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  1. Gday boys and Girls (?) New to me 2011 VFR800 from a fastidious owner in Tassie with only 25k on the clock. I've posted here a little bit and already have a deposit on the WiLD headers before I even got it on a transporter last Thursday. I've had some much faster bikes and much slower bike and I gotta say this thing is an impressively balanced machine. Smooth as silk and fast enuff (well maybe needs another 20hp :-)). very nice predictable turn in and holds a stable line at decent lean angles but not too slow to turn in either despite its considerable weight.
  2. agreed!, my fault... Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
  3. I sent an email off to them I'll see what they say Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
  4. Cam regrind got me thinking and being a practical man I like the idea of the VTEC in the sense that you could get the second stage reground but still have low speed drivability. Although the transition may not be very nice. And also the added benefit of keeping the low speed fuel economy. this depends on the head room available with with Cam reprofiling. I have sent an email off to Elgin cams see what they have to say about it. And as with most of the replies I get from these kinds of companies they'll probably tell me it's not worth it and to bugger off. I always seem to find myself goi
  5. ahhh, so stock cams? interesting...and the 5th is probably lighter too? getting a second engine and working on that souns like a plan. Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
  6. yep you are right, I'll probably not go down that road unless I get a bee in my bonnet. I modify stuff just because I can, if it was a calculated thought process I probably wouldn't be riding bikes at all.
  7. sorry i am waaaay off topic Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
  8. sorry, I'm talking out my ass....I have not ridden one. just looked at the specs. and also the fuel consumption is apparently not great. but like I said , in that genre its one of the best looking bikes!
  9. challenge accepted! 🙂 150hp is needed to match the 1200 power to weight .... assuming a few pounds of weight loss, so yeah thats a tall order and sounds like supercharger territory, Im sure Ive seen 160hp dyno chart somewhere???? see, I had an aprilia rsv1000 and I spent a lot of time trying to make that thing comfortable. I decided to sell it and now I have a VFR (3 bikes later) For me at least, I like to modify things. best to start with a bike I really like to ride and mod it....it is MUCH more about the journey and having something unique. sure I can get a K12
  10. 140....I assume that's supercharged. if not then where do I sign!
  11. you sound like a like minded man! newy here, probably the luckiest place to be ... still filled with idiocy but hey at least i have a new vfr to be grateful for. she arrives today and man, sexy she is. might just ride it for a bit before i start hacking it up [emoji1] Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
  12. woohoo it just arrived!!! Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
  13. Probably not a great deal to be gained i Would assume? you aussie? where are you? Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
  14. oh right i thought it 5.5" damn oh well, i want to stick with 180. maybe weigh with tire on and minus quoted weight of tire? Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
  15. Seriously been toying with this.....we'll see. Sent from my ASUS_I01WD using Tapatalk
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