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  1. Dutchy

    Anybody ever refinished a GIVI case?

    Mine snapped both sides as well my hero...
  2. Dutchy

    Anybody ever refinished a GIVI case?

    You were my inspiration for my crash Terry
  3. Dutchy

    So I might have done a thing......

    Looking good! Now go find a track!!!
  4. Yous gonna hate me even more.... Participated in a raffle on a mc show a couple of months ago. Yesterday did a trackday at the Zandvoort circuit...
  5. Dutchy

    Anybody ever refinished a GIVI case?

    I was doing just fine, until that oncoming cager did a left turn in front of me.... The camera angle makes it look very very high. In real life is was ok. Whilst the cases did end up being good sliders, the frame snapped so that was game over for redslut That topbox did get a second life though... 😎
  6. Dutchy

    Hello from Nebraska

  7. Dutchy

    Honda vs police helicopter!

    Rides like a twat, he is an IWA I Want Attention Twat....
  8. cleaned the bugs of my VTR, but that doesnae count here eh?
  9. Dutchy

    16,000 mile service

    I only recall 1 (as in ONE) case since I've been following VFR's since 1997. Someone had bought a second hand (6th gen?) that blew up after prolonged high speed motorway blasting. He checked with the PO and learned (my memory is flaky) that in 80,000kms or so the oil was never changed (merely topped up) nor valves ever checked...
  10. Dutchy

    Picture Thread

    Hmmm..... nice touring setup, 'cept for that tankbag.... 🤢 Granted, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it does not look safe to me... (I have a couple of decades of experience with magnetic tankbags....) She deserves better your bike, she really does...
  11. Dutchy

    VF500F vacuum fuel valve

    That is NOT the rubber that governs On-Off-Reserve. The one shown is the vaccuum valve that shuts when the engine stops when carb #1 stops sucking.
  12. On this fiche https://www.bike-parts-honda.com/pieces-honda-detail-4833-13MBGW41-VFR800FIY-2000-E__0500-VFR+800.html the judder spring (#6) is not listed.... The concave side should face the engine
  13. Ahh... that inside looks more like the inside of my RC35-2/ (or as they call it here, 4th gen...) Not sure -but others do chime in- if you must lock the gears (or mark them with a pencil) to avoid anything going "off". If you have the shop manual read carefully and also check out the parts fiches if you are in any doubt as what sits where (or as you disassemble, a part is missing...) https://www.bike-parts-honda.com/moto-honda-identification-VFR800FIY-10465.html
  14. Dutchy

    Pro evo shift kit?

    MOTUL 5100 10-40 Like Eur 30 for 4 litres semi-dino
  15. Dutchy

    Hello..................and a sick VF1000

    short answer: no

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