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  1. I really appreciate all the help being offered. I think I would like to start with Genmars, being the easiest approach....if I can get some...thanks guys
  2. Thanks, I removed all the pics from my signature when I realized they were attached to all my posts, old guys can learn but a bit slower… LOL
  3. Looking for bar risers or helibars for 3rd gen VFR750F I'm new to the VFR bikes so I'm not sure what bars might fit from other generations. Any help appreciated Thanks
  4. Where do folks put their pics? I don’t see an obvious are to upload them.
  5. I noticed no clock, what are the other options I do have? I’m just learning about what I bought on a whim.
  6. I think so, not sure what I’m doing yet
  7. Pm sent yesterday, if you find something for me you’ll make my day thx
  8. Thanks please let me know what you come up with in your search
  9. Thanks very much for the tips… I’m looking forward to getting back home in a couple of weeks to delve into the bike.
  10. Hello all...this looks like a great forum. As an intro, I'm old and retired but I started riding at 16. My last ride was a Vstrom DL650A about 10 years ago. I recently got the itch to ride again so I started looking for something different. I found my 1990 VFR 750 which I plan to license collector status here is BC to save insurance costs. The bike is in great shape with 63000 KM which I understand is barely broken in. Currently it sits in my garage while I visit my 'kids' awaiting a Grandson so it may be a few weeks before I get started on the bike. I plan to change all the fluids, filters etc. then move on the a couple of things to improve my ride position...lower pegs and higher bars (I did mention I'm old). These I can't do until I get the collector status approved as the powers that be insist on 'stock' condition (that could prove a challenge as it has a Corbin seat so I may need to beg borrow a stock seat for a photo shot) I would appreciate knowing if there are any other Victoria area riders I could contact and I sure would like some suggestions on peg lowering and bar raising. I have had two rides so far and I love the bike so I look forward to ongoing discussions...Thanks PS: I will post a photo when I get home.
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