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  1. Hotshoe1200

    New Corbin Seat

    Hi CodeRed! I love my Corbin. No problem at all with wear and it heats up quickly. One thing I'll mention is that it was difficult to latch at first, but after a month it settled in and now locks down easily. And the smuggler compartment is just the right size for a few things that I carry all the time, like a kickstand cookie, my registration, a comb, bottle of water, hat or visor. Not cheap, so if you can find a good deal on a used one, I'd jump on it. I think mine was about $1000. (It looks a bit different now that I've had my bike wrapped.)
  2. Hotshoe1200


    I confess...I'm not a key fob but I've always wanted to be.
  3. Hotshoe1200

    Other Motorcycles

    Other motorcycles I like or want to remember
  4. Hotshoe1200

    The First Avenger

    Just got my VFR wrapped!
  5. Hotshoe1200

    Hotshoe's Mods

    This may well be the last motorcycle I'll ever own and I want it to be special.
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