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  1. So do your units use the regular H4 bulbs or these 65 degree H4's we have here in the US?
  2. As long as they drive on the right side of the road it should be good. I bought a set of EDM glass headlights for my Subaru that had the H4 bulb, and one headlight put out more light than both stock plastic lights with whatever bulb came stock. Not a fan of plastic lenses.
  3. I got to thinking about a way around our funky 65 degree bulbs and was wondering if the euro market bikes used the regular H4 bulbs in their bikes and if so couldn't the problem be solved by getting a headlamp assy. from Germany as they drive on the right side of the road and the beam would be correct. I picked up a couple of regular H4 bulbs from a friend to mess with before I put the fairing back on and saw it wasn't anything I wanted to mess with. The center tab was even narrower which would make the location of the filament even more random. hopefully some of our oversea's friends will chi
  4. If that's true then they need to update their photo's. Everyone I see for sale on eBay has the t in it.
  5. The pieces I'm working with are way to small for any kind of staple. Just corners where fasteners go through. I've got some epoxy for plastic, but I don't think it's the 3m stuff. It's worked on other plastic repairs so I'm hopeful it works well here, if I can just figure out how to get all the pieces back where they are supposed to go.
  6. The ti finally got here after being tied up in customs for 10 days in Chicago. 6 bolts netted .28 lb saved. These repairs on the fairings are going to be more tedious than I thought. The pieces that I need to epoxy into place pretty much fall apart so now it's going to be a real jigsaw puzzle trying to fit it all back together. These fairings have to be the worst thing about this bike.
  7. I think the muffler and lightweight battery will add up pretty good when I get those done. I forgot to mention I found a set of the longer velocity stacks and got those in, but that added some weight and I didn't do a before and after. All that's left right now is mounting the back tire and then repairing some places in the plastic and putting it on, Oh and installing the ti when it gets here.
  8. Got quite a bit accomplished the last couple of days. Filled the crankcase with Amsoil along with one of their filters. I also got some of that Thermo tec heat barrier that sticks on and applied it to the heat shields as well as the frame I could get to. The bolts on the front shield were really a bear to get the bolts in and out. If the exhaust wasn't there it would have been a breeze. My hands are going to be sore for a week. Still waiting on the ti bolts from the UK, but I did get 16 aluminum bolts in and on the bike. Replaced some 10, 8, and 6mm bolts with a total savings of .28 of a
  9. I think it was the Black widow that after I saw one of the pictures where one cylinders pipe T'd into another one I decided that wouldn't be a good one to get. Not sure if it was a Black widow or not, but look at all the pictures carefully.
  10. Honda left some things out of the service manual come to find out. I was trying to remove the middle fairing and referred to the service manual. Had all the hardware removed that I could see, but it would not come out from the upper fairing. Ended up removing the upper fairing and found 2 hidden fasteners that the manual didn't show nor mention that you would need to remove the upper fairing to get to them or remove the turn signals, but it would still of been a major pain to get them released. Now I'm ordering some bolts to replace those I can get to now so I don't have to do this again, fing
  11. It's getting close to riding weather so I'm going to try and not take anything more apart and get things put back together. An EK ZVX3 is on the new sprockets and I got one of the screw master links for it. If you haven't seen these you ought to check them out although they aren't as easy to find as they were at one point. There are no special tools required. You use a 10mm wrench to screw the side plate on and you can't get it too tight. I have the same chain and master link on the ZRX and am pleased with the chain on both applications. The screw master does not come with the chain as it is o
  12. Title about says it all. Guy is in the Northeast. Didn't see frt. mentioned.
  13. Well Spiegler didn't have those the last time I bought some. Now I don't have to worry about ordering from 2 different places.
  14. Spiegler is what I have on the other bikes. This one kind of intrigues me, but I can't find it in a search. Who is it that makes this one?
  15. WD-40 is my go to for chain goo. I generally used simple green also for cleaning. I never let it sit on a part as it was spray, scrub, and rinse. I didn't know about how bad it could be either.
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