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  1. Phosphoric acid is main ingredient in naval-jelly. Does great job of removing rust also, but stops at good steel! :)
  2. Normal maintenance investigations: - compression test - can timing check - valve clearance check - flow-test injectors - measure injector power lines and grounding signals with oscilloscope - test ignition system on all cylinders
  3. OMG! Is that the X9712 all-electric jet that beat Tesla to market ??? Looks like Gulfstream III ? Maybe has something to do with quieter gentler plane… Although landing gear doesn’t look like it…
  4. Not likely shop has +60yr old who actually knows how to refurbish carbs. Most likely they just sprayed some useless carb-cleaner through and didn’t bother to disassemble down to every last nut, bolt and individual component. Much less do any scrubbing, ultrasonic soaking or micro soda-blasting. Send then to Gordon @ http://customcarbservices.com and bike will run like brand-new off showroom floor! Think of carbs as garden-hose with sprayer at end. Most people focus on jets, jets, jets!!! Can clean that sprayer all you want, but what about the 20 golf balls stuck in hose along way? Doesn’t matter one bit how clean you get jets, if secret hidden passageways before & afterwards haven’t been restored to factory-fresh clean, bike won’t run.
  5. Be sure to pet the dinosaurs at Gualala!!!
  6. That's pretty awesome! I may need to make one, thinking about doing some camping trips this winter. There's gathering of sorts in Santa Barbara and I miss my old riding buddies and riding routes through hills there to... Ventura, CA! Might just trailer VFR out there so I can take wife and dogs... Could you please post some photos of attachment points? I assume it bolts at front to subframe and at rear somewhere? Thx
  7. I had great lunch at some place in Boonville. Damn if I can remember what it was. Right on road through town. Actually started snowing when I placed lunch order. EDIT: Found it, Lauren's at the Buckhorn.
  8. If it looks like this with 21mm wide deep cavity, it’s cigarette lighter socket. You can plug in any number of accessories such as radar detectors, USB chargers, GPS units, fans, heaters, grills, vacuum cleaners, etc. https://www.grainger.com/category/fleet-vehicle-maintenance/vehicle-accessories/vehicle-interior-parts-accessories/12-volt-accessories One of my favorites: https://www.ebay.com/itm/233138561217 If it is indeed smaller-diameter Powerlet socket (aka Hella aka Merit), you should rip it out and replace with more sensible cigarette lighter socket. There’s easily 1000x if not 10000x more accessories for cigarette lighter socket than Powerlet. Not sure how BMW let themselves get swindled into using such non-standard equipment. https://www.solomotoparts.com/Powerlet-Rigid-Cigarette-Socket-Adapter/
  9. Woohoo!!! Crisis averted and you get to ride!!! Was a little confused as well since I looked at my bike just now and those are dead-end passages anyway. The oil-feed crush-washers are higher up on head. So it could be from those and dribbled down. Had similar issues previously with valve-cover gasket too. The rubber washers on cover-bolts had dried and shrunken and not applying as much pressure on valve cover. Replacing those fixed leak around lower edge.
  10. Yeah, I make 2x as much in salary now as 20-yrs ago, that's +%3.6/year. But costs-of-living expenses: housing, utilities, insurance and food has gone up 3x. I certainly have much less disposable income now than before. No buying new bikes on horizon.
  11. Oh yea, you gave safe & sure way to fix! 🙂 One idea with these scarce and getting even more rare parts is to modify them for more durability. On my track bikes I cut off the toe-pegs and convert them to replaceable design. Drill hole in end of lever and use aluminium bolts to hold break-away toe-pegs. Then in event of tip-over or crash, not enough force gets through to bend lever; bolt breaks off 1st before sufficient force gets through. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072FD6C8J
  12. Ah, I didn't realize it had been repaired. In which case, grab flat part of lever vertically with crescent-wrench near peg and rotate that.
  13. Yeah, piece of cake repair. You want to apply force in opposite direction that bent it. So grab the round peg part at end with chennel-lok pliers from outside and bend downward. Done! BTW - how do you think shop would "align" anyway?
  14. Not even CNC? How barbaric... Whoops, this one won't work.
  15. Did you verify MD5 checksum of image-file after you downloaded it? Do you have ignition module for PC-III?
  16. Wow, that's quite a ride! Wish I could be here. HAVE FUN!!!
  17. Interesting that exact same Ford and US-made Toyotas sold in foreign markets without CAFE requirements uses thicker oil... GM increased Corvette and Camaro oil to 0w-40 across board for all markets... What do they know behind scenes... hmm....
  18. A 2017 VFR800 engine is nowhere even close to same engine as 1998. You can't just use updated specs on older engines. Look at what happened to all those old cars with flat-tappets when API SL came out. Using those modern oils destroyed older engines quite quickly. BTW, look up boundary-layer V=0 effects. Need to understand how hydrodynamic wedge is created and what it does for lubrication... requires zero flow...
  19. Why? It's so much fun wringing out bike on track! I did 46 days @ track that season with 5 race-weekends! Heh, heh, previously I did 10-years of velodrome and road-racing and made it to Olympic trials in '92 for kilo. I'm good about physical health and staying fit! Rule I follow is 750-1000ml water/hr, 200 calories and 1/4 electrolyte tablet per hour. Went through 2-gals of Gatorade that day! 🙂 It was actually only 110F on that day, but temp-sensor out by front fork was also picking up track temps of +130F!
  20. Toasters are awesome tow vehicles!!!
  21. Straight out of 1998-2001 manual it says, "RECOMMENDED ENGINE OIL" and "Viscosity: 10W-40"" The 10w30 oil "may" be used if conditions are within range. That's up to 88F only. Most of track season at Thunderhill is 100F+, not even close!
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