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  1. RC24 spotted, but probarly asking 2k for that?
  2. I thing the material just got brittle by age, running hot should get different colors
  3. keny


    For sale in a quit near shop
  4. So the romance ended short, so hopefully the VF500 is not to mad about the VF400 affair and still serve you well
  5. So, going against the odds, way to go for you! Nice looking bike for sure
  6. Thouse would have come handy a few years back when I did ride my VF500 from yours to Stockholm, ~600km in 2-5C temps sure get to you bones even you just keep 130km/h
  7. I can still feel your pain! me right now: Well picture a week old actually..... The red parts reconstructed a week ago, green last day of January this year.....
  8. Shame to see a nice bike in this state, should need some love!
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