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  1. Yoshimura is actually two words, Yoshi is good or lucky and mura is village or town. Yoshi is also the name of the cute dinosaur in Super Mario World. It's always been Yoshi in my Asian circle
  2. The Yoshimura slip-on exhaust that I asked you about in another thread
  3. Selling a few more things tomorrow and the slush fund should recover enough to buy the NOS tank
  4. Sold the Yoshi exhaust for more, buy the Vance and Hines 🤑
  5. Perfect, I bought it already LOL It's in like new condition. I hope it is loud enough when need to be
  6. I have a local guy selling a Vance and Hines SS2R slip-on. $120 Supposedly from a 93 with all mounting hardware. Any good? Need rejet?
  7. It's a little too quiet though 😅 How is the exhaust slip-on adapter project going?
  8. I am in the desert furthest east. RC Fuel Injection has a 24 hours turnaround most of the time. I ship them out and usually get them back in 3 to 4 days. Still less than $140 with round trip shipping
  9. Well, she runs beautifully. The rebuilt carbs went on easily with a little coaxing from the heat gun. Mixture screws out 2 turns with the #42 pilot and one shim. The gearbox is nice and smooth, no trouble getting to neutral. Now I just need to start electrolysis on the tank. Hopefully, I get to ride it soon 🤞🏼 PXL_20220128_202301037.mp4
  10. That's pretty high. RC Fuel Injection in Torrance does them for $25 per. I have used them since the 80s for my cars and now my bikes as well
  11. I am new to the VFR so I don't know much, but I think my R157 is the one on the left. The one on the right is darker
  12. I hear you. I am trying to figure out how to cover my tracks as we speaks.........ran out of slush fund already
  13. It came to about $150 with tax and shipping 😢. I ordered it through my buddy's connection. He's my source for unobtainiums. I didn't ask where this part was found
  14. It is more than twice the cost of an original Honda CB750 petcock but seeing that it is an unobtainium, I went ahead and order it. Hopefully there is no mistake in it being the correct item 🤞
  15. Oof, found a NOS petcock for $129 plus tax and shipping........
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