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  1. Confirmed what I was thinking. I shot them an inquiry anyway.
  2. Thanks for that. I will be checking that out. The subframes are different I think between the 2 versions, but worth a look.
  3. A mod we did on the stators on our Yamaha Visions involved drilling a small hole in the center of the bolt that held the flywheel on. There was pressurized oil behind it and this allowed a spray of oil onto the stator. They did the same thing on the Ventures.
  4. I bought some for my 3rd gen from a seller on eBay and they worked great. You might try a search there.
  5. Race Tech has springs and that's what I have sitting here. Got them slightly lighter than the recommendation and I have read that Captain 80's does that also.
  6. Well it's been quite awhile since I have really done anything on the bike. I did find a left turn signal that was in good shape and reasonable. Same goes for the left hand passenger peg assy. Been looking for both for quite a while. Got the lens all smoothed out and polished and then started in on the passenger peg. Cut, drilled and ground out as much as I felt comfortable with and got it bolted on to the bike. I can't remember what I posted about the ti cam cover bolts, but they are on now and there was a .22 lb. weight savings. The left rear footpeg bracket shaved off .37 of a lb. I did drill out that fork bolt too.
  7. Couple of places advertise in the VJMC magazine that may have what you need. www.jbmindustries.com and www.Moto-Vintage.net. They are least as far as I know here in the states.
  8. I'm not going to say I'm more experienced, but what you say is entirely plausible. Be really easy to stick the cover on real quick and see if that makes any difference.
  9. Pull the starter and take it apart. It may have oil in it and need to be cleaned and the brushes and commutator shined up. It may need a new seal in the snout of the starter to keep oil out.
  10. Checking those connections should have been one of the first things you did. Take them apart and clean them well until everything is shiny and put them back together tight.
  11. What is the voltage on the M terminal when you press the start button? Could be not making it through the relay. I would think a cable that was passing no voltage would be pretty obviously damaged or corroded.
  12. It's good there is none on the ground, but what will kill the bike is the coolant in the oil. You have to make sure it is not getting in there.
  13. Changing oil is recommended before storage. There are acids the build up from moisture and such in the oil that can damage things if sitting with dirty oil. If a good synthetic and you only take long trips that burn off the moisture then you might not be affected by this. Plenty of short trips will make this situation worse.
  14. What happens when you jump from the battery positive to the starter terminal?
  15. I don't understand the positive wire was just cleaned it. You need to run a cable from the battery positive to the positive lug on the starter where the cable connects. That way it tells you if it is the starter or something in between the battery and the starter.
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