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  1. sfdownhill

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Hopefully Keith did the baseline dyno run with the stock, albeit catted exhaust before attacking the exhaust fixing stud nuts to remove said stock exhaust.
  2. sfdownhill

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Interesting - Black Widow is merging cylinders 1 with 3 [both rear cylinders] and 2 with 4 [both front cylinders], while TBR and Erion merge 1 with 2 and 3 with 4. And BW is only $377.01 at today's exchange rate. Still, I find it a bit sticky that after "18 months R&D" Black Widow states their exhaust system is for 1997-2003 VFRs - the last year of 4th gen through the second year of 6th gen. Nit picking, but with that level of attention to detail on their own website...
  3. This 8 spoke from a 1990-1993 VFR 750 fits 5th and 6th gen VFR 800s [1998-2009]. I bought it from a vfrd member and have not modified or used it since I purchased it. $200 plus shipping. I have other 8 spoke wheels, so am listing it for sale. It is important that potential purchasers have full disclosure: the wheel is out of true and the lip has been machined in some way, possibly to flatten the out of true section. All modifications and damage are shown in photos. The previous owner told me the wheel was straight and 'in good condition', he did not tell me it was out of true or how it got that way. The wheel's right side rim measures 1.6mm movement side to side. The right side tire mounting surface is out of round by 0.5mm up/1.0mm down. The left side rim measures 1.2mm movement side to side. The left side tire mounting surface is out of round by 0.5mm up, 1.6mm down. All measurements were made with a digital indicator gauge on a fixed arm with the wheel turning on a balancing stand. I took the wheel to Dr. John's Straightening, a professional straightening shop in Orange County CA with an excellent reputation. Jim, the wheel specialist at Dr. John's elected not to attempt to straighten the wheel because of the material removed from the lip.
  4. [Right side] This OEM Honda 5th/6th gen wheel with 320mm full floating Brembo rotors has seen very little use, and has been stored since 2011. The wheel and rotors are straight and true. The rotors are intended for a CBR900RR [see closeup photo of Brembo information printed on rotor], but were adapted to a 5th gen VFR front end conversion with VTR1000 forks. Braketech makes caliper adapters to fit the 320mm rotors to standard fork mounting points for Honda OEM Nissin calipers [adapters not included]. The tire is the photos was mounted in 2011, used for a few hundred miles, and has a manufacture date of 2010 [see photo]. [Left side] Tire manufacture date 16th week of 2010 This front wheel with rotors can be purchased as a set with the magnesium 17x5.5" Marchesini as shown below for $1200. Details and photos of the Marchesini can be found in a separate vfrd classified ad.
  5. This 17x5.5" Marchesini magnesium wheel is in like-new condition - $750 plus shipping. It was intended to be part of a 5th gen VFR single nut rear axle/hub conversion, but will work for a 6th gen or 8th gen single nut conversion as well. A 5.5" wide wheel doesn't have the clearance issues for 5th/6th gen conversions that a 6.0" wide RC45 wheel does. The Marchesini weighs 3.6 pounds less than a stock 5th/6th gen rear wheel. The original owner purchased this wheel and hardware as backup for another wheel exactly like it. He did his conversion back in 2011 when it was possible to drop by your local Honda dealer and order rear axle and hub parts for an RC45, which turn out to fit the 5th gen very well. This is wheel #2; wheel #1 was sold mounted on the original owner's 5th gen. This wheel has been in storage since 2011, and is still fitted with the first tire ever mounted to it, a Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa - manufacture date of tire is 2010 [See photo]. Because it has only been used for a few hundred miles and has never had this or other tires removed from or mounted onto it, the wheel is free of any rim chips or other blemishes. The RC45 tension bolt, castellated cap nut and other new RC45 parts in the photos are included in purchase price. Tire manufacture date 29th week of 2010 The Marchesini can be purchased as a set [shown below] with a stock front 5th/6th gen wheel mounted with like-new Brembo 320mm full floating rotors, for $1200. A separate vfrd classified ad has more details about the front wheel/rotors.
  6. sfdownhill

