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  1. There was a Dutch owner a few years ago who bought a second hand, high mileage Vtec. Took it into Germany (no speedlimit on motorways) and after a few long high speed runs the engine went BOOOMMM..... When asked, the PO conceded hehad never changed oil, merely topped it up when required. Not an oil related falure therefor but a moron related one....
  2. Dutchy

    One fine day

    Solid as a rock!
  3. During our government's "intelligent lock-down", going out alone, avoiding others is deemed ok. Even the 99% probabilty of rain/hail is acceptable Ah yes, there are the clouds! Sheets of precipitation in the background.... And long and behold... JOLO!! And, NO, I didnot speak to a single soul. PS @Skids SORRY!!!!!
  4. There are some VFR400 enthousiasts here in the Netherlands. so should you ever come up empty handed in the USA, I can always enquire for you here. I've enquired after the bracket's purpose; will let you know once I get a response.
  5. +1 But........ it still is a stinky i4..
  6. While at the Milano bike fair last month, I did spot a used original backlight/licence plate holder. But they wanted Eur90!! (w/o light assembly...) for it...... "it is my last one.." Well, they still have that part I reckon.... 🙂 So this bracket will do me just fine (from a MASH TT400 https://www.mashmotor.de/mash-400cc/400cc-tt40-cafe-racer/ ) (can shorter the vertical bit significantly since I donot require to have a red reflector as the bike is pre-1972) Test fitting for now
  7. 'bout time... Trying the Pirelli GT2's this time Getting lasered by the polis resulted in these tyres becoming €156 dearer.... 101 in a 80...... Zjit happenz.... 😉
  8. Wow! And I thought I was way out there, fitting a RC51 sidestand on a 1954 Gilera... (Much to the horror of anoraks...) Keep up the good work atx!!!
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