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  1. It’s pretty straight forward as far as installing them I went the extra step and re did the bushings and seals while I was at it and cleaned everything . the cartages so far feel fantastic front end feel more planted and I can adjust rebound and preload and dampening . like my track bike . the stock ones I had cranked all the way down i wanted more adjustability then all the way Stiff.
  2. Well I for some reason though a spacer off the stock forks , which I used as a tool at first to hold down the spring and tighten the cap onto the new cartages, remained there and I slapped it all together with the retainer disk in place . So this morning I removed the caps and dropped the front , removed the disk and put it back the way it’s suppose to be comparing the two there seems to be less parts with the Andreani cartridges this disk here was on the stock suspension and was on top of the stock spacer tube so I thought it needed to go back I was wrong lol but it made for a great tool to hold the spring down and install the fork caps
  3. Well since this thread is so active figure I’d update and let everyone know that I did indeed have a part that wasn’t needed installed but hey makes a great tool if I want or need to swap springs
  4. I’m thinking I screwed something up so that spacer under the Nut I left that in and screwed down the cap . can someone confirm this ? something tells me I should have screwed the cap down and tightened that nut up to the cap and let the black piece back up to the bottom of the cap .
  5. So I ended up ordering the Andreani fork cartages ….. just installed them yesterday I sure hope I did everything correctly . the forks haven’t been serviced in years so this was well overdue . the install manual didn’t go into great detail on installing them , but I think I figured it out . new bushings and seals were done also along with a thorough cleaning of the lower forks and stanchions . only thing is I’m kinda lost track of which one was rebound and which one was compression if I got them backwards that’s a simple cap swap and there was one part I needed to swap from the stock forks to the new cartages that wasn’t outlined in the instructions, the round piece that slides in under the nut on the tube that holds the spring down . So far from what I can tell just off of setting the adjustments based off of how fast it rebounds and compresses the bike feels more planted on the road .
  6. Ok we then that was short lived not only do they not make one they aren’t gonna ever make one
  7. About to embark on another VFR upgrade Suspension If you’ve done the research you’ll know that are very few options for the fork upgrades Contacted a friend of mine with GP suspension and will be designing some 20mil cartridges just another option other then Traxxion , Andreani , Race tech revalves ect or BD-20’s
  8. Well I took it all apart …. Again looked around , started the bike with the air box off , couldn’t find anything I did notice the boots for the TB to the heads were slightly misaligned and I had a couple V stacks turned the wrong way but in the right location , freed up the idle speed adjuster because it was sticking and hard to turn , added some carbon fiber bling , and swapped for the new road 6 , slapped everything back together and did an oil change . So far it hasn’t recreated the sound
  9. Um that’s the speedo healer last top speed recall button and that’s just it even with the mods I’ve done it wasn’t doing this until I replaced the coolant hoses with samco hoses , and you have to remove the TB to get to all those hoses . made sure everything was back together like normal .
  10. That was super helpful thank you for pointing out computer stuff
  11. Pair has been removed for some time now , block off plates installed flapper mod and snorkel has been done too Finally was able to record it IMG_4826.MOV
  12. Uggg and Murphy’s law strikes again started it up to head home from work this morning and after it warmed up to about 165 degrees F heard it three times
  13. Well shit now the bike is gonna make a liar out of me . just tried to take some video of it after it had been sitting for a bit couldn’t get it to recreate the condition
  14. Definitely don’t think it’s the ctt the sound is coming from under the tank , like the tops of the throttle bodies , and it only does it in the initial start up within 2 min and then stops sometimes it’s only one snap or pop sound this evening it was about 4 or 5 and then once I revved it a couple times it stopped bike has 24k miles it wasn’t doing this before I replaced coolant hoses sooooo idk
  15. So last week I replaced all my coolant lines on my 06 . it was a straight forward job nothing went wrong . in order to do this job you have to remove the throttle bodies . after replacing all the coolant and starting the bike I heard a strand snap sound, but it went away , past couple days I’ve heard this snap sound a few more times upon start up . rode the bike and everything feels and sounds normal . but again on a cold start up I occasionally hear this snapping sound . today it did it about 5 times and then went away. it also sounded like the engine stumbled a little bit every time the snap or pop sound happened. But again it went away and bike rides just fine . Any ideas what it could be ?
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