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  1. Dutchy


    Into the great wide open...
  2. No he does not. Peter believes a white patch on his ST1100's rear tire was bird shit. It was in fact cords showing on a bald tire..... I will keep an eye on things My niece is now motivated to get her full "A" licence.... Her A2 limits her to 35Kw... The VFR is double that.
  3. My brother got infected with the virus today.... No, not covid-19. MBD!!!! 🙂
  4. Welcome to VFRD!! Prior to dumping money in her, I'd investigate first if and how indeed (lots?) of fuel found its way in the oil....
  5. RC51................. But I might be a bit biased.....
  6. Welcome to VFRD from across the pond 12 years ago could mean no ethanol in the fuel and thus - fingers crossed- the carbs might just be ok.... Just refurbished a 750 that stood idle for 5 years (fuel w/o ethanol) and with fresh feule and filter she runs great. same with a 5th gen fi, no problemo. no keys....... One you can unkook the seat unsing a bendy coat hanger, you ccan remove the lock cilinder and read the key code of it.. gotta run now, will be back later
  7. Gilera By Night 😎 "Glowing Nail,..."
  8. Replace brake and clutch fluid. Trailer or not, ut is due. Check airbox for vermin nest....
  9. https://m.louis-moto.co.uk/artikel/brake-bleed-valve-with-hose/10002558 Works great. And unlike Speedbleeders (I own too) you donot need to "recoat" any thread after a coupke if times use. A powered unit will be quicker still
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