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  1. Dutchy

    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    Welcome here! But as said, inspect the cams and valve clearances before spending any cash...
  2. that is poor engineering
  3. SP's have one gremlin....... If the sun is shining from behind while parked up, the screen's inside will act like a parabolic mirror and melt the cockpit... Mine came with that mark and I camouflaged it with a wee sticker. But, jolo and all that....
  4. Pretty sure we will find a backstop for that issue as well......
  5. With the rear cover beginning to "sweat" a bit, I dropped by my dealer. Long and behold, he actually HAD a gasket in stock for my 33 year old! They could no longer order it through Honda (NLA) so went to CMSNL for another one. When they are gone tgey are gone....
  6. Yeah, after 14,000km commuting that Metzeler Lasertec rear is as square as a square sausage!!! (miss that Scottish cuisine... ) The front still has 2.9mm thread depth left...
  7. Dutchy

    serious run off

    Red NACA's are the best!!
  8. Hi Dutchy, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. Cock is a Canuck so KM's it is for him too!
  10. 185kmh on the GPS before I was approaching traffic..... Very very smooth... and then the rains came down proper.....
  11. Fresh oil and filter for the VF Valve clearances check, 2 were a tad out this time. Previous 6k checks nothing so too not bad after 19,000km. And probably for the 1st time ever, sync'd the carbs. Just because we could. But man, the FR is a BIATCH to get to the screw. Or so TheDutchy exclaimed a few times I'd forgotten to bring my wee tool to hold the adjuster (while tightening the nut). No biggie as Ray would have his. Elsewhere yes.... So a new one was made
  12. I believe you....................
  13. Rest assured you will drop the bike yourself at some point.... So why spend money on her right away? Duct tape the lot (there might be blue tape on the market) for now. Geld uitgeven kan altijd nog.....
  14. Dutchy

    4th gen silencer

    This is the 1st time I've ever seen a 4th gen OEM can openend; usually they are discarded or stashed in an attic. so I'm afraid I can be of zero help. I can cross my fingers for you though.....
  15. Your UK defense budget dollar at work???

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