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  1. Safe-T was cool enough several years ago to let me in on the modified rear axle to fit a single nut ducati rear wheel. I still have it, and it works really well, I just want something that could work as a spare, and don't necessarily want to have to rework the entire rear axle/brake system. Although, that wouldn't be a stretch, as pretty much everything on my VFR has been re-worked.....
  2. So if I understand you correctly, a Honda Hawk/NT650 rear axle will work for the VFR 750, just need to drill a different pattern for the drive pins?
  3. Stomp grips help, small addition, but makes a big difference when you're riding aggressively.
  4. I could be mistaken, but I was under the impression that a coil is a type of capacitor, very well could be wrong, but if it is, I do not think wiring an additional capacitor in-line would be necessary. Interesting idea on the resistor though. I did run the COPs for one week, but then removed them, as the bike developed a nasty idle, and ran really rough once under way. Installing the stock coils remedied the issue, but your idea does make me wonder if a 1.5 ohm resistor would do the trick.
  5. Hopefully it lived up tp your expectations, as Assen is a very fun track to ride. One question though....where are the steaks so large that they barely fit on the grill?
  6. Go with the SP, it'll sound so much better!!! Plus, you can act like you're C.E. II
  7. douglasthecook

    Side profile

    Yeah, I know, that is on the list!!! I just gotta get back home first.
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