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  1. Spot on.. As long as consumers feel it is "ok" to snort coke on their Saturday night out (or working overtime in their offices), the market will supply.... A well known, quality exhaust manufacturer that made pipes for VFRS as well went (for whatever reason I am not privvvy to) bust and at some point re-emerged. With stuff made in China. Leaning on their brand name, they started seling again. But the quality they specified to the manufacturer (or the quality they were willing to accept) was G D awful. So after a while they went bust again.. Back in 1986 my manager taught me: - You get what you negotiate - You get what you accept
  2. Finally got round to washing of 3,600km of Belgian, French and Spanish flies....
  3. That might be the ticket, I contacted their EU distributor.
  4. Multitasking... Fresh "rubbah!" for Gil... The VF's speedo stopped just outside Tours, so I'm "missing" 800km... The cause was clear As was the fix I had one in my stash
  5. Need to figure out how to reduce the strength required to pull the clutch.....
  6. Passed inspection for Dutch registration. My left wrist (patched up with titatium bits) does scream for a lighter clutch pull.... That will be farkle #1....
  7. I suppose that if your demands on suspension are as solid as the newspaper underneath, one could simply continue using that shock
  8. This the famous "5,000 curves" tour. VID-20210925-WA0030.mp4
  9. Not all roads are peach perfect, higher up they can be riddled with crack and potholes due to freezing in winter. Or a 5 mile downhill strecth like this... (Glad it diddnot rain that day, the hairpin turns were "fun" enough with sun)
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