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  1. Thanks JZH, much appreciated.
  2. Be interested to see your results post clean. I can't get Simple Green here in the UK but I can get Bilt Hambur Degreaser which by all accounts is good stuff. Best of luck with your refurb.
  3. Hi Renevator, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. I'm rebuilding an RC36 and would like to get the engine cases looking good again, and would appreciate any input from you guys who've done so, or know of a way to get good results. I'm not intending to take it apart, so soda blasting etc is out of the question, but the engine is complete and out of the frame. I've been going round in circles trying to discover the best way of doing this. I've boiled it down to the following: 1. Prep and paint with POR15 or Eastwood 2k Engine enamel 2. Clean with raceglaze Alubright deoxidiser then finish with raceglaze Jet Laq 3. Clea
  5. Druid & Arrow Thanks for the input - not too late as I've not even started on the bike rebuild yet - been organising our garden, rebulding shed, preparing to install a summerhouse so my wife has an art studio to balance the enormous amnount of time I will spend in the garage doing this VFR refurb . I've had some interesting input from variosu sources, and have narrowed it all down to the following forks: R1 (00-01), Fireblade 929/954, CBR600F4i, or Aprilia Falco Showa's, which would mean getting an engineer to make me a spindle to combine the Honda & Aprilia Triple Tree, frame inter
  6. Renevator


    That's lovely - can I ask how this was done - would like to find smeone in UK who will do this to mine, if you don't mind me copying :-)
  7. Renevator


    And there's me thinking I need to do all manner of things to my FR to make it look the business - clean, simple and impressive - very nice squire :-)
  8. Looks like on of those - wish I was there photo's - nice one guys !
  9. Seb & Yoshi - many thanks for that, v helpfull. zRoYz - apologies for not responding to your post earlier - seem to have had a very interrupted week. Well, you've hot the nail right on the head there. The reason I've decided to spend the effort & time in a front end and rest of the bike rebuild on the VFR, is as a result of being honest with myself about the bike, and me. As we all do, I've hankered after a change in bike for a while, but I had to recognise my delusions of wealth, and admit I wasn't going to be in a position of affording anything much better than the VFR for quite so
  10. O, I'm a bit more informed now, having read various "Frankenviffer" threads - there are some amazing conversions out there, and some of you guys sure do know your stuff. I'm still very tempted to do a USD conversion, and from what I can tell the R1 (Prob 1998/2000 model) forks are only about 5mm shorter that the stock VFR750FR forks, so shouldn't give me loads of problems by changing the way the bike sits, well, no more than the easiest of USD set ups would anyway. I'm going to need to sort out the Triple Tree, wheels, rotors, calipers etc, but one thing I wanted to check with those that have
  11. I'm in the UK, but it's vaguely possible I could get stuff sent over from the US by a work connection. Not quite ready yet, as I've only just started thinking about this whole front end revamp, but always willing to hear of a bargain. Cheers.
  12. zRoyZ - Many thanks for that thoroughly informative post - I should have known, but I think I'm going to have to think about this front end rebuild project a lot more before I commit to anything, and re-read all your posts about the conversions you've done. The R1 set up on Parkers 750 looks great, apart form the master cylinder, but I guess there's limited choice for something to match the std clutch cylinder. You clearly know your stuff, and it's amazing I get to benefit from your knowledge - so thanks again. Lovely looking VTEC you have there, a thoroughly sorted motorcycle.
  13. Twoeyedbob - I get your point, and of course it's true that the rider is always key regardless - Ron Haslam could beat me on track even if I had a Fireblade & he had a paddock scooter . To be honest, I'm as influenced as the next man by all the lovely new shiney toys out there, but there's no way I can afford to replace the VFR with anything significantly better for my budget - I'd have to be looking in the £3500-£4000 range at least. After a bit of casual browsing at all the many & varied "frankenviffer's" on here, I've come to the conclusion that transforming my bike to the way I wan
  14. Having read a few posts both here and on the equally brilliant Bikersoracle site in the UK, I thought I'd get some feedback (er, sorry, no pun intended) from those that have changed their front end, be it Firestom (VTR1000), or a complicated USD set up. If you've made a change, would you be so kind as to tell me what the change was, and how you feel about the results. I'm hoping to be able to do a simple conversion myself, mainly for the brakes as I already have Maxton internals in the std forks. While I appreciate the ultimate way would be a USD set up, form say a fireblade or R1 etc, I'm no
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