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  1. I really like that - awesome! The tail is where old old and new bikes differ most. Your VFR looks bang up to date now! I’d love to see the faces of folk trying to work out what bike this is at your local cafe!
  2. I’ve fitted a ZX6R front using those All Balls conversion kits - works just fine. I had my steering stem pressed out, shortened and reinserted as it was too long. Needed to cut a groove for circling too. All of it can be done with hand tools except for pressing the stem out. It took 20tonnes of pressure to budge it! Steering stops are not not a big deal. Many ways to get that sorted after fitment. One point to note - VFR has really long fork distance from stem nut. Newer sports bikes have a smaller distance so forks are closer to the rider than standard VFR. Your 675 clipons will also be lower. Lower and closer clipons will foul the tank easily if you don’t get your steering stops sorted. One easy solution is to fit superbike bars and risers which puts your bars wherever you want. This solution also gives you back a bit of the fork (where the clipons would bolt) so you can drop that through the top clamp and gain back some fork length. Just some ideas. Stray
  3. Does anyone know of this new header fits the RC45? Technically the architecture is same but I believe the cam chain is in a different place (so maybe exhaust ports are too far out of alignment to match. I know HighSideNZ (Phil) fitted an RC45 header to his 5th gen engine but the archived thread mentions lots of welding and bending. Stray
  4. Marvelicious is right: 5.1 has 9 friction plates. 7 identical in the middle and two different ones outside. Buzzner is also right - 8 steel plates for 5.1 gen. Also lots of different parts form 5.2, 6th and 8th gen. That’s 17 plates all together for 5.1 gen. 5.2, 6th and 8th gen appear to have 15 plates all together (please correct me if wrong?). Toro said the 6th gen had a better clutch for his supercharger but not sure if that’s down to stiffer springs? Theoretically the higher number of plates on 5.1 gen should be better. Not sure it really matters either way as VFRs don’t make the sort of power to overwhelm a gearbox. Apparently BMW S1000RRs are tearing chunks out of their gearboxes...scrap after 30k miles!
  5. Wow man - glad it didn’t hit you! Can you cut out the damaged part and get a patch welded onto your collector? Might save you some money.
  6. That fact has had me spinning for months. Aftermarket clutch disc suppliers often list the same item for 5.1, 5.2 and 6th gen bikes. Some offer different part numbers. Not sure what to make of this. I think they changed more than the clutch springs as basket has different part number (if memory serves?). Different number of discs too (again, if memory serves?). I’ve often wondered if a 6th/8th gen clutch can just be dropped into a 5th gen.
  7. You guys are ON IT - good stuff! My initial motivation for softer pull is the 100 pound clutch springs that are going in the race bike (5th gen). It will be both heavy on the clutch AND a bit jumpy with her bigger rear sprocket. That means I’ll need a softer pull and better modulation to stop the rear stepping out from a clutch dump. Basically longer travel let’s you feed in the clutch gradually as traction allows. I’m very much a feel rider and use the clutch a lot. The second motivation was to help the VFR community set up some sort of “master-and-slave-swap” (sounds a bit like an 80’s porno!). Trouble is I’m no expert and learning as this develops. I’ve already learned heaps from you guys on this post. If I’m right: 5th gen guys could benefit from a 6th gen slave. 6th gen guys could benefit from a 5th gen master. Not sure of 3rd, 4th and 8th gen ratios but let’s get the whole party involved! 6th gen guys have the advantage as VFR slaves are crazy cheap on eBay right now! Masters are crazy expensive though... Personally I’m torn between a bigger slave (Oberon) or a smaller master as you suggest. I like the idea of a radial master because that gives even more mechanical advantage over the slave. Not worried about retaining the coffin box look - function is king on a race machine. Some of those radial Ducati masters are looking very tempting.
  8. Here’s a chart showing ratios for master vs slave cylinders. Found it in the Aprillia forum, about 1/2 way down: https://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?311989-Master-Cylinders-A-Comparison-of-Appropriate-Application/page2 It’s designed for brakes but principle is exactly the same.
  9. If it only happens after 10 minutes then you want to look at two things: 1. Are your carb floats set too low or is there fuel starvation of sorts? Is the filter gummed up? That might take about 10 mins to manifest as the fuel supply slowly decreases 2. Is it something to do with thermal expansion once the engine has warmed up? For instance check if the exhaust isn’t properly seated on the heads or if your intakes have gaps etc. Some issues only manifest when engine is warm as gaps are still snug when cold Any other symptoms? Does it run better on choke? Does it run ok at WOT on the motorway? Does it smoke? Leaking fuel? Is there a distinct noise when this happens? A smell?
  10. Marvelicious, we might be into something here. If your 6th gen master plays well with your 5th gen slave then all of us can have the perfect clutch! 5th gen clutch if famously soft with long travel. Some people like that and others don’t. Lots of 6th gen guys say their clutches are too abrupt like a switch. 6th gen master with 5th gen slave might be the perfect middle ground. One caveat: Apparently the Firehawk guys have the same stock setup as 5th gen and they rave about the Oberon mod.
  11. Ignore the LCD and go for a ride anyway.
  12. Marvelicious, you’re a LEGEND - thanks for this! EDIT: unfortunately none of the above have the same style slave as our bikes. Mounting holes and configuration all wrong. Marcelicious is still a legend, though... I’ve since discovered ST1100 slave is 34mm if anyone’s interested. Stray
  13. Yes John, I was recommended to a mechanic nearby who is touted as a welding wiz. Of course in his defence it is a hollow tube being welded to a solid lump, as Zarquon spelled out. Not easy to do properly.
  14. Didn’t know Oberon makes two sizes for Honda - thought it was just the 38mm? Yes, the clutch slaves look remarkably alike. Even the sprocket cover looks identical between 5th and 6th gen. Thats why I posted here thinking 6th gen guys could use 5th gen slave for softer clutch. And to ask if there is anything bigger than 35.6mm to make my 5th gen clutch even softer. Does anyone know? Stray
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