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  1. You'll be operating all three of the rear caliper pistons with the rear master cylinder rather than just the outer two. The middle was previously operated by the secondary master cylinder on the front left caliper, but now you're going to link all three rear pistons together.
  2. Hi TheLimey, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. They are really growing on me. Welcome back.
  4. Also, I believe the travel is different between VFR and F4i forks. From memory, the VFR is 109mm and the F4i forks are 120mm, so the VFR cartridge tubes must be used in the new frankenfork to prevent the front tire bottoming out on anything it shouldn't.
  5. Very nice. I take it these adaptors aren't compatible with 6th Gens?
  6. I just bought some Venhill lines from the US distributor, but you could probably get them shipped from the UK. https://www.venhill.co.uk/line/build/ The quality is top notch and I thought the prices were reasonable.
  7. Unless I'm mistaken, wouldn't -1/+2 make for a 15/45 gear ratio? Stock is 16/43 (at least on a 6th gen).
  8. https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/64515-MCW-D00 I believe it's #10 you're looking for.
  9. You sure I can't tempt you? I mean, it melted your little plastic doofer and everything. Five bucks and a packet of Cheetos, that's my final offer.
  10. Yeah, you're probably right; those headers are rubbish. I'll give you five bucks for them.
  11. That's invaluable information, Duc2V4. I guess I'll leave the two hoses on the shelf for now. I should have known something was up when they listed the kit for 2002-2014 VFR800s.
  12. Thanks, Mohawk. I'd previously downloaded the service manual and have been working largely from that very diagram. I've already got the two hoses you mentioned in place, so I know they're not them. I really appreciate the help, though.
  13. I've been putting my bike back together after a winter rebuild, and thought I'd treat the old girl to a set of AS3 silicone hoses. It's been a complete tear-down and so I haven't had the luxury of removing one hose at a time and replacing like for like. I've managed to find homes for all but two of the new hoses. For anybody familiar with the AS3 kit, or the 6th gen cooling system in general; could you please help me identify the remaining two? It looks like the shorter of the two is a good match for the return line from the FPR to the petrol tank, but something doesn't seem right about using silicone for a fuel hose and I'm sure it's just coincidence the length and bends are near identical.
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