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  1. I would say it sounds like the setup on my ZRX which I finally replaced as it was unreliable. I took the contact assy. out of the new switch and used it in the old housing with my old key cylinder so I didn't have to worry about 2 keys. Cleaning seemed to be just temporary and one wire kept breaking at the solder joint no matter what I did. I don't remember there being 2 housings, but it was possible to replace bad parts with good. Not sure about how honda does it, but if it looks like 2 separate housings that sounds doable. Look at a parts diagram and see what you can learn.
  2. I'm of the notion the server is having issues since posting can't go through. Plenty of time to fix it though.
  3. The forum was pretty active and then everything stopped on the 18th. Tried posting, but was unable to. I know people frequent both places and was wondering if anyone had any info.
  4. You need to start by getting the main jets right and I would say you need to go up on them. Optimal jetting goes mains needles and then pilots. Those needles shouldn't have much to do at such low throttle opening. Were the pilot jets changed?
  5. That's something I have been doing to all my vehicles, bikes and cars. None of the bikes are fuel injected, but still found voltage on the grounds. A friend had a 98 or 99 VFR that when riding behind him always smelled rich. Mentioned to him, but he didn't seem too concerned. Now I'm thinking this may have been responsible.
  6. I'm not changing anything except what the handle is made of and it will still sit in the recess that it sits in now.
  7. Got the wheel back from being welded and got everything smoothed out and looking good for powder coating. The aluminum spacers he made are .32 of a lb. lighter. Not going to figure the weight in as I will weigh the front wheel as an assembly. Need to source some hybrid ceramic bearings and get some new seals too. I guess my reply to you didn't go through RC. I already have a ti axle and nut on the bike. I like those speedwell batteries, but don't want to change all the connections. The Shorai will drop right in and hook up. For the lug wrench I'm thinking of replacing the handle with cromoly tubing since it will still slip into it's recess with that mod.
  8. I used some reflective stick on insulation on both of the heat shields and parts of the frame. It made a difference, but could stand some more. What is really noticeable now is the heat I get through the seat area. Is that dual skin stuff a brand name? Couldn't find anything on it.
  9. I found the answer to my question today. Thurn has one. Just wondering how much frt will be from Germany.
  10. I may do one just what for. I like the looks of them and might be of some benefit that way on the heat. Thurn has a carbon fiber one which should be lighter so it won't bother me as much for adding weight.
  11. Changed that to right leg, duh. Don't know what I was thinking. I know the benefit is good for the shock. My thought was if it was throwing rain and crud that direction then air has to be doing the same thing when you want the hot air flowing out the back. Sounds like there isn't much benefit that way if at all. Of course you guys aren't known for really hot temps are you?
  12. Got a .22 weight savings with a few more aluminum and ti bolts. I know of at least 11 more to address and then there are the bolts already in my possession that aren't on the bike due to not having it torn down enough to get to them. My total so far is 23.28 lbs lost I have the front end off the 96 and the rest of the bike sold. The front wheel is apart for aluminum spacers, hybrid ceramic bearings and new seals and the wheel had a couple of spots that needed weld built up and then smoothed out before powder coating. The weight of the wheel with rotors and all spacers was 17.03 lbs. I'll weight it again when it's time to go on and I also want to compare it to the stock 93 wheel. The lower triple is 3.22 lbs and when I get things torn apart will see how much lighter it is than the 93 triple. Battery weighs 9.72 lbs. Shorai shows a 14 amp hour battery that weighs 2.8 lbs, but the 18 amp hour battery weighs 2.3 lbs. Can't get anyone at Shorai to return my call to confirm those weights. I weighed the lug wrench as I have some plans for it and it's part of the weight of the bike unless you do away with it. It weighed .65 lbs. I also have seen ti tools to replace those in the tool kit, but just not there on those yet. I did do a couple of hundred mile ride the other day and was very pleased to log 52.8 mpg with speeds ranging from 65 to 75. Maybe it will get better the more weight I take off as it is the enemy of performance
  13. I want to find out what you guys think or have evidence of as far as huggers and allowing the air to flow smoothly out the back of the bike rather than the back tire packing air into that part of the bike and impeding the flow of hot air out the back. Would like to hear from guys that have put huggers on and noticed any difference in the heat they experienced on their right leg if any. I know a hugger would be a good thing for crud and water thrown onto the shock and linkage and I like the look. Just wondering if there are other benefits no one really talks about.
  14. Been mulling over full floating brake rotor bobbins for the 4th gen rotors, but don't want to destroy one in order to get measurements and then find out there are none in the right size to replace it. Wondering if anyone has a bad rotor that they could remove the stock bobbin and give me some measurements on the bobbin. Most important measurement would be the diameter where it goes through the carrier and disc.
  15. Starter clutch can be affected by temperature changes as it changes tolerances and the heat changes the viscosity of the oil that the clutch is bathed in.
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