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  1. That’s a day of riding. Visiting Hatteras makes for a nice detour, we’ve went down through on a trip to Florida one year. My brother and sister in-law live there now so there’s my excuse to make a trip back down there one of these days.
  2. When the house camera catches you rolling in after a nice evening ride with the wife.
  3. Welcome! I still consider myself a “new owner” in this group even though I’ve had mine almost two seasons now. You’ll find a ton of information here, the folks are super about answering questions and offering sound advice. Good luck and enjoy!
  4. Not to sidetrack my own thread but. I’m not sure how the license process works down under and other countries but I do know when living in the UK, you members that live there have a great way to bring “kids” up on bikes. Starting small restrictions and making steps with time & experience. Anyway, carry on!
  5. Lol omg yes! Damn typos.... Fixing it now. 😊I also lusted over the 907 offering, I’d still have one if one came along at the right price. The first time I’d seen one was 1992 when living in Spokane WA and it really had my attention but being a young Airman with a family it really wasn’t an option.
  6. Even though I’d been riding a hand full of years previous, my first that I owned myself was a 1990 Ducati 906 PASO I’d bought in 1995. It was a clean example with not a lot of miles on it that I’d picked up from Ghost Motorcycles on Long Island. A learning experience it was that’s for sure. I ended up stuffing it into the front of an on coming old Ford Zypher..... That ended the riding for a while and earned my first helicopter flight. Since then I’ve had four more Ducatis, two Gen 2 Hayabusas, a 13’ MV Agusta 1090 Brutale, a 15’ BMW GSA 1200, 17’ Indian Chieftain Limited (totaled after an alt
  7. Leaning on the Can-Am offering, I like the idea of a Spyder or Ryker when the time comes for me to give up 2 wheels. My dad is 75 and has a Ryker. He’d originally bought a Spyder in 2008, rode it every year, across country and finally traded it in last year for the Ryker. He even rode that from home here in NY down to the Dragon and back earlier in the summer. I know it’s not everyones cup of tea but it’s not a bad option either.
  8. Bought a pair of Road 5’s the try this season, so far so good, 2500 miles, plenty of dry and some wet heavy rain days and I’m really liking them. I don’t ride the bike hard or to the edges but push it along now and then.
  9. I’m starting to put a basic laundry list together. I’m liking the ideas and suggestions. Google is my friend! With the exception of a 92’ Ducati 900 SS everything I’ve owned has been from new to still recent and spares or pieces parts were easily obtainable.
  10. Aaaaaaah yes, I hadn’t thought about decals! A back up bike is being “negotiated” 😁. In the past we’d had two bikes at different times and it really was a blessing.
  11. I upgraded the RR not long ago. I’d consider keeping a spare on the shelf though.
  12. This morning when checking the coolant & the connections after installing a new water pump last night my wife comes into the garage and said, “if we’re keeping this thing maybe we should look at picking up some spare parts before thing might be hard to get”. 🤔 Out of curiosity what do you guy keep on the shelf or would tuck away for the future? What are common items / parts that seem to be problematic for 5th gen owners considering being a couple decades old? Relays, switches, sensors, pumps, fuses, bearings, etc?
  13. Just checked after it setting overnight and it had dropped a bit in the radiator, not much though. I’ll top it up and recheck things later after a ride.
  14. Pump installed, hoses connected, coolant added, oil added, followed the Honda manual for adding coolant & bleeding the air from the system and went for a quick spin. Things appear ok. Now, how do I know if the air has really been burped from the system? I’m going to recheck the coolant in the morning before heading out. A little paranoid but I shouldn’t be lol.
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