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  1. Have you looked at the parts diagram?
  2. OEM is no USB Theres a plug in power supply under the seat that I run my heated jacket through if you’re looking for an instant solution As you have a tour in mind I’d consider a new battery if it still has the original
  3. Rode through the bloody rain to an 8am MOT, it passed …. on reflection I should have worn my waterproof textile suit
  4. Just what I was thinking, judicious use of a hacksaw and dremel is worth trying Alternatively this might be useful https://www.rexs-speedshop.com/product-category/ignition-system/replacement-pick-ups/honda-pick-ups/
  5. This is a result of the traditional way of removing the bearing, knock it out and inevitably damage the seat More effect is using a Rawlbolt on the inner race and pull it out, also the cheap way of getting blind bearings out
  6. Now I’m going to have to go find it, this could take some time 641
  7. Loctite bearing fit will take up the slack Are using double lip sealed bearings?
  8. There’s usually some of them on eBay ….one of mine was cracked and did the same thing
  9. Careful with EBC clutch springs, I bought some and they were so heavy duty that I ended up taking them out
  10. The rectifier from the 1200 VFR is rated at 50A and there’s a few for sale on eBay etc
  11. At 11k it hasn’t had its first valve clearance check yet, not that it’ll make that much difference but one thing I noticed when I put a RapidBike fuelling unit on my 8th gen it made it run much smoother, evened out the VTEC transition and generally cleaned up the throttle response, which was pretty good before @16k you’re due the valve check, new plugs, air filter and the bike plugged into a Honda diagnostic unit, which should put the bike back in the condition it was originally sold in Using Esso Synergy 99 (which is 100% petrol) will also make a difference, it’s more expensive because there’s duty on 100% of it
  12. It sure is, I put a washer either side and a bolt through them and put the drill on it for a few seconds, part of my spring time routine now
  13. Brake judder - have you spun the buttons on the discs recently?
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