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  1. Sigh….. I was hoping to get a bit more time out of it but I know all to well batteries are a gamble. They just aren’t made like they used to.
  2. It’s a Super Mosfet Kit FH020AA from Jack @ Roadstercycle
  3. I have not checked charging voltage yet or the battery yet. The battery is the simplest thing to start with. It is also a couple years old as I’d replaced it when I did the R/R. It’s plugged into a Tender during the off season.
  4. Occasionally on start up my lcd screen time & trips reset. It’s not every time though, maybe after the bike has set a week. I haven’t had time to dig into connections and grounding. On one of the Facebook forums someone else was having this issue but I didn’t see a result from a repair. A couple people jumped to the R/R as a culprit but there was no explanation of why so I'm skeptical. I replaced mine a couple years ago. Before I dig in and chase my tail, is there a recommended direction for tracking down a possible cause?
  5. Funny you mentioned a small leak while setting over the winter. I had the same tiny leak on mine two winters in a row, both times it was a connection to the thermostat housing. It didn’t drip this past winter but I still double checked all of the clamps I could get to easily.
  6. There’s always so much to learn with these things then someone goes and throws a curve ball in there lol. I’m following this along to see how it all plays out. The Andreani cartridge kit might be out of my budget range for now but I like seeing the options that are available.
  7. Just reading through this for the first time and I’m curious. Are there different parts (amount of pieces or what ever) comparing to the amount of stock pieces parts? I’ve been pondering doing the forks on my bike and wonder if the factory manual would show the basic “same” items for assembly?
  8. I’m a Beemer fan as well as a fan of other makes. If I had the chance I’d have another GSA (had one new in 2015), a GS or an RS.
  9. That is sooooooo much better than stock!!!!
  10. ISO slip on exhaust for a 5th / 8th Gen. Used in decent condition. Arrow, Two Bros, Akrapovic or similar.
  11. Quick update folks. I purchased a pair of used Genmar spacers from a member in the Honda VFR800 Owners group on FB. $25, I couldn’t resist. For the cost if they didn’t work as I’m wanting then I’d resell them or set them on the bench. I gave them a quick wipe / clean, installed and now I need to get the weather to cooperate to try them out. Probably the simplest 6 minute mod I’ve done in a long long time. I think I’ve fiddled longer with new seats on bikes than I did the spacers lol.
  12. I’d opt to just do the tach, Speedo and display. But that’s just me 😊
  13. This is interesting and going to follow. If it continues to work without issues I might just have to do this to my 98’. I don’t care for the lack of good illumination and this just might be my answer.
  14. I had looked at those and the offering from Moto-CNC. How was the shipping time on them?
  15. Every April 11th my mind races back to 1995. It was a quick later morning ride before heading back to pick up my wife and take a couple hours enjoying the early riding season weather. Riding my Ducati 906 Paso I ran a corner wide and hit an oncoming car head on. I made excuses for a long time, sandy patch on the road, it’s an off camber corner, the bike wanted to stand up when late braking. The list could go on I guess. Bottom line being honest, I was totally at fault, lack of experience nearly cost me my life that morning. The accident and the horrible accident my wife & I had Sept 19, 2018 (which is another story) are always on my mind, especially when riding. I haven’t let the accidents take riding motorcycles from me and didn’t let it make me a nervous overly cautious rider. I’ve learned from the accidents and it’s made me a better, safer, more educated rider. Stay safe everyone!!
  16. Pre-mix 50/50 with no silicates.
  17. I think the CNC Moto risers might be my way forward at this point. Staying with the clip-ons keeps the esthetics original for me and only the keen eye of others will notice at a glance. Maybe down the road if I strip the bike down and make a cafe style out of her then I’ll swap over the a straight type bar config. I've only had straight bars on a couple bikes, a 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 1090 and a 2015 BMW GSA. Very different motorcycles with very different intent and attitude. On those, the straight bar worked as it was meant to. Maybe I’m a bit set in my ways and resist change to much lol. The Brutale was a total hooligan wheelie monster and sounded wicked with the full Arrow Ti exhaust…….
  18. There are options….. I’m not sure I could go the “straight bar” style. Maybe one day if I turn this into more of a stripped down cafe style with other mods. Adjustability to a point would be nice. I agree that Heli Bars are “ok” but not the fix all for everyone. When I used them on my Busa’s they helped but only so much. I like hearing everyones opinions as we all have a bit different take/opinion, wants and needs for this mod.
  19. I have a couple spots in there where getting things to line up just right for the clips to hold and use zip ties. No matter how hard I tried at lining things up and tweaking things the clips wouldn’t hold well. There’s always options.
  20. I’ve searched and read up on what I could find here. Pondering a set of risers of some sort but the current options are slim picking. I’ve used Heli on my Hayabusa with success but I’m not really looking to spend Heli $$$ this time and I’ve looked at the Moto-CNC option from the UK. Very different options…… What is your opinion or experiences?
  21. Not my pic or project but a great example for ideas!!
  22. I want to say there’s a place I’ve seen here a year or so ago that offers silicone hoses and the correct clamps to use with them. The vendor might be in the UK. Edit: sorry, my memory fails me again. Yes it was as3 I was thinking about and see the unavailable note on their site now. Bummer.
  23. It’s always a win in my book when a job works out like this! No catastrophes, no broken parts and you didn’t lose and fingers. Yep it’s a win. There will always be someone that’ll come along and say they would replace hoses and clamps but if it works for now then it works. I have a laundry list of wants / needs for my bike. When I get to certain things then I get to them. If it’s not broke or dangerous then don’t fix it, yet.
  24. trmoyer

    Track day coaching

    I’ve never had the opportunity or taken the time for a track day or scheduling a 1 on 1 coaching session but I’d like to. I was fortunate enough to become friends with a guy in the UK that has raced professionally around the world at all levels, still does some racing and offers 1 on 1 coaching in the UK and Europe. He has so much to offer and I only wish I could make it back to the UK for some training. If you ever run into or come across Mike “Spike” Edwards from Harrogate take advantage of the time. He’s one of the nicest guys out there!
  25. If I remember right I might have paid a bit more than that for my pump. I’d have to dig out a receipt and see.
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