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  1. The electrical diagram in the service manual shows that from the harness to the natural color O2 sensor connector is cylinders 1-2 (left rear - left front) From harness to black O2 sensor connector is cylinders 3-4 (right rear - right front)
  2. Are your stock cans hollowed out or ‘gutted’ as some describe it? The tubing inside OEM is crazy constrictive - it consists of multiple very small diameter tubes that reverse the direction of the exhaust gases, passing them back and forth inside the OEM cans. If you haven’t cut out all the plumbing inside the OEM cans and replaced it with straight-through perforated tubes (with packing around the perf tubes), there will be too much back pressure to take advantage of the headers’ performance. Below are some photos of what you see when you cut open OEM 6 gen mufflers. Gases come in through a sin
  3. It’s been a couple years, but on the 8 gen test bike, the O2 sensor in the rear bung didn’t seem as tightly spaced as with your installation Cogswell. I like the 270° turn you put in the cable - that seems to allow a decent routing. Is the bike in the photo your Torocharged 6 gen? That would be a great candidate for the headers.
  4. I use a light application of anti-seize on the studs when installing the headers. ‘Light’ meaning just enough to cover the threads, then wipe off as much of the anti-seize as I can with a gloved finger. With this treatment, no nuts have come loose or frozen in place on our three test bikes in the ~ 2 years since we started this project. Granted, 2 years isn’t much compared to the 16-20 years that some header nuts have been subjected to road spray and contaminants, but I was able to easily remove the headers from my 5 gen recently.
  5. Sounds good Stray - glad it’s working out. You are correct about the front two cylinders’ pipes being a pain in the buttocks to fit. It turns out that the original Two Brothers headers we copied were bent...dang. At the time the fixtures were built for 5/6 gen in 2018, the last thing on our minds was cutting up one of the last known ‘magic TBR headers’ in captivity to correct their alignment.
  6. Hello VFRD members - I’m looking for a right mirror stem and base for a 2000-2001 non-‘condom’ mirror 5th gen VFR. The mirror case and glass can be scratched, broken, or missing, but I’ll need the mirror fixing bolt, nut and spring. I’m hoping the stem and base are in good condition. Thanks!
  7. Hey Stray - glad to see Mr Squiggle might be able to hook you up with a set of headers. You were instrumental early in the process of getting the headers started - I remember you did a lot of work with the importer of Lextek headers, and you and I had a couple good talks during the process. Cheers mate!
  8. Cool pipes - the curly-cues on the rear primaries are indeed interesting. I think our headers merge left-front-to-left-rear and right front-to-right-rear like the ones in the photo. It looks like the headers in the photo might be missing the last curves to get the front pipes to meet the cylinders...not sure. PM received and responded. Your question is a good one. Maybe someone who is going to have their bike dyno tuned [Tirso? Other owner of WiLD headers?] can have a baseline dyno run done with the Attack map before tuning their own custom map? That would
  9. Actually, I left a fair bit of melted heel material from my near-new Dianese Goretex touring boots on the vertical exhaust tube when I took it out for a spin before fitting a heat shield. Right heel started feeling a bit warm in a long sweeping left turn, then got HOT. Cleaning fully baked-on boot heel off the midpipe was no fun.
  10. Just 8 gens need O2 sensor cable extensions as described by Mad Doc in the previous post.
  11. I would send you a link to the exact O2 sensor extension cable I purchased on ebay to extend our 8 gen test bike’s cable, but that seller no longer offers the item. Other sellers do, though, but you’ll have to check the photos carefully and compare connectors with the ebay listing photos. I can tell you that the first cable I purchased was described as for Acura and looked correct at first glance, but had a slightly different connector. The cable that worked was described as being for a Honda Civic, and the photos in the listing showed that the connector was an exact match for the 8 gen harnes
  12. That aluminium center stand is an awesome idea! You have mad fabricating skills!
  13. Yes, the collector exit has a larger diameter than OEM. We decided to keep the dimensions of the original Two Brothers headers because they are a proven performance benchmark. It’s cool that you are welding-proficient, as those of us without welding skills have had to take our midpipes to a local exhaust/muffler shop and have them expanded (swedged?) to fit the new headers. If you have your midpipe expanded, make sure the tech doing the expansion does it in 3-4 small increments so it doesn’t split at the slots in the clamping area.
  14. Sounds good. Mohawk is definitely a knowledgeable source - he has been invaluable to us throughout the header project. He’s got a very fast, very light 5 gen too...
  15. Looking great Madfox! Are you running a Power Commander or Rapid Bike to get more fuel to the now-better-breathing engine?
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