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  1. CMSNL.com have that described as “cover, R pivot” if that helps
  2. I can see the slide stopping in the first video, what’s the second one showing? I washed the slides with Simple Green then rubbed the outside with a pencil to leave graphite as a lubricant
  3. If you haven't already done so you should contact Joe @v4dreams.com and get yourself some Viton carb gaskets and O rings .... the originals weren't made to deal with ethanol His site contains detailed photographic details about most things you're likely to encounter
  4. I’ve got a 1989 VFR750FK, the carbs on that are VDJOA 36mm diameter, float height on that is 9mm ....just checked that’s what yours should be too
  5. It’s running rich .....so did you check the float height and/or replace the float valve needles? Are the jets clear? The radiator should swing out the way to allow access to the front plugs
  6. Acetone is a solvent for the plastics so be very careful Wash clean with water or ISO
  7. Oh well....that’s out of the way .....
  8. 1 No petcock 2 Not on that model ....Honda do a simple plug and play outlet that fits under the seat 3 There’s several paddock stands available for single sided swingarm ...R&G for instance
  9. You could get away with a paint pen on the frame but the panels will look a mess The paint code will be on the bike, spray cans of Honda paint aren’t difficult to find This looks like your colour “Honda R342C Candy Prominence Red” https://www.colorrite.com/product/honda-r342c-candy-prominence-red-2286.cfm
  10. You need a look at V4dreams.com ..... Joe has several images of the carbs with the fuel and air pipes showing They have to come back towards between #1&3 to ensure the plenum chamber has enough clearance I’ve just had my RC24 carbs off for a rebuild with new Viton hoses and O rings, float valves, etc Here’s my carbs before
  11. Clymer do a full service manual for 86-97 V4’s including the 700 So do Haynes Both should be available, I got a Clymer off eBay for $4 delivered PS there’s both available on eBay now
  12. The other thing that can go clang when you put the pressure plate on is the bearing, it’s a loose fit and should be held in the pressure plate with Loctite bearing fit before it wears
  13. Apologies for the delay, first time out since early March
  14. A bald front tyre is going to give heavy steering
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