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  1. Slammer, thanks. Yeah, bit like that. Didn't think of it until you mentioned it. Might run some seafoam. Marv, break in 500 miles, did all the stuff (oil change/filter etc... Didn't note any swarf, and oil looked pretty good for new motor). Bike is NOS, just bought in March. Chain is lubed and tensioned per service manual, fluids are proper levels... But you're making me want to double check. Hahah
  2. Grum, Thanks for the thoughts... Going to try the centerstand thing. I'm thinking it may be up front now? Should help to determine what's going on.
  3. Hello all, Hopefully someone can help put me on the right path here.,.. I have a funny noise, but managed to get it on video. Best way I can describe is it sounds like radio squelch, there are two distinct pitches. It seems to be emanating from left side near where camera is positioned. Sorry about the rattling noise in the camera. Seems to be most apparent under minimal engine load, but watching the unedited video, seems to pop up under pretty much any circumstance, but primarily at moderate RPM. The pitch does not change but between those two frequencies. Bike has 900 miles on it, 2015 Deluxe. Any ideas? Youtube link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAYZtKnsz6k&feature=youtu.be
  4. That's always exciting! Glad the situation came out OK, and you're safe! Good reminder to leave ourselves room to maneuver.
  5. Huh, perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe there is a booster or something? News to me if so, which would indicate that they work as intended! Ha!
  6. Those are gorgeous in black. It's got a bit of a pulse at idle. A bit like you appropriately noted on the chevy V8. I'd say normal, without hearing it. Now if you hear a clatter..... That's another story.
  7. Nope! They were hydraulic... it was the throttle was went from handlebar cables to a sensor box. "Throttle by wire" I think they called it.
  8. Flya, The 7th gen brakes were 6 pot calipers up front, and it was seriously like throwing an anchor off the back of the bike when you hammered them. They could bring up your last meal, and the longer wheelbase helped with that. The 8th gen brakes are good, it's just the 7th gen are absolutely stellar.
  9. Ha! You're not kidding... Good idea.
  10. Hello again VFRD-ers Well, I couldn't stay away. I sold my 7th gen last year after a work layoff and relocation to Utah, and it's been eating me up inside not having a bike. I was in Denver for work last weekend and wound up buying a brand-new-old 2015 deluxe in red. I pick it up tomorrow sometime and cart it back to Utah. I've already ordered a bunch of accessories, and am planning on really doing some work on it this summer in hopes of touring Arches, Moab, Zion, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier, and some other national parks. First impressions versus the 7th gen... 1) Vtec isn't as bad as advertised, and frankly I found it a bit smexy. 2) Riding impression is remarkably similar. Good power, though not as much of it obviously. Ergonomics and seating is just right for me. Suspension needs some work obviously, but mainly because I'm a tubby bucket-o-love. 3) Wind protection just isn't as good as the 7th gen. 4) Brakes are also nowhere near as good, but I'm not surprised by that either. The 7th gen brakes are legendary. 5) The weight is WAY more manageable. This thing is so much more maneuverable at lower speeds than the 7th gen was. I think for my riding style, this 8th gen will be an absolute peach. I'm really looking forward to throwing a bunch of miles on it. I've ordered the panniers and a quick-shifter (rode a Yamaha Tracer GT when shopping and loved that feature), as well as a full tankslapper set of films, a SW Motech tank bag, shop manual and some other sundries. Suspension will be done soon too, as I now know first-hand how big of a difference it can make. A DAM exhaust is going to happen soon, but the checking account has bulemia currently, so I'm giving it a bit of a break. Anything else you guys think is worth consideration?
  11. Yokel

    Hog tie 5.5

    A bit, yeah... Will fill you in when I see ya. :-)
  12. Yokel

    Hog tie 5.5

    See you all in couple days.
  13. Yokel

    Hog tie 5.5

    Tentative forecast for next weekend: Upper 70's and sunny. Epic.
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