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  1. correct! Pay attention that both pistons come out equally. One may have to "block" one (with 2 pads packed together) to allow the other one to "catch up"
  2. Welcome to VFDR from across the North Sea.. Kill switch? (main) fuse? One may look ok visiually.... measure for continuity. Pour yourself a measure of single malt and stop for the day. Pray to Saint Anthony. 🙂
  3. Cougar was getting loud at me.... Fresh hoops on the Kanguro Tyres were 1987 and 1992... no dry cracks but I am not chancing it 🙂 Fresh DOT, took the chocolat drink out.. Some rattlecan for the heatshields
  4. Would be helpful if you post "page 15-40 of the service manual," and "the method described at the top of page 15-39 of the service manual" Or do you expect folks to search for it to help you?
  5. Are the brushes on both starters in good nick?
  6. Trusted German manufacturer; had H&B on my Beemer mid 1980's
  7. Sand down and add some "gypsy chrome" on top
  8. Welcome to VFRD from across the pond
  9. A 6th Gen rack can be fabbed on a 4th Gen wit high mount too!
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