    Re-waterproofing gloves

    I’ve had my eye on the Rukka Imatra glove because of its slim gauntlet, outlast, and goretex. Gonna have to wait until another pair of gloves wears out before plunking down $250, though. The Revit Stratos also looks good for wet weather temps over 40F - goretex, slim gauntlet.
  7. sfdownhill

    Re-waterproofing gloves

    Duc2V4, Knox Zero 2 Mk II gloves are my go to rain gloves. I haven’t been through a torrential downpour like the one you experienced yet, but they kept me dry through two hours of light rain on my last trip. The Zero 2s also passed webbikeworld’s bucket test - they put the gloves on then submerge their hands in a bucket of ice water for 5 minutes. The Knox kept their hands dry in the bucket.
  8. sfdownhill

    Re-waterproofing gloves

    I’ve had very good results with this spray on water repellent from Walmart: Before spraying it on, remove armor and liners from jacket and pants, machine wash with Woolite - short cycle on delicate setting, then hang dry. Don’t wash riding gear any more often than absolutely necessary. Clean boots and gloves by hand if they need it, hang until completely dry. Don’t bother hanging the boots if they need to dry, just leave ‘em set. Heck, wear the boots around the house if you’re so inclined - they’re harder to hang than the other stuff. To hang gloves I use hangers for pants with spring clips and attach one glove to each clip. Once everything is completely dry, I take it out to the back yard, hang it on a board spanning two ladders, and drench it with the waterproofer according to the directions. The first time I used it I was worried about the puddles of waterproofer under the gear, but it doesn’t stain or seal concrete or bricks. Let everything dry at least 24 hours - more if possible - before riding. Figure on using three $6 cans to treat one pair of boots, 2-3 pairs of gloves, one textile jacket, and one pair of textile pants. This waterproofer helps the gear shed water from its outer layers instead of immediately soaking it up into leather and fibers, but it still relies on whatever waterproofing is designed into the garment to keep water away from your body. Note - after you use this or any silicone-based waterproofing on your boots, carefully scrub the soles with windex or some other cleaner to remove the silicone. Otherwise you’ll feel like you’re walking on an ice rink until the waterproofer wears off of the bottoms of your boots. As Duc2V4 mentioned, Nikwax treatment is highly recommended - the Rev’it guys at the motorcycle show said Nikwax is the way to go for washing gear. I plan to try that next time.
  9. sfdownhill

    Double Vision

    Now THAT is a quiver full of arrows
  10. sfdownhill

    Potential Coffman Full Exhaust

    Oops - I hadn’t done any homework on Coffman. Looking through their website does unearth the fact that Jim V is correct; the only exhaust they currently produce with a header pipe is for the Grom. Bless ‘em if they look at a V4 system and are still willing to take a run at building a VFR exhaust.
  11. sfdownhill

    Potential Coffman Full Exhaust

    Did Coffman mention a price?
  12. sfdownhill

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Thanks for providing the before and after numbers of a viable A vs B test where you only changed one variable - the headers. It seems tricky to communicate the importance of such comparisons to enthusiasts who have just received exciting new parts. Mohawk, does your TBR widen at all from the cylinder head port, or is it constant-diameter tubing through the length of the primary? Just curious how much nuance TBR put into their headers. TBR tubing size choices are proven performance improvements - specifically their 38mm o.d. (IIRC) primaries. In theory, the velocity of a gas moving in a tube decreases when it encounters an increase in tubing diameter. It appears the Lextek header is keeping the primary diameter smaller from the port (actual exhaust port i.d. exiting the head is 32.45mm) down the primary, probably to keep gas velocity higher before widening the primary diameter - higher velocity through and past the port increases scavenging of exhaust gases from the cylinder. It will be interesting to see what comes of the dyno runs with stock (albeit 5.2 w cat) vs Lextek headers.
  13. sfdownhill

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Sounds like a badass V4 trackbike!
  14. sfdownhill

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Thanks for doing the legwork on Lextek, Ken.
  15. sfdownhill

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Most excellent - hope your ripplerock rips!

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