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  1. Hi guys, Just got home from Clayton. I found the greatest little restaurant with a motorcycle theme! The Rusty Cycle. Food is wonderful and prices reasonable. Thought y'all might like to check it out.
  2. The RWB is a GORGEOUS bike! I've always liked those. I had a white '06. Went through three stators/RRs in 70k miles. Was seeing signs of another outage imminent and some other electrical issues looming as well, so I traded it for the 2014 deluxe in white in 2014. What I like better about the 8th GEN: Narrower and a bit lighter (I'm not that big at 150lbs) so much easier to handle in the mountains. The little touches like the bronze finish on the wheels and heads really set it off. It just looks dead sexy with the new styling too. Smoother acceleration. Don't know about the electrical issues yet since I've only got 28k miles on it. Been riding my other bikes more. lol Heated grips stock are nice. What I DON'T like about the 8th GEN: LUGGAGE! The new luggage is too small to put helmets in the side cases. That's a non starter for me. I had to get the GIVI bags. They aren't nearly as nice looking as the OEM, but I really need the storage for commuting.
  3. I found the most awesome exhaust for the bike on YouTube. It looks like an 8th GEN, but no info with the video. I researched the exhaust and even messaged with the company (they're French), but they couldn't vouch for it fitting. Anybody have any experience with exhaust compatibility? Thanks! M
  4. GUILTY! Though I've pared down from 9 bikes. The stable got down to four after my Suzuki GSX-S750 got totaled. I locked it up on wet pavement. 😞 All I got was a broken little pinky and some gnarly bruises. lol Anyway, I just couldn't pass up a smokin' deal on another track bike last month, so I'm back to five. The new boy is a 2007 SV650. Ditched the handlebars for clipons and lots more mods yet to come..... Yea. It's an addiction! ROFL
  5. What part of Atlanta are you in? I'm on the North side near exit 12 McFarland PKWY off GA400.
  6. I've ridden it three times, once on each bike I've owned recently (SV650, 5h Gen VFR, and 8th Gen VFR). The key, I have found is to plan stops every 100 miles BEFORE you get tired. Once you're tired it takes longer to rest. Hope this is helpful to someone!
  7. This is the most KICK ASS exhaust I've seen. It's designed for the X model but here's a video of it fitted on an 8th Gen.
  8. I beg to differ! I quite enjoyed my Iron Butt Assn SS 1k back in October. Ran up to Grand Rapids Michigan from just north of Atlanta. The "official" part of the ride started at my cousin's in Jacksboro, TN and ended in Elizabethtown, KY. About 36 hours for the entire trip (from home and back home) 1,600+ mile trip and no issues with the stock seat.
  9. is a winter trip down to Callaway in the plannng stage?


  10. It was great to meet some fellow Interceptor enthusiasts! I look forward to riding with y'all soon .

  11. Blesk

    Fairings for sale

    Right side fairing and front cowl
  12. Blesk

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    Random pictures to share.
  13. Blesk


    SPIFFY!!! My kids and I found 14 differences between the two bikes. :beer:
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