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  1. 13:1 won't net you any extra go, I run mine at 14.2:1 now, works a treat & gets good mileage to boot 👍
  2. Yes Larry BST 5 spoke 👍 The problem with weights is where it is. The alloy/mag wheels have most of it in the rim. The carbons have most of it in the hub, so a 1lb difference is much more than it may first appear.
  3. 800 front is 5Kg with bearings only & rear is 6Kg BST Carbon RC45 wheels are Front 2.5Kg with bearings, & Ti disc bolts & rear is 3Kg 👍😀
  4. Another thing to check is that the vacuum hosescare attached to the airbox stub holders ! Easy to forget & causes a vacuum leak. Are there any Fi light or codes ?
  5. You can buy injectors, just not for the VFR. It used the same ones as some honda civic & cr-v models, as well as Suzuki Early Hiyabusa's. As far as I know, the injectors & fuel regulator are NLA for the VFR.
  6. Sweet ride 😎 excellent workmanship. Well done you sir 👍
  7. IIRC all the 750's have iron cylinders & Honda do list over size pistons. So it is possible to overbore or hone to next oversize. Downside is the integrated cylinders mean you have to strip the whole engine to do the work. Replacement engine would be most cost effective unless you can do the spannering & as its in bits do a full refurb job. YMMV
  8. Re 5th gen differential vacuum & 6th gen equal Vacuum. its all to do with the headers length NOTHING else. If you look at the right side of both bikes with the riders leg heat shield removed, you can see that on a 5th gen #1 cylinder header is the rear most of the C shaped headers that run down & under the right foot rest. With #3 cylinder header being the forward one. You can easily see that #1 is significantly longer. On the 6th gen Honda fixed this by making #1 & 3 headers swap over & thus #1 header is the forward one. This also explains why the 6th g
  9. So HighsideNZ has a 5th gen engine in 6th gen frame, with a 74mm bigbore & all of my mods for 140hp. I have a lightweight 5th gen circa 205Kg wet, with 120hp. I'd like to do more to it, but time & money always arrive independently ☹️ I never seem to have both at the same time. Happy modding 👍
  10. Thanks for the tips & kind comments. Will see how it goes in a weeks time. Cheers
  11. For those who have followed my VFR saga over the last 11 years, wIll be very familiar with my highly modified Y2K model. Headline figures are 118rwhp, 35Kg lighter than stock. Carbon wheels, lots of Titanium nuts+bolts, screws, axles etc. Full info on request. I'm considering selling it, so thought I'd gauge if there is any interest at sensible money. To give an idea of cost to get to this point its cost me approximately £6500 (circa US$8500) . No good reason for sale, I just don't use it much so could use the cash for other projects. PM me if interested.
  12. All VFR’s may have left the factory like that but not all are like that now. I made & fitted a heat shield between the rear headers & shock on mine & the left side NACA duct directs cool air at the shock. Never experienced fade in my Nitron remote reservoir shock 🙂
  13. The Pair system has NO effect at idle, it is only activated during overrun when you shut the throttle.
  14. Rear cylinders on all V4's run richer because they run hotter than the front bank due to less air flow over the rear bank.
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