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  1. No way!!! close Laguna Seca and keep a place where they cannot even lay down tarmac? https://www.crash.net/wsbk/news/931114/1/worldsbk-riders-critical-dangerous-argentina-track God forbid they ever shut down Assen....
  2. Now you have me hoping the suspension is not White Power (WP)........ PS: WP is now Austrian KTM owned but was founded in the Netherlands. The springs were white, not because white is better; simply because they could have them coated economically.... Via a company that made hospital beds...
  3. Nip out for lunch.... 4 celcius, so dress up warm..
  4. Hi Chris, no problemo "All bikes are white, but some bikes are more white than others" George Orwell (Sorry Skids ...) I did not buy the 5th gen. But a pal of mine did. And there is litle that deters him. The tank lock is now open No rust inside, just piss colored fuel..😎
  5. My SP (RC51) has the same; it is in fact sunshine coming in from the rear that causes it. I carry a small cloth in my tankbag to cover. But a glove will do as well.
  6. I need a smoke now.....😋
  7. Donor engine, really clarty... Time for some therapy (or penance? Fricking cold outside) Ah! There IS a # underneath 65 years of grime... That makes this a 150cc Sport 1st gen 😎 Easy with the right tool Store for later I give up for today, too bloody cold 😪
  8. Found these bikes that were flooded in 2014 in Italy https://www.rpw.it/Riparazioni/MM250_ER/MM250monoalbero.htm https://www.rpw.it/Riparazioni/ArielSQ4MKII/ArielSQ4MKII.htm
  9. Dutchy

    Switched Live

    Add a fluo orange Schuberth C3 Add a fluo yellow rainsuit And still the oncoming car took a left turn in front of me. YMMV
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