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  1. Hi smokescreen. As Duc2V4 mentioned, the first run of 8 gen headers is sold, but we have started a list of deposits placed toward the next run. The fabricator only needs six orders to do production run, not the fifteen that were required earlier. Your 2014 with K&N HA-8098 air filter and Arrow slipon will rock with a set of headers. The 8 gen has a newer cam design that emphasizes midrange, and the headers really kick that into gear - 16% increase in both hp and torque at 7000rpm. Having a dyno in your shop is a huge bonus - you’ll be able to dabble with VFRD member Mohawk’s big airbox mod, and maybe a double velocity stack setup once you’ve opened up the airbox. Mohawk is definitely ‘Da Man’ (Actually he’s one of many Da Men here) when it comes to doing excellent work and getting a VFR to howl. 5, 6, and 8 gens share the same shape airbox, so these 5 gen mods could be done on your 2014: Oops - here’s part 1 of the velocity stacks thread:
  2. Cool beans, boOZZIE. Even simpler than the T-bolt clamp solution we were struggling with.
  3. You’re welcome, but cross check that paint code before ordering/applying. I got it from another member here, but can’t find the exact source - I retrieved it from my notes. Here is a thread about powder coating using that color, which is almost exactly ‘Triple Bronze’ by Prismatic Powders:
  4. Honda calls the 8 gen triple clamp/handlebar/wheel/clutch cover color Pyrite Brown Metallic YR-325M
  5. Fuel pump first - it didn’t prime when the key was turned on with the run/stop switch in run position. The pump will prime even if the neutral switch, sidestand switch, clutch switch, and gearbox are not in order. Good job, Moto Pilot
  6. Hi MrSquiggle - between chuckles from enjoying your username, I can let you know we have a couple sets of 6 gen headers available from the last production run. I’ll PM you with more info.
  7. We have run our 5 gen and 6 gen test bikes without the heat shield behind the right rearset with no problems.
  8. Looks great - love the grey with gold wheels, boOZZIE! I've fired one up without mufflers...sounds like an NHRA dragster... VFR rightside up [2] 07 29 16.mp4
  9. Thanks Jay! It’s been awesome to learn so much about the machines our community loves and get a much-wanted component out to the guys. Wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been gracious enough to let me ride your wonderfully harmonized 5 gen with its headers and a fantastic tune by Mike Velasco.
  10. Hi Maritan - got your PM and thanks for your interest. I’m writing from my phone just now, so I don’t have the dyno charts you requested, but will attach them to a PM when I get back to my laptop tonight. My subjective opinion is that the 8 gen benefits from the headers the most; more than 5 gen or 6 gen. This is due to the symbiosis between Honda redesigning the 8 gen’s cams to beef up the midrange and the headers’ increased breathing capacity. The resulting 16% increase in horsepower and torque at 7000rpm is a fun kick in the pants. In short, we are between production runs and sold out of 8 gen headers at the moment - sorry the timing is off for your project. We will be gathering orders for another production run as folks chime in for more headers. Wade the builder will do a production run when we have six committed orders, so the entry point is more easily reached than the previous minimum of fifteen orders.
  11. That is hilarious - it really does look like your 6 gen is peering curiously into the header box!
  12. Hey Flya - Vfr800witdawaffle is here...I just started a new PM and for recipient typed in vfr800wi and before I got to ‘waffle’ his username popped right up. Let me know if you have further difficulties tracking him down and I’ll see if I can get the two of you connected.
  13. Update - we picked up the current batch of 5/6 gen headers earlier this week. Wade built 3 extra sets of 5/6 gen headers, so if anyone who already has headers and has installed them let a fellow VFR owner try their bike and it did for them what it did for me when I first rode a 5 gen with tuned Two Brothers headers, just point them over here. Yes, the previous sentence is a savage example of untethered run-on. Plus there are still 3 sets of 8 gen headers available. One of these 8 gen headers has been optimized for a front radiator conversion on a 5th or 6th gen. This one set of 5/6/8 gen headers has 2 additional O2 sensor bungs in OEM 5/6 gen locations. The seventeen headers for VFRD members were dropped off for passivating. Here they are on pallets, eagerly awaiting their refreshing nitric acid dip. Should be through the process in a week: Like the song says ‘And a little bit closer now’: Below are the J-pipes (rear cylinder primaries). The shorter J-pipes at the top of the photo are for cylinder #3 right rear, and the longer J-pipes at the bottom of the photo are for cylinder #1 left rear:
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