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  1. Lol well, it’s an el’cheap-o Danmoto GP Extreme. I bought it a couple years ago to hold me over until I picked up a more “suitable” slip-on but as you can see it’s still there. Yes, it is loud!
  2. I replaced mine with the MOSFET FA020AA kit from Jack at Roadstercycle and can’t complain. It’s simple, reasonable priced and I mounted mine on the left side of the subframe.
  3. Congrats and welcome to the madness! You’re in the right place and when it’s time for tech questions and assistance there’s some folks in here that know these things inside & out. Good luck!
  4. This was when out for the ride grabbing a beverage and a snack. The weather was great except a bit breezy here and there pushing us around a bit but I’ll take it!
  5. Thank you!! My wife is the photo pro in our house lol. Every time I consider selling I see pictures like this & others here and think nah, I’ll keep her even if not ridden much and neatly tucked away in the corner of the garage. Time will tell though, in the right mood and anything is possible. 😎
  6. Quick clean up for the weekend. 23 and still looking pretty good. I really should get around at getting a different slip-on but I just haven’t put to much time into it. I really miss having the center stand though.
  7. I’ve been wondering myself on what I’ll do for upgrading but just haven’t put any time into researching it yet. I have used Braking rotors in the past on my Gen 2 Hayabusa with very good results. I suppose I should spend a bit of time looking.
  8. She really is a looker!!! When I lived in the UK I learned about the whole log book / service history / dealer stamp deal. Especially when owning Ducati’s....... I always keep receipts for everything from dealer services to pieces parts purchased along the way. To bad everyone doesn’t understand the benefit.
  9. Makes me want to go pull a plug out of my Gen 5 just to take a look and see now. I installed them this past week but haven’t ridden it yet since.
  10. I read through the procedure and I’m glad you mentioned it. I’ve read bits and pieces about bleeding the system in other posts & forums in the past and it’ll be a 2 person job that’s for sure, at least in my garage. Another situation where Honda didn’t do some of us folks any favors. De-linking and getting rid of that mess may be an option at some point but it’s not a priority. Maybe a project when the VFR is a secondary bike. Thank you. For her age she looks alright from a few feet away. With 22,149 miles on the clock, being a fair weather bike most of her life and living inside
  11. Progress, slow but steady they say (well someone said one time). I flushed some fresh Dot 4 through the lines, front, back and clutch. I didn’t go hog wild but bleed the lines until the fluid looked good then ran a bit more through. Total flush no but it’s better than nothing. I’ll order some brake pads today for the front, the rear is looking alright still. I’m not much of a rear brake user anyway.
  12. I had the same double blink not long ago but it was a self induced situation. I’d had the air box off while chasing a lose hose clamp / coolant leak in the valley under the throttle bodies. When putting things back together the first time I must have left one of the connectors lose. Cogs well and Grum were quick to guide me in the right direction and which plug was most likely the problem maker. The direction I was pointed in: “An easily missed electrical connection to the airbox is the plug to the inlet air temp sensor. It's located on the bottom of the box
  13. All I want is a response to messages I’ve sent about an item that’s for sale. 🙄
  14. How do we contact people that don’t read or respond to messages especially in the classified section where messages are required?? Members can be seen active on the forums and by the date last visited so they should see a notification that messages have been sent but when I check the messages are unread. Frustrating.
  15. Oil & filter finally changed, next will be the fresh Dot 4 I’d mentioned before. Then maybe brake pads and take a closer look at the chain once cleaned up.
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