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  1. Thouse would have come handy a few years back when I did ride my VF500 from yours to Stockholm, ~600km in 2-5C temps sure get to you bones even you just keep 130km/h
  2. keny

    RC24 fever, "New" bike added to garage

    Ok. Not much new here. got my wrist god enough to have the old girl out in the sun one day while cleaning the garage a little then it was time for wrist operation #2 a week back. before that I confirmed the subframe is bent on my old girl. Have to see if I can bent it back when wrist allow (during winter) or I buy a healty one.........
  3. I can still feel your pain! me right now: Well picture a week old actually..... The red parts reconstructed a week ago, green last day of January this year.....
  4. I sure like the swing arm brace! Sure also bike porn as the exhaust! Twin radiators ala RC30 cool also!
  5. Shame to see a nice bike in this state, should need some love!
  6. keny

    Spain North-South

    Sorry for the injury! Hope it heal fast, at least faster than my wrist is healing after the surgery I had 31/1/18 (January 31st 2018)
  7. keny

    86-89 750/700F/F2 front sprocket

    I have never had a issue whit the noise, but then again never ridden a RC24 whit a OEM front sprocket. And JT now maker a front sprocket whit a damper like the OEM, so might try that one some day, now I already got a "basic" JT front sprocket.
  8. Looks like the bags fit the VF nicely. Hope you have a nice trip!
  9. Turn signal Viagra 😉
  10. Turn signal Viagra 😉
  11. So I had to change chain &sprockets even old set did not look old as I got my 1986 VFR750F as chain stretched like a rubber band. Was first to just change chain as sprockets looked like new, but decided to change all anyway, always best so. My bike had JT sprockets, new ones was to. Then I noticed the one I did take off was a JTF339, the new one JTF333! A little research tell JT list the 339 for the US 86 750F as 86-87 700 F/F2, while the 333 for the rest of world 86-89 (90-97 to) 750F! The difference between the to front sprockets is a thickness off 2,2 mm at the axle. So chain line difference is about 1 mm. Now the strange thing Honda lists just one front sprocket 23800-ML7-000 for all 86-89 VFR700/750F/F2! I just suspect the chain on the set that was on bike when I buoght it was runed becorce of wrong chain line, at least it looks like chain has been running hot
  12. I see its some time since I been logged on @ VFRD....
  13. keny

    RC24 fever, "New" bike added to garage

    Even my goal is to make this to pass a classic inspection (has to be in good oem shape), to get cheap insurance, I found these on a local sale site, and a bit tempting to buy... A Devil exhaust that come whit both a street as a race muffler.... Also a Laser K1 system for sale, but I really don´t like them as the muffler is so back on the bike
  14. Have you had a test spin on the second yet
  15. keny

    RS850 Replica

    Stunning these old pirt still arround, wounder where the rest of the bike is? Nice find fo sure!

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