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  1. sfdownhill

    Tall skinny nephew - what gear for him?

    Thanks Hawk. I should have thought of Aerostitch; I have one. The nephew visited this past weekend, and we went for a ride with paired Scala Packtalks [OOTV, thanks for loaning me the wife's Packtalk]. All went well, we suited up with gear, went for a ride, and had a good time, but his grandparents gave him a generous gift of $moola$ to buy a car, and suddenly he's less interested in motorcycling.
  2. sfdownhill


    Inconceivable! Stunning workmanship Larry, not to mention amazing patience and persistance.
  3. sfdownhill

    Single Nut Rear Axle Conversion - 6Th Gen

    HighsideNZ, I just stumbled across this thread and must echo the other compliments on your craftsmanship and documentation. Thank you for posting your machining spec drawings. And to paraphrase Crocodile Dundee... That's not an 8-spoke: That's an 8-spoke:
  4. sfdownhill

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    That's how Duc2V4 does it, and he's smiling all the time on either his 6th gen or his 5th. Throttlemeisters plural...one for each handlebar, and one for the butt dyno. Big +1 on Road 5s. Just took a fresh set on a longish tour - the Michelins were steady through Montana thunderstorms, Arizona desert bucket-dump cloudbursts, and the chickenstrips came off somewhere in Wyoming. Never a worry, even with fully loaded luggage.
  5. Rice, I'm using a similar device on my VFR. I chose this because it has a power-off switch, so I can't kill the battery if I don't ride for a long interval [Battery protection is only assured IF I remember to turn off the power switch!] https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071S9FKYP/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Mine is hardwired to the battery with a fused hot leg, but I would have preferred a quick connector like the one on your USB adapter. On another bike, I have a BMW/DIN power socket hardwired into the steering stem. On that bike, I plug in a power adapter similar to the pne from ebay in the link below, but with a coiled cord in place of the male plug: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-Dual-USB-Charger-Adapter-Socket-For-BMW-Din-Hella-Plug-LED-Voltmeter/202306994508?epid=5019083239&hash=item2f1a6fc14c%3Ag%3AovcAAOSw-uda8AdV&_sacat=0&_nkw=12V-24V+LED+Dual+USB+Charger+Voltmeter+Socket+For+Hella+Plug+Trucks+BMW+Triumph+(+291971805035+)&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313 Once plugged into the steering stem outlet, I put the corded adapter inside my tankbag and use it to power my phone and gps.
  6. sfdownhill

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    Ah, the subtle use of punctuation. Great looking motorcycle, Timmy. It's such a delight when you swing a leg over a bike expecting just another ride, then as the turns accumulate, you find yourself grinning silly and humming a little motorcycle racer's tune in your helmet.
  7. sfdownhill

    spring rate calulator

    braga2, I went with Jamie's recommendations for springs and valving. I told him my weight and that I put 85% emphasis on track/hard sport riding and 15% emphasis on loaded touring. He used his extensive experience to rebuild my Penske shock and CBR600F4i forks to these specifications. Couldn't be happier - 18 days on the track last year and just finished a 4257 mile trip w full luggage on the same bike, same DMr suspension. [DMr = Daugherty Motorsports]
  8. Ok, so it might not quite have been 213, but after 30 minutes it felt like it. Walt - thanks Wow Walt, you are exactly right about flipping the fan NOT reversing the flow. I’ve thought about how reversing the rotation would negate the aerodynamic advantage of the airfoil shape of the blades, but never did the 3D exercise of flipping the fan, so never discovered that the airflow would not reverse direction. I’m frickin laughing out loud at the power of suggestion...the P.O. said he flipped the fan to reverse airflow, and I didn’t question his premise.
  9. Walt, your two steady speed coolant temp readings seem very good. I just finished a ride on my primary 2001 from SoCal to Seattle, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and back. Ambient temps were between 51F and 213F. After warming up, my coolant temp was always between 170-180F, except in stop and go traffic on mountain switchbacks where it went up to 222F, then the fan brought it back down to 210F, where it stabilized. In 213F ambient, the coolant temp stayed 209-212F while cruising steady at 75-80mph. There's another 2001 in my life with only 9500 miles on its odometer that has me worried - this past mid June I picked it up with 8112 miles on the odometer in Austin TX, and in traffic around Austin [101F ambient, high humidity] coolant never went below 220F and was 225-229 most of the time. On the way back to CA, even at 75F ambient and 75mph, coolant was still 210-213F. In 111F ambient and a steady 80mph, coolant temp was 225-233F. The coolant temp was always stable, it never jumped up or spiked. The previous owner purchased the motorcycle with 3500 miles on it and says it has always run on the hot side. The first factors to address are [1] the previous owner used a thermostat listed for a Mustang automobile from an auto parts store, and [2] the cooling fan has been flipped over in an attempt to draw cool air from outside the bodywork across the left radiator. My first actions will be to return the entire cooling system to OEM specs and have the radiators tested for flow/blockage. I'll post the process and results in a thread.
  10. sfdownhill

    Steering issue?

    I'd recommend getting your new front tire sooner rather than later. Your motorcycle isn't handling correctly, and the problem is significant and concerning enough that you posted here. The worst thing to do is take it to the track, where tires are stressed much more than on the street. You'll be increasing your personal risk as well as the risk of other riders on the track. I was riding a Michelin Power 3 front tire in similar condition to yours. It appeared to have plenty of tread, especially on the sides, where I thought it was most important, but I had put a lot of freeway riding travel miles on it. I began to notice that I had to hike my body off more and more to obtain neutral midcorner steering. If I didn't climb off the bike to the inside, I had to keep pressure on the bars to maintain my line in a turn. Bottom line - I was learning to ride around a fundamental handling problem [Also, my riding buddies and I use intercoms, and their patience with my verbal analysis/hypothesis was wearing quite thin]. A new Michelin road 5 front tire changed my VFR from a misbehaving overall-wearing slipshod handler back into the smooth tuxedo-clad aristocrat I was used to.
  11. sfdownhill

    00-01 Engine in 98 VFR800

    From parts fiches, 98-99 CA VFRs share 4 distinct cam part numbers: front intake, rear intake, front exhaust, rear exhaust. 1998-1999 49 state and all 2000-2001 VFRs share the same 4 cam part numbers. iThinkergoiMac, it is worth checking the engine numbers on your replacement engine or the VIN on the donor bike to ascertain that you [hopefully] have a 49 state engine to go into your 49 state VFR. One of our senior members purchased a 98 [or maybe a 99] 5th gen in his home state of Ohio, only to find later that it was a CA motorcycle and had the milder cams and detuned ECU = less scoot. Better to know.
  12. Just jumping in on the flooding part of this topic. How to properly flood a motorcycle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EtHUzfdYqE
  13. sfdownhill

    Tall skinny nephew - what gear for him?

    I’ll add this Kevlar jeans data to the equation. It may be the lesser of two evils in that he’ll wear Kevlar jeans when he rides around campus or town, where, like Duc2V4, he wouldn’t change into and out of riding gear for short hops.
  14. sfdownhill

    Tall skinny nephew - what gear for him?

    Thank you all for the responses. I’ll get him out to CG and find another well stocked shop near him in the Bay Area (San Jose) to visit.
  15. sfdownhill

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Nice acquisition, thunderrun. Goes perfectly with your wide open spaces. +1 on the heat in TX. Are you lucky enough to be in the part of Texas that has humidity, too?

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