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  1. "VFR750, the bike nobody wants" start at 8:30 But at the end, they grow to like it...
  2. " I'll need to recruit a dog sitter. She is quite the handful " If the dogsitter is indeed a handful (but good looking) do post a picture. Am sure someone will volunteer to keep her occupied...
  3. Hello and welcome to VFRD from across the pond! Do post a picture of your bike; to "prove" u exist! 😎
  4. And then this happened.... https://youtu.be/yAI5-Golbmg
  5. Yeah, Fly into Charlotte NC, ride to Little Switserland, onto to Franklin, Georgia, Alabama, visit Skuuter in TN, do the Tail of the Dragon a couple of times, get to Franklin, meet the TMAC contingent, do TMAC, ride to Charlotte, fly home............ Gradus For President!!!
  6. Cheers Captain! I've passed on the link!
  7. "Into the great wide open"
  8. Well......................... Winter isn't biting and in fact the weather is pretty darn good. With the VF registered as oldtimer for tax purposes, this means no riding in Dec-Feb. So out comes the SP2! Spotted a real oldtimer
  9. Disappointed that you cannot change physics? If you want a full length muffler, higher up AND be able to fit pannier, one has to get creative.... Get saw and welder Since your new bags "hook" into the rear subframe, you probalbly need to find a way to move the holes "out". If there is a will there will be a way....
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