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  1. I read through the procedure and I’m glad you mentioned it. I’ve read bits and pieces about bleeding the system in other posts & forums in the past and it’ll be a 2 person job that’s for sure, at least in my garage. Another situation where Honda didn’t do some of us folks any favors. De-linking and getting rid of that mess may be an option at some point but it’s not a priority. Maybe a project when the VFR is a secondary bike. Thank you. For her age she looks alright from a few feet away. With 22,149 miles on the clock, being a fair weather bike most of her life and living inside
  2. Progress, slow but steady they say (well someone said one time). I flushed some fresh Dot 4 through the lines, front, back and clutch. I didn’t go hog wild but bleed the lines until the fluid looked good then ran a bit more through. Total flush no but it’s better than nothing. I’ll order some brake pads today for the front, the rear is looking alright still. I’m not much of a rear brake user anyway.
  3. I had the same double blink not long ago but it was a self induced situation. I’d had the air box off while chasing a lose hose clamp / coolant leak in the valley under the throttle bodies. When putting things back together the first time I must have left one of the connectors lose. Cogs well and Grum were quick to guide me in the right direction and which plug was most likely the problem maker. The direction I was pointed in: “An easily missed electrical connection to the airbox is the plug to the inlet air temp sensor. It's located on the bottom of the box
  4. All I want is a response to messages I’ve sent about an item that’s for sale. 🙄
  5. How do we contact people that don’t read or respond to messages especially in the classified section where messages are required?? Members can be seen active on the forums and by the date last visited so they should see a notification that messages have been sent but when I check the messages are unread. Frustrating.
  6. Oil & filter finally changed, next will be the fresh Dot 4 I’d mentioned before. Then maybe brake pads and take a closer look at the chain once cleaned up.
  7. I went back and completely removed the air box, double checked everything, connections, hose clamps and vacuum lines when reassembling. Started her up and no blinking light 😊 As always, thank you Grum!!!!!!
  8. Makes perfect sense. When I was trying to get to the leak I had the bottom of the air box partially undone and lose enough to get a socked & extension down in the the suspect clamp. I had the vacuum lines off and a couple plugs disconnected. A reminder to pay better attention when having to dig back into this thing lol.
  9. It’s going to be a Saturday project I think. Take the time to pick and poke at everything. Besides it’ll be oil change time, run some fresh Dot 4 through the lines, check the brake pads and chain. Do the once over check before riding season commences.
  10. Getting the old girl ready to come out of hibernation, walked by and noticed a drip on the garage floor, sigh........ First thing, pull the fairings and started looking. No leak at the water pump, I was relieved as I replaced that last year. Chase the drip up around and through, remove the coolant expansion tank following the trail into the black hole of an engine valley. Start pulling the air box apart to remove it. I greatly dislike this part!!!! Honda did us no favors engineering and building this area. Lose so I can pick it up some and move it around some but still no dice, I couldn’t see
  11. Oooooh the 906. I had one many years ago.
  12. That’s a day of riding. Visiting Hatteras makes for a nice detour, we’ve went down through on a trip to Florida one year. My brother and sister in-law live there now so there’s my excuse to make a trip back down there one of these days.
  13. When the house camera catches you rolling in after a nice evening ride with the wife.
  14. Welcome! I still consider myself a “new owner” in this group even though I’ve had mine almost two seasons now. You’ll find a ton of information here, the folks are super about answering questions and offering sound advice. Good luck and enjoy!
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