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  1. Flya, you’ve hit on the difficulty in interpreting dyno charts - what do they mean to the way a motorcycle actually rides? If one is lucky enough to take the two motorcycles in question - Hammerdrill’s 6 gen and Samuelx’s 8 gen - out for a 100 miles or so that includes a bit of city surface streets, a bit of freeway, and healthy helping of one’s favorite twisty roads (I was exactly this lucky), the conclusion drawn would actually be that the 8 gen has more power, and certainly more grunt. This impression comes from the midrange, and my subjective opinion Is that unless we are riding our VFRs on a racetrack or our favorite twisty roads also include 1/2-mile or longer straightaways, we don’t get to tap into the top end power of our motorcycles very often at all. Midrange is where we reside and midrange is what gets us out of a corner. This header project has helped me develop a great respect for torque and hp numbers between 6000 and 10,000 rpms, and it’s taught me the value of professional dyno tuning to precisely and deliberately make both curves - torque and horsepower - smooth and linear so the motorcycle is very pleasantly and eagerly responsive In a predictable manner.
  2. Gentlemen, our fellow VFRD member Hammerdrill has run into health problems that have forced him to hang up his riding gear. Sadly, in addition to losing a riding brother, his 6 gen [Named Lola] is now up for sale. This was our 6 gen test bike for dyno tuning on the header project:
  3. 2002 Honda VFR800 with 16822 miles and power, suspension, ergonomic upgrades $4800 16822 original miles, never down, never dropped This motorcycle has been lovingly brought into a state of excellence - no expense spared on professionally implemented tip-to-tail project. Owner no longer able to ride due to health issues. Development of this motorcycle began when bike was stock and had 14,000 miles - only 2800 miles or less on all upgrades Clean California title and current registration Dyno tuned at Attack Performance - individual cylinder tune by top ranked performance shop [See attached dyno chart for horsepower and torque increases] Recent maintenance performed: -Oil change with Mobil 1 synthetic and Purolator Boss filter -K&N HA-8098 big mouth air filter -Engine Ice coolant -Galfer brake and clutch actuation fluid -DID x-ring chain -ProGrip grips -Gel cell battery-New swingarm bearings and seals-New wheel bearings and seals Upgrades [Note: no labor costs included in any pricing]: -Two Brothers Racing replica headers $830 -Header passivation [acid bath] $90 -Headers ceramic coated black $250 -Mufflers professionally modified and coated for performance and sound $1100 -Power Commander V fuel control module $320 -Dyno tune - Attack Performance individual cylinder map $550 -Brand new Dunlop Q3+ tires $330 -Daugherty Motorsports full suspension built for performance riding $1200 (Tuned for 185 lb. rider) CBR600F4i shock valved with spring, built by Jamie Daugherty Forks with DMR rebound-adjustable cartridges and springs built by Jamie Daugherty -Galfer braided stainless steel brake lines front and rear $225 -Sebspeed window clutch cover, custom pressure plate and hardware $300 -Frame, swingarm, drive hub, driver and passenger rearsets, front brake rotor carriers, fork sliders, clutch cover and heat shields all powdercoated black $840 -Radiators anodized black $80 -OEM 8th gen VFR handlebars, bar risers, and triple clamp $280 -Adjustable shorty brake and clutch levers $35 -Sargent seat $420 -8 spoke rear wheel $350 -Powdercoat wheels $160 -Polished gas cap $60 - 3 piece Stompgrip kit $70 -Zero gravity sport touring windscreen $118 -Givi custom shorty windscreen $132 -Techmount Power TechGripper stem phone mount/charger $60 -Roadstercycle Shindengen SH847 regulator/rectifier kit with adapter plate $208 -Tail tidy license plate mount $60 -Speedbleeder nipples on all brake lines $57 -Nautilus air horn with custom bracket $45
  4. Hi Jim - well, you've found a combination that will need a little more research. -The map for 6 gen was created with a PCV -We know it is possible to convert PC3 maps to be used on PCV -What we don't know [yet] is whether a PCV map can be 'downconverted' to work on a PC3 We did receive your payment for the map and will send the map as soon as it is determined whether [1] you will be able to use the 6 gen map for PCV with your PC3, or [2] you decide to opt up to PCV
  5. Worth checking into! There will be NO critique coming from me about struggling to find info on this thread - I’ve been trying for the past two weeks to find the prices Wade quoted for 5 gen midpipe mufflers - they’re here somewhere...I KNOW they are, because I flippin’ posted ‘em! NICE Flya! Worth the wait. It really shows how careful and thorough you’ve been. Let us know how the ride is! You da man, capn! I’ll ping you to learn more about center stand bolting from the middle outward. I’m sitting here right now with a set of headers to go onto my 5 gen and the angst is palpable whether to install center stand or opt out. I look forward to learning how to make it an option instead of a major commitment. capn, check in w Duc2V4 on RB w autotune - he’s loving it on both his 5 gen (w WiLD headers) and his 6 gen (w WiLD headers standing by, about to be installed)
  6. Hi smokescreen. As Duc2V4 mentioned, the first run of 8 gen headers is sold, but we have started a list of deposits placed toward the next run. The fabricator only needs six orders to do production run, not the fifteen that were required earlier. Your 2014 with K&N HA-8098 air filter and Arrow slipon will rock with a set of headers. The 8 gen has a newer cam design that emphasizes midrange, and the headers really kick that into gear - 16% increase in both hp and torque at 7000rpm. Having a dyno in your shop is a huge bonus - you’ll be able to dabble with VFRD member Mohawk’s big airbox mod, and maybe a double velocity stack setup once you’ve opened up the airbox. Mohawk is definitely ‘Da Man’ (Actually he’s one of many Da Men here) when it comes to doing excellent work and getting a VFR to howl. 5, 6, and 8 gens share the same shape airbox, so these 5 gen mods could be done on your 2014: Oops - here’s part 1 of the velocity stacks thread:
  7. Cool beans, boOZZIE. Even simpler than the T-bolt clamp solution we were struggling with.
  8. You’re welcome, but cross check that paint code before ordering/applying. I got it from another member here, but can’t find the exact source - I retrieved it from my notes. Here is a thread about powder coating using that color, which is almost exactly ‘Triple Bronze’ by Prismatic Powders:
  9. Honda calls the 8 gen triple clamp/handlebar/wheel/clutch cover color Pyrite Brown Metallic YR-325M
  10. Fuel pump first - it didn’t prime when the key was turned on with the run/stop switch in run position. The pump will prime even if the neutral switch, sidestand switch, clutch switch, and gearbox are not in order. Good job, Moto Pilot
  11. Hi MrSquiggle - between chuckles from enjoying your username, I can let you know we have a couple sets of 6 gen headers available from the last production run. I’ll PM you with more info.
  12. We have run our 5 gen and 6 gen test bikes without the heat shield behind the right rearset with no problems.
  13. Looks great - love the grey with gold wheels, boOZZIE! I've fired one up without mufflers...sounds like an NHRA dragster... VFR rightside up [2] 07 29 16.mp4
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