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  1. For sale is a near new Delkevic 9" Oval stainless exhaust, Mid pipe and mufflers. I've had this on the bike for maybe 2 months and its had about 500 miles at most run thru it. There isnt even carbon buildup in the cans. it's in the process of a tail swap and the system wont work with it so I'm having a custom midpipe made. Still have the original box with the tube of exhaust sealant. There are zero blemishes on the system. I recently (last week) wrapped the midpipe with exhaust wrap but that will come off before shipping. Everything needed to mount this system will be included. Asking for 250 plus shipping. This system retails new for around 350-375 plus shipping (depending on where you get it) and I can include the purchase order to show how new it really is. Message me with any questions
  2. Just a quick update. Sebastian and I nailed out the tail swap details. Well I fell on a tail section coursing thru the internet and Sebastian (who is a little weary of aesthetics due to its size) has agreed with me. The plan is a Honda RS125 race tail. After days of searching and looking at images of this swap on other bikes as well as on the 125 itself I am extremely excited about the possibility. I ordered a race tail from Hotbodies Friday. 2-3 weeks delivery and then I can start fitment. Everything about this tail changes the visual aspects of the bike. It's pretty much flat on the bottom. This will give the impression of more space between the tire and tail. I will no longer be running an undertail dual system for exhaust. Instead I'll have one can that exits very high along the line of the tail. The only set of dimensions I could pull from a website that sells this particular tail was 78cm long, 36cm at its widest position and 23cm at its horizontal mount point mid tail. Just doing a rough pull from the tape starting at the furthest most point of the seat (due to the tails shape up front) it looks as if the tail will be 6-8" shorter than the factory tail. Personally the rear tire protruding behind the tip of the tail was hit or miss for me. But the more I look at images online the more I'm liking it. Basically imagine the tail section will be no longer or wider than a factory seat. It will essentially sit higher underneath and at a bit more of an angle than the factory setup. As soon as I have the tail, have done a test fit and sign off on it she will be in the mail to Sebastian. Where he will work his magic creating a custom subframe for it. There will be a gap between the framing and the seat pan to run wiring back to the hump where I will place a gravity battery. Tail light and license frame will hang down off the end of the subframe probably about 3/4 way back on the tail. Since it sits so much higher than factory there will be plenty of room between bottom of plate and tire. Since this is uncharted territory for both of us and I havent been able to find any real info other than a back half photo of it having been done on a VFR I'm overly excited at the endeavor. I have a set of GPR exhaust from the R1 I owned before my VFR and I'm half tempted to ask if they will fit to still run a dual setup under the 125 tail. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there. The 1st pic I snagged from a Hawk GT forum. This tail swap is common for them. It's a member who said he did it on his VFR. It's only a tail shot from the side so if anyone knows who's bike this was and has a link or more photos I'd love to see. Last pic is the tail on a Hawk. You can get a proportion to the wheel and gaps from this. But being naked it's hard to get a real perspective of the tail in comparison to tank/front fairing size
  3. I have a build thread going in the 6th gen forum. Have been trying to add photos as stuff shows up
  4. Im in the process of doing an 05 R1 front end swap on my 02 VFR. I started off planning to go the SP2 route, just sourcing the factory parts to make it work. Ended up in a conversation with SebSpeed one day over availability of parts and the ins and outs of what I'd need to complete the setup and he threw the R1 idea at me. He had just got a deposit for a set of custom triples to make the R1 front end work without spacing the wheel or rotors. After about 30 seconds of googling R1 parts and realizing the availability and prices were hands down way better I quickly changed directions and shot him a deposit for the triples. Because of the length difference in fork tubes and the need for clip ons to be above the tree, Sebastian decided to replicate the 954/929 upper tree with a 19mm drop down on the outsides of the tree. This will allow me to run VFR1200 clip ons above the tree and not only be extremely close to factory ride height, but give me hand placement near factory specs as well. I have accumulated nearly all the big ticket items and Sebastian is almost done with the trees so it wont be long before the VFR goes under the knife! I went ahead and decided to send the forks to Jamie and have him re-spring the front end as I'm a heavy rider in full gear. This will match nicely with my rebuilt/revalved/resprung F4i rear shock. My bike has 63k on the clock and stock suspension so to say I'm excited to see the outcome of this new setup is an understatement. I ride the bike hard on the street and track so I can't wait for it to actually not fight me during corners!
