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  1. All this talk of food.... and not until day 19 is there a picture! Thanks for posting!
  2. No need to apologise, each to his own
  3. I ordered a non Yuasa once after it was *done" after 9 years. I knew that this was foolish... It lasted 6 months... (my bikes live outside under a tarp). My dealer grinned, refunded the money which I put towards a Yuasa... Just bought one for my RC36 for €60
  4. "The worst time...". What would that be? Terrorists have set the timer on a dirty nuclear bomb and you are the one and only person who only has his VFR to get there on time to stop the clock? Mail-in voting has been banned and your only mode of transport is your VFR to get to the polling station on time and your vote the critical one to oust The Donald? $300 is a set of tyres for that coast to coast ride.....
  5. Huh? If it ain't broke..... YMMV (Your Moneysupply May Vary )
  6. Itsa labor of love Time is what I -unfortunately still- have plenty of.... Next on the list is take the rear shock out and refresh; it's clarty as F.... **Update: just scored a good as new YSS rear shock... ***
  7. 36.6° Celsius in the shade, but no rest for the wicked .. Dutch White Powers inside They already change to "WP" (now owned by KTM) Yucky secondary air filter Better As hard as a vicar's white collar.... New fluid valve while we're at it eh? Shampoo 2.0
  8. Fork oil... Too little, too dark/old Clean!
  9. Good one! OTOH.... I want to ride her too (for a while...... (she's a redslut afteral.. )
  10. Primary subjet would be chain and sprockets for me. The service limits for the plates and springs are in the shop manual. If someone has opened her up and put in the judder spring (part #6) the wrong way round though....
  11. Bolt that holds the chainguard near rear sprocket.
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