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  1. Those look nice, and £32 is $40 anyway. I think I already bought the OEM bolts but after a quick look, don't see them in the garage. I'll see if I ordered them somewhere, and if not, I'll get these. Thanks! kevin
  2. I put a bid on a pair of calipers on ebay, not really expecting to get them, but I did. So I guess I'm using used calipers. I hope I don't have to put a bunch of money in them. edit: I'm pretty sure I'm going to put the used calipers back on ebay and buy new ones. Which reminds me of why I resisted doing this swap for so long. Damn, it's expensive! I rode a VFR with Brembos years ago and it was awesome, so I'm keeping that in mind. Here's a parts list, including shipping: I'm editing to update the list as needed. RC36-2 wheel: $175 on VFRD classifieds, perfect condition, unfortunately RC36-2 wheels are black Powdercoat wheel: $175 estimated, being done now (getting the original rear done too, another $175 est, but not counting that here) Rotors: Braking brand, $318 on ebay, new Rotor screws: gotta look this up, $30? at David Silver Caliper mounts: $110 on Webike (these look really nicely done) Front wheel bearings & seals: $25 at allballsracing.com Brake pads, Braking brand: $68 on ebay Things I still need: Tire mounting Master cylinder, looks like it'll be Brembo 10505312 for a 96 Ducati 916, around $165 with reservoir (16mm) Finally decide what to do about Calipers: $175 on ebay, used, or $400 new. Pretty sure I'll need slightly longer brake hoses, definitely with a 90-degree bent banjo So this is gonna end up at about $1700... That's why I throw away receipts and don't think about these things. Also I need to remember that whatever new or late-model bike I "could have bought" for what I've spent on this one, I don't want anyway. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  3. TL; DR? I'm going to buy brand new Brembos while I still can. Also you can get them in silver. Want to keep reading? I found some info on the Brembo calipers: part numbers and complete application lists for the Ducati calipers. The gold ones are $195 ea, new, from this USA vendor: https://www.oppracing.com/category/1096-front-oe-calipers/ They are listed as discontinued, but several vendors appear to have remaining stock, part numbers 20.5165.58 and 20.5165.68 I found one crusty-looking used pair with master cylinder and lines on ebay asking $225. The seller cut the price and they sold for $195 iirc. I didn't buy it now. If you're in the UK, there are used ones on ebay for 90GBP right now. If you're in Italy, they're available new on ebay for a bit less than they cost in the US, but shipping and customs make them not a good deal here. Used ones can be found on all the following bikes at your local Italian motorcycle junkyard Bimota DB2 SR 1994 Bimota Dieci Biposto 1992 Bimota Furano 1992 Bimota SB6 1994 Bimota SB7 750 1994 Bimota Tesi ID 906 1992 Bimota YB9 600 1994 Cagiva Mito 2 1992-1993 Cagiva Mito Euro 2 2004 Cagiva Mito EV 1994-2003 Cagiva Mito EV 6 Marce 1999-2000 Cagiva Planet 1998-2000 Cagiva Raptor 125 2003 Cagiva River 1995-1999 Ducati 748 1995-1998 Ducati 750 S 1997-1998 Ducati 750 S Formula 1997-2000 Ducati 888 1992-1994 Ducati 907 I.E. 1992-1993 Ducati 916 1994-1998 Ducati 916 S 1994-1996 Ducati 916 SP 1994-1996 Ducati Dimante 1996-1998 Ducati Formula 1994-1995 Ducati Ghost 1996-1998 Ducati Legend 1996-1998 Ducati Monster 750 1996-1998 Ducati Monster 750 City 1999 Ducati Monster 750 Dark City 1999 Ducati Monster 900 1993-1999 Ducati Monster 900 City 1999 Ducati Monster 900 Cromo 1998 Ducati Monster 900 Dark City 1999 Ducati Monster 900 Special 1998 Ducati Sport 650 1994-1995 Ducati Strike 1996-1998 Ducati Strike Bifaro 1998-1999 Ducati Strike Monofaro 1998-1999 Ducati Supersport 750 1994-2000 Ducati SuperSport 900 SuperLight 1992-1997 Moto Guzzi 1000 Centauro V10 1997-1999 Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona 1992-1995 Moto Guzzi California EV 1997-2000 Moto Guzzi California Special 1999-2000 Moto Guzzi Daytona Racing 1996 Moto Guzzi Daytona RS 1997-1998 Moto Guzzi Sport 1994-1996 Moto Guzzi Sport Corsa 1998-1999 Moto Guzzi Sport Iniezione 1996-1999 It looks like they came in silver too, and were OE on 2009 Indians. They're also still available new, for a little more money. I hope this is useful to someone. kevin
  4. Great first post! Bitchin' bike! Would you be interested in making another set of those caliper brackets?
  5. I'd have to find another plus-sized guy who needs a fork upgrade, they're set up for a 250+ lb rider. At this point, I have nice forks with a brace, a wheel, and rotors. I think I'm solidly on the road to just a caliper swap.
