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  1. Had a chance to snap a few pics today in the parking lot at work. Sorry she's not cleaner but I ride her daily! VFR5.jfifVFR4.jfifVFR3.jfifVFR2.jfifVFR1.jfif
  2. Hi RyleeV4, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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  4. Hello everyone! Recently picked up an 02 non abs vfr800. It's my second try at a VFR in my 22 years of riding. I had a 98 new from the dealer and loved the bike. Followed that with 5 years on a naked bike extravaganza that ended on a Buell XB12r. That transitioned me into harley cruisers and I'm glad to say after about a 6 year run I'm back in the sport saddle again. At a little over 62k on the clock shes been rode hard but surprisingly well cared for. As the bike currently sits she has a Delkevic full system, PCV programmer, a hand full of CarbonFiberRacing goodies and a Sargent seat. Just installed my Sebspeed windowed clucth cover and Im currently waiting on Sebastian to wrap up my adapters for a set of 929 adjustable rearsets. Sebastion and I have already nailed down the prices for RC51 SP2 custom triple trees for my front end swap and we've been toying with tail swap options but havent settled on anything as of yet. I have an 8 spoke from the UK along with a spare front wheel being powdercoated now, along with a few accessory parts. I'll be taking her down soon for paint and cleaning up a few of the "age" blemishes she has. I'm in the Phoenix AZ area so I'll be addressing the cooling system since we have 100+ degree temps for the better part of 5 months.I've already installed a Smart-Moto fan switch and will be doing the Fan mod here soon. I've just been commuting with her for the last few weeks to get a feel for her. Once I'm comfy in the saddle and I feel my throttle control is clean I'll start enjoying all the canyon runs we have locally. With the 8 spoke coming I'm gonna pick up a spare front wheel so I can have a set of stickier tires for those adventures and still be able to run a more touring style tire for commuting.I've been lurking since day one of ownership and felt I needed to get on board and introduce myself. My riding background is about a 60/40 mix from sport to cruiser. I had a solid 5 years as a track junkie on a very well built SV 650. My brand range has been from Japanese to British to Italian to American. From touring to street/track to cruiser and full on chopper. Thankfully I'm a little older now, a little more conservative on city streets and hopefully a little wiser. And the best part is I've finally reached that financial point that I can enjoy modifying! As soon as Im home from work Ill load a few pictures of how she currently sits.
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