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  1. Superb 👍🏻😎😁
  2. **Update** shocks in and stainless exhaust is on .... 😎🤩🦆
  3. Bolts out... however mangled ... how do i now remove the rear headers. The gaskets are tough to get off... 2nd pic is the issue
  4. Its off wohhoo now to get the bolt out...
  5. I have pair plates to fit as well... any advice on them? They have a thread on here describing what to do.
  6. Does it work? Will give it a go. The swap over of the rear shock is also my plan. Seen a post on this forum to pop one in replacing the oem one 😊
  7. Wow.. the pics are awesome.. damn that bikes clean and neat. Have you done the O2 sensor thing or left your o2 sensors in?
  8. Think a k&n filter and a power commander is next... the powercommanders expensive?
  9. Having a blue vfr year 2000 myself.. they are awesome and clearly the fastest colour. 👍🏻🤘🏻🦆
  10. Im north west uk. Its the most awkward of positions to get at. Im partish way through the nut at the minute with a dremel tool, But the cold has reduced me to waiting till the snow subsides. I have so many things to do on this bike over the winter weeks ( swap oem shock for a vfr1200 shock with a shim, do the o2 sensor trick with 330 ohm resistors. Full stainless exhaust with develick end can. Pair valve block off..). All slowed down because of a nut and bolt 🤣. 🦆
  11. I am on with that. Its one hell of an awkward nut and bolt to get off. New ones ordered. So cold lay on the floor of a non heated garage trying to cut the nut off... 😫🦆
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