  6. Hey y'all-- I'm not having much luck searching for 4-piston caliper upgrade info. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere but can't find much here. Maybe I need to be looking on CBR forums. I found two threads, one has some details on a Brembo swap, and the other briefly mentions Nissin swaps but no details. There are links to the adapter brackets. I'm pasting those links here, but I have questions. I have a 90 VFR with Daugherty-modified forks, so I don't want to do a fork swap to get a brake upgrade. I probably should have done that to begin with. I have a RC36/2 front wheel and new Braking rotors for it. Brembo thread: Brembo brackets: https://japan.webike.net/products/1113303.html Nissin brackets: https://www.litetek.co/CaliperBracket_Honda_MC22_Nissin_01.html If this info is already here, please point me at it. Otherwise, my questions: What is a fair price for used Brembos? The few used ones I've found so far are maybe half the price of new. For the difference, I'd probably buy new. Is this new caliper the right thing? Are 30 & 34mm the same size as the Ducati pistons? https://www.ebay.com/itm/BREMBO-FRONT-LEFT-BRAKE-CALIPER-GOLD-SERIES-P30-34-C/401630013735?epid=1827904770&hash=item5d8303a927:g:MJQAAOSwW~Jb7q4e Is there any reason to not use the calipers with 65mm mounting? They seem more readily available and the brackets exist too. Will the new VFR stainless lines I have fit the Brembo or Nissin swap? Which Nissin calipers fit? Any educated opinions on which is a better caliper or whose swap brackets are better? That's what I can think of for now. Thanks! kevin
  7. They're fancy ones! They're Braking STREMX05, which is an old number. The current number is STX05. I confirmed this with braking and can fwd you the email from them. They're forged aluminum centers with stainless rotors. They have been bolted to a wheel but have never been used. I have the original box. http://www.braking.com/catalogue/dettaglio_prodotto.php?codice_articolo=STX05 They don't seem to be readily available in the US. They're an Italian company and sellers tend to be from Italy. Expect to pay $400/pair or more for new. I'd sell them for $250 + shipping.
  8. Well, poop. I have an RC36/2 wheel. so I'm good there. Unfortunately I also have a set of new Braking brand VFR800 front rotors. I guess they're going on eBay; at least I got a great deal on them and should make a good profit. Unfortunately I won't likely get such a deal on the RC36-2 rotors. Thanks for setting me straight. kevin
  9. Hey y'all-- I want to put 4-piston calipers on my 90 VFR, and I figure I'll swap to a wheel with floating rotors while I'm at it. Will an ~01 VFR800 wheel fit? And will the rotors line up with the stock caliper location? Thanks kevin
  10. I'm also thinking about a 4-piston caliper upgrade with appropriate new master cylinder for next winter. Floating rotors with a wheel that looks stock will probably be the most expensive part of that. I rode an RC36 with Brembos a bit back in the 90s and it was eye-opening compared to the 92 I had just sold at the time. (A couple of weeks after I sold the 92, it got smashed while parked and I was helping the new owner find a replacement VFR) That guy's bike also had no exhaust but an automotive chrome exhaust tip mounted to the collector box. Loud as hell but sounded awesome! However, it made less power on a dyno than my completely stock 87 VFR700 did during a dealer's dyno day.
  11. The ebay cylinder is worse than my original. I found a number of places that can re-sleeve it, so I might do that.
  12. I've got a used one coming, and also a rebuild kit. Thanks all.
  13. Thanks for making me look... I got the impression online that it's 16mm but it's marked 1/2".
  14. My bike is a beautiful original with 15K mi, but it has corrosion in the bore. It worked fine, but now that I've seen it, it's going to bother me. If I was going to buy a used cylinder, I'd want one off a bike with 200K miles so I know it never sat... I guess I can grab something used and see how it looks inside. Or K&L sells new cylinders in the 900RR style, for around $160. IDK where they're made, but I trust the name a lot more than ebay junk.
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