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  1. A bit, yeah... Will fill you in when I see ya. :-)
  2. See you all in couple days.
  3. Tentative forecast for next weekend: Upper 70's and sunny. Epic.
  4. 1 more week, ya'll. Will be arriving mid-day Thursday. Friday is game-day... unless my Michelin's are cashed on the 800+ mile ride in.
  5. My friend Steve, who's coming, called Bud Pelsor, the fella that owns Dogpatch USA. Bud says he's happy to let us tour the place if we connect with him while we are in town. You know... rain plans. Could be fun!
  6. Also, tentatively planning a bbq Saturday evening as per usual, provided Randalls grill still works. :)
  7. I'm hoping to get in Thursday mid day. Staying through Tuesday and bringing a tent. Glroyracing says the mid-south sport riders and sport touring guys are in town as well... I'd love to chase them around Friday morning/afternoon. Saturday will be leisurely with my Dad. Planning on hanging around the Hub Friday evening to welcome folks and hand out maps. 00Yeller from St. Louis is staying through tuesday, I think. I think the OKC contingent of my friends are leaving OKC at 8 or 9AM, so they should arrive at the Hub Friday around 2. I'll be coming in on 412 from Stillwater Thursday morning if you want to meet up. You still have my #?
  8. There are a bunch of people who aren't on the forum coming. My friends Erik and Steve, (triumphs), a coworker of Steve's is coming. Erik is bringing 2 friends as well., so that's 5... My old neighbor and a buddy of his on harleys I think... 7, then my Dad... 8. Mark will be busy on Saturday, but I'm pretty sure he and Ellen will drop by. They have a big event that weekend.
  9. I think I'll be dragging 5 riders with me... but most are on cruisers.
  10. 5.5 is because I wasn't at the last one... which only counts as half a ride. :) See you all in a few weeks.
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