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  1. Its off wohhoo now to get the bolt out...
  2. I have pair plates to fit as well... any advice on them? They have a thread on here describing what to do.
  3. Does it work? Will give it a go. The swap over of the rear shock is also my plan. Seen a post on this forum to pop one in replacing the oem one 😊
  4. Wow.. the pics are awesome.. damn that bikes clean and neat. Have you done the O2 sensor thing or left your o2 sensors in?
  5. Think a k&n filter and a power commander is next... the powercommanders expensive?
  6. Having a blue vfr year 2000 myself.. they are awesome and clearly the fastest colour. 👍🏻🤘🏻🦆
  7. Im north west uk. Its the most awkward of positions to get at. Im partish way through the nut at the minute with a dremel tool, But the cold has reduced me to waiting till the snow subsides. I have so many things to do on this bike over the winter weeks ( swap oem shock for a vfr1200 shock with a shim, do the o2 sensor trick with 330 ohm resistors. Full stainless exhaust with develick end can. Pair valve block off..). All slowed down because of a nut and bolt 🤣. 🦆
  8. I am on with that. Its one hell of an awkward nut and bolt to get off. New ones ordered. So cold lay on the floor of a non heated garage trying to cut the nut off... 😫🦆
  9. Can anyone help.. pics if you have them. I am removing the oem exhaust to replace it with stainless full exhaust. I cannot get at the bolt/nut holding the cataltic convertor to the frame. I do now know how to get at it. Im am lay under the bike puzzled how to get enough force to remove these so the exhautst can be taken off. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. No adapter needed , just a shim to give the loat mm's.. im trying a 6mm but others have used 4mm
  11. Trying to get the oem exhaust off. Struggling getting at the bolt/nut connecting the catalytic convertor to the frame
  12. Work took over. I still need to take off the OEM headers. However i need to release the mounting on the cat. Its an ongoing project. But will keep the forum updated.
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