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  1. A silicon-based furniture polish like Mr Sheen is good for cleaning the whole helmet including visor, and works a bit like RainX in wet riding.
  2. This is a cool project 👍 Can I make a suggestion - plumb your clutch cover breather up and into the airbox, you're going to end up with an oily mess where it is.
  3. Looks to me like you have an SP2 lower bearing
  4. Hi Manny, welcome to VFRD. It's possible that the slip-on part will work! Honda went from slip on for 3rd, to flange/gasket for 4th, and back to slip-on for 5th. Send an email to Staintune, Adam is quite happy to answer questions like this.
  5. Airtech are good if you just want trackbike fairings. Used is your only real way to do it at a reasonable price, even if they're damaged. Get yourself an airless plastic welder, a Dremel, and lots of sandpaper of various grades.
  6. Haha VFRs appearing on picker shows, hilarious 🙂
  7. Fantastic sound down Gardner Straight and a beautiful example of a 5th Gen - thanks!!
  8. Would have been a terrific ride mate. SE QLD and across the border into NSW has some of the best roads alright. Throw a few more trip pics up. Your brothers bike looks like a gem!
  9. And white is the cheapest paint. Cool project.
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