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  1. Yup, as a matter of fact, I just texted w him and his recently operated-on right hand is doing great. Wade has the hard cast off and is ready to begin signaling fellow motor vehicle operators: He goes in to have the left hand done this week, and he says he’ll be ready to build by the time we get 15 or more deposits collected. Duc2V4 and I will get the order system set back up and report back at this location.
  2. Hey Judge - thanks for your interest in a set of the headers. Two Brothers Racing [TBR] slipons work well with the headers - most of the TBR midpipes we've come across have a large inside diameter [id] receiver because they use the OEM 'donut' gasket between the headers and the midpipe. Having a midpipe made to fit perfectly between the muffler and headers is definitely an excellent way to go. As an alternative, a number of folks who have the headers and TBR slipons have used adhesive backed aluminium foil tape and wrapped it around the header's collector exit pipe, adding layer after layer of tape until it facilitates a very close fit with the midpipe. Then they clamp the TBR midpipe's receiver end down over the layers of aluminium foil tape to get a good seal.
  3. Aloha everyone! It has been more than a minute since Duc2V4 and I have been present here. We apologize for our extended hiatus, but have both been absorbed by and focused on significant life changes, both to geographic location and professional situations, but are happy to be back on VFRD and the header project. Lo and behold - Ziffer has taken up the cause and compiled a real world list of VFR folks who want headers. Thank you a metric ton Ziffer for going back more than a year and compiling this list! When Duc2V4 pinged me to point out this level of interest, it seemed that service to the community was definitely warranted, so we checked with Wade to see if he is still up for building VFR headers. Here is where the real world runs headlong into our objective of beginning a new production run of headers: next week Wade is going in for surgery to his right hand because over the past year he has been suffering from increasing pain and numbness in both of his hands, to the degree that he hasn't been able to work the past couple months. We all hope the surgery is successful and will stay in touch with him to learn if and when he might be able to go back to work building exhaust systems.
  4. Are these headers still available?

  5. Hey ducnut - thanks for the pic of your airbox, looks great. Turns out that placing the entire K&N on top the airbox as in this photo doesn’t leave room to lower the tank. This is why Mohawk partly recessed the K&N. Over this past weekend, we ran another airbox lid with a smaller aperture DNA filter that fit under the tank. To get the bigmouth large aperture K&N into operation, we will mod the K&N lid to lower the filter so the tank can close. Back to the thread topic - HUGE thanks to everyone who answered and contributed here. Couldn’t have done it without you. The new wiring harness and VFRness combo succeeded in solving the electrical problem: Scarlet (her name) is harmonized and working great. There was a brief hiccup at 10k rpm in 4th gear for the first couple sessions, but the My Tuning Bike autotune smoothed it out. So fun to be back on my favorite VFR! Side note: Yamaha Champ school was on site w a demo fleet, so was able to take a 2022 R1 out for a session. Even on the most restrictive power delivery and most invasive TC/ABS settings, the R1 was far and away the finest motorcycle I’ve yet ridden (And I’ve owned a good albeit old bike or two: RC45, Duc 888, etc). The R1’s OEM Nissin brakes were phenomenal. QS/autoblipper were seamless. The R1 wasn’t as quickly responsive to steering input as my RSV4 and felt larger, but was still an amazing blast to ride. (Hey vfrcapn - yup, that’s the bodywork and frame sliders you sold me - good stuff)
  6. Very nice work - thanks for the pics. And nice rubber on your rear wheel…looks mighty sticky.
  7. Truer words were never said. Because James’s shop and the bike were in Orange County CA and I’m now in Las Vegas, there wasn’t an opportunity for me to participate in the hunt for the electrical problem. I trust James fully, so agreed when he said he preferred to replace the harness. He described melted wires at the rear near the ECU and behind the dash as well, so not being able to pin down the problem and having two separate areas with melted wires made replacing the harness sound like a fairly solid approach. I added the VFRness subharness to the menu to bolster/reinforce the main fuse frailty.
  8. Hi Dangeruss - no worries about the derail, but I don’t have a lot of info for you at this time. Because of relocating to Las Vegas for a new job, this is the first time I just took a bike and a pile of parts to a mechanic and asked them to do the work. Thus I’m not certain how James went about getting the hose through the swingarm. I do know that he went with a hose that has detachable fittings so he wouldn’t have to make the holes any larger than necessary. I’ll check the routing of the rear brake hose tomorrow when I’m finally reunited with the 5 gen - haven’t ridden it in more than 3 years and am missing it badly! If it helps your project, I have a bracket that a member here CNC’d to mount a 32mm or 34mm Brembo to the OEM rear brake caliper hanger. I didn’t need it because we installed a complete Duc eccentric, rotor, and brake hanger assembly. Couldn’t find photos I know I have of the part, but will get those photos for you if you’re interested. Here’s one more teaser - this is how James put the K&N filter into the top of the airbox to make room for the double velocity stacks: Learned last night that James had installed a CA ECU on my 5 gen (I had given him 3 ECUs to test against the electrical problem) because the places the original harness had melted wires made him suspicious of the 49 state ECU I had supplied with the 5 gen. So the dyno was skewed toward the dumbed down CA ECU and Rapid Bike autotune was working against the ECU limitations as well. So HUGE SHOUT OUT to Duc2V4 for breaking into his work prep last night and pulling his 49 state ECU out for me to borrow and run at the track this weekend. Last night Duc2V4 was fully immersed in prepping for his out of town work project today, but still made time to help out a friend - amazing dude.
  9. Good insight Grum - we had checked the fuse and it was fine, then tested for voltage across the fuse’s slots and found the fuse and its circuit were getting no voltage.
  10. Agreed. Thought I was out of the woods three years ago when I installed the 847 reg/rect with fat cables and filled up all the tubular wire connectors with solder. Wishful thinking on one of these old bikes. Just learned that last week they installed a CA ECU for the dyno runs [And my track days - crap!]. They didn't want to use the 49 state ECU I provided because of how/where the wires on the original wire harness were melted - this is the second 49 state ECU that has become suspect. Puzzling but intriguing.
  11. Agreed - I will reserve judgement until I get a chance to ride it, but am very happy with the appearance of the torque curve.
  12. Quick update to demonstrate that I’m not one of those guys who posts up a big conundrum then vanishes. We installed an all-new used wiring harness and a VFRness subharness to beef-up the vulnerable main fuse circuit. This solved the electrical problem and the bike is running great on the dyno and the street/freeway, though only James has ridden it - I won’t get to ride it until a friend of James’s brings it out to the track this weekend. The dyno chart is off-topic for this electrical thread, but I’ll include it, just cuz. The bike did one hp less on the recent dyno pulls than it did on the Attack Performance dyno in 2019, but we’ve come to learn that the Attack dyno is notoriously generous. And why not? It’s gotta be good for business to have a dyno that skews a little high.
  13. Thanks capn - once we get the electrical sorted, Ill gather all the photos and write up the mods.
  14. Too much of an attention getter! I did a good job of installing the awesome 847 reg/rect and thought I'd be able to sit on the sidelines eating popcorn while watching all the other electrical gremlins get chased by other guys...
  15. At the FunTrackDayz event last week, Duc2V4 and I were cracking up at the way the announcer on the PA would add a hooting "HOOOWEEEE!" after every grid announcement.
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