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  1. Sportbikes...... 66 years apart Did @SEBSPEED move into modding Ducs?? 😉
  2. Dutchy

    Tankbag magnets

    No, never replaced the ones in my HELD tankbag of 20+ years. In fact I removed the front ones (from the flaps) because of "thumb clearance"....
  3. Main culprit is the piston rings, causing too much pressure inside the carter.... to be continued!
  4. Welcom to VFRD from across the pond! Be advised that there is always room to squeeze in one more... (and then some...)
  5. Registration complete - CHECK Period correct plate made - CHECK Liability insurance (€36/yr) - CHECK 1st shake down run - CHECK Carter vent - FAIL All in a day's work I guess
  6. While I now have to wait for my tag, was busy today safety wiring a few nuts and bolts as "vibrator" may be her 2nd name..... 150cc 50's engine, as expected I guess... Note that this is NOT up to USAF/NASA spec, but one deals with the holes presented.... Had the engine running for a wee while, rode up and down the close; then the engine started to run like shyte. Misfiring, poor throttle response.... But, better now than late at night on the Bridge between Denmark and Sweden I guess.... @keny Can you guess from this picture what caused it? The points are directly wired to the battery and it worked fine so far.. all will be revealed here..........
  7. Needs a lengthened sidestand though......
  8. Sportbikes................... 50 years apart.....
  9. Waiting for the inspection Pass!!!!! The Italian registratiom is changed for a Dutch one. Had to do the (import)tax registration as well, even though it will be zero.. rules are rules eh? Next week they'll send me the card and number; I can then have a steel plate stamped.
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