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  1. Past weekend I was in the Eiffel/Mosel region, riding with a group of former colleagues. They rode home on the Sunday, I set out towards Luxemburg. Set my TomTom to find "windy roads, I regularly was let on roads with this sign "only for local farmers" They are usually well paved and indeed, windy. On one such road, I 1st encountered a collapsed bridge, with a make shift for pedestrians. Being on puma, no problemo. The concrete gave way to a sturdy forest track, it was dry so onwards and forward!! Tomtom telling me I was on an "unnamed road", about 1,000 meters away from a right turn.... Well........... there was an incline that progressive became an INCLINE!!! I was committed, but as it went to 20+ degrees I was getting a bit worried..... The centre of the trail was still stone chipped , the ruts L/R however were not . Slid into one, stalled and slid backwards..... This is no good. But with no way to turn, full stream ahead Mustafa!!! Here some depiction of the track... GPS location is where I took the picture, bottom left the riverbed (collapsed bridge, end of paved road)) Elevation map; top right is valley floor Who needs a GS if you have a VF eh?
  2. Park your bike next to a car and hook up the leads to the car's battery. What happens when you turn the ignition key?
  3. There is a story to this picture.... Will tell it in the morning 😎
  4. Went to work on the spare, leaking VF400 tank. Well...... Removing bubbly paint The PO had gone to work on it, putting some attempt at inside coating.... We cleaned time and time, sanded with emery paper, clean again. Put some flux on, but the solder kept bubbling a hole. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ended up mixing 2 component metal and applying on top. Leave to harden for 4 days as I will be riding through the Eiffel/Moezel area till Monday.
  5. The VF500's rear is the same width as the RC51's front.... I like 'm skinny....
  6. Not paying attention are we? Puma got rid of the 400 upstart, confiscated her clothes. Trying them on for size, prior to a complete respray (Hawaiian Blue Metallic?). The rear/top box rack doesnot require drilling any panels.
  7. A correct speedo is vital on a road trip like yours........ In 2012 on my TMAC trip (on Gradus' Vtec) I spend a few days prior to explore some of the south and visit Skuuter. Riding with gutted exhausts I was carefull in towns and long and behold I spotted a police cruiser's nose behind a billboard. Blues Brothers anyone? Sure enough he started tailing me and I made SURE I was stickng to the posted speed limit which varied as I rode along. He did follow me till the county line. I could just imaging the questions (assuming I could understand him) So you are a foreigner? So you are not the owner of this ve hik el? So you donot have do cu men ted proof you are allowed to use it? So why were you exceeding the posted linit? Better be safe than.....
  8. The chain................ alsways good to keep in mind...
  9. As for the location of the clicker, any place will be fine, even under the saddle. You tend to set it once and forget. But it it of course also a show piece! For a while I had it here Ended up here:
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