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  1. I like maple syrup but it’s too runny. Golden has a thick, oozy consistency and depth of flavour that’s hard to match. Love a bit of banana with this. Also helps keep the peanut butter from sticking to the roof of your mouth. Bacon and Nutella is a combo I’ve got to try. Having said that, half a tub of Nutella has been known to disappear in one sitting at my house. Lucky MD drools because of food. With me, it’s down to nodding off from old age...
  2. What a fantastic video, Magneto. That old bloke looks so chilled I don’t think he’s ever rushed for anything I his life. Bet he’s never gone faster than a trot! I’ve not had sorghum syrup but looks to be made the same way as golden syrup. Gots ta get me some of that gooood eating!!!
  3. Thanks for chatting earlier, sfdownhill. Please put me down for a 8th gen system on the next run. Could even be persuaded by a 5th/6th gen system if needs be although would much prefer 8th. Best, Stray
  4. Could be fuel starvation. Have you tested the pump? Try a gravity fed tank with a hose straight to carbs. If it runs fine like that you’ve found the issue. I use an old dishwashing soap bottle with a length of old fuel hose. Must have a breather to let fuel pour out smoothly. Speaking of breathers, make sure your breathers on the tank are clear. If blocked then only a bit of fuel will pour out until the vacuum is too strong. To test, just open the fuel cap and run like that. If it doesn’t cut out then you’ve found your problem. If it’s been sat for a long time the
  5. I see your PBJ and raise you... Peanut butter, golden syrup (has to be Tate & Lyle) and Marmite. On lightly toasted white bread. Generous portions on all ingredients - don’t even think about the calories. From the first bite you will have IRREFUTABLE proof that God exists. Cheap smooth peanut butter (the full-fat version) is better than any posh pretender. It puts its arms around you in a way that the health food varieties never could. Pure...unadulterated...indulgence. This is right up there with a PROPER bacon sarnie for instant satisfact
  6. Welcome aboard, Magneto. You’re going to like it here! Cracking bike by the way.
  7. Today I trial fitted a new Honda seal inside out (with the lip facing outwards) just to test the compressive fit. Well it’s tight but does go in. If all else fails I’m guessing the seal could be installed inside out with the lip cut off and some 3 bond, no? Is there a reason it should be fitted one way rather than the other? It shouldn’t come to that as the seal will slide in nicely with the lip removed but I’m curious. I’m fact it might even be good to leave the lip on to give the 3bond something to hold into? EDIT: scratch the backwards seal idea. Press
  8. I’m with Magneto - rubber mallet/dead blow hammer in the garage. Never had cause to lift the tank on the street but if I did there’d be some scrap of wood or similar about. I do love your ingenuity though, TT. Simplicity and elegance in design are hard to achieve at the same time. You’ve achieved them both with your Tank Prop Rod!
  9. Thanks for clarifying the part numbers Dangeruss - I missed the detail. Good shout on the bevel, Danno. I was going to use a Stanley blade to cut off the lip. Do you recommend a better way? How did you grind yours?
  10. Thanks Dangeruss. Unless I’m wrong I think that’s the same part number as the 5th gen. Thanks Captain. You’ve been immensely helpful with this. That seal has the same design as the 5th gen - has a protruding lip. I suspect the main n difference is it is 0.2mm shallower (no big deal) but the lip puts me right back to square 1. Got a piston ring compressor on order plus new seal (delayed for some reason) and will do some experimenting when they arrive. Frankly I don’t expect that to work but it merits a try. Failing that, I’ll follow Captain 80’s and Magneto’s advice
  11. Gents, do you really think it’s worth splitting the cases (which is effectively a full disassembly and reassembly job) just to replace one seal? The words “regret” and “can of worms” come to mind. What on earth was I thinking by removing it in the first place?
  12. Thanks for the replies, chaps. Sounds like you’re right: it’s not a press-in seal and needs to be installed as part of a case-split rebuild. Might follow captain 80’s advice and trim the lip off and apply some Honda bond (3 bond?). Failing that, find a slightly smaller seal... This explains why I couldn’t find any instructions, neither in the Haynes nor in the Honda Service Manual. Why on earth did I decide to replace this part as “preventative maintenance“? Talk about stupid!
  13. So I had a spare 5th gen sprocket cover in the shed and fancied tickling it with the angle grinder. Just for fun... Was going to remove just a bit of material but the grinder got away from me a few times and I ended up taking away more-and-more. There’s not much of it left. In the world of ball gowns this one’s a g-string! Took some material off the back end too. Was going to cut out the marked triangles but decided the chain oil spatter wasn’t worth it. It’s really light compared to the original sprocket cover. Must be wort
  14. So I’m slowly (VERY slowly) updating an engine on the bench (build thread to follow!) and have run into a problem fitting a new countershaft oil seal. It won’t bl00dy fit! Old seal needed drilling, couple of screws inserted and pulling. I’m talking vein-popping, red-faced and swearing type pulling! Old seal next to new one. In fact it was a very strong seal and I really regret trying to replace it. Should have left the b@stard thing alone! Anyway, I bought a new seal and it didn’t quite fit. The pushrod and shif
  15. I make abs paste with bits of abs dissolved in acetone (leave overnight until it’s like toothpaste) and it works a charm. Bond is as strong as the parent material. Best to stitch broken pieces together with a soldering iron first. Also a good idea to use pieces from the parent part just in case you’ve got two different varieties of abs. I’ve never had a problem using scrap but it never hurts to be careful. Acetone melts abs but it takes some time. Overnight is ideal. Dries with micro pinholes on the surface so ideally sand it to finish. Great fir building up weak parts.
  16. I’m really tempted darn-it: your encouragement is making it worse! Will need some pretty heavy modification to make things fit right. I’ll look into it next weekend when family leaves me in peace. Need to decide on a tail fairing. Maybe some sort of endurance racer thingy. No idea what would match. Feels like a big project is about to begin...
  17. So I’ve trial fitted the VF500 fairings on my 5th gen...and I like it! is it just me or this a good look? Am I crazy to think it’s worth building a retro 5th gen with these? The whole thing will shift back and down one more inch but it’s uncanny how the casings line up with the cutouts... Serioysly, am I mad to say this looks good? Nothing wrong with my 5th gen fairings but I do like this retro vibe! Stray
  18. There’s a great thread on here about fitting the Ducati hub and wheel to a VFR. Well worth reading. Swap looks fantastic when complete and saves a bunch of weight!
  19. I know this is an old thread but system should be a straight swap. how did you get on?
  20. Assholes. Really sorry this happened to you, mate. The pics link doesn’t work on my phone. Would be useful to keep an eye out on eBay or similar sites for the one-off parts. My neighbour tracked a bike thief through Facebook. Might be worth a try?
  21. Thanks for the help, chaps. I think Dutchy and jeremy62 have nailed the nose cone and side fairings. Jeremy62, thanks for the help with the tail. I couldn’t find a blue tail on any of the online photos of VF500s. Don’t the Bel-Ray bits form part of the tail fairing under the seat? By the way Dutchy, that bike of yours is pure gorgeous. Good eye with your camera too! FromMaine, thanks for your input. Looks like the fully faired version wasn’t released in the US (how odd?). All the panels have OEM markings on the inside so I know they’re genuine Honda. The
  22. Nice work getting the old girl looking glamorous again, Dangeruss. She’s a peach! And I love the Aprilia gearchange mod. Might prove useful to those with bigger feet, or who just want a more instant shift.
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