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  1. Man I would really like to see a 3rd Gen exhaust with a left side muffler I would also like to know if anyone has fitted the 4th Gen system yet, would be very interested in knowing what was thought of the fit and finish and the ease of the install etc
  2. I have a 1990 VFR750 that I have returned to the road after many years of sitting around ( 15,000km ) ( 9000 miles ) To give you an idea as to the current condition of the bike the following may help Carbs totally torn down, cleaned and redone with new gaskets and fuel lines Thin washers under the needle jets to raise them a hair to help with the filter and exhaust Carbs balanced I have a K&N Air Filter as well as a full Yosh. Exhaust system New plugs New Honda thermostat and hoses Upgraded Voltage Regulator The problem I am having is that the bike is just not running right The following is an overview In warm weather it will start from cold without choke Once warmed up it will idle just fine but if you hold it at say 3000rpm she sounds like she is fluttering When you take it for a run you want to keep the revs at around 5000rpm due to her feeling like she is not stumbling, if you creak the throttle past 5 grand she pulls like a freight train to red line During the ride, at stop lights you may have to feather the clutch when you take off or she may stumble I have noticed that based on the temp gauge it is hard to get the needle past the start ( bottom ) of the normal range during the ride Once I have it back home if I sit there and blurp the throttle the revs will sometimes hang around 3 grand and after say 5-10 seconds it will settle back down to a nice 1000-1200rpm idle During this Blurping you can see black exhaust blow out of the exhaust So Guys what do you think Too much pilot jet ( set at 2.5 turns out ) I screwed up installing the washer under the needle jet Something else I am not thinking of
  3. Man, there are times I wish I lived in the U.S. I think I could use some ones expertise like squirrelman#1 in carb building or buy another set, between the Canadian exchange rate of 35% and the high shipping costs to another county it is hard to purchase state side. I just got my 1990 VFR750 on the road after 2.5 years and just had the carbs cleaned and synced. I know it has been a long time since I rode a bike but the carbs have to be off. The other day I started it up cold with out any choke , it fired right up and it idled for as long as I wanted, but at times if I tried to bring her off idle it felt and sounded like she was stumbling, after the revs passed 2 grand she would rev to the heavens. Once she was really warmed up If I held her at say 5 grand than let go of the throttle ( or rotated it closed ) she would drop her revs until roughly 3 grand and then she would hang there for a few seconds before she settled down to a idle. In the past week I have driven it roughly 60 miles and the fuel consumption seems high. At this point I guess I will have to pull the carbs and see if there is something out of place or not hooked up right from the carb rebuild and if everything is ok there start going through the carbs. I should noted that the bike has a full Yosh exhaust with a K&N air filter, the jets in the carbs are marked as stock sizes, there is a thin washer under the main jet needle ( I guess to help with the installed pipe). I wonder if the main jets are truly stock, I have heard of guys drilling out the stock jets, if this is something I should check what is the best way?
  4. Well after nearly 2 1/2 years I finally put the final touches on my VFR750. I have waiting since 1990 to own one of these pups and today is the day she is ready for the road Being in Canada there were not that many sold and fewer survived in good shape. I purchased mine 2.5 years ago and being from a province that does not have a safety inspection program I went through the whole bike to check and upgrade any issues Forks rebuilt Front brakes redone with new pads, fluid etc New tapered steering head bearings Rear brakes redone with new pads, fluid etc Clutch flushed with new fluid New plugs Engine coolant replaced New thermostat with new rubber hoses Upgraded the regulator with a Roadstercycle FH020AA Regulator, bypassed the old regulator plugs and wired into stator as close as possible, ( now 14.4 volts at battery ) and the new regulator has no heat where as the old regulator you could hardly touch Rebuilt the fried starter relay wiring The carbs were completely stripped with new gaskets, o rings, fuel lines etc etc, Shimmed the carbs for a little richer mix The bike had an aftermarket seat cowl and I was lucky enough to find a as new one sitting on a shelf As you may have noticed the side stand cover is missing but I am in the process of repairing the screw mounts and she will be 100% 1990_VFR750.MOV
  5. Well it took a while but I finally found time to finish the install of the new FH020AA . I am impressed to say the least I wired in the stator wires as close as I could to the stator end and sealed off the old wiring. I then wired in the regulator and shortened the battery wires so they fit neatly Today I installed the rebuilt carbs and fired her up for the first time in months I was impressed, my volt meter showed 14.4 volts at idle I ran the bike for 10 minutes and the new FH020AA was as cool as if it was never started, if that had been the old regulator I doubt you could have touched it Now to sink the carbs and started putting the body panels back on
  6. If anyone is interested in the location of an after market voltage regulator on a 3rd gen I thought I would give you my idea's and end result After making a block of wood roughly the same size as the regulator I am installing ( FH020AA ) I found it would not fit 100% in the original location. In the end I made up a new mounting plate and moved it back behind the rear brake fluid reserve. It fits well here, does not hit the side panel and the seat does not get in the way, in addition I think it will get better air flow here as there is an air space on the back side of the plate. I am also hoping the 1/4" plate will act as a large heat sink and draw any heat away from the unit Once I get everything finished up I will update the fit/issues if anyone is interested
  7. I received the new FHO20AA today and while it is close to fitting in the original location it will not due to the original mounting stubs Before I resort to grinding off the stubs does anyone have a picture or two of their mounting point? It looks like the main issue is that the body side panel's shape hits the regulator
  8. I have a new FH020AA on the way and I was hoping someone out there has installed one of these on a 3Rd Gen and can tell me where the best mounting location is as well as any tips/ticks for the install If someone has a picture or two of the install that would be great Thanks
  9. Do you know the code of Honda motorcycle plastics and what car bumper plastics code is?
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