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  1. The govt quotes 900+ people moving into FL, everyday. Housing is 2-3 times the cost it used to be, a couple years ago. Property taxes are through the roof. Congestion is so bad I regularly sit through 3 stoplight cycles, just to get to the next stoplight and do the same. Congestion in retail stores is the same, coupled with the shelves being wiped out (which is another topic). People seem to have the attitude of “I’m not from here. I don’t know you. Fuck you!”. That attitude is in workplaces, in businesses, and on the roadways.
  2. Unfortunately, I live too far down the coast of Floriduh and quit my job, 5wks ago. If I’m loading my trailer, it’ll be loading it out of this shithole.
  3. Lightly apply fork oil to the tube and inside the seal, during assembly, so they’re not dry. You’ll have hella’ stiction, otherwise.
  4. All you need to look at is the merge collector and how the cylinder merges are arranged. Delkevic are a garbage header. Tuning would be beneficial, but, not necessary. Polished VFRD header, if you didn’t see it earlier in the thread. Still looks as good, today.
  5. You TN/NC peeps need to figure out a Appalachian-based business all of us can work at, so we can always go riding. 😁
  6. Go buy new bolts from Honda. They’re black; not brown. That’s what age, sunlight, and cleaner/chemicals do to the finishes.
  7. Sounds like Michelin’s Pilot Power. Countless track crashes with very accomplished riders at the controls. I experienced it once and never rode them again.
  8. ducnut

    Hot Battery

    Don’t order just any R/R. There are countless threads/posts on the topic, on this forum. Do your research.
  9. ducnut

    Hot Battery

    Best to get a voltage reading at the battery, while the bike is running. It would seem, you have an overcharge situation.
  10. Pretty certain they’re black zinc plated. There are silver, yellow, and green colors, too. You might find a home kit or will need a zinc plating company, otherwise.
  11. Anytime you start blowing fuses, especially the 30A main fuse, you better be checking the running voltage at the battery OR directly out of the R/R (if possible). That’s always step #1.
  12. It’s a very tight fit. Your tech shouldn’t have needed to cut anything, if the gasket is OEM. It takes a lot of patience, fiddling, and lube, to get them joined together. Likewise, it’s almost impossible to get them separated.
  13. I’ve seen the few posted on Killboy and thought they were pretty cool. That one seems pretty nice.
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