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  1. Can’t wait to finally get this project completed thank you lance and Darryl IMG_2411.MOV
  2. Suspension settings should be set up for 22mm of sag and this is best done with you sitting on the bike meaning set the suspension for your weight not what others have set for their weight
  3. Now who’s got that thread link to whoever was making that center stand stop for these things ??
  4. Just received mine today but I have to wait since I’m getting the mid pipe too coupled to some fmf cans gives me some time to source some header gaskets in the mean time and some O2 bung block offs .
  5. I was looking at a set of graves but the FMF just spoke to me lol
  6. Awesome I’ll get the fmf cans mailed down this week for the mid pipe fabrication on my 6th gen can’t wait till the final product is here and installed 🙂
  7. I got these same numbers with just a gutted stock can and stock headers . PC3 tuned on the dyno
  8. Yes finally I can’t wait to send you the cans I need made to the mid pipe also should sound sick afterwards
  9. Just reposting the original topic so that someone just tuning in to this thread can catch up
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