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  1. I just realised I never posted an intro, how wude!I started riding at 13-yrs old on dirt-bikes in my friends' backyards in Saratoga, CA where I grew up. When I got my driver's license, I wanted motorcycle, not car like all my friends. VFR 1986 had just come out and I was in love!! Unfortunately I couldn't afford it, so I bought its little brother VF500F. Then I went off to university and acquired some other fun bikes: 1988 first-gen Ninja 600, then ZX-7R, and RZ-350. Being distracted kid with busy student life, it sat neglected for while on patio next to ocean. When I got back t
  2. Hi, try this one https://kojaycat.co.uk/epages/950000457.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950000457/Products/SFC4WR&Locale=en_GB Another idea is to ditch this design altogether and improve it. See how power flows from battery to starter solenoid, then fuse-A circuit taps for power from starter-solenoid terminal? You can bypass that cable section and 2 connectors by connecting fuse-A directly to battery like fuse-B. Then use better design-specs on fuse-holder and wiring. Factory ATC/ATO fuses max out at 30a and you have issues well below that with bare brass spade te
  3. Odd eh? Perhaps preview stored some other picture. Anyway, here proper pic of very good idea to double-up on power wire.
  4. I recommend getting replacement connector that has 2 red wires for 4-wires total. Then join those two red wires together to connect with harness. That way, electrical load is split between 2 terminals instead of 1 so there's less heating. Also remove terminals from connector and solder ends of wire to crimps. This will improve electrical conductivity (less heat) and prevent moisture from seeping down wire and causing green-black wire disease. Then heat-shrink wrap over that section of wire+crimp for extra weatherproofing. Then use correct lineman/western-union splice to
  5. How-to videos from random search. Tonnes out there. Review several so you're familiar with procedure. If you carefully tape pieces together before gluing, outside surface can be perfect and not require much cleaning up at all. For mostly flat areas, I'll use blue masking tape. For curves. i'll use duct tape.
  6. I keep scraps of old fairings around just for cases like this. As Thumbs mentioned, acetone will dissolve ABS. Be sure to remove all paint from old fairings (which acetone won't melt), then chop into little bits and dissolve into a slurry paste. Use this paste to repair cracks in fairings. V-notch back side of cracks to increase contact surface area. You can even use it to repair holes by gluing in patch panels cut to fit opening. Sand mating surfaces beforehand to remove paint.
  7. I wouldn't bypass safety switches either. People have died from taking off with side stand down. Even with rubber finger that swings up side stand for you, if you take off quickly from kerb and turn left sharply, it can still high-side you into on-coming traffic with dead engine. None of these switches can be causing you problems you're experiencing as they are binary. Bike will will either run or it will not. Certainly not start up for minute or two, then die. This sounds exclusively weak-battery related. 1. what is battery voltage with bike off? 2. what is
  8. some tests you can do: 1. measure resistance between oil-pressure sender terminal and chassis ground. 2. remove bulb and measure resistance across terminals. Connect bulb to battery and verify it lights up. 3. Key ON, measure for voltage at light-bulb socket
  9. Buzzing relays is clue. What is battery voltage measured directly at battery terminals?
  10. You can also use alcohol to dissolve the wintergreen and soak it in bottle overnight.
  11. That's extremely bad wiring! You're risking fires and damage to your electronics. Rip it all out and replace with used OEM harness immediately. DO NOT ride bike with that wiring!
  12. Are there any lithium titanate moto batteries? Due to cost and lower storage density, I think they're primarily used in power-grid storage and OEM primary batteries for EV applications. Their main benefit is fast charging. Unless you've got electric bike, not sure cost is worth it to be able to charge dead battery in 10-minutes when jump-start only takes 2-minutes.
  13. Not likely any OEM fairings left from Honda.
  14. Ok, 6-yr is more average. Cold also hurts them more. Seems battery quality has gone downhilk. Used to be able to buy 102-month battery @ Costco. Now can only find 36 or 48-mon batteries. When getting lithium battery, make sure it has overcharge and overdischarge protection circuit. They tend to have less capacity than equivalent size lead-acid. If you turn off and leave lights on, it can deplete battery to death in less time.
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