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  1. Near where I live, 2 roundabouts are doubling up as a landing place for UFO's.... "Control Tower", glide path and touchdown area....
  2. The Gilera's are not mine. A friend is looking to sell them. Him not being computer/social media savvy, I will start posting across the web and filter out the tire kickers... 🙂 Located in the Netherlands, both are registered for road use. ****UPDATE*** The 150 Sport is sold! To me The 1962 Giubileo 150cc café racer is still for sale!
  3. VID-20210307-WA0022.mp4 VID-20210307-WA0011.mp4
  4. The guy running this graveyard is a dreamer as well €1k for this 4th gen...
  5. "Tucking in 2-3 feet behind a car" Aka "Russian Roundabout Roullette"
  6. Visited a hoarder pur sang today...... WARNING LOTS OF PICTURES THAT WILL HURT.... Mismatched POS
  7. Indicators must flash orange over here. Yes, you may fit white lenses/housings, as long as the bulb itself is orange...
  8. https://www.molendatabase.nl/nederland/molen.php?nummer=547
  9. Dutchy

    Winding Down

    I'd do her.... 🙂
  10. That RC24 was California Dreamin'....
  11. From this side of the pond i'd say you have already passed the point of no return..... Selling -as a whole or in parts- will never yield more than you already poured in. Let alone the hours... 2 grand for a 4th Gen that is cosmetically challenged? No way José... The part you spent the most on is the LEAST valuable..... In the unlikely event a current owner will need a spare engine, 250 is about the going rate.. After totalling my 4th gen in 2016, the "high" value items were: -8 spoker rear wheel with single nut cover -front rim
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