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  1. May sell my '14

    Rent a B-reak O-ut A-nother T-housand when you feel like getting out on the water. Do the same for a motorhome, if that should ever pop up on your radar. Keep the bike. You’ll regret ever selling it. Those 1800mi have been miles of enjoyment you can’t get from anything else.
  2. New here

    These are such cool bikes and the exhaust looks great.
  3. driving lights on 5th gen

    I’d look into Skene Design products. I have several of his products on my Tiger. Are those Rigid lights DOT approved? If not, they’re considered an offroad light and should probably have them on a dimmer like Skene’s IQ-275. Every LED auxiliary light I’ve met is blinding. The ability to run them at a reduced power will be beneficial to oncoming traffic.
  4. Still love my VFR

    I once took home a customer’s FJR13. Definitely, not my thing, as it was so bulky and cumbersome feeling. If I were to get up into that realm, I’d be on an ST13 with Staintunes. Same wonderful V-4 sound. Same Honda build quality and feel. They’re really nice bikes, like the VFR.
  5. If you weren’t having issues before the coolant change and that’s the only thing you did, you have a pocket of air. When you have the bike to temp, you need to have someone help you lean the bike side-to-side, while having the cap cracked opened. The thermostat will need to be cycling to help the air move through the system, which is why you need the bike up to temp and running.
  6. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Hippo Hands or other ATV-type of hand enclosure, if you’re only needing seasonal coverage. They’ll help contain your body’s warmth. I think deflectors aren’t going to be enough, because freezing air is still moving around your hands.
  7. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    I’d sure like to ride a new one. I just wish they’d go back to the selling protocol they used for the early 1800’s where the buyer selected their options and the dealer installed them. Everything was plug-and-play and allowed for one to get exactly what they wanted. The base price made the bike much more affordable and attainable. I saw where Traxxion Dynamics have one in their shop. Should be an equally transformed bike as the previous model.
  8. That’s a RAM mount, which is used to mount accessories to, using their attachments.
  9. Hello from the frigid Midwest

    Dealerships don’t count as owners, so you’re only the second owner. I have a Tiger 800XCx, as my main bike. It’s a fantastic machine and the best all-around bike I’ve ever ridden.
  10. Hello from the frigid Midwest

    That first pic looks likes AF1 Racing, down in Austin? Hopefully, everything will take care of itself. Seems all of us who’ve bought used bikes have had a fair bit of sorting. But, it’ll be worth it.
  11. New VFR ideas

    Greg, I really appreciate your efforts. My newly acquired ‘98 is in a very similar condition and was planning on pulling it down and going through it. You addressed things I had questions about. Thank you.
  12. I’ve always thought the bikes would be the ultimate ADV machine. If they detuned tgem, maybe the things would stay together. I would think they’d be smoother and more enjoyable than riding a thumper around the world.
  13. Aprilia Dorsoduro? Aprilia Shiver? Aprilia Mana 850 GT? All seem to fit your initial requirements and are reasonable to ride beyond your commute.
  14. Early VF’s sitting at a dismantler

    Changed the topic title. I had no idea. Just repeated what he told me they were. ?

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