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  1. Theoretically the under-tail exhaust "should" have positive effect by giving the bike a tail! so maybe that makes up for its inferior aerodynamics. I remember this being talked about on the mc-chassis list (in the 90's!) I think Tony Foale (chassis guy ) was active then (but my memory sux so maybe we were just talking about him 🙂
  2. I certainly don't expect this to be in anyway equivalent to a real dyno. the ECU software asks for a Cd so I started thinking down the path of what the VFR might be, that's all. I realize it won't give me a real number but I do think it will be a useful tuning tool, esp with extensive data logging capabilities along side. It occurs to me that without some sort of sensitive IMU I dare say the graph will not resolve fine details. hmm I think that might even be an option. anyway i'll report back if I get some meaningful results. ...whenever I get a chance to do it.
  3. "The average passenger car on the road today has a drag coefficient (the measure of air resistance) of about 0.3 (a lower number being better). Even a large, blocky car like a full size SUV or my ’87 Westfalia camper rate around 0.4. A racing motorcycle with a smooth, full fairing and professional rider in a full tuck? 0.6. In other words, those 5’9” jockeys crunched up behind the windscreen of a tiny Moto3 grand prix bike create more drag in the air than a Chevrolet Suburban" So it might seem to be closer to 1....I think the table above might be for unfaired MC with an upright rid
  4. True. But that would take effort! LOL the ecu I am looking at has a virtual dyno built in. But at the end of the day it matters little since its only for tuning.
  5. I have been wondering what the CoD numbers might be for a 6th Gen? I wonder if honda ever published this data? Of course rider and rider position must have a large effect. I would love to get some rudimentary numbers so I can play around with HP calcs.
  6. Hi lplplplp, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. its a sickness....I like my convenience but I like my weight reduction just as much!
  8. I'm an idjit! and getting old! Its been a LONG time since I read the thread, I do remember this bit now.😏 Anyway, I' see how she flies tomorrow!
  9. Finally got the header mounted. Welded on a couple extra bungs (front-left and rear-left) so I can tune front to rear lambda. Also welded on the centre stand stopper from the old header. Had it ceramic coated also. Question: Does the gen5 and gen8 have a larger exit diameter? cause mine arrived with a tube diameter larger than the OEM exhaust??? I had to chop the end off the OEM exhaust and weld it onto the new one, no biggie for me but I wonder how others with 6th gen's went or did mine get missed during fab I wonder? While I had it all apart I also build
  10. Yeah, its not cheap though (not the black version I am getting) but it is a power house! yeah I need a second bike so I can "projectify" the other.
  11. I am going to probably do a complete ECU swap with probably a ECU Master ECU. might be a while but having complete control will be nice. covering all the options of the RB for not a hell of a lot more. few things to work out of course.
  12. through customs woohoo....howd the other Aussie recipients go with MyUS.com? i found them seemless and fuss free.
  13. are we still waiting for a few people to pay the balance? I know I was a tad late (I had to muck about with paypal). Anybody know anything? To be clear, I am in zero hurry, just curious (and a tad excited maybe) Oh BTW a massive thanks to all they guys that made this happen. cheers!
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