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  1. all pics seems to have dissaperd..................
  2. keny

    Anything goes!

  3. Well I considered a lot of bikes, but the Crossrunner is a bit more street focused than I like. If it had a 19" front wheel, perhaps. Comfort for pillion is also high on my list and the Crossrunner passenger seat looks thin. I know my wife liked the 3rd gen better than the 5th gen as a passenger (but both better than the 86 vfr).
  4. Thanks! Yes, I hope both the VFR as the Tenere finds a good new home!
  5. Thanks! Well I still have one 600 Tenere, but it's part's in boxes. One day....
  6. Yes, the Tenere has some Dutch DNA. I do wish for solo gravel fun as well... As twisty tar roads, like my local green hell
  7. Well, to get a long story short, I might just been burned out, having mid age crisis, or just in need of a change, but tomorrow the 86 VFR750F RC24 as the 89 XT600Z Tenere will be picked up by a dealer, so these 2: Nice bikes in many ways, but as my wrist after the 2 surgery I had last year don´t allow me to use 100% of the 60% throttle twist movement I have left on the VFR, and the Tenere is not a bike to ride whit a pillion, I made a deal of a bike I tought I would never buy, a 1200GS BMW, exactly this bike: It will be delivered tomorrow as the dealer picks up the VFR as Tenere. Got a good deal I think, same money for the VFR & Tenere I would get selling them (sadly non are a cult bike where I live as in some parts of world), and the finance for the money between has 0% intrest rate! And if some one is wounder what year BMW, it´s a 2010 BMW 1200 GS 30 year anniversary model, bike is issued 02/2011 and has 34k kms on the odo. Ok, I could have bought a Crosstourer, but this BMW happans to be at the Motorcycle exhabition...And it ain`t a Harley or a Goldwing, so guess it´s not that bad choice after all 😄
  8. OK, as I now know my wrist will not let me use full throttle movement in the position the hand is on a VFR handelbar, and as I say full movement, I talk full movement of the ~60% movement I have left after the operation I had. I can however use full movement on my Tenere! But to the point, as much as I hate it, I don´t want a trophy in my garage, I don´t have time to ride 2 bikes, so I decided the VFR has to go. Its now complet, and t will be picked up tomorrow. More of my future plans in a other topic.... So today I did take final pictures, was a sunny day so perfect for that.
  9. keny

    Keny`s album

  10. Quit cool as using a Crosstuorer
  11. Thouse would have come handy a few years back when I did ride my VF500 from yours to Stockholm, ~600km in 2-5C temps sure get to you bones even you just keep 130km/h
  12. Ok. Not much new here. got my wrist god enough to have the old girl out in the sun one day while cleaning the garage a little then it was time for wrist operation #2 a week back. before that I confirmed the subframe is bent on my old girl. Have to see if I can bent it back when wrist allow (during winter) or I buy a healty one.........
  13. I can still feel your pain! me right now: Well picture a week old actually..... The red parts reconstructed a week ago, green last day of January this year.....
  14. I sure like the swing arm brace! Sure also bike porn as the exhaust! Twin radiators ala RC30 cool also!
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