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  1. How about sell an out-of-state buyer a new Multistrada, he stops for gas on his way home, and the bike decides to no longer recognize the key fob? 🙃
  2. I had a ‘19 Tuono owner in looking at one, today. He agreed with the few bits I pointed out. In comparison, there are many new Triumph models on the floor, including the Trident. There simply is NO comparison in detailing, fit, and finish. I’d take a Trident over the RS/Tuono, any day. In fact, we have two RS660’s sitting (buyer backouts) with no interest, while we sold our last Trident (4 in two days), today. Triumph won’t be able to meet demand, for some time, I don’t think.
  3. Meh. The ownership and employees have zero issues telling the manufacturers exactly how it is. It’s the only way they’ll understand how to improve their product and processes or why the dealership dropped the franchise. Though, what I have learned is the eyetalians do things their own way, regardless of feedback, and is why franchised dealerships are scarce. It’s just not worth it to carry their products and put up with the headaches.
  4. For sure, they’re finicky, for those who don’t have the knowledge of exactly how they function. We constantly have owners come in with issues, because they tried something they read on the internet and it triggered the ECM. Aprilia’s bikes don’t tolerate being fettled by laymen. What’s worse is when customers tell techs, with multiple national championships, how the stuff works or how to do their job. 🙄 We have had issues with Aprilia’s datatool connecting with the three RS660’s we’ve received. The shop has accumulatively lost ~10hrs of labor, because of it. And, of course, Aprilia
  5. ^^^ That’s Jay Kincy. Good dude. The biggest things with white wheels are: 1.) A lot of clear, whether paint or powdercoat. This will create a smooth surface, so crap doesn’t stick. If there’s surface porosity, your wheels will be dirty and quickly stain. 2.) Keep them clean. If you ride your bike into the ground, with zero attention to maintenance, you’ll hate white wheels. I regularly wash my bike, pre-soaking my wheels with 50/50 Simple Green and water. 3.) I use DuPont Teflon Dry Lube, so I get zero chain lube fling. 4.) Finish every wash with a spray wa
  6. I’ve been away from the forum, awhile, with a lot of life changes. Partly, I have conveniently taken over the parts department of an Aprilia/Triumph dealer. Now that I’ve had time to be around the RS660, it’s disappointing. The fit, finishes, and detailing simply aren’t worthy of $11,300USD. Sitting next to a Triumph Trident, which is $3200 less money, the Aprilia looks like a Chinese import. I don’t know what the position is called who creates those aspects of a bike, but, Aprilia need to hire a new person(s). The 660 kickstand is a pinched tube that looks like something fitting of
  7. I’ve been away from the forum, because of life, moving, new job, etc. So glad I decided to grab the opportunity while it was available. My header is still as beautiful as the day I installed it.
  8. I don’t remember the BMX frames, but, do remember when FMF started getting into streetbikes and seeing their stuff on the grid at AMA rounds. I was a CW Racing fan and had a ZX Long. Loved their handlebars, too.
  9. Other than the “1000” decal, I really like Steve Rapp’s bike.
  10. Aprilia aren’t messing about. Their claimed weight is within a couple pounds, from what scales are showing. And, 73kw of power converts to ~98 crank hp and ended up being 87rwhp. The lightweight twins racers who’ve ridden it all say it’s going to be the bike to beat. They’re saying it’s the best chassis of anything in the class, by far. And, everyone says the bike is very comfortable, especially as an all-around bike. I have an opportunity to ride a dealer’s personal bike, as soon as he gets his, and looking forward to it. Between two dealers I know of, they’ve sold more than 30, already. Apri
  11. On my Silverado, I did Russel SS lines, EBC Extreme-Duty rotors, and Hawk Ceramic pads. Holy smokes! What a difference. Just the SS lines on the previous pads and rotors was a big difference; the brakes were so much sharper.
  12. I have the same one. I’ve done several bikes and vehicles with it and it’s an excellent product.
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