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  1. If you need a replacement system then predator exhausts in the UK do a single silencer full stainless system. I had one on my 86 model. Made 59HP on the dyno with 56K/miles on the clock 👍
  2. I can't see any wear in those pics. The apparent gap looks to be wrong but does not show wear. May be a moulding error. The brake pad should not move front to rear, only up/down inline with the disc rotation direction. If it moved as per the supposed wear then the pad would be contacting the disc bobbins & you would have wear on the disc all the way to its inner diameter. Show a pic of the inside of the right disc.
  3. Hi Mohawk, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. Not worth it on 5th Gen. I fitted the RBR with the intention of using it. With 98Ron fuel, it will only take a maximum of 3 degrees before pre-ignition, with 95Ron only 2 degrees. And all of that below 6Krpm. Honda took the timing from the RC45 at the end of its production & they had it pretty much spot on.
  5. UK gov has changed annual vehicle tax rates 2 years ago for the same reason. Were low emission petrol cars were free, they are now £155pa ($205), only zero emission vehicles are free now. They just dropped the EV grant from £2500 to £1500 the other day. And hilariously reduced the minimum vehicle price from £35K to £32K, I'd love to know what universe they are living in. If you can afford a £35K car you don't need a grant. And if you look at the history of gov grants here, what cost £20K yesterday & then a £5K grant was introduced, then tomorrow it cost £25K 🤔 Never mind buy fuel & enjoy the ride until ya can't no more. UK has sales of approx 47BIllion Litres of petrol/diesel per year. Or 258Million (UK) 40gallon drums. The chart 1.3 on page 3 here shows how much transport consumes Last time I checked (a few years ago) 93% of oil production was used for transport. And 97% of transport was liquid fuelled. The chart 1.3 showing everything above transport is basically gas & electrical consumption. To replace all that liquid fuelled transport would require a doubling of UK electrical generation capacity & we are struggling to keep the lights on now. 😩 Oh and we want to reduce emissions 😗
  6. EV's are not expensive to charge, much cheaper than liquid fuels. The link here says approx £16 for 280mile range https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k76UKn1ZwqpTzoav7QbglgaiaZBkvhywOWqc88dWJHU/htmlview So for the same range my diesel car costs more than twice that, based on UK fuel costs (which are extortionate). But the car cost just over half what a Tesla would. That's a lot of litres ! The problem is there is NOT enough electrical generating capacity in any country to allow conversion of the whole ICE fleet to electric. And currently most public charge points only support 4-10 vehicles, so of they are all full when you arrive you may have to wait an hour BEFORE you start charging. How do you plan that into your trip ? Battery swapping is an answer, much better than sh!t cheap chargers especially in USA based electric networks where 110v is often less than the battery voltages, thus requiring step up transformers to increase voltage which reduces amps available to charge the battery at home. And reduces charging efficiency.
  7. Gel seats are a gimmick IMHO, they do not address the major seat comfort issues, which are usually the seat is to Soft (unsupportive) or to Hard causes pressure points. Gel does not really address either & they are not permeable so cause your butt to sweat. Soft is usually because the foam or its coating are too soft & don't provide support. I fitted a leather seat cover to my 5th gen over the top of the vinyl to avoid water ingress into the seat foam. This improved the weight distribution across the seat & has been great since. My Versys-X 300 is on its 5th seat & still not great. I tried a gel insert, but was no better than the stock seat which is atrocious. Every butt is different, what works for one will be a pain for another. FYI I'm 6'1" 15.5st with a 34" leg.
  8. Without some serious $ this would never fly. Using the CBR rod would mean the piston would reach TDC 3mm below deck height adding over 15cc to the VFR combustion chamber volume, which would reduce CR to approx 8.25/1. So a longer rod would be required. I didn't even factor in the additional head gasket volume from the larger bore. From my calculations the stock combustion chamber volume including the head gasket volume is 18.42cc (swept volume + head volume / head volume) Stock CR is 11.6/1.
  9. Nah its great I suggested it many years before it was allowed. But I wanted the teams to have variable aero, not an overtaking aid controlled by race control. F1 has run its course nothing new coming out of it from 20years. And the leaving director, just announced that they can't go all electric until after 2050 because they gave that guarantee to Formula-E !
  10. So just had a look at battery life for LifePO4 batteries. Based on a perfect charging routine & 75% average discharge. You should get between 4-8K charge cycles, dependant on battery temperature. So if that holds true & your battery has 150mile range to 75% discharge state. Then driven that far every day for 10years the battery should be good for over 500K/miles. So battery longevity should not be a concern, as that is 50-66% more miles than most ICE vehicles cover. The real problem is the charging infrastructure required to replace the fleet. If I meet another EV geek that says "my Tesla can get 80% in 20minutes on a fast charger" I'll enlighten them that I can get my ICE car from 0-100% in less than 5 minutes & it cost HALF what your Tesla does & goes twice as far on a full tank. When you next pull off to charge & find the few charge points occupied, how will that hour wait feel ? 😩
  11. I think you will find a combination of factors coming together over time. Like the current surge in secondhand prices due to the lack of sales of new vehicles over the last 2 years to back fill the losses from scrapped vehicles. Prices for secondhand ICE bikes will increase once the sale of new ones is banned. They will stay in demand for as long as fuel is available at reasonable cost. This explains the proposed bans on modifying your own property. By killing the aftermarket then keeping ICE bikes running will become much harder. Personally I'm convinced the whole global warming scam is political cover for peak oil. If they told the public oil was running out there would be panic, so saving the planet makes them feel good. The only way to increase economic activity if killing off oil, is to stage its replacement. Agreed a load of companies are lined up to fleece you. When electric cars are cheaper to make than ICE, why are they LOTS more expensive ? Hmmmm ? Just call be an old conspiracist but the whole thing smells of the Bildeburger's Global plan to keep themselves rich. The world will soon return to surfdom.
  12. There is NO need to go to hard wiring if you update the reg-rectifier. the problem is the stock RR failing cooks the wiring. My stock one died 10 years ago after 11 years of use. The original connectors to the alternator were fine. So I replaced it with a Mosfet based RR & every winter since I have checked the connectors & they are still in the same condition. If you are worried about the connectors then just replace them with some high amp ones for lipo battery packs. Just my 2cents
  13. Just remember you need a spacer between the frame & the rear cowl to stop the bolt breaking the cowl plastics. Those slots above the bolt are for the Honda spacer or the rear seat hump cover.
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