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  1. The 8th gen sure has nice lines. I see what you’re going for as far as an aggressive stance, but I’ve spent too much time and money chasing a powdercoat color that duplicates the pyrite brown metallic YR-325M of stock 8 gen wheels - I think that bronze is distinctive. Plus, it looks great on MiniCarver’s 6th gen.
  2. 5/6 gen headers second production run update: Over the past week we have been speaking with Wade to determine a delivery date for the current order, which consists of thirteen 5/6 gen headers. We found out that, for several reasons not uncommon to small fabrication shops that do custom production work, he has not gotten our headers finished. We have a 'time to build' commitment from him that depends on further financial commitment on our part. We have communicated the specifics of this to each person who has placed a deposit for this production run of 5/6 gen headers. Bottom line - our confidence in Wade is not shaken, and we understand that - up to this point - he has been fronting all the material costs and all the labor costs of producing our headers, fully completing assembly while only receiving deposits that are less than 25% of the cost of headers. His position is that he simply needs more money up front to cover the costs of building 13 sets of headers.
  3. Well...funny you should ask, Grum. I had Samuelx's 8 gen in my sinister clutches for a fairly lengthy period last year while accomplishing a number of maintenance and upgrade tasks, one of which was bleeding/replacing brake and clutch actuation fluid. Both of us recall Honda master cylinder sight windows usually having the slotted part in question, but at the end of the service, we noticed that his 8 gen didn't have the part visible in either the brake or clutch master cylinder fluid viewing windows. As you can imagine, googling '2015 Honda VFR800 brake master cylinder sight window images' did not provide a pile of helpful results, so we started this thread to determine whether [1] the parts were there from the start and might need to be retrieved from the master cylinders' reservoirs before causing a catastrophic brake failure, or [2] we were just losing our minds [The latter actually more likely and in this case, hoped for].
  4. Hello 8th gen gentlemen. I have a question about the 8 gen brake and clutch master cylinders: Question: do the OEM 8th gen brake and clutch master cylinders have the backing piece behind the sight glass for fluid level? In the photo below, the part I refer to is the metal plate that sits behind the actual sight glass window and has three slotted openings in it. Big thanks to anyone who can take a glance at their 8th gen master cylinders and let me know. Even better would be if someone could post a photo of the sight glass on their 8th gen master cylinder.
  5. Voided 76, we took a vote and the outcome is that we’re using this photo of your gleaming pipes - including the crazy bird-carrying-bomb pillow - for all future marketing materials...
  6. Hello Header Community - I have two important updates on the header project. First I'd like to say thanks on behalf of Duc2V4 and myself to everyone who has participated in this adventure in any way. Fifteen months ago, all efforts to get a header built for the VFR800 had come to naught - even Duc2V4 and I had mostly given up after numerous rejections and lack of response from fabricators we had contacted. One year ago, a tiny flicker of hope sprang to life, the VFR community joined in, and now several dozen VFR owners have an honest-to-goodness performance exhaust solution. It has been awesome hearing from all the guys who have installed their headers and are laughing their butts off from 6000rpm to redline, me and Duc2V4 among them. This could not have happened without every one of you. We'd like to make three other shoutouts - we’ve mentioned these guys before, but thanks again to CornerCarver for loaning his Two Brothers headers so we could have Wade build a jig, thanks to Hammerdrill for lending us his 6 gen as a test/tune bike, and thanks to SamuelX for allowing us the use of his 8 gen for fitment and dyno testing. Update #1: We were sorting through our dwindling stock of Delkevic 42mm crush gaskets, separating them into groups of four, and noticed a couple of the gaskets [Five, actually] felt a little bigger to our hands than the rest. Putting the calipers on them revealed that the five crush gaskets in question measured 43.7mm in outside diameter. This is way too big to even begin to fit into the VFR800's exhaust port sleeve. *If you received crush gaskets from us and have not yet installed them, please give them a quick check to make sure they are the correct size, which is 41.6-41.8mm od. If you have gaskets whose od is greater than 42mm, please let us know, and we will replace them from our stock while we work out a refund/exchange with Delkevic. Update #2: We have been trying to make contact with Wade to find out where our next batch of 5/6 gen headers is in his pipeline, and finally got ahold of him today. We have a call with him scheduled for tomorrow and will post a further update as well as send PMs to all those who have deposits in for the current production run of 5/6 gen headers. Sorry for the delay. boldog új évet everyone! [Happy New Year in Hungarian]
  7. Except the OEM single O2 sensor and bung on 8 gens - that has M12 threading VFRD new performance headers for 8 gens have one M12 bung so the OEM O2 sensor can still be used for more efficient closed loop operation during steady state cruising (highway operation). The M12 bung can be plugged if it is not being used. These headers for 8 gen also have a single M18/1.5 bung for wideband O2 sensors that facilitate auto tune (ie Rapid Bike, Power Commander, etc) and/or more accurate dyno tuning.
  8. Best looking set of pipes yet - go get ‘em Voided! We did our dyno work in Orange County with Attack Performance - they charge $125 for baseline, non-tuning runs. I will PM you with two local dyno shops I found in north San Diego county - both good guys with modest operations. Closer to you is Lee’s Cycles in San Diego proper, closer to Kearny Mesa.
  9. Hi Drumagician, as Duc2V4 said, sorry for not reaponding sooner. I haven’t been getting vfrd updates properly, didn’t even get a notification of your post, so apologies there. Not to push the product, but if you want to do the performance header, you’ll be happier the whole way through your upgrade path and can line up a Power Commander or Rapid Bike, maybe even autotune or one of the maps we have for 5th, 6th, and 8th gens. Your bike will pull like you wouldn’t believe. Fun stuff. If you stick w the 1998 header, you will probably have an easier time fitting it to your 6 gen if you trim 5/8” - 3/4” off the collector exit. Or it might be better to trim the 5/8”-3/4” off the header end of your 6 gen midpipe. This trimming is what we have found gets the alignment of the 6 gen twin muffler assembly lined up w 5 gen headers.
  10. Is the 5th generation header order still open?  Thanks.

