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  1. Great Info from all thanks, much easier to find the 5th gen stuff
  2. Interesting...so mirrors for the 98-01 VFR800 will fit, in that case the extenders I see online should also fit...or maybe better to just buy longer mirrors, I hear the Emco mirrors are longer. The extenders add 1", anyone know how much length an Emco mirror adds? THanks for that info on the year compatibility
  3. This may have been beaten to death over the years but I am new so please indulge me. I need to extend my mirrors on my 1990 750 and I am having difficulty finding extenders for bike year. Anyone know if other years mirrors are are a compatible fit? Or does anyone know where I might buy some extenders for the Gen3? Thanks for any assistance.
  4. Thank you kindly, I’ll watch for the package …Cheers
  5. I guess if you never saw the caps they are not needed for anything but aesthetic’s
  6. Look good, do you have the insert pieces? will they work without the centre inserts? I have never used these before so it’s all new to me.
  7. Great, I think that’s normal rise. I’m currently in Corning Ca headed for Palm Springs…you could ship there if we agree on a price. Easier than shipping to Canada. Do you have a pic? let me know and thanks…. Ian
  8. Finally after a month of waiting I got my collector plate for my 1990 750F Cheap insurance is here
  9. I really appreciate all the help being offered. I think I would like to start with Genmars, being the easiest approach....if I can get some...thanks guys
  10. Thanks, I removed all the pics from my signature when I realized they were attached to all my posts, old guys can learn but a bit slower… LOL
  11. Where do folks put their pics? I don’t see an obvious are to upload them.
  12. I noticed no clock, what are the other options I do have? I’m just learning about what I bought on a whim.
  13. I think so, not sure what I’m doing yet
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