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  1. Ok I finally have the exhaust situation sorted and its time to move on from the Delkevic. 9" oval stainless shorty's with midpipe. Midpipe has been wrapped to dissipate heat. Still have the original box to ship in with all the hardware. Looking for 200+shipping (should be about $40-50 tops)
  2. I have a build thread going in the 6th gen forum. Have been trying to add photos as stuff shows up
  3. Im in the process of doing an 05 R1 front end swap on my 02 VFR. I started off planning to go the SP2 route, just sourcing the factory parts to make it work. Ended up in a conversation with SebSpeed one day over availability of parts and the ins and outs of what I'd need to complete the setup and he threw the R1 idea at me. He had just got a deposit for a set of custom triples to make the R1 front end work without spacing the wheel or rotors. After about 30 seconds of googling R1 parts and realizing the availability and prices were hands down way better I quickly changed directions and shot hi
  4. Hi RyleeV4, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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