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  1. Just reposting the original topic so that someone just tuning in to this thread can catch up
  2. I’m sure if you do a search you can find it the super charger is driven off the timing pully and isn’t a turbo driven off the exhaust .
  3. I found a pair of R1 fmf apex cans and just modified the hanger . should bolt right up
  4. I’m just sitting here dreaming of the day I can slap these headers on with the new mid pipe to the fmf apex cans I have sitting on the garage floor .
  5. So there’s another order what are we up to now for production ?
  6. Sometimes good things come to those who wait . i was just wondering about how this project was coming.
  7. Just sent my deposit last week for my gen 6 cant wait to start tearing things apart and install these
  8. Well they should copyright it and call it that if that’s gonna be the official brand name that way when someone asks me what brand is that sick ass exhaust I’ve got a name to throw at them . so I’ve been talking to lance and Darly I just don’t want just the header system , I also want the link pipe to be a direct fit to the header and possibly fitted to a pair of Graves exhaust for an R1 . should look and sound sick on the gen 6
  9. So what’s the official name of this exhaust system being built ?
  10. I’m really curious to see video clips of those that have installed these and with aftermarket cans .
  11. just throwing this up there nothing fancy just K&N air filter and a gutted stock exhaust
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