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  1. Thumbs

    16,000 mile service

    That was Fowlers in Bristol To me the dealer stamp and 100% confidence in the motor, which regularly sees the red line, was worth it
  2. Thumbs

    My first resto...

    If you're going as far as taking the swingarm out then it should be powder coated along with the fork lowers Rusty stanchions should be polished and replated, not worth leaving it Id do an oil change, look for debris in the oil, put a new battery in and fire it up Whats the recorded mileage?
  3. Thumbs

    Picture Thread

    All that luggage for a long weekend! I did 2 weeks from San Francisco to Seattle and back through the Yakima valley with a 10 & 20 Kriega tail packs
  4. Thumbs

    16,000 mile service

    That quote from the dealer for the 16,000 mile service includes new brake fluid and pads, clutch fluid, air filter, oil and filter change, full check over and computer check up PLUS the valve check Mine cost £720 in vat so you're not being ripped off, that included a loan bike with unlimited mileage
  5. Thumbs

    8th Gen Picture Thread

    The old station Tintern, next to the Wye
  6. Thumbs

    Anyone know who this is?

    If you can't see the obvious ..
  7. Thumbs

    Anyone know who this is?

    Good pic. ...ruined by a topbox hanging off the back
  8. I'd follow that burned out cable in the connector block first No that is not a normal bit of way join wires at Honda PS that is pink, look at the red on the other cables
  9. Simplest way to see if it's sucking is put your hand over the intake for cylinder #3 and turn the engine over
  10. Thumbs

    Viffer no more...

    The new, 2017 exhaust is Euro 5 compliant so free to sell until 2020 ....at least
  11. Thumbs

    Viffer no more...

    Agreed FSB, plus you only have to look at the build quality and sheer complexity to realise there's no way this was a profitable bike, I'd like to know what it cost Honda to build them
  12. The bolt should be easy enough, you have the other side to copy As for the plug, get some Polymorph low temperature plastic, you can mould that to shape and add ink/dye to colour it black Polymorph is available from eBay ....of course
  13. Thumbs

    Dynojet Power Commander V installed

    Translated .....fwiw Hello, I have looked at the standard injection maps of the power commander, and from my point of view (vfr 800 rc79 European), it is not clear to me that their values are all negative (poor mix), because with the anti-pollution regulations the ECU usually gives poor mixture (avoid hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and maintain a non-excessive operating temperature to avoid nitrogen oxide), (slow in combustion, however, the standard maps of the rapid bike give positive parameters, that is, rich mixture, we are contradicting, to all this to add, that according to behavior and structure of the engine, I think that from 2000 RPM to 7000RPM, we would not have to take gasoline or very little (excessive engine damage high temperatures), nor add more than 1% over the range of gasoline from 5000 rpm to 7000rpm (narrowing a single outlet valve burned gas, if you exceed in adding fuel the torque will be reduced), and with an ignition advance of a maximum of 2 degrees (since the compression ratio of the engine is high), taking into account that after 7000 the air intake, gasoline and gas outputs are doubled, so, it is not necessary to touch anything.
  14. Hi Thumbs, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  15. Thumbs

    Caliper Stretch Bolts?

    Pro-Bolt do a set of titanium bolts that look really good and don't need replacing at the OEM torque

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