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  1. Wow dude. I've never seen a vfr motor leak before. Not internally. Always had the 'v hoses' need repaired/replaced, but never internal
  2. Crazy man. I don't understand how people have these bikes, from new, and they are pushed aside... ya see listings all the time and wonder, how the ...? kudos on the deal! danno, yours looks like it has - air force tabs - on it?
  3. I agree with Captain 80's. Electronics instead of carbs make it easier. As a 3rd gen lovvah, i'm never getting rid of them, but I like having that old school muscle around. If you have a place to keep them, then just spring for the newer one and pull out the old one for brunch... 😉
  4. Ooh that sounds fun! Where are you departing from? Where in Canada?
  5. You should have a handful of puzzles together 😁
  6. Thats a great contrast! Amazing what wrappers can do
  7. I like it too, so much I bought several. You're right though, I was wondering about weather as well...
  8. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/mcy/7544010909.html
  9. Hahaa 'did not ask price?' Its a racer baby, he/she ain't lettin it go... also the 3 spoke rear wheel... its what I would do... ride the sh-- out of it
  10. What are ya dokng slim jim?! 🤣

  11. That's one of my favorite runs! what they put on the article, is only a portion of a great ride. I live I coeur d alene, and ride that twice a year. Holler if you're out this way.
  12. https://cfl.craigslist.org/mcy/d/mims-honda-nc30-baby-rc-30-big-bang/7551432289.html if I didnt already have one, I'd be all over it
  13. I was toying with making aluminum ducts with a few years ago. Then i realized, just go for longer trips. 😁 since I changed that, I haven't had any heating issues
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