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  1. They are condensation drain holes and supposed to be there. Nothing to see here , move along please.
  2. I know it was a pig to get out but that doesn't look anywhere near as bad as I thought it would look like. Should clean up a treat.
  3. That protector is probably the worst kind. It will trash your tank. Grit will get underneath it and scuff it beyond repair. Whats worse is that being so large you won't find another one bigger to cover up the damage. Ask me how I know.
  4. Give Graham @ image works a shout. He can make you any decal you want. I have used him many times. If you are going to repaint , Honda painted their bikes then put the decals on . I would paint , put decals on then clear lacquer over the top . Much better and longer lasting finish . http://www.bike-stickers.com/homepage.htm
  5. His name is Dean Bowley. You will find him on Facebook or Messenger. He is a member of the Honda VFR owners club tm UK on Facebook . As a reference his post code is CF53EX. Tell him I sent you .
  6. I think service history is so important. I get the fact that I am buying a bike and its 2021 and some will argue who cares if it was serviced back in 2002 , it is how it is now that matters. However I like to be able to se that everything was done when it should have been done and no one skimped on anything.
  7. I used Hammerite smooth silver. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hammerite-5084894-HAM6700043-250ml-Metal/dp/B001GU4DEC
  8. I am not doubting you , but I have never heard of this and feel its all very strange that's for sure. Perhaps any engineers on here can enlighten us ?
  9. I would say It took me a week , taking my time , not rushing anything , doing it between work and family commitments. Having done it before I kind of knew what to expect and which bits I was going to have to change. If you were to work 10 hours a day and had all the parts I would say 3 full days should do it, assuming you don't run into any issues. I had 1 broken bolt to drill out and a bar end that took over 2 hours to get out because someone had used a load of threadlock on it . Everything else went fairly straight forward.
  10. This is a link to their website and for the record I am in no way connected at all . https://www.blackwidowexhausts.co.uk/vfr800f-vfr-800-1998-2003-rc46-exhaust-collector-downpipes-228-p.asp
  11. I am not arguing here but I have never heard /experienced that . An engine wont run because of a random exhaust port configurations. I am not an engineer , but until someone can 100 % prove to me that you can stop an engine from running because you joined the exhaust header pipes of cylinders 2 & 3 + 1 & 4 together instead of 1 & 3 + 2 & 4 I am not accepting this. You join corresponding cylinders to each other, so that after 1 fires its gasses leaving the header help scavenge the gasses of the next one to fire. I get that an engine might run crap if you just randomly connect cylinders together but I have never heard of it stopping an engine from running. On a side note, i have the 5 th gen Black Widow headers and exhaust and I have only good things to say about it . Regards, Nat.
  12. Best you do us a nice video so we can see and hear it .
  13. Hi, There are 2 places I got the Ti fasteners from . 1. https://titanclassics.com/honda-parts/ 2. https://www.racefasteners.co.uk/ Please remember with Ti bolts to reduce the quoted torque values by 20% . Ti does NOT stretch like steel / stainless steel so they don't need to be as tight.
  14. Windcreen wise , 1 is a powerbronze , the other is an airflow ( never heard of them ). I have ordered another powerbronze one to fit so both will be the same. i have found that powerbronze fit the best . I even have one on my 8 th gen bike. Those Ti fasteners are not that expensive, relatively speaking. Some are a little more than the Honda items, a couple are less and yes the brake pad pins are £11 each but they make a big difference. If you polish the Honda items they tarnish / rust really quickly. I don't intend on selling the bikes for a long time . In the mean time I shall ride them . I think these bikes are so cheap , I am buying as many as I can ( wife permitting because of space ) and I fix them up, make them as good as I can make them and in years to come people will want to buy them . Currently buying these bikes between £2000-£3000 which I think is unbelievable value for money but they have to be right to begin with . By the time I am finished with them , given most have had a new exhaust/rear shock and a full going over / other essentials you can generalize spending £1k on each bike to get it absolutely perfect. I think people would easily pay that and more for one if I went to market . VFR's are plentiful, but most are in a terrible state with big mileages . Id like to have half a dozen at least. One thing is funny. Red ones were everywhere . When I started buying them I wanted a blue one and could never find one. Now I want a red one, all I can find are blue ones.
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