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  1. Vfr 750 - 92

    OMG. I probably shouldn't admit I was working on my 90 when I wrote that.
  2. Vfr 750 - 92

    Might want to grab a spare subframe with pegs while you can. :)
  3. Hey y’all— I just put a Daugherty 929 shock on my 1990 RC36 and the reservoir is in the way of the starter relay. I’ve seen a little talk about this on newer VFRs but not RC36s. Has anyone else found this? What did you do about it, specifically? I figure I need to move the relay to the right side of the battery. How did you secure it? How did you insulate the terminals? Did you lengthen or shorten wires? Thanks! kevin
  4. Joe, I think you did the math backwards. $1 Canadian is $0.77 US.
  5. On the other hand, I recently bought a used Hindle on eBay for $275, but to compare it to a new one, it needs to be shined up a lot, the 2 bottom pipes un-crushed, a new can and a new pipe between the collector and the can! In the end it'll cost as much as new (maybe more!), plus take me a lot of effort. The good news for me is, mine's a 4-into-1, while this new one is a 4-2-1, and I think the 4-into-1 sounds a lot better (comparing another 4-1 Hindle I used to have to the HRC pipe my friend had).
  6. Evl_twin-- Do you know anything about the VFR in your pics? What's up with the second radiator?? Extrapolating from the other exhaust prices on their web page, I don't think I'll be feeling silly about what I paid for the fixer-upper Hindle I recently bought....
  7. I don't think we'll have to worry about that. Unlike the originals, it's a 4-2-1. The front pipes Y right after they pass the rear pipes, and I gather the rear pipes Y right after turning rearward, right below the front Y. They're beautiful though. Looking forward to a sound clip and a price!
  8. How to lift RC36 to replace shock without centerstand?

    I just ordered the Abba Superbike Stand Front & Rear Package. Not only did I need a stand that would allow me to change the shock (my Pitbull doesn't), I need to get the forks off, so that means buying a second stand. For $275 with the Abba, I can take the shock off, take the forks off (possibly not at the same time, but that's OK) and do all the other maintenance the Pitbull allowed. Now off to the classifieds, Craigslist and Ebay to list the Pitbull for sale...
  9. Anybody Use a Nitron rear shock?

    Jamie has been part of the VFR scene since the late 1990s, maybe earlier. I just received my Daugherty Motorsports 929 shock plus fork cartridge and spring package last week, and it looks great. Lots of work to do on the VFR this winter and I can't wait for spring!
  10. Corbin seat?

    I'd look for some quality auto upholstery shops. Off topic -- Chevy police car enthusiast?
  11. How to lift RC36 to replace shock without centerstand?

    Jeez, I wish I'd checked those out before I bought a Pitbull! Anybody want to buy a nearly-new Pitbull, only used once?
  12. How to lift RC36 to replace shock without centerstand?

    I like that even better! Pretty sure I can find a chunk of steel rod.... Thanks! kevin
  13. How to lift RC36 to replace shock without centerstand?

    I do still have passenger peg brackets. So probably with a helper and my large car jack I can lift the bike and put the stands under the brackets. Thanks!! kevin
  14. Hey y'all-- I'm anxiously awaiting arrival of my 929 shock from Jamie! How should I lift the bike to install it when I don't have a centerstand? Does a typical motorcycle jack even work on our bikes? The catalog photos always show them under a Harley... What's your preferred jack? Other helpful tips? This is my second bike w/o a centerstand. The first was an RC26 with a Hindle, so a centerstand was impossible. This one has no excuse, and I don't like it.... :( Thanks kevin
  15. Please help me remove alarm system

    Hey y'all-- My 90 VFR has an alarm installed. It doesn't have any markings on the box, so I have no idea what it is, but I'd like to remove it. Can anyone identify it? Can any electronics guru walk me through taking it out? Pics attached. Thanaks!! Kevin

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