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  1. Throwing parts at problems isn’t isolated to this market, it just seems to be the way it goes at many levels. What’s worse even for good techs is when trying to keep cost low, parts & labor is high and having to explain to a customer that you’ve fixed a problem just to uncover another problem sucks….. I work in a field dealing with this all the time and it can be stressful. But like Cogswell said, if the warranty is covering then the dealer will continue to reload the shotgun as long as there’s no push-back.
  2. At times I’m almost ashamed to say but the exhaust was the cheapest option going at the time as I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to spend. Anyways, it’s a Danmoto GP Extreme I’d picked up from Revzilla. I had no intention to leave it on for very long but now I’m deep into the 3rd riding season and 10k miles, well it’s still there. I made a bracket/stopper for the swing arm like was available here by another member. Mine isn’t quite as refined but it functions as it should. Not having a center stand sucks so a fix was required.
  3. A couple quick pics after this mornings bath. I find myself looking at her like a page three girl at times. She shows only a little bit of her age when up close, there’s no corrosion or anything like and for a 98’ with almost 25k miles looks good even against some newer bikes with less miles. Living indoors and taken care of has done her well. I consider selling her once and a while as I’m on the slow hunt for a bit bigger and little better ergonomics but I guess I’m not in such a big hurry. Until then she’ll be well cared for, pampered and enjoyed.
  4. Even simple tip overs can turn complicated, I’ve seen clip-ons snap leaving riders stranded….. I haven’t changed levers on my current 5th Gen but have in the past on other bikes. I like short and if available a “mid-length”. Reading this thread, maybe it’ll push me along to pick up a set. Thanks guys!
  5. Here’s a bit of a change up from what seems like a life time ago. I’m setting up a pair of antennas on a communication system used for close air support. This camp sat in a tight valley and the far ridge above my head is Pakistan.
  6. Sooooo many pictures could end up in this thread. For the moment we’ll slip back 4 years when I was replacing an 09’ Busa I’d lost in a garage fire. Tough decision that day but I took home what I knew, another Busa.
  7. I’m a hot oil changer. Being a generator tech having worked all over the world and not always being offered a choice between Cold Warm Hot changes more often it was always hot. Walk up, shut the unit off and get to work, 20 deg F or 120 deg F outside, didn’t matter, you just did it. I’d say in my own experience over the years I get more oil out hot than cold, no doubt about it. As long as I’m the one doing the services I’m doing it hot. But that’s just me.
  8. I’ve changed up before and yes, do and buy what you need and makes you happy, 100%!! After a half dozen Ducs, a beautiful MV 1090 Brutale (I miss dearly), 15’ GSA (me bucket list bike), 2 Gen 2 Hayabusas, an Indian Chieftan Deluxe (that supposed to be our “safe slow down enjoy the scenery” bike but ended in a horrible altercation with a big white tale) and currently on the ol’98 5th Gen VFR. I feel my old injuries when riding the VFR and it always has me pondering a change, yes the time is coming. What you choose though is important. I hold nothing against the Can-Am option mentioned above, my dad is on his second one and it works great for him. They can be fun and sporty, no it’s not and never will be a motorcycle but you can still have a spirited time on one. A bit more stable and comfy to boot! I’ll consider one someday but I’m not there yet. You have a ton of options, choose wisely.
  9. It’s hard enough at times deciding on tires as models change then throw in the mix when companys move where they are manufactured. The color change looks like poor heat control when molding the outer shell. QC of materials and process is unfortunately an issue. I could see a bad batch or lot but if folks are seeing it sporadically then it would be a concern to me.
  10. I replaced my chain and sprockets today. In reality I could have just changed the chain but I just felt better doing all three. At some point the previous owner had a lot of work done on the bike (right before I bought it) because of its age and it sat for some years (only had 15k miles on it) but I think he went a little cheap on the chain, I could be wrong. Anyway the old chain had maybe 8k miles or so on it, got stiff in some links and just didn’t come back to life as I’d liked when I was cleaning it recently so I ordered a Vortex kit. Up until now I’ve primarily been a user of spray lubes (a few different brands over the years) but think I may go the route of using gear lube. I’m not quite into the idea of a Scott oiler set-up as I’m not a daily commuter /traveler putting down a lot of miles. Anymore it’s just a weekend activity typically in the 200-400 mile range so cleaning and basic maint also happens every weekend.
  11. It all depends with me, I’m sort of hit and miss on using it. I have a couple different tubes along with some KOPR-SHIELD on my work truck. If I feel it’s a benefit to keep a handle on corrosion or help keep contaminants out of something I’ll swipe some in or on the connector and the K-S is great on electrical threaded connections. Just like battery terminals for the little effort it takes a little K-S is applied. Word to the wise, the K-S can be one of those things that gets tracked everywhere……
  12. I need this or like it for my 5th Gen! Point me in the right direction.
  13. I just ordered a Vortex V3 WSS sprocket & chain kit from Revzilla. Will see how it works out and if I’m on the ball remembering I’ll update this thread and maybe post a separate thread. It’ll be at least after the 12th. I always seem to second guessing myself when adjusting the chain on this bike. Is it to tight, to lose, just right??? No matter how I measure the slack I’m never happy with the result. Drives me bonkers.
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