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  1. I think you meant to say Ducati 848 rear wheel as 888's do not have single sided swing arms. No personal experience with RC36-2 single nut conversion. The only RC36-2 single nut conversion I've seen is on Intagram from Japan (https://www.instagram.com/p/CTHWb3xnjeN/) Don't know what he used, though judging from the size of the nut, looks like a Honda rear hub (https://www.instagram.com/p/BDImq_KEYl6/)
  2. passive interest as shipping and exchange rate will probably make it cost prohibited;-(
  3. Hi S, I'll share my experince, hopefully this will help you or others. First a Public Service Annoncement: 2 years ago @Dangeruss wrote an index on this thread. A+ work. 1) Presently Delkevic website is out of 42mm crush washers and have been since late summer when I tried to order a set. I've called them a few times but the phone was not answered. I also emailed a few times, again no answer. Have not reached out the them in a few months. The crush washers are available on Delkevic's eBay store for $37.99 each (not doing that). I think you'll have better luck finding 42mm crush washers on your side of the pond. Why 42mm crush washers over the stock 41mm? Note G from SF's Intro on the mega header build thread: "Significant improvement can be achieved over OEM gas flow through the exhaust port into the header primaries by using crush gaskets that do not intrude into the gas flow path when installed." Reading @MooseMoose install thread, you can see how much the stock 41mm gaskets block the exhaust flow. To install 42mm crush washers, I used a 32mm socket to press the washers in place, my sockets slightly < 42mm OD was a good fit to insert the crush washers into the exhaust port. A note from MooseMoose's installaion, "For some reason, TBR made their (front) pipes very narrow, and you have to somehow spread them out to get them into the ports. I mean SUPER narrow. Like, line one up with a port and the other one is only covering 1/3 of its port. I texted @sfdownhill and asked if this was normal. His response was that this was expected and that he found lining up those back pipes first and loosely slip fitting them helped to get these lined up." After a few thousand miles and subsequent heat cycles, I removed my headers to polish them. When I reinstalled them, the front pipes were not as narrow as they were when new, this made reinstallation easier. I did not remove the center stand for install. Just like you have to spread the front pipes for initial install, you can spread the header where it meets the center stand. 2) More info from SF's detail Intro: -header's collector exit tube will have a 51mm od [See Note c below] IMPORTANT - when having a slipon's midpipe expanded to fit this performance header, make certain the muffler shop expands it gradually in two or more small steps. Wade recommends drilling a relief hole at the muffler side ends of the midpipe's slots to distribute stress and reduce the possibility of tearing. Wade tested the viability of expanded slotted 304 stainless steel 18 gauge 2" od tubing by slotting a piece of 2" tubing while I was at his facility. He then expanded the slotted end of the tube in two steps to fit over the 51mm od collector exit pipe with no tearing at the slots. I had my Staintune expanded by a shop that's both an exhaust shop (MGR Mufflers) and motorcycle repair shop (Pro J's Cycles). The technician took multiple small steps, the end result was perfect! No drilling of relief hole was necessary. 3) I also had a Power Commander / Rapid Bike dilema. Found a few old threads here on VFRD dicussing the pros and cons. I noted a few questions and called Rapid Bike. Unfotnunatly the call did not go well. I must have called Y.T. on a bad day, after a few questions, he felt I would not be a good customer, would not be able to handle the installtion and hung up on me. I was disapointed and surprised as Y.T seemed friendly on his introductory thread. C’est la vie. My next question: PC5 with or without a 02 sensor? I have a '99 so by default no sensor. Understaing that the autotune functionality on a PC5 is not as robust as RB I opted to go bungless header and no sensor. I know I'm not getting the optimum performance by getting perfect A/F ratios but I'm not trying to build a supreme racebike where every little HP counts. This is just a bike to cruise around SF Bay with occasional trips to the Sierras. Inititially I used a new PC5 that the nice folks at Revzilla priced matched an obscure eBay seller then gave me a promo 20%. Though first I had to update the firmware on my PC5. I ran it with the Attack map and it was crazy, power wheelies in 2nd gear! Then I torched the PC5 when my Main Fuse B fused. I was lucky and found a used PC3 on ebay for a good price. I still have the PC3 and change between the Attack map and a map for a full Erion system I downloaded from VFRD. Eventually I'll get it tuned, but it runs fine and don't have access to a bike with autotune functionality to see what I'm missing out on. 4) No bungs, no sensors, no input here. 5) In the past, vfrheaders@gmail.com is what I used to communicate with the WiLD Development Team.
