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  1. I also have an AbbaStand, I really like mine. I purchased the front lift arms and the motoglide options so that I can move my ZX-7R around the garage with its both wheels off the ground.
  2. Hi Leon, I hope to visit Netherlands again. The KTM is a riot, no SC is needed indeed 😀
  3. This is going to be an update of my garage. I sold the VFR1200F, and to a good home I'm happy to say. In its place is a 2017 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S now. Supremely powerful, very comfortable, very high tech, I love it. The Kawasaki KLR 600 is now done, with a few period correct tweaks and a couple of current ones (suspension on both ends). It's now in the exact color as the old one. It's such an enjoyable bike, I love it to bits. The CY had incorrect tires so I replaced them with the correct versions. This is such a fun bike; it does around 50 km/h at most but gets there reasonably well. It gets a lot of looks :-). And the last one I got a couple of days ago. I really didn't need this one, I shouldn't have. I looked for a clean enough sample (good chassis and sound engine block) in Turkey for a long time but there are none left. So I bit the bullet, and paid way more than I should've or what it'd be worth in the US or Europe. It's the same color as my first sports-bike that I sold in 2000; a 1997 Kawasaki ZX-7R. It's very clean, relatively low mileage (61.000 kms / 38.000 miles). It has some nice bits like a Yoshimura RS3 slip-on (though I'll put the original back on; not a fan of loud exhausts on I4s) and an ignition advancer. I'll be doing some relatively minor modifications over the winter. I also need to get used to the riding position again, it's just horrible after 20 years 😄 . I thought I should update my status and may be bump this old thread, hope you like it guys 🙂 ...
  4. arrow

    6th-gen Supercharger Kit

    I sent the email, but I just remembered something. My bike had the Rapidbike module, not the Powercommander. So the file I sent you might not be the standart file sent by Dan (creator of Torocharger) but the Rapidbike format. Please make sure you check everything before attempting to install this on your bike.
  5. arrow

    6th-gen Supercharger Kit

    A&A-VFR-SC.1.mppHi Igor, I have this file for the A&A SC kit. I remember actually getting a map in Turkey as well, but I can't be sure if this is that map. The one done in Turkey, was probably a little bit richer due to different gas. I'd imagine it could at least work temporarily, until you get it to a dyno shop which I'd recommend. I sold my SC kit to very kind gentleman in Australia, he was also a member here. I don't think he installed it though. Good luck with your build. Arrow A&A-VFR-SC.1.mpp
  6. Leon you made me (and a few of my friends) laugh out loud ?! Ask and ye shall receive Not the same block as my CY but hey, it could be adapted right ?
  7. My name's Murat and I have MBD . Here's my stable, nothing significant or interesting here but I love them all. First is my 2010 1200F. I've grown quite attached to it over the years. Pictured during a trackday at Istanbul Park here. The Kawasaki KLR 600 is a 1993 model, which is the same as my old KLR, only mine was white with green graphics. I sold it in '96 and regretted it ever since. I bought a clean example last May; well as clean as can be expected for a bike this age in Turkey. It was purely a nostalgic purchase but I was quickly reminded why I loved it. Light (for a streebike), nice handling, so comfortable over Istanbul's potholed, bumpy inner city streets. It also allows me to do light off-roading. I am going to get this one painted in the color of my original bike, rebuild the motor and upgrade the suspension. The red scooter is my first bike, an '88 Vespa PX200. I had it repainted a year ago, after I got rear-ended by a car. It is modified quite extensively. Ported, piped, cut crank, 30mm. carb, 210 cc Malossi big-bore kit, adjustable bitubo shocks, front & rear, tubeless wheels, modified front brake etc. This puppy surprises much bigger bikes and cars on tight roads. I'm taking my daughter on a very slow ride around the block here on her school's final day last summer, it's become a tradition of sorts. The tiny Honda CY50 is a 1984 model, it was given to me by my uncle. It was in his summer house and was ridden by the caretakers who managed to totally wreck it over the years. The engine was totally gone, the only remaining parts are the crankcase, cylinder head and valve cover. The engine is now 80cc, with a high (!) performance cam, a bigger carb and a high performance filter. The other scooter is my dad's 1993 Yamaha XC125 Beluga who bought it but hardly rode it. I recently had it refreshed, powdercoated the frame, installed bitubo rear shocks, and a new front-end (someone -not my dad- bent it) etc. It's such a sweet, smooth performing scooter, so well suited to Istanbul's crowded streets.
  8. Is there a place for a small intercooler in there somewhere? Would it help if you could install one?
  9. IIRC, you have a Torocharger on your bike. Is it still on the bike? I'd love to hear your experiences...
  10. I was sent an SMS by Honda Turkey about a month ago about the driveshaft issue. I immediately called my dealer who told me that the parts weren't yet in the country and that I should check with him later. I called him again two days ago and he told me to bring the bike over; as he's very close to my house I took the bike there right away. Two hours later I got a call from him saying that my shaftdrive was going to be replaced and that the parts would take a day to arrive. I'm now waiting for him to call me as the part was supposed to arrive today and the replacement shall be done right away. I'll keep you guys posted... Edit: I rode my bike around in the traffic and went on a ride yesterday. There's much less clatter from the rear end when ridden in high gear, low rpm situations.
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    My new VFR1200
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    The Blue Meanie

    Beautiful, just beautiful!
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