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  1. Blesk

    Pilot Road 2 clearance

    WOAH! Where did you find that deal?!?! I usually switch up to touring tires in the winter.
  2. Blesk

    Dragon 1

    Nice pic! Definitely a keeper!
  3. Blesk

    Pilot Road 2 clearance

    I just checked the date code- 4319! Less than a year old. Apparently they're still making them for sale here in the US of A!
  4. First, what year/ gen are you talking about? My 2014 has a weird issue where the gear indicator stops showing what gear I'm in and just shows - - . At that point it's also difficult to get the bike into gear. It usually resolves itself after a few miles with shifting up and down as i ride. Don't know if it's a related issue.
  5. PM for more info if interested. Metro ATL area.
  6. Anybody around ATL want anything? It's free shipping over $100 and I'm not gonna spend that much! Lol
  7. If you liked the PR2 and like to save $$ Cycle Gear had fronts for $116. They're out of rears, but I found those over on Bike Bandit. Their fronts were more expensive so I only bought the rears there. Don't know how many are left. I bought two sets! Lol FOR THOSE CONCERNED ABOUT BUYING "OLD" TIRES: I attended a workshop on tires and learned that with changes in the manufacturing process the coating on the tires changed. Tires are now good for "many years" if stored properly as long as the coating is intact. That is climate controlled, no extreme temps. I'm assuming reputable dealers take care of their stock.
  8. Hi guys! I'm guessing I'm not the only one who suddenly realized what they've been missing when HispanicSlammer's email arrived last week. After getting this week's newsletter I took the time to really dig in a bit and visit with y'all, so to speak. Lol DAMN! It's been way too long and I miss you guys! I'm down for a bit after some minor surgery a couple of weeks ago, but i'm itching to chat bikes and looking forward to planning some ride time! I'm in the process of relocating from one side of town to another here north of Atlanta (Alpharetta to Kennesaw). Please hit me up for a chat, coffee, whatever so er can plan some ride time in another month or so. Hope everyone has had the chance to enjoy the nice days we've had!
  9. AWESOME! Best of luck to you for a great cause! Wish I could hit at least one of those stops, but I'm just getting over some minor surgery so once I'm cleared to ride again in a few weeks it will only be short rides around North GA for a while.
  10. Ditto! Thanks for saying it so well and so concisely! I think there's probably a lot of us out here who feel there same.
  11. Hi Blesk, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. Seconded! I've been so caught up in "business" these last few years that I lost track of y'all. 😔 I'm so happy to be getting those newsletters to poke me and show me what I'm missing!
  13. GUILTY! Though I've pared down from 9 bikes. The stable got down to four after my Suzuki GSX-S750 got totaled. I locked it up on wet pavement. 😞 All I got was a broken little pinky and some gnarly bruises. lol Anyway, I just couldn't pass up a smokin' deal on another track bike last month, so I'm back to five. The new boy is a 2007 SV650. Ditched the handlebars for clipons and lots more mods yet to come..... Yea. It's an addiction! ROFL
  14. This is the most KICK ASS exhaust I've seen. It's designed for the X model but here's a video of it fitted on an 8th Gen.
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