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  1. I’m really keen to see what Tyga come up with. Have seen a few custom left exit 5th gen systems so it’s doable. Some splayed 8th gen style front headers would be great for front mount radiators. Whats the progress report, please? Stray
  2. Gorgeous - no other words!
  3. Stray

    96 Streetfighter

    Wow Seb - that’s AWESOME! Love the exhaust.
  4. This is SUCH a cool project!
  5. I really like that - awesome! The tail is where old old and new bikes differ most. Your VFR looks bang up to date now! I’d love to see the faces of folk trying to work out what bike this is at your local cafe!
  6. Does anyone know of this new header fits the RC45? Technically the architecture is same but I believe the cam chain is in a different place (so maybe exhaust ports are too far out of alignment to match. I know HighSideNZ (Phil) fitted an RC45 header to his 5th gen engine but the archived thread mentions lots of welding and bending. Stray
  7. Stray

    2000 VFR800 Build

    Beezo500, you’ve made more progress in one day than I did in a year. Credit to you and good luck with your build!
  8. SOMETIMES a good hard thrashing up and down the motorway with a good fuel system cleaner can do it. Sometimes... Trick is to warm up the carbs so the cleaner can do its thing. Passages are too narrow for the cleaner to penetrate when cold. Warming with a hairdryer softens the gunk and opens things up a bit. Tapping with a plastic screwdriver handle also helps dislodge gunk. If you're lucky it might work. Then run a few tanks of premium through them. Always use premium before storing - it waxed up much less than regular. Otherwise clear your schedule for a few hours! Best, Stray
  9. Stray


    Very cool - hope you enjoyed the UK. Bikes are meant to be ridden, even rare and beautiful works of art. Nothing sadder than a museum piece. I’m glad you ride that beauty!
  10. Stray


    What a BEAUTY!
  11. Hello All, Looks like interest in the Lextek group buy has gone badly south. There are only have two names on the list of willing buyers. On Tuesday I will ring Jeff and give him the final tally so we can put this thing to bed. If anyone else is interested in a very well-priced replacement header please get in touch with your contact details ASAP. Hopefully Jeff will honour the original discount but no guarantees as it has been so long and we are significantly below the number of units requested. Best, Stray
  12. Captain 80’s, that’s some AWESOME work right there!
  13. Lance, you and DucV4 are SMASHING it! Thanks for the effort you’re putting into this. Stray
  14. You've nailed it Mohawk - it’s a very good value replacement that makes 5th gen catless power in stainless. It’s also better than the existing offerings from Motad/SBS/Delk...and cheaper! Youre not not going to win any GPs with this system (your TBR is optimised for that) but it’s a good replacement. Good point re comparison but I don’t think anyone can really argue the Lextek loses any power against the catless 5th gen. Yes, torque figures and before-after comparison are missing but the power curve is nice and flat. See notes below regarding torque. Agree. Jeff went to a 3rd choice dyno to get this done because it was dragging on and he wanted to put this to bed. Unfortunately that dyno didn’t provide torque values. On the the other hand I seem to recall the group saying the Lextek merge pattern is optimised for torque instead of top-end power (correct me if this is wrong?) so we should be fine there. VFROZ, didn’t someone post earlier that the Lextek merges are optimised for torque rather than top-end power? Voided76, don’t bigger diameter pipes make power at the top and lose torque at the bottom? If the concern is that the primaries are too narrow (and I accept they are narrower than the TBR header) then how are they, “making More power until later more than likely”? I suspect the narrower primaries IMPROVE torque lower down, no? The Lextek top end power is a known quantity but torque and midrange shouldn’t suffer with these primary sizes (same as catless 5th gen, I believe?). Good point but I fear Jeff is done with this now. This saga has worn him out and I can’t see him going to any further efforts. He runs a very busy exhaust business and frankly has bigger fish to fry. We could always pick one up and do our own dyno testing. Anyone want a good cheap header? I know lots of us are hooked on the TBR project in the US and I am among those. But the expense and performance aren’t for everyone. I’ve seen decent VFRs sell for less than £1000 on eBay (probably cheaper in the US?) so installing a system that costs £1000 (after shipping and taxes) doesn’t make sense for everyone. Thats where the Lextek comes in. Thanks to everyone for their input - let’s keep the discussion lively. I’ve learned more about exhausts on this thread than anywhere else. If I got any of the theory wrong please let me know. Every day is a learning day. Stray
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