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  1. Update: discounted group buy is now closed.
  2. Agree with MBrane - Sounds like air in the system to me.
  3. Stray

    "Rote Sau"

    Nice bike - hope you enjoy it! By by the way that is a 6th gen, not 5th gen. Looks gorgeous.
  4. For our UK brethren, Bikespeed are doing Pilot 5 pairs at £235 here: http://www.bikespeeduk.com/tyres-tubes/michelin-tyres/road-5/road-5-pairs/cat_352.html
  5. Stray


    Very cool - hope you enjoyed the UK. Bikes are meant to be ridden, even rare and beautiful works of art. Nothing sadder than a museum piece. I’m glad you ride that beauty!
  6. Nice work straightening your pedal. I did an off road experience day once and the guys running it used MaxSwell’s close ended spanner/wrench trick many times on the levers of downed MX bikes. Never saw a single one snap.
  7. Can you run the engine at the required rpm and push the rubber boots down into the plugs just to see if it’s a problem with poor contact? Plugs shouldn’t fall out the boot like that. Are all the headers getting hot at the same time? A slightly colder one might pinpoint the problem. Im really hoping your new plugs do the trick. Stray
  8. Hello All, Anyone know what the top fork/clamp/clipon diameter is on a 7th gen VFR? Hoping they are 50mm so the clipons will fit my 5th gen fork conversion. That’ll also add 40hp, of course! All help greatfully received. Stray
  9. Stray


    What a BEAUTY!
  10. What makes the GT version different? Is it just a harder strip in the middle or a stiffer carcass? As as far as weight goes the 7th gen is only slightly heavier than the 800s. Maybe we should all be using the GTs? I really wish manufacturers would clarify this a bit more. If you’re on a huge touring bus like the Pan European, or a lightweight rapier like the CBR600RR it is clear which side of the fence you’re on. If you’re on a heavy middleweight like the VFR it gets trickier.
  11. I think FJ12Ryder is on to something. If it was plugs you’d have vibrations from the moment you fitted them. Sounds like it only started after your go kart track session? How many miles and when did you last check valve clearances? My inline four rumbles like a b@stard if the valves need adjustment.
  12. Hello Samuelx, Website says good for 1998-2015 so should be OK. Just an old box or old label I guess... Did you ask Marc about this? I can’t imagine Honda made any sudden changes to that part of the engine after leaving it the same for 20 years!
  13. Hello All, Looks like interest in the Lextek group buy has gone badly south. There are only have two names on the list of willing buyers. On Tuesday I will ring Jeff and give him the final tally so we can put this thing to bed. If anyone else is interested in a very well-priced replacement header please get in touch with your contact details ASAP. Hopefully Jeff will honour the original discount but no guarantees as it has been so long and we are significantly below the number of units requested. Best, Stray
  14. Also true. I “win” arguments with my wife at huge cost.
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