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  1. TheLimey

    A nice pic I saw of the 07 RWB on the track

    I've never understood the appeal, either.
  2. TheLimey

    Replacement fork tubes

    Race Tech do TNK-branded ones at a mere US$191 each. I'm with Eggs on Leggs, though, if your stanctions are straight it has to be more cost effective to have them re-plated than replace them outright.
  3. TheLimey

    Brake Hose Options

    I was trying to avoid going the custom route since I figured an off-the-shelf kit for another bike would probably work out cheaper, but it looks like it might just be the easiest way to get exactly what I need.
  4. TheLimey

    Brake Hose Options

    Hey guys, I'm slowly gathering the parts to de-link my brakes and run the lowers from an F4i with some 954 calipers. I'm going to bastardise my existing VFR forks and will be stealing the stanchions and cartridge tubes to ensure the travel and overall length stays the same. I would like to run some braided hoses from the CBR600RR master cylinder I have in a race format (double banjo bolt with a separate line to each caliper) and wondered if anybody knew of an existing kit that would be an appropriate length? I was thinking of something else with a comparable fork length like a ZX-14R. Any ideas? Cheers, Luke
  5. ^what he said. Mine started behaving very erratically and I found it wasn't actually worn out, it had just been pushed on to the flat shaft a little too far and was slipping on the front sprocket bolt head that it drives off. Simply wiggling it down the shaft a little so it engaged with the sprocket bolt properly and normal service was resumed.
  6. TheLimey

    DMr shock preload help

    One of these makes life a lot easier: https://www.cyclegear.com/accessories/stockton-compact-spanner-wrench
  7. TheLimey

    A Shout Out for Pro Bolt Fasteners

    Definitely not made in China. It's what most of the BSB field and a healthy dose of the Irish road race boys use. Check out these guys, too: https://raceboltuk.com/product-category/motorcycle-kits/honda/vfr800-vtec-02-12/
  8. TheLimey

    Best phone mount ever!

    I've had my phone mounted like that for years. I stole the idea off somebody else on this forum. It's undoubtedly a great idea, but not a new one.
  9. Whatever he found ideal for his highly tuned, bored out race engine would most likely be horrendous on a stock VFR.
  10. TheLimey

    DMr F4i Shock Length

    Does anybody know the eye-to-eye length of a Daugherty F4i shock adapted for use on a 6th Gen? I know the OE VFR shock is around 317mm and an unmolested F4i shock is about 305mm. Is the DMr shock 12mm longer or more than that?
  11. TheLimey

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Seeing what Mike Norman and Tyga can do with the NC30/35s, I'd take them over Black Widow any day of the week.
  12. TheLimey

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Best of luck, Jim, but I fear this may have been another wild goose chase.
  13. Well, it was just a thought. You guys sound like you already have the design hammered out, it's just a case of getting somebody who can mass produce it. I thought it'd be enough for a manufacturer to have a stock system to work from, plus a detailed list of alterations but I guess it's altogether more complicated than that. Good luck with Tyga.
  14. Did anybody try M4? They're based in Dallas, Texas and I could provide my bike (6th Gen) for fitment if they needed it.

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