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  1. CharlieFoxtrot

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    I’m super happy with my abba stand. A bit more money than a pitbull stand but much more capable. I’m usng it on my rc36 but very likely they have fittings for an rc24.
  2. CharlieFoxtrot

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    Congrats, Joe! The twin Supertrapps are THE BEST SOUNDING EXHAUST on a RC24. kevin
  3. CharlieFoxtrot

    Vfr 750 - 92

    OMG. I probably shouldn't admit I was working on my 90 when I wrote that.
  4. CharlieFoxtrot

    Vfr 750 - 92

    Might want to grab a spare subframe with pegs while you can. :)
  5. Joe, I think you did the math backwards. $1 Canadian is $0.77 US.
  6. On the other hand, I recently bought a used Hindle on eBay for $275, but to compare it to a new one, it needs to be shined up a lot, the 2 bottom pipes un-crushed, a new can and a new pipe between the collector and the can! In the end it'll cost as much as new (maybe more!), plus take me a lot of effort. The good news for me is, mine's a 4-into-1, while this new one is a 4-2-1, and I think the 4-into-1 sounds a lot better (comparing another 4-1 Hindle I used to have to the HRC pipe my friend had).
  7. Evl_twin-- Do you know anything about the VFR in your pics? What's up with the second radiator?? Extrapolating from the other exhaust prices on their web page, I don't think I'll be feeling silly about what I paid for the fixer-upper Hindle I recently bought....
  8. I don't think we'll have to worry about that. Unlike the originals, it's a 4-2-1. The front pipes Y right after they pass the rear pipes, and I gather the rear pipes Y right after turning rearward, right below the front Y. They're beautiful though. Looking forward to a sound clip and a price!

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