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  1. sfdownhill

    Anybody ever refinished a GIVI case?

    Side cases as frame sliders is a very funny, albeit functional, concept. Cracks me up. My 5th gen came with Givi side cases that had silver door/access panels, and the right case had been significantly gouged up in a close encounter of the ground kind. I have had a friendly bodyshop guy do side-work (evenings and weekends, not through the shop he works for) paint on other motorcycle projects. He filled in the scrapes on the smooth door and textured black body, retextured the body and painted it black, then repainted both cases’ doors with Honda Italian Red to match my bike. Total charge was $250. Givi USA has replacement badges available. Here’s how it came out:
  2. sfdownhill

    Help Identifying 5th Generation Aftermarket Header

    Great find! You must be psychic to have seen those headers before anyone else on the VFR forums. +1 on what Duc2V4 said - you could do a great service to many VFR owners if you’d consider briefly loaning them for measurements and fitting. One of our most knowledgeable, long term members is an automotive engineer who is considering getting a replica header into production.
  3. sfdownhill

    Recommended front wheel upgrade?

    Wow - 2 lbs lighter for forged. Are the forged wheels lighter because the forged material is stronger, therefore less material is required? Or is the material itself less dense, ie lighter weight?
  4. sfdownhill

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Sharp eye, Rush. Evidently they put engineering on par with a residential central vacuum system into their headers.
  5. sfdownhill

    RC51 SP1 SP2 Parts Interchangeability

    Thanks for the data Ken. I appreciate the way you navigate the permutation forest, and I share some limited portion of your purist spirit - as functional as 0.5mm shims are, they're not quite...just right. I hadn't noticed the aesthetic difference between Honda's 'inside' and 'outside' triple clamps. That the cowled units are-square cut and utilitarian while the naked bikes' triples have a design aspect is now clear. Ah, custom billet. It's fascinating how together those terms end up describing a component that meets all desired specifications. Seb, I recall mention that you were going to start manufacturing your own line of custom triple clamps - the date and chronology escape me, and so reduce my recollection to a vague hunch. Is the badass blue streetfighter's lower triple of your own making?
  6. sfdownhill

    RC51 SP1 SP2 Parts Interchangeability

    Ken, it sounds like you've determined that the CB1000R triple clamps have 35mm offset - can you please confirm or deny? Is there a reason you do not want to use 0.5mm shims like JZH is using on his VFR1200 lower triple clamp?
  7. sfdownhill

    Have You Ever Wondered...

    Coolio. That's like running across one of Steve McQueen's Rolexs.
  8. sfdownhill

    Race Shift Gear Pattern

    Now that does sound like a knickertwister.
  9. sfdownhill

    Fork Swap Reccomendations, USD Conversion

    rlax20, sounds like you are sculpting a masterpiece. Are you using ZX6 brakes as well? Can't wait to as many photos as you have.
  10. sfdownhill

    Race Shift Gear Pattern

    Looks good, Stevewils. Guys switch back and forth between track bikes with GP shift pattern and dirt/street bikes with street shift pattern all the time, however, most of them have a largish sticker or piece of tape on their track bike's tank or dashboard that reads "GP SHIFT". After a couple of accidental rev-limiter-busting downshifts, my cousin posted this reminder to himself on his CBR1000RR: "GP SHIFT - THIS MEANS YOU, ASSHOLE" Side note: Kevin Schwantz and Mat Mladin stayed with street shift pattern through their racing careers and championships. Just sayin'.
  11. sfdownhill

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Voided76, in your next communication with Lincoln, you might gently clarify that 5th gen 98-01 and 6th gen 02-09 are slightly different, then ask if the upgraded header they are developing is intended for one, the other, or both gens. Also, Honda produced 6th gens for Australia and some other countries through 2013. I recognize your motivation to acquire a header for your 8th gen - I’d want one too - but I don’t see it being productive to ask Black Widow to double their current development efforts. Previous attempts to get VFR headers into production have been derailed by less. Has anyone fitted 5th or 6th gen headers to 8th gen 2014-2018 VFRs?
  12. Nice hp numbers Parkes. I’d love to hear that V4 at 13600rpms...
  13. sfdownhill

    Close Encounters

    Do I spy with my little eye a Shoei RF-1200 with red Cruise TC1 graphics? Love that helmet. Also love that high-mount carbon canister - which manufacturer builds that? Unlike MaxSwell, I don’t recognize the location (except for the Close Encountes reference). Where is that location?

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