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  1. I thing the material just got brittle by age, running hot should get different colors
  2. Must say small cc bikes have there charm. Added a 125 to my collection....(9 bikes now...) A 1990 Yamaha TZR125, a non restricted model (more than 11hp! that is the current law for learner bikes where I live), 26,9hp clamed power, need a bit love but complete as orginal! Looking forward to next summer to have a few rides on this....Braap
  3. keny

    Anything goes!

  4. keny

    Up north by the sea

    Well I hope to do a picture in same spot as this new add to the stabe is ready... buoght a puzzel....Yamaha FJ1100 And how the bike looked like a year ago as former owner buogth it Former owner buogt it from a widow that husband that had passed away had had it, but standing in shead for 8+ years. The owner I buogth is from had plans to make it a streetfighter, but first made it a runner by cleaning the carbs as ultra wash them, then pulled bike apart, painted frame, engine and other bits whit spray can....bad thing is a few parts are missing, Fuel cap, as ignition as k
  5. keny

    Up north by the sea

    Good memories!!!
  6. keny

    Up north by the sea

    One more Not by the sea but...
  7. OK, I have been to the Classis inspectors, they will approve the bike whit the orginal heat cheeld and after changing a few rusty scruws and a few paint touch ups. But it can not be inspected until January 2021...unless bike is produced 1989, but that can not the importer in Finland tell whit out asking the Honda factory, as they have not imported the bike, and they charge 80€ for that, I think I wait half a year.. Well I more and more think the bike is a bike for the American market. One it has a milage odometer whit also small km´s readings for speed, other is it has
  8. Just cant help, its my favorite place to take pictures of my bikes
  9. Must say that after my wrist operations 2018, I was happy to ride a adventure bike, as my wrist do had limited movement. First had a 2011 1200GS Beemer, was not my bike, so traded it for a 1200 SuperTenere, like it a lot! But after son didn´t take the licence for a 125, and the bike I buoght for him (and fixed to top shape) , a 2009 Yamaha XT125X, It was just geathering dust, I put it up for sale. Actually got 2 trade suggestions for it, other was a 1986 Kawasaki GPZ500R (yes not a 600, thanks to cc tax things, like why the 86/87 VFR was a 700 in US...), nice ru
  10. keny


    For sale in a quit near shop
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