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  1. The loctite is probably a permanent fix, if you want it to be.
  2. But an ABBA stand is SO nice!
  3. Tyga's Facebook says details will be released soon, says the price will be similar to their NC30-NC35 systems, so around $1000 USD with an aluminum silencer. No mention yet of a right exit. It seems like most people like left exit; I hope us few rightys don't get left out.
  4. I'd like to know about it if copies will be available. I have a TBR left exit that's a bit rough; I could fix it up or get it copied but I really want a right.
  5. This is a Penske. I had a Fox many years ago and it was probably mounted similarly.
  6. Where in TX? My sister is in Katy. If you can't fit the VFR in the moving truck, you can drop it at my house. I'll keep it exercised til you can pick it up. 🙂
  7. Sweet VFR!! I have one too, and am in Stamford.
  8. On the other hand, I recently bought a used Hindle on eBay for $275, but to compare it to a new one, it needs to be shined up a lot, the 2 bottom pipes un-crushed, a new can and a new pipe between the collector and the can! In the end it'll cost as much as new (maybe more!), plus take me a lot of effort. The good news for me is, mine's a 4-into-1, while this new one is a 4-2-1, and I think the 4-into-1 sounds a lot better (comparing another 4-1 Hindle I used to have to the HRC pipe my friend had).
  9. Evl_twin-- Do you know anything about the VFR in your pics? What's up with the second radiator?? Extrapolating from the other exhaust prices on their web page, I don't think I'll be feeling silly about what I paid for the fixer-upper Hindle I recently bought....
  10. I don't think we'll have to worry about that. Unlike the originals, it's a 4-2-1. The front pipes Y right after they pass the rear pipes, and I gather the rear pipes Y right after turning rearward, right below the front Y. They're beautiful though. Looking forward to a sound clip and a price!
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