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  1. 6V 🤛 Ditched the mechanical voltage regulator for an electronic one.
  2. Some make a hell of a bam and mess upon impact....
  3. This took 3 minutes on a dyke.....
  4. German flies hitting at 240KMH....
  5. Welcome to VFRD from across the North Sea Markings are done at factory afaik to match parts that were machined together
  6. Any places in Oxfordshire (left) to ride offroad? If not, why bother..
  7. What is your aim with this build? Bring her back to a safe working condition or bring back to original luster? You a Scotsman, me a Dutchman (who lived a good couple of years in Scotland), so by nature we abhorr spending pennies The Dutch VFR club has a member owning a large stash of parts and sells for not sllly money, so if yer stuck I can check.
  8. Took the Gils out today... And the 'bastardino' I guess taking her to the water's edge put her in the huff.... Close to home she refused to get in 3rd gear... 😞 Something is amiss.... never a dull moment, nor something that cannae be fixed
  9. Well Dazzer, welcome to VFRD.
  10. Welcome to VFRD from across the pond But
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