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  1. Hey Ziffer - thanks for helping us connect the username dots. And thanks for compiling the list of folks interested in headers - this morning Duc2V4 wrote up a draft PM to blast/spam out to all those interested folks so we can get this party started by getting 15 units ordered which will trigger Wade to start bending and welding stainless tubes. Couldn’t have done it without you and the rest of the VFRD community.
  2. Hello gentlemen and Skids [Just kidding Skids...we reserve the right to have good-natured fun with members here] Best news possible - at this very moment I'm on the phone with Duc2V4 and we are setting up the spreadsheet of deposits received and orders placed for headers. Duc is in great shape, sharp as ever, reviewing this thread and keeping the project on track. At this time five people have sent deposits for new headers, and here they are. We'll keep this list updated as we received more deposits: [1] RCNick51 [Possibly has username Motleyfan] [2] A VFRD member whose actual name's initials are ZZ. We need your username to give you proper credit for your deposit - the note in your paypal transfer had almost all the info but we couldn't locate your username. [3] VFRCAPN [4] Skids [5] CornPoweredV4 Skids - to answer your question, it appears that we will have deposits received for the fabricator's minimum order of 15 units in around two more months, then construction usually takes around 30 days. Duc2V4 and I are sending PMs to everyone on Ziffer's 'I'm interested' list and we anticipate a positive response, so we are guessing at a ship date around the end of May.
  3. Ah yes - representing the Aerostitch contingent (laughing). Good times! Yes vfrcapn - it’s perfectly fine to send a deposit with the requested information before I get the PMs sent. vfrcapn and Ziffer have sent their deposits.
  4. Hi Stephen - yep, D has mentioned your jaunts into the sierras and what great rides they were. I was along on one of those sierras weekends when you were there (On your 1200 IIRC)…super fun. I wonder if BrianF is thinking about doing the sierras again? If not, I’m pretty sure I can recreate the ‘Greatest Hits’ routes he shared with us. Darryl came home from the hospital Wednesday. His recovery is starting out well - every step along the way has gone the best it possibly could have gone, so optimism is strong on all friends and family fronts. More to follow. Congratulations to RC51Nick for being the first deposit placed on this round of headers. We’ll update the list and keep everyone apprised.
  5. Hey guys - great news! Darryl (Duc2V4) is recovering well from his surgery. Visited him in the hospital yesterday. He’s walking and talking and mostly his normal flippant happy self. Pain meds are keeping him comfortable and he will be going home today to begin the rehab process. Heading down to the hospital now to see if I can help with the move. He grilled me about whether I’ve been paying close enough attention to the header project and sends his best to everyone here. Cheers!
  6. Will do skids. Duc2V4’s surgery was Friday and went according to plan - he woke up in the recovery room and spoke with his wife and sister same day, albeit groggy from anesthesia. He’s not up to talking on the phone yet, and we don’t know the results of the follow up MRI, but the surgical crew believe they removed all of the tumor from between his brain and his skull - it’s very good that the malignant tumor was not in or among his brain tissue. Member here shotgonz and I will be visiting him Tuesday and we’ll report back.
  7. Now THAT is a lovely piece of aluminium. I wonder if it fits the 3 gen…
  8. Greetings gentlemen. The holidaze have been everything they are cracked up to be - intense, fruitful, and busy. First of all, let's all send whatever thoughts and prayers we can to Duc2V4 and his wife Katie, especially over the next few days, but also over the next couple months, as he went in for a serious surgical procedure this morning. His spirit is strong and he has prepared well, but what he's facing is much more than a tuneup, and getting back to regular life won't be quick or easy. Godspeed D. Visiting Duc2V4 a couple times has been a priority lately; he and I have connected on several critical topics, some even more important than headers, so please allow me to beg your forgiveness here for the delays in getting this order under way. I am back home in Las Vegas after logging a ton of miles over the past two weeks. Most of the miles have been in the car or on one of the bicycles, which doesn't make me sad, but am missing the motorcycles. Thinking about riding down the baja peninsula next month. Not sure if I'll rent an adventure bike to keep up with my friend on his BMW GS - he wants to do more dirt and ADV than my 5 gen will tolerate. D and I have gone through the details, checking pricing on the pipes and passivation, etc. I stopped by Wade's shop unannounced [But brought him a 12 pack of good beer to soften the blow of my surprise visit] and found him grudgingly welding stainless steel - woohoo! He's really building! I wish I had taken a photo of the manifold he built for the monster of a Razr side-by-side that was in his shop...that thing appeared to have 20 inches of suspension travel! The primary headers Wade built all elegantly wound and