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  1. Spain North-South

  2. Piece of mind AND weight saving!!! With 40k miles on the clock and 2 yellow wires discolored (plugs still pristine) I decided to move to a mosfet (redslut's oem died around that mileage, the mosfet I could sell on....) Added bonus.... weight saving! :-) Old New!
  3. A couple of years ago a bunch of Belgian bike journos built this special. The one thing they truly hated was the ride height/position on any longer ride...
  4. Years ago I foolishly filled up redslut with E85, thinking it was 85 octane... She bucked like a rodeo animal.... :-( Gave her premium ethanol free next to beg her forgiveness :-)
  5. New dancing shoes, gonna have a ball on Monday Wheelieeeee!!!!!
  6. Getting there!! Indeed, the muffler could be a but shorter, but hey, that's what special build are for eh? Will be interesting to see what you can come up with on covering the "hole" under the tank/seat. Alternatively powdercoat the cilinder head cover in a POP OUT color so that a gap "makes sense".... Keep up the good work!
  7. After 1 year, 5k miles: Much better color :-)
  8. It just needs a little love.

  9. Cheers! Just ordered a set (in black).
  10. NYC to ATL road trip

    As for cruise controls, I used both the Go-cruise http://www.2wheelride.com/ and the Crampbuster https://www.scottoiler.com/product/scottoiler-crampbuster-cruise-control/ during my 5,500km tour around the Baltic Sea I sold the go-cruise afterwards.... Sure, the go-cruise will allow you to "hold" the throttle so so can scratch your balls while riding, but with no 30+ minute straight superslab, I felt much more comfortable/relaxed using the crampbuster. You will stop for gas/burger/secnic picture anyway... Even on day to day riding I find the Crampbuster a really nice piece of kit.
  11. Steel Magnolias -a V4 productiontm
  12. Spring has arrived.....

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