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  1. This is true! I've purchased from them several times. Fast ship, great pricing.
  2. I'm gone for a couple of days and miss out lol I've done the grease yer own method on mtb for a very long time. Its a shit i rode through that sand & mud for days, and no way you can wait for new bearings. But i get bmarts commentary, my pay time is worth more than doing that. It is a helpful skill to have on tap. You may want to smite someone down the road for asking🤣🤣 incidentally, i have been peeling my own sportbike tires, by hand, and balancing them by hand, for the better part of 25 years lol
  3. So as I've been collecting parts for a while now, I find myself too busy with other projects. I have decided to start letting go of my stuff. I've been out of the conversion game for a while, so i can't remember much about what all is entailed in the swap. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I have no pics but can get some sent. Rc51 conversion. 929 upper, 954, lower, rc51upper machined to fit the 54 steerer, SP1 legs fresh oil & fork seals, SP1 calipers with brakes & lines, reservoir & perch, an extra set of internals & extra set of fork seals, i also have a 929 electronic dash. I was in process of doing a fighter with the parts, but decided to make a viffer track bike, thats identical to my daily ride. I have other bits, but still digging around to find out what I have. Pm for pics. Selling for $500 for the whole swap. You still need to pay shipping
  4. You didnt get in touch with me first?! WTH
  5. 3rdgenred


  6. @BusyLittleShop i was wondering/HOPING you'd be poppin in here!!!
  7. as a 90's honda rider, i think you need to give that up because yer screename is 'captain 80's'. As such, I have moved a bike over so it'll fit in nicely here. See you this weekend.
  8. 🤔48 been ridin around for a bit. Obviously not stopping. My priorities have been ... 'if ya ain't flying by the seat of yer pants don't do it...'
  9. Hilarious!!! I think WE ALL need a good long relaxing ride weekend on our bikes!!!
  10. I'm trying to rebuild the stable. I had the 3rd gen bug since 2006 when i rode my friends. At one point had 13 of them. 90,91,92&93's respectively, and set them all up the same. Tank was super clean inside. I will take more pictures as time allows.
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