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  1. Hello Charles, 86 is the better year. I'd 1st lift the rocker covers and inspect cam lobes and followers. If all looks good, spend money! Battery = YUASA Airfilter, any one that fits.... https://www.mpartz.nl/luchtfilter-honda-vf500-1984-1987-hiflo-hfa1504-p-6576m5531y I have used BT45's, later BT46's for some 65000kms. Sold hetr with ~105,000km
  2. After 3+ months outside (frost, snow..), took the tarp off, took her from the airtight bag, fitted the 6V battery, primed the carb, gave 2 kicks.... 20240217_134023.mp4
  3. Carnaval ends tomorrow in the Netherlands, so I still wore "Oeteldonk" colors on my ride to work this morning 🙂
  4. Yeah, replace them pads. Even with Chinese ones if the price is low... Chances are you will sell the bike within 6 months anyway
  5. Take the calipers off and clean the pins, especially #13 Bet ya it will look like this...
  6. I bought a VF500F2 for keny 11 years ago with 15? year old BT45's on it. Thread depth was good. So keny opted to ride some 1600kms in 23 hours to Stockholm to catch the ferry to Finland. Keny will be fine with 9 yr old tires no problemo.... 😁
  7. You are not ranting. Since covid, the number of -excuse my French- cunts on the road have risen significantly. Change lanes w/o checking, jumping in front on a roundabout. VW Polo's at high speed, only surpased by UA plated SUV's. Must be a cultural diversified way of thanking us for our hospitality I am not fully grasping. My bad... 😇 Latest trend? In town you ride careful in narrow streets with parked cars. Only some dipshyte on his derestricted e-Phatbicycle pushes past you..
  8. Ok, I have only been into VFRs for 30 years. But I have only ever seen Honda produce the 50yr red silver yellow anniversary. HONDA UK did a red one, this green one the 1st time I see it. Means Jack Schitt of course. I added different decals to my "Edwards" replica, making it a special special no?🙂
  9. How much saké did you partake in?? I got really, as in really drunk in Ropingi (sp?) some 30+ years ago.... KAMPAI!
  10. Picos rally 2022 Pals stop for one another I suppose it is not unusual for a 69yr old to suffer incontinence occasisionally Nah , fitting 6mm tubing on a 8mm spout is just dumb. But, I had spare tubing in my doctor's case... 😁 Back into the groove, railing!
  11. Warning! Not a single VFR in sight! 2023 Picos rally Day 1 Skippy upchucked. Day 2 - 7 Day 6 was "the big one" 530km Late arrival My pals on their rides
  12. SOLD Near perfect panel. While the panel and louvres are pristine, the black NACA insert it not. I just fitted it for the pictures, but it goes with the panel. Located in the Netherlands, I can ship worldwide at buyer's expense and risk. I will package/wrap diligently, but I have no control during intransit. Spot the tiny chipmark
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