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  1. Google Torocharger and you will get all kinds of info on the supercharger fitted to a VFR800. No longer in production and my understanding is that only twelve were produced.
  2. I heard someone talking about you being in town. Sorry I missed you. My one visit to the gap was Wednesday afternoon on our way back to Franklin. It was a crummy run and I decided it was enough. Hope to see you in the fall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mason City Honda offers a 15% discount to VFRD members. Call them with part numbers and they will quote you a price and shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Another SpringRide has come and gone. If you missed it, you missed out. I didn't take as many pics this year but here are a few highlights. I dragged the CB500x along this year because CaptainApe( now MajorGrits) flew in from his new assignment in California. Andy decided to ride with us all week due to the rigors of flying coast to coast. There were seven of us on the PreRide this year. We met in Franklin on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed a meal at Fatz that evening. Sunday, we left for a long ride to Little Switzerland. It was a great day with no straight roads. Sunday evening, we enjoyed lies and beer by the fire pits followed by dinner with Kimball and some of his friends. Monday we started the day with The Diamondback and 80. It was in the upper forties so I put on my vest. About an hour into our ride, I noticed my phone wasn't on the holder. PANIC! After a few minutes of patting myself down, Bob said it was in my hand when I put my vest on. It was in my vest pocket. Now we had some catching up to do. After passing a couple of cars on 80, we found a really tight left hand that was preceded by a bad dip on the right shoulder. I missed the dip but had to check up hard for the turn. My next thought was how bad did I screw up Bob. I looked in the mirror to see him roll off the edge of the road and his bike launch him into the bank. It turned out that Bob had not seen the dip and it caused him to miss how tight the turn was. Only a few minor marks to the bike and Bob. I did not take a picture because I'm slipping. The sticker says "Crashing Sucks". Bob was getting a little sore from the off so I insisted that he and I head for the hotel and rest for the afternoon. The Oakpark Inn in Waynesville is a neat little place to stay. Bob was up and ready to go again after breakfast at Clydes. At our first stop of the morning, Andy and Greg decided to trade rides. It was very entertaining to watch Greg try and handle the 500 coming from his SuperSport. We road North Georgia into Helen for the night. Greg was nice enough to share his adult beverage. We road north into Tellico and then to Robbinsville for lunch at The Hub. Not sure where Andy puts all the food but I'm jealous. The CB was like a little puppy all week. It just couldn't get enough of running with the big dogs. As is tradition, we had to have a group toast on arrival back in Franklin. When everyone stopped for gas (SuperSports are thirsty) I stopped and picked up two twelve packs in my side bags. We had an awesome time thanks to Rob Power. First thing the next morning, another tradition, buying tires. We visited RideWNC and Mike put new tires on Rob and Ricks bikes. A Garmin stop on Warwoman and 28. This should have been a sign. My buddy Steve joined us on his big Versys. This is how you make a VFR look small. So the Garmin thing came up again and we found ourselves on a gravel incline of about 45 degrees. When the lead bike can no longer move forward and starts sliding back down the hill, chaos ensues. We all looked for a way to stop and help Rob pick up his bike but couldn't find a way to get off. Then I hear Steve's bike fall and see him running head first as fast as he can towards me. He wasn't having any luck with catching his head but managed to miss me and fall behind me. He was fine. This is when I pulled out my phone to take a picture. I watched as Rick leaned his beautiful Beetle Bag against the bank to go and help. Aaron road his XR to the top spraying gravel down the hill. The fun wasn't over. We got the bikes turned down the hill but then couldn't stop. Both brakes locked just resulted in the bike sliding down the hill. It was an adventure. The only damage was a few scratches to Rob's freshly painted bike. Saturday's weather was a little iffy and I was tired so I stayed at the hotel and watched it rain. Saturday night we had the usual dinner and awards. This years green jersey was awarded to Rob after a really close call on story telling. Saved someone from being the first repeat winner. I had to include this pic to show how hard Andy worked the CB. These are Shinko 705 dualsport tires. He ran the front and back to the edge and they don't even appear to have been hot. The middle scuff is from me loading on the trailer. One last pic because I'm really proud that for once I wasn't too close to the double yellow. A big thanks to Bob and Ben for continuing to put this event on. Hope to see you all there next year or maybe at the FallRide.
  5. Watching a front tire change this week, I witnessed a bolt that would not torque to spec. It was stretched upon inspection. Luckily a replacement was handy. I would have thought it impossible to stretch that steel bolt in aluminum. I’ll be inspecting mine next tire change. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Beautiful bike! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Rides were had today but you did miss one heck of a storm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Shots fired! Heat taken.[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I had two bikes on the trailer this trip. I usually have one. Say the word and I’ll take the heat for trailering. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Heading out in the morning![emoji322] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. After reading everything I could find, I replaced my front last year with a new Honda unit. Within 2.5k miles, it (or the rear) started rattling slightly on occasion when hot. I'm thinking that I will take the old one and try the rewinding method. I'm at 24k miles.
  12. I didn’t order a set because the cheap ass set on my bike will last the rest of my riding days. I have read nearly every post on this thread and enjoyed watching it unfold. Well done gentlemen! Well done. If you guys ever make an east coast visit, beers on me.[emoji481] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Don't let all of the reading about VFR electrical issues get you down. I watched two stator replacements done in a parking lot last summer at SUMSUM. They each took less than two hours. Read the electrical forum here and jump in. I tried searching for 'the drill' but can't find it. It may have gone missing in the latest rebuild? Here is the text that I copied to my desktop when I needed it. Good luck. Sorry for your electrical troubles. Well, looks like you gotta do…. “The Drill.” Go through all your connectors for burnt leads, dig deep. Crispy wires? Not good. Your gonna have to fix that! Then---Go through this starting point quick list. You will need a multimeter too. Steps: - Recharge battery overnite - then to take it to Autozone, Batterys Plus or similar to load test. -- Good? Bad? – An iffy battery can fake you out and act like a bad R/R. Buy new if needed. - With good battery fire it up, warm up for a minute or two. These are R/R quick checks--- --- With voltmeter at battery get voltages -- idle volts? 5000 rpm volts? What’s the numbers? Should be in 13ish min idle and in 14s at revs. If in the 12s at idle, try at 1900 rpm. (It’s not unusual for the system to be in discharge or no charge at idle.) - Check stator - 1. Pull connector apart. Set meter to resistance. Check pin to pin stator side, 3 yellow wires, A to B, B to C, C to A. What’s the numbers? 3 separate readings --Should be less than 1.0 ohms. (Engine off) - 2. Check continuity from each A,B,C pin stator side to ground, -- -should be infinity - nada nothing. no continuity. -- 3 separate checks. (Engine off, again connector is apart) - 3. Crank it back up. Do another pin to pin thing, but set meter on AC volts. idle and 5000 rpms. What's da numbers? Should start 15 -20ish and climb 50ish and more. Again – 3 readings stator side connector and still apart. - Repeat hot if you dont find anything wrong. Sometimes the stator will be find cold and be a problem hot. This quick list will catch the obvious stuff, but if you need to dig deeper check this chart. (Some guys like this chart, my taste, I don’t care for it.) http://www.electrosport.com/media/pdf/fault-finding-diagram.pdf
  14. I feel your pain. I have been dealing with what I thought was a tailbone issue but now thinking hip bones. I hurt really bad after riding more than an hour or two. Sitting anywhere is a problem. I have cycling shorts to try and an air hawk seat if I have to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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