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  1. Hello , The rubber mirror base is still available . As for the mirrors , you can get after market mirrors that are exactly the same for a fraction of the price. Like this , on ebay £20.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-Mirror-Honda-VFR800-Fi-1999-2001-Right-Hand-Replica-Black-/302834842284?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=CjwKCAjwvMqDBhB8EiwA2iSmPHzH3ql6wuIaAY4Z7K8_QD6_2Br4q56I1jrK-3CRu4TBRUqbDonY_BoCztsQAvD_BwE Thus order the genuine rubber baseS , 2 aftermarket mir
  2. I AM IN THE UK / ENGLAND so this is for my fellow residents. I am looking for a mint 800 Fi. ( 5 th Generation ) Must be Low mileage , all books, both keys, old mot's, service history with invoices. Must be completely original or any modifications must be 100% reversible , like end cans or levers . Bodywork must be perfect, no cracks, repairs , stickers covering scratches or anything that has been painted . Oil cooler lines need to be rust free and no rotten collector boxes . Obviously if you have the right bike that needs cooler lines or a complete exhaust system if its pric
  3. I guess I am going to have to live with it. The Honda Akrapovic does not have a removeable baffle.
  4. I like my 8 th gen vfr , but I think it sounds absolutely shit . I have 2 5th gen vfr's , one with a full ss black widow system and it sounds absolutely glorious and the other one is a standard system with a viper end can and that sounds really good too . They sound great on cold start up , a bit V8 and at idle it has a nice rumble and the sound is unique and very pleasing. My friend has a 6 th gen with twin leo's and it sounds very V8 on start up and sounds really good on idle . My 8 th gen has the Honda Akrap[ovic and I think it sounds really shit. In fact I haven't h
  5. No you won't..........................white wheel fan here too.
  6. I am just thinking aloud , and its probably not what you want to hear and I agree with the previous advice given. What you will end up is a bitsa bike ( bits of this , bits of that ) and the sum of its parts will have cost a lot more than the sum of the finished article. I looked at doing this once and I also looked at paining a 5 th gen in RC 30 colours . With regards to the RC30 conversion , the cost of genuine RC30 parts were so brutal , and I would need so many that in the end the cost of buying said parts, fitting , modifying , paying for professional help , time , blood sweat and
  7. I believe the ECU is able to adjust in this case. Once run in and with a few miles under its belt I will dyno it and see what its doing / making and if there are any gains to be had.
  8. No its not loud at all and being an official Honda part you can't remove the baffle. You won't upset anyone with it. Allegedly it gives you a few more bhp but the main gain is weight. It is much lighter. It will also still let the panniers fit if you have them . There are some good deals around as well . Original list price was £895 for the Akrapivic alone if I remember correctly. I got an Akrapovic , rear hugger & a quick shifter for £600 + postage . My friend just bought a new Crossrunner and they offered him the same kit for £700 fitted . I think dealers are clearing stock o
  9. I had a look at the rear brake. I think its a case of needing more bedding in and perhaps another bleed. I will bed them in the old fashioned way when it stops raining. Today I fitted helicopter tape to the tank and a tank protector over the top of that. I think I will remove the quick shifter. I haven't really got on with it and I am a little concerned about the long term effect it might have on the gearbox.
  10. Back in January, when it dawned on me there would be no more VFR's made , I bought one . A good deal was done and I did go for many accessories. I always wanted a red one, so Victory red it was. I went for the Akrapovic exhaust, hugger, quick shifter , panniers and a Powerbronze double bubble screen. Having covered 165 miles so far since last Friday. Its still between 3-6C here and it feels it . Having 2 5 th Gen VFR's , its all fairly familiar. Everything fell to hand and the seating position is a little bit sportier. Other than the horn and the indicators being swapped roun
  11. +1 ON THE YSS REAR SHOCK. I have one and its excellent quality and fit.
  12. I have a Viper end can on my 99 VFR and it goes very well . I also have a full black widow system and I don't know where these rumors of poor quality come from I can tell you 100% they are great and the quality is very good in my opinion . Plenty available on Ebay , all brand new. Delkevic, Black widow , MIVV, Scorpion , gpr , Ixil etc etc
  13. I looked on Royal Mail website. Large letter size , up to 750 gms , £17.00 , insured and delivery in 5-7 working days. https://www.royalmail.com/price-finder Hope it helps.
  14. I am not arguing, but it can't be roughly £44 to send an A4 sized envelope to Auckland. It certainly doesn't take image works 3 months to produce them either. The only reproduction decals you can't get are the HECS , but they are still available from Honda.
  15. I have used image works many times . Great graphics and not expensive. http://www.bike-stickers.com/homepage.htm I am sure they can help . Regards, Nat.
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