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  1. I put the shindengen mosfet r/r and put a fan on it. 🙂 because why not!
  2. I've played with various LED's over the last couple years. couple of things bug me. if they don't have the ability to replace the rubber seals then that's going to suck long term. Also, the head sinks often seem inadequate. The LED's are bonded/soldered to a circuit board that has a thickness, sometimes shrouded with aluminum, this, in addition to the thickness of the board, shields the light from the LED's from radiating uniformly. compare that to the filament from a traditional halogen that radiates in a very uniform 360 degree pattern. Oh and I have found the colour temperatur
  3. Not likely but if you go up a profile this can have a big effect on the amount of counter-steer effort required to hold a line also won't want to drop in as fast or as easily. A rounder profile may also give the same effect.
  4. Absolutely, and come over!! cant see any reason why not....need aussie headlights though. compliance might get a little exxy but doable as far as I know.
  5. No worries , I mentioned the thread over on FB vfr Australia group. see if any bites.
  6. sweet, all good, just curious if some movement. sounds like a good idea. but sounds like someone would have to pony up for the extra sets??? either way no really hurry.
  7. a couple more better picadillys. that my brother, he was very impressed with viffer
  8. Sorry to hear that. I guess Honda thought you wouldn't like it?? I mean its a much bigger market. I would love to know their thinking. Although it is a 2011, you didn't get them after 2009 though did you??? I love the blacked out frame etc.
  9. Thanks! I have a soft spot for Nederlands. lived there for 4 months in 1999
  10. damn I mustn't have subscribed to this thread... yes it is stock but as triumphtraiter pointed out, red pinstripes but also earlier model wheels......the reason I bought it. absolutely love it!!! I need to take some better pics of it. this one does not do it justice.
  11. Hi Guys I am looking for a dead (or very cheap) ECU. I have a project in mind and want the case with its connectors. I will be gutting it so I don't care i its faulty but the pins need to be in good condition because I will be using it to house a different ECU and to run in a bike. I am in Australia, Newcastle. I am happy to pay some money for it but of course I don't want to pay top dollar for a working ECU and tragically have to gut it.
  12. Gday boys and Girls (?) New to me 2011 VFR800 from a fastidious owner in Tassie with only 25k on the clock. I've posted here a little bit and already have a deposit on the WiLD headers before I even got it on a transporter last Thursday. I've had some much faster bikes and much slower bike and I gotta say this thing is an impressively balanced machine. Smooth as silk and fast enuff (well maybe needs another 20hp :-)). very nice predictable turn in and holds a stable line at decent lean angles but not too slow to turn in either despite its considerable weight.
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