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  1. An update, well sort of. I had ordered a pump through partzilla as it showed available in 2-3 days. Well the avail date keeps slipping to I cancelled the order and went back to my local Honda dealer. I should have just ordered from them in the first place but Zilla showed it available sooner. Long story short, paid a chunk more for the pump but it should be in tomorrow afternoon. Sigh........
  2. Sigh........ Yes, you guys won the pool on this, bad mechanical seal weeping out the inspection hole after fitting gasket, O-ring and refilling with coolant. Wanted to get a pump from bikebandit for 150 but the lead time is 1-2 weeks. Paid a little extra and getting one from partzilla, should be here mid to late next week. My wife is not impressed with the downtime....
  3. Very well could have been weeping from the insp hole. I didn’t look close enough before removing the cover and pulling the pump. The gasket I’d ordered hasn’t arrived at the dealer yet but I did get a new o-ring. I’ll put things back together after getting the cover gasket and see before ordering a pump. I see on bikebandit they are $148 which isn’t to bad.
  4. If I was still in my old job I’d say yeah let’s go through it all replacing everything but I don’t have the disposable income that I used to have. Not saying it’s totally a off the chart to replace these items but I do have a bit of a budget crunch with this bike. If something is suspect then I’ll go for it. Otherwise for a 21 year old bike with 20k miles she’s doing alright. No harm done as I’m always open to suggestions and advise.
  5. I’m just glad I have an original manual. The previous owner gave it to me.
  6. That’s good to know! I’m hoping I didn’t overlook the possibility that it could have been weeping out the inspection hole. I’ll find out soon enough I guess. I ordered the gasket and an o-ring. When I called my local dealer back to add the o-ring to add it to my order the parts guy was NO HELP. I told him what I had and looking for, no dice. He sent me a text showing what he was looking at, it was the part of the cooling system and thermostat housing portion. I sent him a screen shot showing the pump / side cover area and the Honda part number. He still couldn’t figure it out........ Sigh. So I went online and found a guy that’ll send me one in a few days.
  7. I’m hoping it stays with the cover gasket and not the rear side shaft seal. I pulled the pump / shaft assembly to check things out and everything felt and looked good. With just a tick over 20k miles on the clock I’m going to try and remain optimistic 🙂
  8. A few drops of coolant on the garage floor, a look under the fairing and the water pump was dripping a little. Hoped the my local Honda dealer had one as they fit a ton of bikes previously but no dice. The order will go in tomorrow and hope it arrives next Wednesday. Sort of bummed but it could be worse.
  9. I went with the Super MOSFET RR from Jack, zero issues, zero regrets. But it, install it and ride!
  10. Good read. For a lot of folks the Dragon / Deals Gap area offers a lot of good riding. There’s a lot of good roads and areas that get over shadowed or forgotten about though. Our first time through the Dragon was the spring of 2001 on our way back north after a NY to Florida back to NY trip on our Busa. The next time wasn’t until 2014, once again on the Busa but we’d rented a cabin over near Gatlinburg and made a few trips over making a few laps each time. The police presence is much higher these days, even in 2014 they were keeping a closer eye on things and strongly enforcing the speed limit of 30mph. I’m planning on going back one of these days and re-riding the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here’s a couple pics, one from 2011 traveling and one from 2014 videoing.
  11. For your consideration, two Klim Gear Jackets, two pair of gloves and two pair of pants. I will take pictures for those interested and upload some when I have time. If any prices seem out of line let me know. Men’s Latatude Jacket, XL, black, very good condition, worn very little. $250 Womens Altitude Jacket, Medium, black, very good condition, worn very little. $275 Women’s Savanna Gloves, Large, black & grey, good condition. $20 Women's Savanna Gloves, XL, black & grey, new with tags. $35 Mens Fieldsheer Mercury 2.0 Pants, XL, black, removable liner & soft armor, no tags but never worn. $70 Women’s Scorpion Medina Pants, Medium, black, removable liner & soft armor, no tags but never worn. $85
  12. As mello commented, no plate needed. Just eye-ball things up and drill a couple holes. I actually drilled two sets as the first time it placed it to high and rubbed the tail section so I slid it down and to the rear a little. If you open up the picture and look close the first attempt shows. Mounting it as it makes a tight turn of the cabling but it’s works.
  13. Finally an update. My order from Jack arrived today (it was supposed to be here last Friday but just USPS Priority couldn’t manage). Installed the kit then out for a quick 70 mile rip. Everything is as it should be and I double checked everything after getting home. Life is good again. Thank you guys for the advice and guidance!
  14. Yes exactly. I placed an order yesterday, now just to get it in hand and install it.
  15. That’s good news!! I learn something new all the time 😊
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