twisted together to the point where a new turbo was perched. Beautiful work, as usual. That is about $2500 AUD, about half the value of my bike as it is, not including shipping to Oz. It would be great to have one, but it’s a bit much for this retiree. So here's current pricing: Headers are $85 more than the $830 they used to cost and passivation is still $90. [Passivation is acid dipping the finished headers for strength and a beautiful appearance. Please refer to the opening pages of this thread to learn what passivation means for exhaust systems like ours that are made of welded stainless steel]. From here on out, passivation is no longer an option - we are passivating all the headers for several reasons: 1 - everyone who ordered headers has opted to have them passivated [Except two guys back in 2019] 2 - passivation improves strength and longevity 3 - passivation makes the pipes look great 4 - due to external forces, we can't be sure Duc2V4 will be able to monitor the orders as closely as he usually does, so having a single price for every set of headers will help us keep the details straight and deliver a better product to every person who orders headers. Net result is that a set of headers for 5 gen, 6 gen, or 8 gen VFR800s will cost $830 [old price] + $85 [price increase] + $90 [passivation] = $1005.00 plus shipping [CA residents pay 7.75% sales tax - sorry]. The deposit to order a set of headers is now $300. Duc2V4 and I will be getting PMs out to all the folks on the list that Ziffer has so helpfully posted here, so if you're on Ziffer's list, expect a Personal Message in your VFRD inbox. The PMs will include instructions on steps to take when ordering headers and a request for info like shipping address, etc. In a nutshell, in case you're not on the list yet, to purchase headers, here's how you do it: Send your $300 deposit as 'SENDING TO A FRIEND' via paypal to the paypal account of vfrheaders@gmail.com. SENDING TO A FRIEND will always be capitalized here so it doesn't slip past peoples' perceptions. In the 'note' section of the paypal transfer for your deposit, please include the following information: -your VFRD username -your actual name -how many headers you are ordering -what gen VFR your headers are for -shipping address More to follow shortly. Onward and upward!
  9. Hey guys, I've lost VFRD member BusyLittleShop's phone number [His name is Larry] and the only other guy I know who had it passed away earlier this year. I'm rolling through his home town of Sacramento over the holidays and am hoping to stop by, see how Larry's doing, and swap RC45 stories [We've both owned them, I think he still has two, but I no longer have one]. I PM'd him here, but haven't heard back yet. If anyone has Larry's phone number and would be comfortable sending it to me in a PM, I'd greatly appreciate it. Cheers
  10. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. Hey Skids - a Power Commander, Rapid Bike, or other fuel management system is not required, but the VFR's engine exhales so differently with the WiLD headers that it would significantly diminish the effectiveness of the headers to not adjust the inhale [fueling] to match the new exhale [exhaust]. Guys have been getting good results using the Power Commander maps we had done for the headers on 5, 6, and 8 gens, so you can get 98.5% of the benefit of tuning without taking your VFR to the dyno. But you will need a PC, RB, or other tuneable fuel management system.
  12. More VFR800 headers will be built! First off - as always - thanks a metric ton to Duc2V4 for all he's done to suit up and show up on this thread and throughout the header project. He is and always has been a stand up guy for anyone who owns a VFR [or any motorcycle that's not a Harley] and has been helping me get through this late fall - solid as a rock. Second shout out goes to VFRD member Ziffer for posting the latest list [see above] of people interested in headers for their 5, 6, and/or 8 gen VFR800s! I dropped by Wade's shop last week, totally unannounced because I was nowhere near the neighborhood, 12-pack of 805 ale in hand, and saw him building exhausts. No more hot glue experiments, he's back to cutting and welding stainless steel tubes together. And he's willing to bend, cut, and weld some for VFRs [Those of you who were along at the beginning of this thread recall Wade's rather - shall we say - 'gruff' nature]. Syntax error - my apologies because I just fumbled at the 5 yard line when I went to copy/paste the list above and accidentally deleted 35 minutes of writing I'd done for this post. Sorry but it's late and I'll post again tomorrow with more details. Part of the self-deleted post was me realizing I failed to ask Wade if the price remains the same as it was two years ago when we placed our last order. I'll text him to death tomorrow and get accurate details and instructions posted here.
  13. Yup, as a matter of fact, I just texted w him and his recently operated-on right hand is doing great. Wade has the hard cast off and is ready to begin signaling fellow motor vehicle operators: He goes in to have the left hand done this week, and he says he’ll be ready to build by the time we get 15 or more deposits collected. Duc2V4 and I will get the order system set back up and report back at this location.
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