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  1. His name is Dean Bowley. You will find him on Facebook or Messenger. He is a member of the Honda VFR owners club tm UK on Facebook . As a reference his post code is CF53EX. Tell him I sent you .
  2. I think service history is so important. I get the fact that I am buying a bike and its 2021 and some will argue who cares if it was serviced back in 2002 , it is how it is now that matters. However I like to be able to se that everything was done when it should have been done and no one skimped on anything.
  3. I used Hammerite smooth silver. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hammerite-5084894-HAM6700043-250ml-Metal/dp/B001GU4DEC
  4. I am not doubting you , but I have never heard of this and feel its all very strange that's for sure. Perhaps any engineers on here can enlighten us ?
  5. I would say It took me a week , taking my time , not rushing anything , doing it between work and family commitments. Having done it before I kind of knew what to expect and which bits I was going to have to change. If you were to work 10 hours a day and had all the parts I would say 3 full days should do it, assuming you don't run into any issues. I had 1 broken bolt to drill out and a bar end that took over 2 hours to get out because someone had used a load of threadlock on it . Everything else went fairly straight forward.
  6. This is a link to their website and for the record I am in no way connected at all . https://www.blackwidowexhausts.co.uk/vfr800f-vfr-800-1998-2003-rc46-exhaust-collector-downpipes-228-p.asp
  7. I am not arguing here but I have never heard /experienced that . An engine wont run because of a random exhaust port configurations. I am not an engineer , but until someone can 100 % prove to me that you can stop an engine from running because you joined the exhaust header pipes of cylinders 2 & 3 + 1 & 4 together instead of 1 & 3 + 2 & 4 I am not accepting this. You join corresponding cylinders to each other, so that after 1 fires its gasses leaving the header help scavenge the gasses of the next one to fire. I get that an engine might
  8. Best you do us a nice video so we can see and hear it .
  9. Hi, There are 2 places I got the Ti fasteners from . 1. https://titanclassics.com/honda-parts/ 2. https://www.racefasteners.co.uk/ Please remember with Ti bolts to reduce the quoted torque values by 20% . Ti does NOT stretch like steel / stainless steel so they don't need to be as tight.
  10. Windcreen wise , 1 is a powerbronze , the other is an airflow ( never heard of them ). I have ordered another powerbronze one to fit so both will be the same. i have found that powerbronze fit the best . I even have one on my 8 th gen bike. Those Ti fasteners are not that expensive, relatively speaking. Some are a little more than the Honda items, a couple are less and yes the brake pad pins are £11 each but they make a big difference. If you polish the Honda items they tarnish / rust really quickly. I don't intend on selling the bikes for a long time . In the me
  11. I completely agree with you . Thing is , I have more than 2 and I keep looking for more. Can't hide the banana .
  12. I keep telling my wife its the same bike. I have got away with it so far.
  13. The oil pipes are made by a man in Wales. He only makes 5 th gen oil cooler lines . Made in 316 stainless steel and stainless braided hose. Each set is test fitted to a spare vfr he has. They are £140 for the pair . He would appreciate you sending back the the old engine ends from your old ones as those are cleaned and reused to make new lines. They fit very nicely .
  14. I do like a project . Not done a gen 3 .
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