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  1. Stripping the RC51 naked to inspect and clean prior to selling. What do you think is the best livery to sell her? OEM Or CASTROL HONDA?
  2. Cheers! But, after 5 years of ownership (following my serious 4th Gen crash in Lithuania on my VFR in 2016) I've bitten the mental bullet and will put her up for sale. Yes, the 139rwHP engine runs perfectly, the Ohlins/K-Tech suspension makes for a planted ride. But I've come to the conclusin that chasing laptimes for improvements is not for me. And to keep her for only a few times a year being a tourist on the track (nothing wrong with that).... And on public roads I do find myself succumbing to doing silly speeds on -seemingly- empty motorways. I know for a fact she'll do actual 285KMH....
  3. All my Hondas run on Motul 5100. Yes, even the Castrol Honda
  4. Ah! you are right of course. I ASSumed the 86's sold in the Netherlands were all F2.......
  5. Remind me to give st.stephen@vfrd.com as my contact email when asked I have an extra email address that is an abbreviation of the Dutch word for "garbage bin" I use for such purposes....
  6. So you're heading for the gymn when? Welcome to VFRD from across the pond!
  7. Woke Inclusion LGBTIQXVSW (did I miss one?) Sustainable Nonsense.....
  8. Dzien dobry from the Netherlands from a VF500F2 owner! The F2 engine is the better choice over the F (lines bored cam journals, bigger oil sump), but if you inspected and found the cams and followers to be good -and keep an eye on them- I guess you'd be ok for racing... The tell tale sign for a F2 engine are the head cover gasket; if the gasket is not simply straight but has half circles shapes whehe the cams are, you have an F2 engine. PS: I'll be riding the Assen track this Monday albeit on a Honda V-twin, the VTR1000-SP2. Weather forecast is abysmal 😞
  9. Bent, any ride is a good ride compared to a drive.... I'm beginning to consider letting my RC51 go. One more/last trackday this monday @Assen.. And one can always dream...
  10. Am I looking at plastic covers over the actual engine?
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