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  1. I thought, you had an R12R....or was it an R12RS?
  2. I think, that’s a pretty accurate assessment. Zoran definitely knows his stuff, with the SV. There’s always going to be innovative, cost-no-object guys like him. The same could be said of Richard Stanboli, Chuck Graves, Erion Brothers back in the day, and others. The good thing is they’re the ones figuring it out for the rest of us, if one can afford their stuff. Suspension costs aren’t too bad. I’ve had aftermarket stuff on my last 4 bikes. I look at it as a cost to having the bike the way I want it. Truthfully, for how I and most people use a bike, springs, valves, and a sh
  3. With the clip-ons being above the clamp, I’d place it similarly to the 3rd Gen seating position, which is quite sporty, especially compared to a 6th Gen. I’ve yet to see or sit on the RS, though. With Helibars and lowered pegs, it might be a pretty nice ride. Alternative; not replacement. Every generation of VFR, 800cc or smaller, is below the top of the tank. The HeliBars on my 5th Gen are right at the top of the front of the tank. Lowered foot pegs, just like many put on their VFR, would help the peg situation. The tech is a huge bonus, to me.
  4. .....from a surprising manufacturer: Aprilia RS660. Claimed 100hp, claimed 372lbs, 6-axis IMU, cornering ABS, traction and wheelie control, RBW, electronic cruise control, up/down quickshifter, clip-ons above the triple clamp, TFT dash, and ~$11,500USD. I’m intrigued. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/new-bikes/aprilia-rs660/?fbclid=IwAR1YLCKZUG21ioyQ40joRMBlmNXN-ADigHjdXT-AjIrtCufF7It18cRrrTY
  5. 6th Gen are stainless steel. A bit of work at a buffer will turn them right out. Steel.
  6. The header issue just pushed me into getting the VFRD header, which I really wanted, anyway, so I could polish it out to match my Staintune. The pics speak for themselves.
  7. Electrolysis is probably a good idea, provided it’s left in for an adequate time. Evaporust is a bio-degradable product that works great, but, isn’t cheap. Oxalic acid (wood bleach in the deck refinishing dept) works on the cheap. I had my header blasted and ceramic coated by a pretty well known shop, in the USA. Within a year, the rust started coming back through. The bike was stored in my shop and never saw rain. It was a wasted $280USD. I gave it to a 6th Gen owner to do whatever with. I deleted pics I had of it, but, was able to retrieve this one, which shows a bit of t
  8. The cost of the Akrapovic exhaust for the V4 is over $5K USD and ~8hrs of labor to install it. They’re solely banking on the Ducatista ignorance. I’ll stay in my cheap seat.
  9. If you don’t dip the header in some type of acid that completely strips all rust molecules, the rust will come right back through any applied finish. Blasting simply isn’t enough.
  10. I follow a Supersport page, because I‘m a previous’96 SS owner and thought it could be a possible VFR garage mate. But, they’d need to iron out every single issue and add cruise control. The current product just isn’t compelling enough for me to take a chance.
  11. R12R or R12RS would be my picks from their lineup.
  12. The weight savings will be huge, with the de-link and smaller caliper. 6th Gen swingarm is 25mm longer. That’s the only difference between it and the 5th Gen swingarm. The bearing carrier, bracket, axle, etc, are the same.
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