    1. Duc2V4


      Manny, it’s not too late. I’ll send you a PM with the how-to place n order information. 

      For anyone else who might be interested, once Wade places the order and gets the pipes bent, then no mo orders can be taken.

  11. Hi Wingate - and thanks Rush for helping fill in a couple blanks. Short version - we hope Rapid Bike autotune feature adapts to 8 gens the same way it adapts to 2000-2001 5 gens and all 6 gens - that RB leaves the single 12mm OEM O2 sensor on the 8 gen connected and employs a single added 18mm wideband O2 sensor to send air/fuel readings to the RB. This is what the headers are configured for. But we are not certain whether this is the case. Yet. We hope. We selected one 12mm bung so guys who bought the new headers could still use their single 12mm OEM O2 sensor. VFRD member Samuelx, owner of the 8 gen test bike, is using Power Commander 5 and has kept his OEM O2 sensor and all is well - no FI warning light or other flags. It is not an autotune system. On Samuelx's bike we were able to use the 18mm bung for Attack Performance's wideband sensor when the bike was on their dyno - this is more accurate than a 'sniffer' inserted into the tailpipe. We did have to purchase a 12" extension cable for the OEM O2 sensor to reach back to the new headers' collector exit, because placing the 12mm bung in the collector exit pushed it 12" further back than the front-of-catalytic-converter position of the OEM bung. This position allows air/fuel readings from all four cylinders combined. [The O2 sensor extension cable sells for $11 on ebay and is described as being for Honda Civic autos. Do NOT purchase the 12" O2 sensor extension cable for Acuras you might find on ebay, as it looks like it uses the same connector, but it does not. Ask me how I know]. We added the 18mm bung to 8 gen headers - also in the collector exit where it samples gases from all four cylinders - so that the wideband O2 sensor that Rush2112 described as a "single Rapidbike wide band O2 sensor" would function properly on 8 gen VFRs. We know the Rapid Bike autotune can use the third [wideband] sensor along with the two OEM sensors on 2000-2001 5 gen VFRs and all 6 gen VFRs [Duc2V4 is using this setup on both his 2001 and on his 2009]. After checking in with Duc2V4, neither of us are certain that one must use three sensors with a RB autotune on 5, 6, OR 8 gen VFRs. This is strictly a guess on my part, but it might be that RB sets up their autotune system to use the two OEM sensors on VFRs that have two OEM bungs/sensors simply because the two bungs are there, and they both happen to be full of sensors. I think I recall that with RB wideband sensors are an upgrade option, but OEM narrow band can be used - I could be wrong here. Duc2V4 can speak to this [And I hope he will - I'm floundering a bit]. What we hope for 8 gen owners who purchase new headers and are aiming for a RB with autotune is that RB sets up their system for 8 gen to use one 18mm wideband O2 sensor in conjunction with the single OEM sensor in the 12mm bung. [Please note the amount of restraint required to not add 'hole' after 'bung'] Since I'm listing and describing things I do not know, I'll add that I do not know if the the 8 gen's single 12mm OEM O2 sensor is wideband or narrow. The new performance 8 gen headers have an 18mm bung because 18mm is the size we know for certain that quality Bosch wideband O2 sensors come in; they are sold by both RB and Dynojet [Power Commander] and are used by most dyno tuning facilities. Bottom line - more research is needed. **Anyone who can help develop a definitive answer to how an 8 gen VFR implements a Rapid Bike autotune system, please do chime in here**
  12. Confirming what Duc2V4 said - the maps will be here and available on an ongoing basis.
  13. Jozef - our favorite dyno technician in the world and head of tuning at Attack Performance - has provided the maps he built on the dyno for: 5 gen VFR800 tuned with Power Commander 3 6 gen VFR800 tuned with Power Commander 5 8 gen VFR800 tuned with Power Commander 5 These maps will work well on any 5th, 6th, or 8th gen VFR800 with the new performance headers, a good quality hi-flow air filter [We prefer the K&N HA-8098 filter] and a good quality slipon muffler. If you have purchased these headers and would like to utilize one of these maps to optimize your VFR's performance without trucking it out to a dyno shop, we can email the map for your gen VFR to you for a donation of $50. Please send 'sending to a friend' to the paypal account of vfrheaders@gmail.com, and in the note section of the paypal transfer, specify the email address you'd like us to send the map to. Below are the dyno charts for the three maps. These maps were posted early on in this thread, but are included here to save people the trouble of locating them in the way-back portion of this thread. Each chart has three traces: [1] a baseline run with OEM headers [2] a run done with the new headers installed and a zero map, meaning no tuning and no changes to OEM ECU fueling were entered into the Power Commander map [3] a final run after a complete tune was performed There are two versions of each chart: [1] a chart with a reference line at peak horsepower/torque [2] the same chart with a reference line at midrange 7000rpm to demonstrate the midrange gains achieved with tuning the new headers [8 gen kicked butt at 7000rpm with 16% gains in both horsepower and torque] 5 gen Power Commander 3 map [peak]: 5 gen Power Commander 3 map [midrange]: 6 gen Power Commander 5 map [peak]: 6 gen Power Commander 5 map [midrange]: 8 gen Power Commander 5 map [peak]: 8 gen Power Commander 5 map [midrange]:
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