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  1. Using bolts that are a tad too long while fitting a tankbag base plate does that..... 😞
  2. Out with the old, in with the new 😎 Easy if u have the right tools pan widget
  3. Thurn Motorsport Germany probably sells aftermarkets.
  4. Front plugs: loosen radiator and push a wedge (piece if scrap wood) from the side to move it out more to give you just enough space. As for the other plugs, maybe the PO overtightned them? Set torque wrench to spec for the plug, switch direction and see if the other rear one will come out. Increase torque setting by small increments if not. Temp gauge: after 19 years, 100k+ ownership I can tell you it rarely moves over 25% 🙂
  5. Inspect your starter motor's brushes? found this on my VF...
  6. I feel ya on the white fender.. Nice work Captain, the lower belly cleaned up really well w/o the flags....
  7. Removed a thick, grotty, fake carbon fibre sticker from the fuel cap.... Ah!! Bought a new OEM set (ignition, fuel cap, tail lock) in the USA cheaply. Locks were getting worn anyway.. As a stopover fix, playdo'ed some 🙂
  8. No, I have not tried it for I donot tend to buy fuel from this guy.. I bought fuel in some 50 countries all over the world and never suffered the problems that this product is to solve. If LADA's can handle Estonian the fuel, so can our VFR's... 😎 YMMV ofcourse
  9. Red ones are reportedly faster, but this one has 100 horses less than the white one......
  10. You do have 2 long bolts (with the head sawed off) to "guide" the cover on? with the lot being magnetic, it will pull sideways when fitting. Once on with some regular bolts in the other holes, take out the guides and button up.
  11. Fuel cut out relay ok? Your VFR will run fine w/o a fuel pump (just hook up the hoses), just make sure the tank is pretty full for starters.....
  12. Put in a new/another one to rule out "looked good but was not". Donot ask why I know....
  13. As the pump reaches it top strole, it cause to points to touch and cause a short, thus allowing the plunger to fall down. This repeats and repeats. These points wear and can start to fuse.... causing havoc. Once you blow the fuse for the pump it also kills ignition, starter running off the same circuit. How I know? You already ordered a new pump so open up the OEM and see what you find.
  14. "Bir hitam, baik untuk kamu" I remember this add/billboard message from my 2 months in Jakarta (in 1986.... ). Crazy what the brain stores eh?
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