  4. The well nuts are perfect. @Duc2V4 reccommended them.
  5. Trim clip 90683-GAZ-00 was used on '98 / '99 bikes, on '00 /'01 bikes they used 90683-MBW-003. Not a big fan of GAZ clips, have not bought an aftermarket version. I have used MBW clones. This looks like a good substitude. You get 30 for $8.99. My favorite trim clip, they have a cleaner/tighter fit but that also makes them more of a challenge to install/remove. Don't forget well nuts. If you want to fall into the rabbit hole of clips and fasteners
  6. Thanks, regarding Mt Hamilton to Alices as a reminder, my Google Maps was on “Prefer fuel-efficient routes” from Hamilton to New Almaden. There may be better roads to take. Also, from Mt Umunhum to 9/35, I took Black Rd. which is a different riding experience than taking the sportier 9 from Los Gatos. After the GG Bridge visit, went to Super Duper Mill Valley and grab'd a burger. From there, The San Rafi / Richmond bridge. I don't like riding: Castro Ranch, Bear Creek, Alhambra Valley, Releiz Valley. My VFR's suspension not well suited for those roads. When I had a Super Tenere, it was a different story. I do run Wildcat/Grizzly/Skyline/Redwood a few times a week. https://goo.gl/maps/81Krj6MpnJBjhd247 Not the smoothest roads compared to what they have on the Peninsula or Hwy 1 in Marin/Sonoma but better than the roads around Briones.
  7. You can pencil me in. Morgan Territory is zero fun going down 49 mph on a bicycle . Though I'm ok going up with motorbike.
  8. * Intro Thanks to @RC1237V for the route from Starbucks Livermore to Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside, excellent ride! I broke my ride down to 6 stages and have Google Maps links for each stage with a short description. The original plan was for a few VFRD members and others I invited to come out and ride. Work and family obligations dwindled the group to me. Overview of the 260 Mile / 418 Km loop around the SF Bay. * Stage_01 Home to Starbucks Livermore (43 miles / 69.2 km) The day started late. I wanted to stick to the original group ride schedule and leave my house by 8:00a. I got sucked into MotoGP qualifying and left at 9:45a. My 5th Gen warming up. The ride from my house to Livermore is nice for the first 5 miles as you ride along the semi rural San Pablo Dam Road adjacent to San Pablo Reservoir. Though, you gotta be mindful of deer, coyotes, turkeys, skunks, possums and foxes that frequent the area. Once I get to Orinda and Hwy 24, it’s all freeway riding to lovely Livermore. * Stage_02 Starbucks Livermore to Alum Rock in San Jose (69.4 miles / 111.69 km) via Mt Hamilton ( elev 4,265′ / 1,300 meters) https://goo.gl/maps/FW53DAYYkgcQNdGM7 I was looking forward to a few sections of the day’s ride as they were new to me. The first section was Mines Rd from Livermore to The Junction. The majority of the curvy hillside road runs parallel to Arroyo Mocho. Sections of the road are just wide enough for 1 full sized American Pick Up truck and 1 motorcycle. Other than two trucks that appeared from a blind curve, I saw a few bicycles and no motorcycles on the road until the next stop. At The Junction Cafe parking lot, there were about a dozen motorbikes with the majority being KTM Adventure and BMW GS models. I went inside the cafe looking for a snack but they only had Lays Chips and burgers. Neither were appealing so back to the ride. Mines Rd. outside of Livermore to the base of Mt. Hamilton is a beautiful remote area. There are a few wineries early on Mines Rd, but soon you’re out in the sticks. And yes, there are mines out there and you can also go hunting for “deer, pig, and upland game”. Love me some upland game. It wasn't till I got closer to the eastern base of Mt. Hamilton that I stopped for a photo op at one of the many cattle ranches out there. Cows in shade, VFR in sun. One of many hairpins up and down Mt Hamilton. Work is required tossing your bike around Mt Hamilton. Great views up there but you have to focus on the road or else. * Stage_03 Alum Rock San Jose to Mount Umunhum (38.7 miles / 62.28 km) Mount Umunhum (3,489' / 1,063 meters) https://goo.gl/maps/xumnhLwajdT78TLx6 The ride from the Alum Rock to New Almaden was in San Jose’s suburbs. I keep my android phone in my pocket and rely on Google Maps unmuted for directions. Generally this works well except I forgot to disable “Prefer fuel-efficient routes”. Google Maps kept directing me to the most fuel-efficient route which took me away from the original route provided by @RC1237V. The next section of road I was looking forward to was Mt. Umunhum and it did not disappoint. You turn left off Hicks Rd and up you go to Mt Umunhum. The road was great! The pavement is generally smooth with limited loose gravel. Though not narrow, you have to watch for on-coming traffic as I ran into a few young men channeling their GTA skills (lack thereof) and folks not used to driving on tight winding roads. “Sierra Azul Parking Lot At Mount Umunhum Summit Area” * Stage_04 Mt. Umunhum to Hwy 39 / Hwy 9 Junction (29.5 miles / 47.48 km) https://goo.gl/maps/xHL3HibRGZK6mZ2f7 I rode Black Rd from Lexington Reservoir to Hwy 35 (Skyline) instead of taking Hwy 9 to 35. The detour was beautiful. A hairpin in the redwoods on Black Rd. While I was taking this picture, I saw