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  1. Dutchy

    Touring windscreen

    I tested 2 sizes of these additions on my 4th gen to no avail. And it does nothing to improve the looks either... OTOH, my brother is very happy with the one he fitted on his ST1100...
  2. Just run your dual headlights wiring via a relais as not to overload the on/off switch assembly. Wee yellow glass domes over the H4 bulbs for that endurance racing look
  3. Dutchy

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Eur 40 for 4 litre is comparable with CASTROL and the likes over here. The fact yous pays so much for it is probably the result of renaming french fries into freedom fries. Payback is a biatch eh?
  4. Dutchy

    Veefalo turned 60!

    "the most deserved Veefalo" Ever!
  5. +1 For 20+ years, the VFR/VF was all I needed... But then the chance came to scratch an itch....
  6. Dutchy

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    MOTUL for the win!! I use 5100 fwiw. Chatted with one of MOTUL's rocket scientists at Assen and this confirmed my choice... :-)
  7. Yeah, they lobes/clearances are checked every 6,000km and she gets fresh MOTUL 5100. I reckon that the VF500's never suffered from "chocolate cams"and mine being an '86, HONDA by that time made absolutely sure the parts were A+... This time round (3rd check, so after 18,000km) only one tappet required adjustment. Done 4,000km commuting on her now since August 1st and apart from the occasional small glug glug of adding a bit of engine oil to keep the level spot on, smooth sailing. After 10-15 minutes warm-up/riding towards the motorway, she's doing a steady 80MPH (and sometimes a "wee" bit more) for 80km's each way. So if she would NOT use ANY oil after 800km blasting I would worry as well. The Dutchy told me that on their 3 hour endurance VF500 they'd add 1 liter during a race.... I cut and glued an end an oem rubber grip on the end of the throttle tube. Time will tell if it holds...
  8. 4.4mm left after 40k miles
  9. Yeah, doing 12,000RPM on a 500cc V4 is insane, but HONDA makes it sane.... 🙂
  10. Apart from new chain and sprockets, oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, coolant and -why not after 32 years- a new radiator cap.. 🙂
  11. When polishing the stanchions donot rub lengthwise but sideways. U can inspect the bushes for wear and decide if you want/need to replace. New ones will not hinder reinstalling.
  12. I got an Aerostich "cars suck" T-shirt from my US gf at that time in 1990. It was only in 2017 that I *HAD* to throw it out. I finally conceded to wife that the # of holes in it had reached the point that it did warrant to be thrown out.... I still have and occasionally wear my "about to develop an attitude" shirt I bought in 1989....

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