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  1. Dutch winters aren't what they used to be.... But I ain't complaining
  2. MEH... Quite lumpy looking.... Prefer
  3. I have an YSS in my VF500F2 and VFR750F (4th Gen). Both have height adjustability so no need for a washer.
  4. "This is the path to manifest destiny isnt it? ... all roads lead back to i4's... " Paging @BusyLittleShop....... Stinky i4's.....
  5. Make sure to (G)OGGLE it...
  6. Seen last weekend in Italy Didnot ask the price..
  7. How about FUGLY ? I know.... beauty is in the eye of the beholder..... And cheating causes adrenaline rushes that may cloud one's clear vision...
  8. Flying to Italy coming weekend Bikes, parts and pizza...... what is not to like?
  9. Red NACA's are the BEST!
  10. You meet the nicest people on a Honda....
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