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  1. When you removed the sprocket cover did you clamp the clutch slave cylinder to stop it coming out too far? If not then it may be beyond its normal operation range you may have to remove it and the reseat it.
  2. If its been sitting for a few years, I'd suspect the injectors are gummed up. Unfortunately to pull them you need to take the throttle bodies off the engine. You can run them with a hose with brake cleaner in it & I use a small tyre compressor to pressurise the hose a few psi. Then use a couple of insulated wires from a 12v battery to cycle the injector on/off with a tap on the connectors. I've brought a few gummed up injectors back doing this. Or you can pull them & send them for cleaning.
  3. Looks bent in to me, has it been down on right side ?
  4. Simple job, remove the wax unit, connect the wax unit hoses together or replace on the crankcase/thermostat with blanking caps or a one piece hose. The get a choke cable stay, which I think is part #5 here https://www.fowlersparts.co.uk/parts/5064765/vfr800fiw-1998-cm/throttle-body-component-parts Simple part to make from a bit of 2mm steel angle with a couple of holes to match the wax unit mount holes & a hole for the cable end sleeve with a slot in it. The later models have a blank plate on the left switch cluster, so you can either source a choke lever or just buy a secondhand left switch unit with the choke lever like I did. Then a piece of universal cable with a fixed end nipple to suit the lever end & a clamp nipple. Route & cut the outer to length to fit. Now insert inner attach to lever, pull through the slack & pass through the starter valve lever point where the wax unit was connected & use the clamp on nipple to allow the inner to pull the starter valve enrichment lever. Job done. Pic of wax unit below.
  5. If you replace the ducati carrier with an Afam, JT or Renthal 5 bobbin Quick Change carrier, then Afam do a 520 45 tooth light weight steel sprocket for the 916, which I have paired with a 16T Yamaha R1 (15-16) 520 Rental light weight sprocket (309V-520-16P). They use the same output shaft splines as VFR800 ! Who knew 🤔 They may well do same for 6 bobbin carriers for 848/1098/1099 panigale etc
  6. If you reduce the gaps around the radiator it reduces the bypass flow. Like everything it always takes the path of least resistance, so at low speed the air bypasses if it can. At higher speeds the pressure differential is bigger & the volume of air greater so it passes through the rad core. When I was having cooling issues a few years back I added additional deflectors in front of the rad vents on the fairing to create a bigger pressure differential sooner. It worked but then I discovered my rads were furred up inside. Do a good clean & all back to normal 👍
  7. Looking good MD. @BiKenG Ken when will yours look like this ?
  8. Do you Ride with ball of the feet on the pegs, or flat foot ? Try it bikes are so much more responsive when your feet are in touch & it changes the angle of contact & lifts some weight too.
  9. Some Kawasaki's only have a bearing shoulder on one side of the wheel. As above you fit that side, then put spacer in the wheel, then fit the other bearing until it meets the spacer. First time I saw one I thought the wheel was broken. As to knocking out bearings if you don't have a puller, the spacer normally can be moved to one side to allow access to the outer bearing shell to drift it out.
  10. Sign of the times. For 20 years salaries have been static & real jobs have declined replaced with zero hours contracts & no security. The value of all western currencies has halved in those same 20 years. Thus what cost 5K in whatever your currency is, now costs 10K 😳 But your pay packet still says you only have 5K disposable income ☹️ And so they try to make machines that will sell using the cash people have to play with. Two cylinders cost half as much to make and maintain. 8 valves V 16 valves, half as many cam lobes to grind etc etc. Most of the other parts have gotten cheaper over time, so they can still bring a bike is around the 10K price point. They could make what people claim they want, but how many would drop 25K on a sport tourer 🤔 Let me guess, nah not worth it.
  11. The only way the yokes can be out of line with the wheel spindle is if the fork leg is bent. Support the bike so forks are fully extended with tyre just touching the ground. Loosen all yoke bolts & wheel spindle. Give everything a wiggle & rotate the chrome stanchions, feel for any offsetting which would indicate a bent tube. Tighten wheel spindle & check alignment, if still off then something is bent.
  12. Hi Larry, so how often do you run Mr RC45 for a good hard heat cycle then stop & drain the oil immediately? I'll start the guessing at never. Warm verses Hot ? Hot oil drains immediately & hot shell bearings do not like losing their heat soak. Refill engine with new oil & at first crank you have no oil in the pump, so first few revs are with no oil pressure & very little residual oil if any. Why risk that ? Any way each to their own 👍
  13. Not sure about a straight swap, but if the are the same diameter then generally you can slot them straight in. Just check mudguard(fender) fits, discs are the same diameter so your calipers fit. That said, if going to the effort, if the bikes a keeper, get an 8th Gen frontend instead, or any number of other donor bikes. Better suspension, better brakes, whats not to love 👍
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