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  1. Great pictures. Really enjoying my 6th Gen - but when the time comes to replace it with something newer I think an 8th Gen will be the bike that I'll choose to own until we're all forced to ride electric bikes. Particularly like the front end styling - could be mistaken for something Italian, but with Honda quality, reliability and longevity.
  2. Not really - but thanks for asking. Weather has been terrible in the UK for last couple of weeks - and we're still under lockdown for the next 10 days - so haven't ridden much. Irritatingly the last time I did ride the bike I didn't hear the noise. Have however familiarised myself with unplugging and reconnecting the solenoid - so next time it happens I can quickly disconnect it know if this is the issue.
  3. Thanks once again. Apologies for potentially dumb question - I'm aware that many choose to disable the flapper valve by blanking off the sensor tube. If I disable it by disconnecting the solenoid - will the flapper valve default to the open position ?
  4. Thanks. Have ridden the bike a few times since and the circumstances under which I hear this noise are now consistent and predictable. It happens when moving the throttle from closed to very slightly open either at idle or at very low revs either when stationary or trundling along in traffic. It doesn't happen when the bike is cold - only when it's warmed up sufficiently for the revs to drop to normal "warmed up" idle speed. I don't hear the noise when on the open road using more revs and bigger throttle openings and open road performance seems normal. I'm still undecided if the b
  5. Took my bike out for a quick ride to the shops last night (we're under another COVID lockdown in England, so took the opportunity to combine a quick ride with a trip to the supermarket for essentials). Bike ran fine on the 10 minute ride the the supermarket. Started the bike to ride back home and let it idle whilst putting my helmet and gloves on (I'd only been there 10 mins so bike still warm) - thought it was idling a bit slow and sounded a bit uneven, but it responded normally to a quick blip of the throttle so I thought nothing of it. Got on the bike and edged out o
  6. Sorry not to be more helpful. Not VFR specific but have seen broken springs cause dropped valves in car engines before. Goes without saying be aware of the risk of further damage to rings/con rod by running an engine that's trying to compress an incompressible liquid in one cylinder.
  7. So poor running deteriorating to the point the bike would only make power at revs when the vtec valves operating - and then a cylinder full of fuel Sounds like the non vtec exhaust valve on the affected cylinder not opening fully or at all for some reason.
  8. Thanks Skids - that's reassuring. I'm pretty sure that if there was a PC I'd have found it but nice to know that the bike apparently running O2 eliminators without any other obvious changes isn't cause for concern. Sounds like I've just got lucky and got one of the smoother ones. I live in London but often spend weekends in Dorset where my bike lives (don't ask, its' complicated!) - but if and when I bring it to London I'll take a run up the A1 and see when you think.
  9. Thanks - I like everything about it except the fugly Givi top box - but it's easily removable and does mean I can take the bike to the supermarket rather than the car !
  10. Thanks Chaps. I got quite familiar with my bike's electrics as a consequence of sorting out the charging problems and there's nothing that looks like a PC under the front fairings or seat - so unless it's tucked under the rear fairing somewhere, there isn't one. But the fact that it's got O2 eliminators and it rides so smoothly made me wonder. The install video is useful, thanks - I'll check if the additional plugs are present next time I have the fairings off and follow back any wires if I find. But hiding the PC somewhere you can't easy access it when there's a convenient place f
  11. Hi All - First Post. I've had my 2005 6th Gen since the beginning of the year. I haven't had a bike for 10 years or so prior to that, but always liked VFRs and was pleasantly surprised how affordable they've become. I'm loving my bike so far. I bought my bike from a private seller with 32,000 miles on the clock - bike is nice and clean and seems to be completely unmodified apart from R&G fairing protectors. I haven't ridden much until recently due to lock down, but have enjoyed working on the bike and getting it the way I want it. I inherited the previou
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