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  1. Hi people yes I was wondering if any one’s fitted a spy 5000m alarm system to a VFR 800 ? I’m trying to fit one to mine and because it has the HISS fitted I know this can be a bit of a deal so if anyone can shed some light on that much appreciated..
  2. Thanks Philois you have a nice collection of bikes dude and we share the same birth month too ..
  3. Hey thanks Philois nice one..
  4. Hi guys here are some photos of my Honda as promised still riding a 125cc for now though..
  5. Hey no worries Max I’ll get on that and sort some photos of my bike..still doing a few changes and mods..
  6. Hey Dutch hi there hope all’s good your end..👍🏼
  7. Hey thanks to you all for the welcome to this great Mc site have a few questions related to my Vfr 800 VTEC and it’s an alarm issue..
  8. Just wanted to say hi to you all on this forum heard some good reviews about this site.. so hi everyone..😎
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