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  1. Harvesting a generator that (hopefully) is not duff last nite And today took the VF to the office
  2. Sure, Pascal's law is fake news. How could I not see thus.
  3. Ahhh the my brakes are so much better now story... Yes I have fitted s/s lines to my 4th gens, VF500F2 and RC51, but the motivation was looks not performance. While they may provide a different FEEL, they cannot provide a better PERFORMANCE. The performance is governed by the (fixed) surface area of the master piston and the pistons on the business end. Add Pascal's Law that even if you could see the canvas or teflon liner that holds the hydraulic fluid. Pressure excerted on a fluid (in a fully filled and closed circuit) will will travel equally. Since
  4. I strongly advise you to leave the coolant hoses and thermostat well alone if it ain't broke.....
  5. It is designed to do that. The altenator/generator produces alternating current (Vac) that the RR converts to direct current (Vdc). The Ac output increases as the engine revs up; to some 75+Vac... The RR restricts to output to some ~14.4Vdc to stop your 12V battery getting FUBAR'ed. The excess current is "flamed off"..... ie converted into heat.
  6. Kiitos Keny, that is exactly what the machinist told be today. I brought the failed and 2 other spare heads in today and we agreed on which one he'll refurb. Valve seats and guides.
  7. Uncut RC51/SP1's (00-01) are NLA, they are sold 2nd hand for $900....
  8. Well, one did for sure... c;lose to the sparkplug hole so (my reasoning, not based on knowledge) is that it got way to hot there... Good thing I still have the VF500F2, 4th gen and RC51 to ride for now
  9. Lost compression on the Gilera. Found out why..... 😐
  10. You actually believe something the UK government says???
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