motorbikes on the road for the first time: a large BMW touring bike followed by a VFR 1200. Another angle from the same spot on Black Rd. * Stage_05 Hwy 39 / Hwy 9 Junction to Alice's (13.7 miles / 22.04 km) https://goo.gl/maps/59CsdSnxAWRPqUe49 Skyline (Hwy 35) on the Peninsula (SF Bay) is very popular with the motorsport crew. On the north, the Skyline is bound by Hwy 92 in Redwood City. On the south by Hwy 17 40 miles later in Los Gatos. Skyline is a beautiful road that has access to other great roads to take you down to the coast. My short 13.7 mile trip was pleasant. For safety, I kept my speed within reason. Not on this trip, but in the past, I’ve seen cars and motorcycles fly on Skyline. The road surface is in great condition and the turns are for the most part sweepers compared to my local 60 mile out and back. By the time I arrived in the area, Alice’s Restaurant was super busy and decided to have lunch across the street at Skywood Trading Post. With the fog coming in from the Pacific, I had to get moving. I thought of riding the 57 miles home but the only way to end this ride report was to go via The Golden Gate Bridge and add another 13 miles. * Stage_06 Alice's to Golden Gate Bridge (Ft Point) (39.6 miles / 63.73 km) https://goo.gl/maps/PaX2GrnQC1CuNpiSA Without traffic, Google Maps says the 40 mile ride from Alice’s to Fort Point at the southern base of the Golden Gate Bridge is about an hour. With weekend traffic gridlock, this 8.5 mile stretch on Hwy 1 (19th Ave) can take an hour. The only way to handle this stretch, fold your mirrors back and lane split the route. The lights are well timed to the speed limit +5mph. If you can keep the pace, you can get through the gridlock in good time. On weekends and holidays, this area is full of people and traffic. I had to wait for a clear photo op. Note that on the right side of the picture you can see blue skies a few miles away in Tiburon. * Conclusion Great day of riding and thanks again to @RC1237V for the route. Next time, I’ll ride it counterclockwise!
  9. Welcome back, sorry to hear about your accident but good you hear you're still here and riding! I'm totally biased and think the 5th Gen is best bike ever and red is the best color. Regarding quickshifter info, I have little to offer. Years ago I looked at a PC5 with quick shifter but decided not something I needed. The latest PC6 also has a quickshift option. Regarding 5th Gen value, they're all over the place. I casually follow nationwide prices and availability via CycleTrader and Craigslist searches. So what's a fair offer? That bike with the damage on SF Craigslist would sell in 1-2 days for $2k, in 1-5 days for $3K and week(s) at ≥ $4K. Here's an example of dealer pricing. Though the bike you are looking at has very low miles, it will need some "differed maintenance". How much maintenance could be "change the fluids and ride it" or a refurb like this or this. At minimum hydraulic fluids should be replaced and the brake system especially the Secondary Master Cylinder (SMC) should be closely examined. In my experience old hydraulic fluid will turn into jelly. You'll also have to look at rectifier replacement along with checking and Ox-Garding all the connectors including Main Fuse B. The Cobin seat and Beetle Bags are value added and can be sold if you don't like them. No doubt someone on this list would pay $$ for them. Regarding Morgan, decades ago when I ran with the Vespa Club of SF, I met Bill Fink via a fellow Vespa Club member who was his Morgan mechanic. Occasionally I visited the Morgan shop on Pier 35 on the Embarcadero as I lived and worked nearby. In those days I knew a little about those cool looking cars. A few years ago I read Bill passed. I don't know what happened to his shop. There is a Morgan shop in Santa Monica that may help, though I know nothing about the shop. For market value look at Bring a Trailer in SF and Fantasy Junction in Emeryville. For maintenance look to the crew at Norman Racing Group in Berkeley. If they can't fix it , very likely they can point you in the right direction. Hope that 5th Gen with a quick shifter works out and the needed info for the Morgan is found. That last pic looks like Devils Slide.
  10. You may have a different set of obstacles but this install on a 5th Gen should give you a general idea. On my 5th Gen, I did not remove the center stand.
  11. Awesome story, lots of good points. Congrats on 100K! How many miles do you think your bike will last? Does your son still ride?
  12. There may be a map that can work for your scoot in the VFRD Download section. Though as mentioned in a recent thread, You can try different maps and get different results and find one that works well on your bike. But the general consensus is, get your bike dialed in by a trusted reputable dyno shop. There's a shop in Martinez/Pacheco, BRG Racing, that the former editor of CityBike recommended. They are not cheap nor touchy-feely. Good luck.
  13. California Targets Loud Exhaust with Sound-Activated Camera Enforcement "The bill specifies six undisclosed cities throughout California to take part in this experimental program." Maybe Seal Beach will be part of the pilot program and is sending a warning.
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