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  1. ducnut

    Look ma! No cables

    Nice work!
  2. ducnut

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    Might be a bit off-the-wall question, but, did you ensure the countershaft sprocket was completely tight on the output shaft? I’m needing a replacement, bought a Sunstar as a replacement, and it’s too thin. The output shaft actually protrudes beyond the sprocket. Obviously, I need another, thicker replacement and am looking at JT. Thanks!
  3. Be aware of your linkage clearances, when you jack it up. You may try suspending the rear, just to make sure there’s no contact. I’m not sure how much thread engagement is required, but, you may contact Penske for info. I’d strongly recommend having that shock serviced, before use. You’ve no idea how many miles are on it. The last thing you want is to be causing internal damage from lack of maintenance. If you saw how the insides of a shock work, you’d understand why it’s so important to care for it. I’m a 12yr customer of Traxxion Dynamics and just ordered my 4th Penske from them, today. I highly recommend them.
  4. It appears to be a Penske 8900, which is a $700 shock. It has a single, rebound adjustment at the bottom. It could have compression adjustment added, via a remote reservoir. But, for a VFR, it’s a bit of a waste. It is pre-load and length-adjustable, as well. I’d just have it serviced, sprung, and valved for yourself and run it. I have one on my SV and it’s a great shock.
  5. Here’s what that same view looked like, before.
  6. That Duralast filter looks like a better fit than the Wix filter I used. The pic shows what I’m going to run. There were some doubters, but, Evapo-Rust did the deed.
  7. ducnut

    speedo swap rc 30 replica

    Amazing effort!
  8. I’m a career truck driver and shadetree idiot, so familiar with your suggestions. For sure, once it’s rinsed, I’ll remove the pump, sending unit, and cap and leave it in the sun. I agree, liner kits aren’t really meant for decent tanks like this one. They’re a last-ditch effort for an irreplaceable tank.
  9. Believe it or not, the tank looks fantastic, now. Evapo-Rust works great, without harming finishes. I dropped in a bunch of coated screws to help knock off anything stubborn. It’s been a slow process of changing the position of the soaking tank, every 24hrs. It’ll get there, though.
  10. Haha. I’m the FB filter pic. It’s funny how stuff gets spread around. The backstory is I bought a project bike that, obviously, had been sitting. It’s completely disassembled, right now, and slowly working through everything. I use Eric Derr for injector work. He’s $55, completely serviced, for a set of 4. He includes O-rings, injector screens, return shipping, etc. Can’t beat his pricing.
  11. ducnut

    May sell my '14

    Rent a B-reak O-ut A-nother T-housand when you feel like getting out on the water. Do the same for a motorhome, if that should ever pop up on your radar. Keep the bike. You’ll regret ever selling it. Those 1800mi have been miles of enjoyment you can’t get from anything else.
  12. ducnut

    New here

    These are such cool bikes and the exhaust looks great.
  13. ducnut

    driving lights on 5th gen

    I’d look into Skene Design products. I have several of his products on my Tiger. Are those Rigid lights DOT approved? If not, they’re considered an offroad light and should probably have them on a dimmer like Skene’s IQ-275. Every LED auxiliary light I’ve met is blinding. The ability to run them at a reduced power will be beneficial to oncoming traffic.
  14. ducnut

    Still love my VFR

    I once took home a customer’s FJR13. Definitely, not my thing, as it was so bulky and cumbersome feeling. If I were to get up into that realm, I’d be on an ST13 with Staintunes. Same wonderful V-4 sound. Same Honda build quality and feel. They’re really nice bikes, like the VFR.
  15. If you weren’t having issues before the coolant change and that’s the only thing you did, you have a pocket of air. When you have the bike to temp, you need to have someone help you lean the bike side-to-side, while having the cap cracked opened. The thermostat will need to be cycling to help the air move through the system, which is why you need the bike up to temp and running.

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