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  1. What is the voltage on the M terminal when you press the start button? Could be not making it through the relay. I would think a cable that was passing no voltage would be pretty obviously damaged or corroded.
  2. It's good there is none on the ground, but what will kill the bike is the coolant in the oil. You have to make sure it is not getting in there.
  3. Changing oil is recommended before storage. There are acids the build up from moisture and such in the oil that can damage things if sitting with dirty oil. If a good synthetic and you only take long trips that burn off the moisture then you might not be affected by this. Plenty of short trips will make this situation worse.
  4. What happens when you jump from the battery positive to the starter terminal?
  5. I don't understand the positive wire was just cleaned it. You need to run a cable from the battery positive to the positive lug on the starter where the cable connects. That way it tells you if it is the starter or something in between the battery and the starter.
  6. If everything else is the same it would be a voltage difference.
  7. The only places I can think of coolant getting in the oil would be, Head gaskets-unlikely, and water pump-probable. There was someone that was rebuilding the pumps that I think just sold the business. I'm sure someone will chime in with the info on that.
  8. That #2 plug looks alot better than those others. The others look really rich, but then running so badly could have caused that. Question then would be why #2 looks good.
  9. Does the bike run pretty good with the choke on and then once the choke is off it doesn't rev up? If so then there is something most likely wrong with the carbs. Your initial post says when it warms up it won't rev.
  10. Pull the plugs and see it it turns over then. Might be hydro locked.
  11. I'm like you. I'm thinking the slides/diaghrams.
  12. Second above post. Hard to tell what you were doing with the throttle as that was out of shot. Was the stuttering because you were working the throttle back and forth?
  13. Just because the starter is new doesn't mean it's good. New might also mean rebuilt. Easy way to eliminate it as the problem.
  14. If the battery load tested ok then you need to look else where. Try jumping straight to the starter and see if it spins. Sounds like the starter may be the issue.
  15. Get the batteries full charged and get them load tested. Sounds like you have a large draw on the battery when you turn the key on. You need to find out what is pulling so much juice. Are you getting a large spark when you connect the cables up to the battery? Voltage on a fully charged battery should be 12.6 or better with nothing hooked up. That battery you got in November has been sitting for at least 3 months and would have been discharging all that time which explains the 11.4 voltage. Thats for all intents and purposes dead.
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