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  1. Hey only three and a half years later to the next update. Not much has changed going by the pic. But lots of things have changed. A 2015 R1 front wheel is now resident in the workshop, nearest thing to the 848 10Y rear wheel I could find that was an easy fit - straight bolt-on, 2004 R1 discs fit, axle fits. The SebSpeed c;lear clutch cover has received a couple of additions to spruce it up. All other work not shown in pic, but the bodywork is seriously underway at the moment.
  2. Could be CBR600 F4i front end?
  3. Great work Seb, looks better than new.
  4. So now that everyone has had the opportunity to air their views, we can let it go. And wait to see what comes our way. Perfect.
  5. I have that helmet (Shark Spartan carbon), best helmet I've ever owned.
  6. A member here was looking into doing this some years back, pretty sure they were trying to fit GSX-R throttle bodies to a 4th Gen. IIRC the topic petered out without the motor ever firing up.
  7. It's not what you've got, it's what you do with it, Chris... My trick is to fit smaller bodywork, which makes it look bigger
  8. Hi John I have a Triumph eccentric in my 4th Gen swingarm, with an 848 Marchesini. I had the axle shortened and re-threaded as it was around 30mm too long for the Duc wheel. The original Triumph two-piece nut/collar fits, and so does the aftermarket alloy Ducati one-piece nut/collar I bought for about $50 off ebay. They are the same thread.
  9. I still reckon you need that chain of mine... it matches the wheels!
  10. No thanks, I'll wait till you tell me which ones actually work and then buy those
  11. Great choice Rob! One of those rare motorcycles where form really does follow function.
  12. Nice score - it has some good stuff on it. And nice work with Photoshop too, what you've envisaged is realistic and you're already well on your way. WackenSS mentioned some performance mod ideas - the reality is that those ideas are almost all you can do unless money is no object. But he also did throw 'weight' into the equation and the very nature of a SF VFR means that a lot of weight is ditched - and that's where you get your additional performance.
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