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  1. This design is mine. https://techspec-usa.com/products/gripster-tank-grips/triumph/triumph-daytona-675-2006-12-street-triple-2009-12-snakeskin-tank-grips.html All I did was reach out to them, create the design on my bike, take pics, transfer the design to transfer paper, and send it into them. They created prototype grips and sent them to me. I installed them to verify the design, took pics, and they went into production. Tech Spec were super-easy to work with.
  2. When you buy bazookas for mufflers, it’s not going to be quiet. 😁
  3. Yes. A new chain. I fitted a longer shock that was, also, extended as long as I could and made a gearing change. Yes. The tire is definitely pointier and is amazing to ride. It’s definitely worth whatever effort it “may” require. The top pic shows the lower eyelet nearly contacting the suspension link. The bottom pic shows how much of a meat the 180/60 is.
  4. I love the 60 series. They’re wider across the tread face than a 55 series and are much taller. The rear ride is much more supple, as well. You’ll want to double-check it’ll clear your swingarm and exhaust. I fit mine onto the bike, rotated the eccentric for clearance, then, cut my chain to fit. Michelin has stopped production of their 180/60 street tires, so will probably switch over to Pirelli.
  5. I installed my voltmeter pickup on the input side of the breaker. This way, if things start going haywire, I can still see what the voltage looks like out of the R/R, IF the bike is still running. Also, this point would seem to be the most accurate for a voltage reading.
  6. Not sure why anyone would ever by a shunt R/R, when series R/R are available. The cost isn’t much different to have the far superior SH847.
  7. The Bendix collision mitigation systems in commercial vehicles have a display that shows the speed of the vehicles in front of the truck. Also, it picks up the speeds of those passing by. I routinely saw vehicles in excess of 100mph, when I used to drive for a living. The most astounding was a cattle truck went by me running 109mph. I made a life change and now live in the Florida panhandle. I swear, the vast majority of people in this area are flat-nuts. I’ve never seen such recklessness and lawlessness. Los Angeles ain’t got shit on this place. There’s no such thing as a speed limit or vehic
  8. Nope. There’s plenty of airflow around everything. Not having a heat shield and the more outward-mounted rearsets on adapters should help, too. I’d venture to say the factory setup causes more heat in the fluid, with no airflow, all the radiant exhaust heat being contained, and the hose being routed inside sheathing. There has to be heat soak.
  9. I was up there week of 4/18 and the weather was nearly perfect for me. Flowers were coming in and the trees were budding up. Should be perfect, for this event. Wish I could head back up, but, the previous visit was obligatory and had to use my vacation.
  10. You could go ride a bunch of different stuff with Nathan. https://www.dorothysspeedshop.com
  11. The ‘98-‘99 models have a rack of starter valves, which basically are valves that control air leaks. One is the control circuit, the other three circuits are vacuum-adjusted to the control circuit. So, these bikes have a “choke” lever on the left clip-on. That’s actually an enrichener lever that slide the rack of starter valves and closes off the air leaks/airflow, enrichening the mixture. It’s a fairly primitive EFI system, but, it works. This pic shows the rack, with the 2nd one from the left being the control circuit.
  12. Tom is a longtime legend in offering obsolete water pump kits.
  13. You don’t say what your intent is with the bike. Any thoughts on a Transalp? It’ll be more enjoyable as a road bike and can still be gotten off the beaten path.
  14. I’d really like to do the same. The 5th Gen’s tailsection has always seemed too fat, to my eye. I’d love to do the 954 swingarm, Core Moto wheelset, and an exhaust can up each side, in the RC51 style. I think, that’d add necessary bulk to give the rear some visual balance.
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