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  1. I did a CoP swap on another bike & it worked great for about 5 miles, then lost power & stopped. Strangely diagnosing the fault, showed good spark, fuel & compression. In frustration I swapped back to the original coils & the fault went away. The reason I tell this story is to show what appears to be correct may not be. So on the basis that everything else appears normal, I'd be inclined to follow the ignition system/ecu. If all parts tested OK by swapping then the fault must lie in the control signal system. Intermittent firing stinks of poor electrical co
  2. IIRC Honda released Cd figures for the 5th gen, because it was much better than the 4th gen. 6th gen was a step backwards in Cd I believe. From what I remember from aerodynamics study, the frontal area (compression drag) of an object is the low side of the drag equation. Thus regardless of shape frontal area drag is the same. Except for where air hits multiple times. So cars have low frontal resistance. They also have relatively stable sides & a clean ish flow front to rear. Plus being longer helps flow control. Low pressure drag is the larger part
  3. Yes, they both operate on a % duty cycle change value. So +X value in one is similar to the other.
  4. Well RB can claim whatever they like. I had my 5th gen running PC3 with custom dyno tune before RB install. I ran it for 500 miles on narrow band and it was nowhere near as good as the custom tune. So I bought a wideband AFR sensor & fitted that to the dash temporarily. I used it to modify the cells where it was out of whack. It got much better very quickly. Would have been better if I'd had a logger. Took it for a dyno run & it was still off a bit. Fitted an MTB & it was much better, next dyno run was much better. YMMV
  5. I assume you rebalanced the starter valves or carbs if you changed the exhaust ?
  6. The problem with the lambda sensor tuning is its fixed for 14.7 AFR lean running state. It only sends rich or lean not actual AFR values. Thus it can correct areas that are rich or lean but not set a specific target AFR you may desire. The wideband sensor MTB allows you to set a target AFR & it will auto tune to that target.
  7. I did put together a how too on this for a DIY replacement a few years ago. Good to see someone has stepped up 👍
  8. Make a shield for the shock & use a blow torch to heat the lower pipe socket & wiggle at the same time. Try not to burn anything else.
  9. I have a set of Chinese generic wavy ones. They have been on for a few years done a couple of euro tours & two trackdays. No discernible wear, no vibration & really good braking with EBC HH pads in my CBR929 caliper. I can even do stoppies, usually not intended. 👍
  10. The ones on mine were stiff when I first got it. Came apart OK, so I lubed them with engine oil on reassembly. Been apart a few times since & lubed each time on reassembly, now they are quite soft. If you take a look on the tube, there are videos on how to soften rubber parts that have hardened with age & heat.
  11. Racebolt UK do a couple of full Ti engine bolt kits. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-VFR800-98-2009-Titanium-Socket-Cap-Engine-Bolt-Kit-/303933918551?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Either the cap heads above or with hex heads drilled for lock wiring.
  12. I'm now convinced you all have broken right wrists. I couldn't get 50mpg out of my 5th gen if it was on a trailer 😂 Ride it like ya stole it 😁👍
  13. IAT is Intake Air Temperature sensor. It is used to adjust the fuelling based on air temp. So a bit richer in cold air & a bit leaner in warm air. The 6th gen runs fairly lean. So without checking the manual I'd suggest it defaults to a richer AFR when IAT is AWOL. Thus lean surging is reduced.
  14. Well it could be worse, latest noise from an unthinking Police State supporter. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/antisocial-riding/ Re bananas & other NOT straight produce. Brits campaigned to Stop EU setting minimum size & straightness for Bananas & other crops. To allow some of our ex territories to continue selling produce to EU & not throw perfectly edible fruits away because it was not to a prescribed size or shape.
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