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  1. Dutchy

    What can you tell me about my VF500?

    They sometimes pop up here in the Netherlands. If you like I can ask if they speak English/want to deal with an Irishman.. I once drove 1 hour to look at one "in great shape" and the RHS picture seemed to confimr; only yo find it rotted a hole at the LHS bottom.
  2. Form follows function....... Even with the shorter rubber fitted, making them look less like sagging titties, With soft panniers, they'd still buckle/"be in the way" But thanks to @BluRoad's post, help was on the way with chinesium NC30/VFR400 indicators!
  3. Part 19: The set of Chinese knockoffs I got for my RC51 had no foam bits whatsoever. Comparing with my oem panel, I picked up a bit of dense packing foam and cut to size. The stuff used for instance if you buy an aftermarket lever :-) Wrapped with aluminium reflective tape and double sided sticky tape. For like 5 and 6 I used self expanding foam tape, the stuff builders use to fill minor clearances around window frames. you will get color difference, c'est la vie
  4. Dutchy

    New member in SW Ontario

    Welcome to VFRD from across the pond!
  5. Dutchy

    Raising fork legs in triple clamps of 2nd Gen

    10-12mm was about the max on a 4th gen. All you can do is ride a bit with high/low speed, braking hard, hands off the bars with your 7mm. set to 10 and -in a controlled fashion- repeat the ride... From what I recall, 2nd gens are no dumper trucks in the turning department to begin with...
  6. Dutchy

    Nameless July ride

    Glad to read you got off yer ass and rode yer 6th gen! Planning on doing bicycle rides as well?? Do they have saucijzenbroodjes in TN/NC??
  7. With such temperatures, displaying matchsticks is irresponsible methink...
  8. 27 celcius all day (make that 81F for you metrically challenged... ) so after a couple of ours I had to find some shade For me! not for her! Glad I fitted a munual fan switch so as I was approachng towns I could keep her cool er in advance... she got a tankful of 95, I settled for 3 eggs....
  9. Dutchy

    New ride

    The good news is that you got this behind you now. Because one day you will drop your bike. Most likely the brake pedal can be bent back.. Minor scratches will buff out and a litte rattlecan of black paint for the weight. I already thought I could hear a distant scream "MALAKKAS" earlier, now I know it was you The bad news is: I know your pain....
  10. Dutchy

    New ride

    Jamas!!! and welcome to VFRD!
  11. Goodie goodie!!!!
  12. T-Rex likes fat piggies...

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