  5. Joseph, I am in the middle of swapping my front end on my 02 to an R1 setup. I'll have a complete front wheel with rotors for sale very soon. Just trying to recoup a little of the expense so I'd let it go for 150 +shipping. Wheel is straight with only slight blemishes to the black powder coat. To answer your questions from my research on finding a second set of wheels before I decided to swap front end setups entirely I found that 125-200 was about what you'd pay for a front wheel. Also you can use a 5th hen front wheel that may reduce the price a little but honestly not by much.
  6. The R1 goodies started arriving today. Front calipers and master cylinder. Rear F4i master showed up today as well. Just waiting on the extended galfer steel braided line for the shocks reservoir to arrive so I can send it off to Jamie for a rebuild and spring upgrade. Ordered the front rotors (R1) and rear rotor (VFR) from Galfer today. Went with a wave style rotor with black center section as the fork tubes and caliper piston inserts are both gold and I didnt wanna over do it. Unfortunately because they're for different bikes front and rear the wave design is slightly different. Not really an issue but its gonna low key bug me as exposed as the rear rotor is. Found a set of vfr 1200 clip ons on ebay for 20 bucks shipped. This way I can test fit bar height before I drop money on woodcraft or convertibars. Kinda hoping the stock 1200 clip ons are a good fit so I can spend that money in other places.
  7. Just a little update. I let Sebastian talk me in to an R1 front end instead of a SP2. Deposit was laid down on Saturday for a set of custom trees and I'll start sourcing 04-06 Yamaha R1 forks and other parts this week. Sebastian (who planned to do the same swap) has kindly sold me some of his excess parts he gathered for his swap along with some parts I need for the delink he had around the shop. I need to get a few things still including the actual forks. From the conversations we have had and the threads I've read for an R1 swap I think my only real issue will be clip ons. I'm a taller guy and having to mount under the top tree will require some tall extensions to try and retain a seated position as close to stock as possible. My F4i shock showed up an Saturday and I ordered the eibach spring and racetech collars on Sunday. As soon as those arrive I'll take it all to my local indy shop and have the shock revalved and rebuilt. Gonna also have the reservoir line lengthened with a steel braided version from Core Moto so I can located it in a better spot. I wasnt expecting to move so fast but with everything that's going on in the world and not really riding very much right now with tracks closed what better time than to go ahead and get it done. Heres a shot of the beautiful forks! The rear shock and the adapter I purchased to mount the reservoir
  8. Since I really wanna ride like right now I woke up this morning a man on a mission. 2 stores and a few random parts later and I had a solution. Went to home depot and grabbed the hardware I needed to mount the master to the rear set. Also grabbed an axle washer and a box of springs from the door hinge section. Axle washer needed a hole drilled to let it pass thru. I took the spring that fit and fitted it to get a point to cut it down. Since the spring was long enough to use both ends I cut a tad past half just to add tension. If it's too much I can use the other half. Bolted it all up and pumped the brake with my foot a few times and it springs back perfectly. Also feels like theres a little more tension to push the pedal over stock which is nice.
