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  1. I have a 5th gen with a Staintune high mount exhaust. I’m looking for the exhaust baffle to bring the dbs down a bit. Please pm if you have one. Thanks
  2. $35+shipping from Toronto, Canada Used but not abused.
  3. Tom, you never cease to amaze! Beautiful machines with so much attention to detail. I decided this winter to take advantage of winter shop rates and take my 900F in for engine work. Will be doing valve seals and once they "clean up the top end" we'll see how the rest of it looks.
  4. Sorry for the double post. Excellent feedback and much appreciated. I’m looking forward to watching this forum again. Now, if I can only get someone to buy that ST....
  5. Dutchy ! I was hoping you would see my post. My wife and I had planned a trip to The Netherlands pre-Covid but of course that all fell apart. Would’ve been great to see you.
  6. Great insights fellas, thanks. The high mileage ‘99 is being offered for $2400 and the low mileage ‘00 is $2700. BTW - the ‘99 has never required a change of valve shims!
  7. I've been away from the forum for a while as I sold my beloved 06 White VFR a few years ago. I've decided to get back in the game and this time go 5th gen. I'm looking at a few options and wondering what the cognoscenti here would do. Both bikes are offered at that same price by mature honest owners: 1. 1999 VFR, cosmetically excellent, 95,000 miles. Upgraded front and rear suspension, 1 owner and complete, up-to-date maintenance records, including valve clearance inspections. vs 2. 2000 VFR, cosmetically excellent, 35,000 miles. No maintenance records or kno
  8. doubled

    2237967 129Slayer

    Nice pic...can you tell me what tail bag you have there? Make/ model. Thanks, ---David
  9. doubled


    Fantastic...all in the details!
  10. doubled

    Dragon 1

    Thanks guys; you made my day!
  11. doubled

    Riding The Dragon 2014

    Pics riding The Dragon
  12. I'm confused with your thinking here, guys. The "60" or "70" is the aspect ratio. A 60 would be shorter than the 70 (so yes having a similar effect as raising the forks), and therefore provide a flatter surface and less sidewall for cornering. I would think turn-in would be slower and there would be slightly less surface area for grip when cornering. I'd be inclined to stick with the OEM size and buy the type of tires that are right for your style of riding.
  13. doubled

    O6 VFR Pics

    Pics of my bike.
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