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  1. timmythecop

    Why a red Guzzi?

    Aint no 38 year old guzzi gonna go up route 28 like that R-9t does.
  2. timmythecop

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    answer to all is very, very little difference. Surprising really how similar they both are.
  3. timmythecop

    Why a red Guzzi?

    reminds me of another thing: ALL stock Guzzi clip-ons are angled too much down and too much towards the tank.
  4. timmythecop

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    I know the sport and tour are backwards, but i will get use out of those gigantic bags. My 5th gen is in a bit of a state, so it will ne groovy to bring it back as light and nimble as possible, while leavibg the 6th gen alone.
  5. timmythecop

    Why a red Guzzi?

    soooo groovy. And sooooo valuable. The prices on a real LeMans have gone crazy. They are tiny in person, aren't they?
  6. timmythecop

    Nameless July ride

    I mentioned children of VFRD members. Mathew aka "BRAAP", was tearing it up behind his pops. Too bad I stole the boy's VFR right from under his nose.
  7. timmythecop

    Nameless July ride

    Almost forgot to mention: Mrs. Carver took Mrs. thecop and the thecop family chimpanzees to the Tapoco lodge to meet us for lunch, halfway through our ride. Bonus!
  8. timmythecop

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    K&N filter, power commander W/ Cozy's map, Staintunes, rebuilt ABS shock and cartridge emulators. All it needs are heated grips and Throttlemeisters.
  9. timmythecop

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    I am making the 6th gen my sport- TOURING bike and my 5th gen will be a SPORT-touring bike.
  10. timmythecop

    Nameless July ride

    Good game indeed.
  11. Got ahead of myself and talked here about riding my 6th gen. Well here it is. Kanadian Ken pressured me into buying this bike, maybe because he has recently seen my 5th gen. It is a 2002, with all the goodies and suspension work. I realize buying a 6th gen in 2018 isnt hot news, but I though I could drum up some inter-generational conversation. I rode this bike hard yesterday, in fact I planned on a long sedate getting to know you period, and that went away really fast. My first impression was that it was refined and good, but the motor was no where near as good as a 5th gen. I did note however that it seemed to pick up revs quickly and likes being in the higher revs. About halfway through the dragon, it started to remind me of my 5th gen. If it stays in VTec, the motors are alike. The difference was in the aforementioned refinement. It felt like somebody set up my 5th gen absolutely perfectly, and I was riding on my best of best days. Even so, it was just easier for a lack of a better term to ride. In summation, I really really liked it. This was the first time I rode a 6th gen for m ore that a mile and I now know what you 6th gen guys were on about. I have a death trap and a not-death trap. And while my 5th gen is my all time number 1 bike that i heart long time, the not-death trap is extreme groovy too!
  12. timmythecop

    Nameless July ride

  13. timmythecop

    Nameless July ride

    .......also, yes that is Kanadian Ken taking a "Mid Ride Nap". The MRN, if you will.
  14. So today we did this thing. With 9 VFRD members, 6 children of VFRD members, chickens and 2 grandchildren of VFRD members. There were bikes too. I will let the other donkeys fill inn the blanks, but Corner Carver is building a Vee Four empire down here and that is groovy, since I moved to the same town as he did. Riding, eating (thanks Kebrider), horseplay, ice cream, pool antics and even a bike sale. I have sorta neglected the 'ol death trap and I havent ridden aggressive mountain roads in almost 3 years, so it was great to get out there on my new 6th gen. I had actually forgotten how much fun these sort of things are, and since my house is literally 20 minutes from deals gap, I should be way more active going forward. I also missed the fellowship that the VFRD community has. It is becoming one big screwed up family here. Join before we close the books. It was a day of firsts: My first ride on a 6th gen, my first time riding on top of a dam, the first time I rode a supercharged VFR, and the first time I almost hit a bear. (who was 9 feet tall if he was an inch) We've got it really good down here in east Tennessee, so get here when you can. Two bikes enter (the country), one bike leaves.
  15. timmythecop

    Why a red Guzzi?

    some Canadians came and my garage is getting crowded:

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