  9. Figured I'd throw in a picture of Sebastian's (Sebspeed) adapter. This thing is beefy for sure. As far as adjustment goes I asked that he make all of my adjustment up and back from stock. I plan to track this bike and ride aggressively on canyons runs so I had no need for forward or down adjustments. I took a pic of the bike with the new rearset in the most forward and down position it had with the stock rear set still on the right side. This allowed me to get a visual of the new rearsets positioning against stock with no adjustment. I took 2 photos for reference. One from the rear at foot peg height and one looking down directly over the pegs. As you can see from the pictures the adjustable rear set looks to be about 1 position up and back over stock with them bolted in the starting position for adjustment. To say Sebastian knocked it out of the park is an understatement. I asked for all the adjustments to be in the up and back directions and he killed it. Knowing I plan to adjust for track/canyon riding he placed the "stock" setting already up and back 1 which allows me more adjustment.
  10. Brake side was not so simple. The 929 brake pedal (on this particular brand of rear set) does not have a tab for the brake return spring. The factory pedal has a tab in the pull portion of the pedal to attach springs for both the return spring and brake light switch. Had to go to the internet to figure out how to work in a return spring. I'm ok with no brake light from the rear brake as I never use it by itself. Note* To do this swap or something similar you'll need the adapter (Sebspeed makes these and the price is very reasonable) Factory master cylinder will require the shortening of the shaft bolt to accommodate the pedal design. (Look at pic) A compression style return spring (fasstco.com) Longer bolts for master attachment. (Maybe not, the kit I ordered came with bolts to mount the master that were a tad short. I could have made them work but wanted more threads thru the nut) If you plan to run GP shift you will need to clearance the fairing slightly, in a standard shift setup you will be fine You will not be able to run the heat shield as even at the "stock" setting with the 929/954 style rear set the master cylinder is pitched down and the placement is about 2"back from stock. Heres a pic to show you the rod on the master and how much I shortened it to still have adjustment. Also a pic of the spring I ordered
  11. Rear sets arrived yesterday and man oh man I couldnt get out of work fast enough. Got home and ripped open the package, put the bike up on stands and went to work. Shift side after a little adjusting went on clean. I decided on just 1 position up from stock. As I ride the bike and get use to the new foot placement I may take them back a bit on the adjusters. I set up the linkage for GP style shifting as it's what I've always run from early on. To be honest the last 3 months I've ridden the bike in standard shift has been really difficult. Lots of "shit wrong gear" moments. Here are a few pics of the install
  12. Few pics of SebSpeeds progress on the Rear sets these are 929 adjustable rear sets. Sebastian changed the mounting plate that attaches to the frame, then the rear set bolts to it as it came. Basically fabricated a new part to fit the VFR instead of just making an adapter. I'm choosing to run GP shifting so Sebastian had to work his magic on the linkage to make it all work. I will have to trim a little of the fairing to keep it from fouling but I'm perfectly ok with that!
  13. A few pictures of the carbon goodies. And a side shot showing SebSpeeds beautiful windowed clutch cover. VFR1.jfif VFR2.jfif VFR3.jfif VFR4.jfif
  14. Guess its time I start one of these. I've already done so much so I'm going to have to get this caught up to the moment. What I started with was a 62k mile, multiple owner 2002. As I went thru it the 1st few days I was happy to see solid maintenance had been done. At the same time there were a few "why do that" moments. Like all visible aspects of the frame have been Plasti-dipped black. But it wasnt really taped off so there's overspray everywhere. Headlight lenses, turn signals and entire taillight had been "smoked" by spraying thin coats of black over. (Yes I said headlight lenses) But there were definite pros! Staintune exhaust, Heli bars, 15/45 530 sprocket/chain kit that was fairly clean, tail tidy and a near new set of Dunlop Q4 tires. That's where I will stop for now. I'm posting this from my phone and I need my PC to upload pics as that's where most of them are. So as soon as I'm home I will add in pics and finish the rest of what's been done so far and where its headed.
  15. Had a chance to snap a few pics today in the parking lot at work. Sorry she's not cleaner but I ride her daily! VFR5.jfifVFR4.jfifVFR3.jfifVFR2.jfifVFR1.jfif
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