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  1. It sounds awesome and that engine idles very nicely. Smooth!
  2. tomk1960

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    Beautiful job - it looks awesome. Can you post a close-up pic of where your rear stand makes contact? I can't tell if you're using spools. My VFR doesn't have a center stand, so I need to come up with a way to get that back wheel off the ground. I hope you're riding and enjoying it now.
  3. Kemp is a great guy to deal with. I have a SS exhaust coming from him for my CB1100F. Several guys from the 1100F.net forum that I ride with have Hindle exhausts on their 1100F's. They look and sound awesome and are a great value. How often do we get lucky enough to have someone like Kemp develop custom exhausts for our older bikes? I intend to get one for my VFR750, but I need to get it in good running and riding condition first. In the meantime, I love the way this system looks! I'm leaning toward the high mount version. Very sexy!

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