffs for years. Maybe Honda just gave up and decided to cash in.
  13. I thought I was old at 50. I'm a much better rider now at 62. Not only a more skilled and safer rider but a faster one as well. I do listen to my grey hair when it says to slow down. I am enjoying the smaller lighter bikes more these days. I've been spending a lot of my street time on the CB500X. A couple of weeks ago when the new Tiger 660 came out, I read the specs and realized that they are very close except in horse power. I've now put a deposit down in hopes that it will be the same nimble handling with nearly twice the horse power. So, whatever you choose, follow those grey hairs.😛
  14. Vacuum leaks really show up under acceleration more than steady throttle if I recall correctly. +1
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