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  1. I ziptie the lever of the pneumatic bleeder, so it continually pulls vacuum and I only need to keep the fluid topped up.
  2. I have a pneumatic bleeder, so I just ziptie the lever and let it pull vacuum, while dumping fluid into the master cylinder reservoir. It’s super-easy.
  3. Some thoughts: You may visually compare the aftermarket levers to your OEM levers, just to make sure they’re identical in the important areas (pivot point > inward). Bleed the clutch system one more time. Did you pull out the clutch pushrod and give it a good cleaning? Are you positive your master cylinder seals are correctly installed and there’s no leakage past the piston? I’m wondering if the clutch plates are glazed enough to be sticking together or there’s warpage in them? Drag racing is so hard on clutch plates. Sounds like you’re on the right track with your own thoughts, though.
  4. It sure doesn’t feel like one; it’s more like a slightly coarse V-4. I love that CP4 engine.
  5. If you get a chance to ride an MT-10, you should. My buddy has one and it’s a very cool bike to ride.
  6. Highlands Police Dept performing checks. People are flocking to the mountains, during their time off, instead of staying home. Locals are reporting hiking trails, waterfalls, and other points of interest are packed. *Highlands is the next town SE of Franklin, through the Cullasaja Gorge (fantastic road, BTW).*
  7. I’m saddened to see this event cancelled, as indicated by the refund I’ve received. If members would want to do something later in the year, I’d be interested. I’m going to continue to monitor the virus situation and may still head down there. I’m looking to move to the area and would like to look at properties. I have friends in the area who are keeping me fairly informed.
  8. That’d be nice, as I find that whole crowd a nuisance.
  9. Give Robert a call. He’s a good dude and can help you out. https://roaringtoyz.com
  10. Just a few bigger places I quickly found, if anyone wants to consider it. I’ll be making a reservation, no later than first week of April. 17 beds at $296/night. https://abnb.me/6ZWGaSKoZ4 10 beds at $289/night. https://abnb.me/1l2IK2WoZ4 12 beds at $450/night. Amazing place! https://abnb.me/W1c91K6oZ4 14 beds at $900/night. Private resort! https://abnb.me/vIKgCjdpZ4
  11. PayPal showed 10 people, I think. There are some BIG houses available. We can continue to monitor until we get closer, then, revisit this. But, the 3rd place I linked has 7 beds and is $59/night.
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