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  2. Many years ago I saw pie-chart at local CA DMV breaking down various funding sources. Biggest slice of pie, 60-70% of their operating budget came from... yep, you got it... ticket citations! When traffic cameras came out as way to automate citations, many cities reduced yellow-light duration. Contrary to studies which show longer yellow increases intersection safety and lowers crashes.
  3. yes, I prefer to be same or slightly faster than traffic. Can give it some throttle to get out of hairy situations. Such as someone moving into my lane without looking and seeing me. If I was slower and behind them when they moved over, I may not be able to stop in time.
  4. yup, people aren't idiots and will drive at comfortable speeds. On highways designed decades ago for 70mph, modern vehicles have no issues with 80mph. Which happens to be average speeds on many European highways with no speed-limits anyway. Looking at historical data, you'll see that each time speed limits are raised to be closer to natural comfortable speeds, fatalities decrease. 1. when national speed limit was raised from 55mph to 65mph fatalities went down. CHP was major supporter of increasing speed limit 2. Montana removed speed limit completely. Dur
  5. yeah, there's lots risk with replacing harness. 1. unless you are buying brand-new harness from authorised Honda dealer, how do you know harness is 100% functional? You'd have to test each and every wire from end-to-end to verify it's Ok. That effort is best done on existing harness to find where fault are. 2. Another potential pitfall is introducing additional errors into system. Wires and connectors may be broken in swap. Or not firmly clicked into place. Again, requiring end-to-end testing. For all that effort, easier to just test existing 5-8 wire
  6. yw, my wife is British and we get word meanings mixed up all the time!!! 😉
  7. Hi DannoXYZ, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. blat = UK slang = going for blast (fast ride) on your bike.
  9. Eyetalians have certain way of doing things. I briefly owned Ferrari Mondial in '90s. Had to be careful and close door gently... ... otherwise mirror would fall off!!!
  10. Some recent threads with good battery info: https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/97068-shorai-lithium-ion-battery/ https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/94909-replacement-battery/
  11. Hi and welcome! These two are clues: 1. "pressing the start button it dims the dash and headlights and refuses to turn over just a slight noise from what seems to be coming from under the speedo/ Rev counter" 2. "bridge the solenoid it will turn over but won’t start" Regular start-circuit is bypassed and disconnected. Most likely from alarm, which typically is inserted between start-button and rest of harness. Best bet is to refer to official wiring-diagram (part of manuals download from here). Then trace each and every wire of starter-circuit in wiring
  12. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your injuries. Sending you best wishes! 🌈
  13. Are you having RR issues? Rather than re-using antiquated technology, upgrade to better series regulator SH775. Runs much, much cooler since it only passes current that's being used rather than running stator full-time and dumping excess to ground. Your stator will thank you! :)
  14. Great journey and welcome back! 🙂 Colorado through Rockies is amazing trip! I did couple weeks of cycling training through Grand Junction about 20-yrs ago. Did the Tour of the Moon stage of Coors Classic race. I'll dig through my photos and see if there's some I can post to fill in the blanks. Have fun with the bike!! BTW - I recognise that Mustang! Had an '88 GT-convertible way back when!!!
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