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  1. I’m really tempted darn-it: your encouragement is making it worse! Will need some pretty heavy modification to make things fit right. I’ll look into it next weekend when family leaves me in peace. Need to decide on a tail fairing. Maybe some sort of endurance racer thingy. No idea what would match. Feels like a big project is about to begin...
  2. So I’ve trial fitted the VF500 fairings on my 5th gen...and I like it! is it just me or this a good look? Am I crazy to think it’s worth building a retro 5th gen with these? The whole thing will shift back and down one more inch but it’s uncanny how the casings line up with the cutouts... Serioysly, am I mad to say this looks good? Nothing wrong with my 5th gen fairings but I do like this retro vibe! Stray
  3. There’s a great thread on here about fitting the Ducati hub and wheel to a VFR. Well worth reading. Swap looks fantastic when complete and saves a bunch of weight!
  4. I know this is an old thread but system should be a straight swap. how did you get on?
  5. Assholes. Really sorry this happened to you, mate. The pics link doesn’t work on my phone. Would be useful to keep an eye out on eBay or similar sites for the one-off parts. My neighbour tracked a bike thief through Facebook. Might be worth a try?
  6. Thanks for the help, chaps. I think Dutchy and jeremy62 have nailed the nose cone and side fairings. Jeremy62, thanks for the help with the tail. I couldn’t find a blue tail on any of the online photos of VF500s. Don’t the Bel-Ray bits form part of the tail fairing under the seat? By the way Dutchy, that bike of yours is pure gorgeous. Good eye with your camera too! FromMaine, thanks for your input. Looks like the fully faired version wasn’t released in the US (how odd?). All the panels have OEM markings on the inside so I know they’re genuine Honda. The
  7. Nice work getting the old girl looking glamorous again, Dangeruss. She’s a peach! And I love the Aprilia gearchange mod. Might prove useful to those with bigger feet, or who just want a more instant shift.
  8. Hello All, A set of fairings have landed in my possession and I just wanted to pin down what they are. I threw them on my 5th gen for a trial fit so don’t let that fool you. Previous owner is adamant they’re off a VF1000, but I’m almost certain they’re not. So I asked the previous-previous owner who thinks they’re off a 400cc machine. I’m not convinced although the VF400 Integra might be close. Odds are it’s a VF500 although I’ve not seen that EXACT paint scheme on a 500 and the paint looks factory (except the Bel-Ray
  9. Nice work Hondatech and one hell of a first post!
  10. Ranger, were you the first to do the swap? Awesome mod!
  11. Thank you Grum - that’s brilliant! Same as coolant flow: right to left.
  12. Out of interest, does anyone know which way round the oil flows on a VFR 800? Does it flow into the right side of the cooler (throttle side), or into the left (clutch side)? Also, does anyone know how much air gets trapped in the cooler? I’ve been reading about air hampering a cooler’s effectiveness if the fittings are at the bottom. Fittings on the top help fight this but pain in the arse to drain oil for a service. Got a 5 row RC51 cooler on my 5th gen and it works fine. Was wondering if part of it was full of air. Made a different mounting bracket to centralise
  13. I’m really keen to see what Tyga come up with. Have seen a few custom left exit 5th gen systems so it’s doable. Some splayed 8th gen style front headers would be great for front mount radiators. Whats the progress report, please? Stray
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