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  1. 7 years old battery?

    Still running my stock battery in my 2010. Plan on replacing it with the same thing. Never been on a tender. I'm impressed.
  2. 2010 bike won't start

    2-glad you're ok!
  3. 2010 bike won't start

    1- double check kill switch is operating and not set to "off". No pump operation makes me think that is inadvertently toggled or has a bad connection if everything else works.
  4. I think that highest bar height and pullback allowed without cutting plastics is from Speigler/LSL. Peg lowering through Buell pegs (HispanicSlammer topic from 2010 OR 2011?) Personally, I had a seat made. Factory seat wasn't bad for me, but cover tore, so re foamed when I had that redone. (See Yokels 2010 refresh thread for LSL and seat pics.) Stock screen works for me, but many use a double bubble or fit factory laminar lip. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. New Owner

    Seat, suspension, and exhaust made the biggest difference to me. All that is totally subjective, though. The OEM tires were garbage. YMMV. Welcome to the site... and let's see the bike! :-)
  6. Chassis

    Thanks for the info. Looking at tinkering and producing a 1-off prototype bike for possible manufacture. There is a LOT to learn before I start welding frames together, so thought I should start now. May reach out to you in the future! I have a fully equipped machine and welding/fab shop at my disposal, so prototyping should be pretty cheap. Just need to draft it up. But, education is step one. Thanks!
  7. Chassis

    Hey all, Figured I'd pick the collective nerd brain here... looking for a textbook on motorcycle chassis design. Any direction those who tinker can point to? Thanks!
  8. Hog tie 5.5

    A bit, yeah... Will fill you in when I see ya. :-)
  9. Hog tie 5.5

    See you all in couple days.
  10. Hog tie 5.5

    Tentative forecast for next weekend: Upper 70's and sunny. Epic.
  11. Hog tie 5.5

    1 more week, ya'll. Will be arriving mid-day Thursday. Friday is game-day... unless my Michelin's are cashed on the 800+ mile ride in.
  12. Hog tie 5.5

    My friend Steve, who's coming, called Bud Pelsor, the fella that owns Dogpatch USA. Bud says he's happy to let us tour the place if we connect with him while we are in town. You know... rain plans. Could be fun!
  13. Hog tie 5.5


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