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  1. Got the rebuild kit for brake master cylinder, old out, new in Then XT finally going together, Handel bar weighs on as orginal grips, the air scoops on as tank, front brake bleeded, painted exhaust on Don't know if you notice but the front tire has been changed, as I bought new the shop only had size 80/90-21 in stock, orginal size is a not so common 3.00-21, the rim is only a 1.60 so to small for a 90/90-21 that needs a 1.85 wide rim. But the 80/90-21 is quite a bit smaller than the orginal 3.00-21, even the 90/90 is slightly smaller in outer diameter. But then I found one selling orginal takeoffs from a Yamaha WR250R, 80/100-21 is its size, and its very close in size to the original 3.00-21! So as I got a new tire that just been on rim, well ridden home 20ish kms for 30€ I could not resist, it's a Bridgestone TW301, had before on my Tenere 600, know it's ok rubber. And this picture is after having it running for a while, needs some final touches as carburetor's off one more time as tube between primary as secondary carb is slightly leaking. But it rains today so I'm not that keen for a test ride, even looking forward for it!
  2. keny

    Anything goes!

  3. Indeed, the handlebar is a bit to narrow to my liking but otherwise indeed comfortable 👍
  4. Today season opened The Bandit was a positive surprise, ok the aftermarket can a bit louder to my taste but that's easy to fix. Rides good, engine more flexible than I had believe, no sky rocket but still fun. Well it's still ice on local lakes And you had to take it easy as roads partly covered whit light gravel from winter that has not been taken from the road yet Also a add to garage today, 2 wheels as electric engine that assist as you pedal A Yamaha moro07 30th anniversary model.
  5. Some updates on my bikes, the Bandit as XT The Bandit has now fresh fork seals as oil, legs slides ~10mm up to compensate for the 120/70 front tire as 120/60 is original size Also did bleed both brakes whit fresh brake fluid as it was quite dark looking and did change engine oil as the crabs had flooded to be safe, as I had oil at home. Was windy as a bit colder today so first ride planned for tomorrow! XT350, carburetors back together and back on bike Also the tank paint damage repaired for now, maybe a full respray next winter?
  6. The tail section arrived today, indeed as nice as in the picture in the add Here next to the old one No cracks found on it, amazing! There is a slight difference between it, it's from a 89 bike, and the 86 one, a cut for the passenger cover are not there, guess the 88-89 cover is missing this slot? Well I guess I just take them of the passenger seat cover I have ....
  7. The Bandit is finally together And alive VID_20240410_095848.mp4 Just need side covers as seat on, then first ride, but will not happen today, have a doctor's appointment in a other city that takes rest of day
  8. Working on the Bandit 600 today. Carbs off and apart Looks like someone had glued the float chambers to the crabs as one failed and started to leak So got new, as all O rings as well The fuel line could be updated to Sadly was not my day, of the rubbers for float chambers 2 where good but 2 slightly smaller, didn't work out So tomorrow to get a new kit....
  9. Well as you dream something uninspected happen. Found this mint tail section for reasonable money! So orginal tail will stay 😁
  10. There are some nice, in a way, tail sections awable from German company Pferrer As Ricambi Weiss The later cheaper. I do however like the stock design as well and know Airtech Streamlining makes a OEM style one that what I know use the orginal seat also that is nice, as more comfortable. Dreaming a bit here....
  11. The CBR600 now officially a classic motorcycle (a system in my country) and that means low insurance cost, 33€ a year and I'm allowed to use it for 120 days a year.
  12. No problem, accidents happen A thing that has got my interest is that a Honda model that has 41mm forks, use basically a cbr600F2 front wheel ( same axle spacer as design as same wheel axle) and has rake trail figures 26° 91mm, that whit a 120/70-17 front tire (compare to the F2 CBR 25° 94mm whit a 120/60-17 tire), so it's offset must be even greater than the 88-89 VFR750. It's the 91-01 Honda CB750 F2 Seven Fifty RC42 (Europe, Japan market bike). It also use the bigger 296mm brake rotors as brake calipers as the CBR1000F 89 (SC24)->(before linked brakes).. It however use a normal handlebar not clipons. But could live whit that. I would just need the fork lowers as both triple trees I think..... I need to do some more investigation to confirm this...... Other things, rear wheel as brake is back on bike 😊
  13. Hmmm Looks to me the cbr600F2 as 1990 cbr1000f has same offset, as in picture below the 1000 upper triple on the 600, both on the fork tubes
  14. Thanks for this information, for some reason I did miss you post. When you say you could have used a later VFR upper triple you referring to a 5th gen? Interesting if it has same offset. How much is the offsets difference between the 88-89 VFR triple to the cbr600/1000/vfr750 90-> ?
  15. Well finally remembered to buy some white wheel paint (in spray can), so orginal the rear wheel is white again, not that pretty but will do for one season Then could not resist this CBR600F front as got it for price of wheel Came whit brake disc's but no calliper's, tire is rubbish (well used 020 Bridgestone dot 09) and spring adjuster is broken in other leg's cap, but otherwise solid. Interesting is that the triples offset is same as on 1990 CBR 1000F, easy to find out as I have the parts Here 1000 on top of the 600s. So as the 1000 is a bus compared to the 600 the sharper angel as lower profile tire make the 600 dance sharper. A other difference is the 1000 lower triples has the longer steering axle that the RC24 use if I'm correct. So even I'm in for keeping the 16" wheel for now, might do a fork upgrade in a future...
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