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  1. I believe there are "myths" associated with all things. They take safety to the extreme and they sell more parts. One so called myth is that you replace sprockets and chain as a set. I'm on the 3rd chain on my ZRX with the same sprockets and they are no worse for the wear. On the subject of old tires that get hard and offer no grip I will relate my experience with a 650 Seca that I had just bought and there was a large group going to Arkansas that weekend. These were the stock oem tires on the bike and I didn't have time to get new tires and then mount and balance so I decided I would go and just take it easy. The more I rode the more I kept pushing things and those tires worked amazing. They were balling up on the sides like race tires. Everyone was astonished at what they were doing and capable of. They were 11 years old at the time as that was 93. When I got back home they were wasted. They did the exact opposite of what I had always read and been told. Everyone can do what they want, but just be aware that what you have always heard may not be true. Lawyers and our litigious society have a lot of bearing on these things and what their recommendation are as far as safety limits related to age etc.
  2. One thing I did that made the job much easier was a good clean and lube on the pivot of the centerstand. My 93 is much older than yours, but mine went from difficult to get on the stand to easy and it didn't look that bad when I took it apart.
  3. I came across a 4th gen that had a good front end on it which is what I wanted and I'm looking at parting out all the rest. There is no bodywork or instruments. The engine is locked in gear and the gear change does nothing so something is broke on the inside. Did I mention it had been wrecked, and not just once as there were repairs I found from a previous mishap. I had a key made and it appears all the locks work with it. If you need something let me know and I will see if I have it and assess it's condition.
  4. It's been awhile and some more has been accomplished. I bought a 4th gen for the front end and the lower triple. Going to part out all the other. No weights yet on anything as that will be a winter project. Thinking about machining off the center rib on the wheel since I will have to get it powder coated anyway. Doing that to some other wheels resulted in 1/2 to 3/4 lb savings. More bolts have saved .84 lb and the clutch line saved .28 The rt. passenger peg bracket is just a mount for the bodywork now with a total savings of 1.09 lbs. and it looks like I didn't get that picture loaded onto the computer. Stay tuned.
  5. I saw a 4th gen on utube yesterday that the guy was selling and it had a carbon fiber front fender on it. I'm pretty sure the fenders are the same for the 3rd and 4th gens. He couldn't remember where he got it and I haven't been able to find one searching. Does anyone here have a line on one?
  6. This sounds real good to me. Been there many times on the Seca and ZRX, but it has been way too many years and I need to get in the habit of going back down there as it's really hard to beat.
  7. From my way of thinking if a cyl. is missing then the fuel isn't being burned and there should be a rich mixture. That would be if a spark induced miss. An injector issue would cause a miss and be lean if it wasn't injecting the proper amount of fuel.
  8. What is your battery voltage with the bike idling and revving? You might have a charging issue, especially if you still have the stock R/R.
  9. Nothing is visible except the head so had no clue as to what was below. Looked like a bb pressed into a hole.
  10. So it's for frame tag or id plate. That was my initial thought. Grum. Yes these are even smaller than what we call bb's. Not sure what you guys call them. A very small ball bearing would also suffice. Looks like they are pressed into the hole, but stand proud.
  11. I'm wondering if anyone knows the purpose of the 3 bb's in the upper rt. frame rail in the vicinity of the steering head. Kind of reminds me of a frame tag missing or something. Only thing I can come up with is something to minimize a harmonic. Not a big deal, just curious.
  12. Time for a battery. 1st start was ok, but it took a charge off the battery that wasn't replaced by running. 2nd time there was a weaker battery and the 3rd was the worst as each time you took from the battery without replacing the charge but running for awhile. A good battery wouldn't be affected by that, and Yes, heat is bad for a battery.
  13. Hi jefferson, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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