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  1. You guys are right on the money I went out to the garage tonight and sure enough you were right the manual I was using had the wire colors wrong The part I can not get over is that my manual is the Honda factory service manual and the other one that said the same thing was clymer I always thought the factory manuals were the best but I guess not In any case the pulse generator checked out as ok so now I have to refocus on the coils/wires Thanks guys
  2. Hi Guys, I have a 1990 VFR750 that just does not seem to run right so I started checking the ignition system. based on my very limited knowledge of electrical the coils, wires and plug caps are within factory specs. When I went to the pulse generator that is when the fun starts. In the manual it says the ( PG ) Pulse Generator should be warm ( around 70 f ). On the 1990 the test is to check the ohms between the white/yellow and yellow wires as well as the yellow and white/blue wires. When I did this I got 298 ohms between the white/yellow and yellow wires an
  3. What a great job on a real problem these side stand covers always break off I wonder if a person could hide the carriage bolt heads by dipping the heads in the liquid rubber you can buy, it comes in a lot of colors as well, may help with wind vibration as well
  4. Do you know the code of Honda motorcycle plastics and what car bumper plastics code is?
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