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  1. Never seen it, working in a Honda dealer. In 4yrs, I haven’t experienced it with my bike. And, I ride a LOT of gravel roads, living in the midwest USA.
  2. Yep. A lot of people fully squeeze the lever, not realizing what goes on with the piston. Half-strokes and give the air time to escape the bore.
  3. I wouldn’t go through all that. If anything, buy a new Rick’s and install it. Send the one you’re running to them. If you can find an OEM stator that’s smoked, grab it and send that one. They only need the stator frame. You need to run you R/R’s opposite; install the SH847 and keep the FH020 as a spare. The SH847 is a Series R/R and is the one that’ll help the longevity of your stator. Yep. ShipFixer has you squared away.
  4. Don’t coat the tank. Just use Evaporust to clean out the rust. Many suggest vinegar or other acidic liquids for the rust, but, that stuff strips the OEM coating off the metal, making the inside even more susceptible to rust. In my mind, that ruins the tank. Evaporust leaves the factory galvanizing intact. They’re a bit hit or miss, but, Quantum Fuel have aftermarket pumps and filters at reasonable prices. The shop I worked at used them all the time. However, others have reported problems with quality. YMMV.
  5. Yep. Every overheating Wing we had was the stop-and-go traffic normally found in resort-ish areas and at rallies. Brilliant bike, nonetheless.
  6. How it’s mounted in there is stupid. I was so pi$$ed off, I decided to be done with all of it and yanked all the LBS out. I already had the HEL line kit, too. Went to the salvage yard and bought an F3 frontend and F4 rear master and didn’t look back.
  7. I’ve lived outside Springfield most all my life. I left for FL, late 2020. I just moved back to Springfield, in the last week.
  8. You’re correct. They do. For others, you DO NOT want an ‘02 setup, as they’re the smallest of all the years and are 1yr-only.
  9. Southern Rewinding have a great reputation and is probably the way to go. I can’t say there’s any aftermarket stator I’d trust, at this point. Everything is offshore garbage, made for a brand or rebranded to be a brand. It’s not good. https://www.southernrewinding.com Hopefully, you have a quality, modern R/R? If not, you’ll want to get a Roadstercycle SH847 Kit, to back your new stator. https://roadstercycle.com Lastly, you’ll want to add a voltmeter to your bike, so you can constantly monitor what’s going on with your charging system.
  10. When the hot coolant leaving the engine goes into the right radiator, first, it makes sense to get started on cooling it down, ASAP. You might add the outward blowing fan blade, while you’re messing about. It’s the way Honda engineers should’ve done it, to begin with. I mean, air flows into the front of the bike and outward through the radiators. Why they put an inward sucking fan blade on these bikes, I’ve no idea.
  11. If you have an air compressor, buy a vacuum bleeder. I have the Capri Tools model, found on Amazon. Initially, it seems expensive. However, it makes bleeding fluids on anything, effortless. I’ve flushed the brake systems on numerous vehicles, by myself, using it. And, it’ll effortlessly pull fluid through a dry system.
  12. I added an auxiliary fan to the right side radiator, triggered with a relay so that when the key is on, the fan is on. It’s just a cheap and sacrificial, 100mm square by 25mm thick model that barely fits into the gap. It’s held in place by automotive electric fan zipties. It makes a huge difference in controlling temps, especially in traffic. My OEM fan never kicks on. Might be beneficial to your hot rod.
  13. Unfortunately, it’s a dying event. Manufacturers not supporting it leads to consumers not supporting it. Like you, I always looked forward to being immersed in a mecca of motorcycles. For me, it meant braving Chicago’s coldest winter weather, which is in the first 2 weeks of February. Walking to the convention center from the parking lots was brutal, in sub-zero temps, with winds howling. But, once inside? Aaaah! Everything motorcycle.
  14. The next hurdle is flaring that hard line, with “hard” being the operative word. Some of that material isn’t very workable, especially with budget flaring kits. Hopefully, it’ll work out.
  15. Race Tech sell the Schrader valve to recharge an OEM shock. Most common spring rates I’ve seen are over 1000#. My Penske has a 1300# spring and is perfect for my fluctuating 200-220 pounds. You’re going to need to alter the valving, if you’re planning to change the spring. Not sure anyone will be giving up shim stack info for a specific spring. If it were me, I’d buy a YSS and be done with it. However, the shock will highlight how bad the frontend is and you’ll be needing to rework that, as well.
  16. If any of you NC peeps are around and want to ride, I’m staying in Sylva. I had a series of events collude and am without a job or roof over my head. The hurricane was the final straw, so I packed my stuff and am headed back to IL. Decided to stop in NC to enjoy myself, a few days.
  17. If you’re in the states and are particular about your bearings, Dubya USA stocks Japanese bearings that are supplied by a Japanese bearing importer across the street from them.
  18. Look at Koso heated grips. They have an integrated switch in the left grip and voltage protection. Having HeliBars and sat on another 5th Gen with the Webike handlebar kit, I’d take a handlebar kit, next round. The bars are placed closer to the rider, higher, wider, and flatter.
  19. I used to perform the retail transactions for the first USA-based, Scorpion importer, which was 20+yrs ago. They would defer the customer to me, I’d run their CC, then, the importer would drop-ship to the customer. Scorpion have always been one of the nicest options on the market. They include a db-killer at no additional charge, have stainless steel packing, and maintain a reasonable sound level even without the insert. UK-made quality.
  20. Check out Nathan and his trip from Sydney, AU, back to his home in the UK. His trip is on ADV Rider and he’s written a book about it, as well. https://youtube.com/user/nathanthepostman
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