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  1. Inside the harness, the double wires are crimped onto single wires of the same gauge. Why? I have no idea.
  2. Likewise, I know nothing of Witchhunter. However, I’ve used Eric Derr who charges $55 for a set of four and includes new O-rings and return shipping, as well. Currently, he is doing my Silverado injectors.
  3. I’d suggest contacting Pete for a recommendation. http://www.superbikeuniverse.com/
  4. Ducati Supersport(S), Motus MST(R), and the Aprilia Tuono.
  5. At the bottom of this page is a rotor matrix. https://www.superhawkforum.com/forums/modifications-performance-29/front-fork-swap-guide-23751/page2/#&gid=1&pid=6
  6. I ordered a K&N, last spring, and received the larger element. I believe, the issue stems from what each distributor has on their shelves. For instance, a smaller distributor may not stock it and orders direct from K&N at the time the customer (us) orders and they receive a large element. Whereas a large distributor may have stock sitting on the shelf from 5yrs ago and the customer ends up with a small element. I think, your best bet is to order direct. I feel like the K&N rep probably walked out to the warehouse and physically pulled a filter to double-check the element for their conclusive answer.
  7. I have one of these in my bike and it’s simply apply pressure, crack off the throttle, and the bike goes right into the next gear. I clutchless shift, nearly every shift. I’d suggest ordering a shift shaft bearing and seal, as well. My bike only had 16K miles and that compartment contained grit and dirt, as well as, my shift shaft having some movement.
  8. ^^^ Sounds totally plausible.
  9. All the high-end stuff has sensors in the individual runners. What I can’t say is how far they protrude into exhaust flow. Richard and Jozef know their stuff, given they’ve went so far as to try and campaign a prototype bike in MotoGP (no matter what platform it was based off of), have built some the fastest bikes on the planet and in any paddock, and have bikes that currently remain at the pointy end of any grid. I’d be most inclined to follow their advice, since they’re on the frontline and have firsthand knowledge of what does what.
  10. I bought it used with the map in it. The only connections I made were to the EFI interface and battery. It came with no instructions, download cables, etc; just the module itself.
  11. I have a PC5 on my ‘98 and it runs perfect. In response to “Voided76” being curious about gearing affecting horsepower readings, it does not. It only aids in the engine’s mechanical advantage over the wheel, but, does not change engine output or horsepower numbers read by a dyno.
  12. That’s a RAM mount, which is used to mount accessories to, using their attachments.
  13. Man, that looks awesome! I’d love to have an 8th Gen just to have that muffler.
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