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  1. That is most definitely not the stock front fender. Not sure what it came off of, but it does look like everything else is right.
  2. Just as an FYI. David Silver spares was able to supply and oem fuel line for my bike. Don't know where he gets his stuff or if he has a stash, but I was glad to get a new part. I will keep my patched together part for a spare.
  3. Thanks for the reply and the info I was looking for. Guess I will just have to stick with the 4th gen rotors then. Man those things are busy with all those buttons, but still better than the solid mounted 3rd gens. I'll take a 2 fer anyday, lighter and better looking.
  4. I am not finding any info on what difference in front wheel weight there is if any between the 3rd and 4th gen front wheels. Has anyone seen any figures? I am thinking about putting the 4th gen wheel on my 3rd gen mainly for the look with the floating disc's. They sure went overboard with the buttons on those though. That gave me another idea about 5th gen rotors on the 4th gen wheel. They have to be lighter due to the reduction in the number of buttons. I have no idea about bolting up to the wheel and if the offset would be correct. Love to have some bikes to investigate possibilities.
  5. After more investigation I have determined that it can't be done. I think the few post's I saw were erronious and I have removed panels to check things out and come to the conclusion I will live with it the way it is and maybe modify the centerstand mount to take some weight out to it.
  6. Has anyone put the longer stacks from the 90 and 91 model onto a 92 or 93. I'm interested in doing this to see what if anything changes. I think the difference in length is 18mm. I'm not really interested in the extra up top, I would like it lower where I can use it all the time. I kind of doubt it will be noticeable, but it may have an effect on mileage too. Longer stacks on another bike did that. Anyone got some for me to buy and try?
  7. I saw you had posted these on another thread. My computer wouldn't open their website as I wanted to see how tight the 180 was. that 3/4 inch would work just right. I found some molded fuel line with 4 different bends on amazon that looks like it is going to work fine. Going to put a Motion Pro quick connect in the line which should make it a lot easier go disconnect.
  8. I read that about cutting the tubes on the rear and I would not like to do it, but I don't ever foresee these going back on. I guess you could always use some rubber hose to patch them back together in that case.
  9. In trying to get the tank off the fuel line would not come off and now it is not useable. I of course got the bad news from the dealer about availability. Been searching for something to use to replace the tight 180 degree bend. Wondering what others have used and does anyone have a line on a nos fuel line sitting somewhere. I have a molded fuel line coming with various degrees of bends in it with one being 180, but I don't know how tight it will be and if it will fit. I'm hoping.
  10. It can be done. I don't know for sure, but the stock sleeves are probably integral with the block. They would need to be bored out and new sleeves pressed in. How bad are yours? Maybe a big bore kit would clean them up.
  11. I would be most concerned about flushing the brake fluid in the brakes and clutch if that hasn't been done regularly. If you do the brake lines that would take care of that, for the brakes anyway.
  12. The system won't affect how the bike runs, it just cleans up emissions. I haven't looked at it real close, but I am assuming that there are vacuum hoses like the Kawasaki system and if one got pulled off or something it would cause a vacuum leak and lousy running. Chances of that would be very slim I suspect.
  13. My goal is to reduce clutter and weight. I did a google search and found some. My wording wasn't right or something when I searched on eBay even though the ones I bought were there.
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