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  1. I have replaced many sight glasses over the years and in numerous cases, they weren't all the same size. If you have one that's a bit too large in diameter, it's easy enough to carefully sand the edge as you rotate the glass, stopping often to check fitment. Once it's almost able to drop in, it's ready to go. I use a glue syringe to lay down a bead all the way around where the glass will sit, then press it in. Over the years I've refined my process, but this video will give you an idea how it can be done: Note that I no longer use Lexan - mineral glass watch crystals are the way to go.
  2. Awesome work as usual Captain! Thanks for sharing.
  3. My completed bodywork arrived late last week, installed on a spare bike that my painter friend had no use for. It has virtually all the little bits that my bike is missing, so I'll end up with a nice, original VFR when I'm done. Next up, I'll powder coat the wheels, engine covers, sub-frame, fork bits, and rebuild the forks. Most of the remaining parts are already done and in boxes in my shop. Carbs are overhauled and bench sync'd. Goal for completion is spring of 2021 - it will be here before you know it.
  4. It's been two and a half years since I bought this bike and put it on the back burner. I had three other projects in the queue to finish first, so I mostly left it alone. While I was finishing up my second '83 CB1123 Rest-mod, I started pulling parts off this one to prep for powder coating and rebuilding. So far the entire brake system is done, along with the rearsets. Brake rotors were surface ground and then I PC'd the centers. Carbs went off to Mike Nixon for rebuilding and are now waiting to be installed. I still have to adjust the valves and PC the valve, clutch, and alternator covers, along with the wheels and fork legs. I'm in no rush to get this one done, but I expect to be finished a year from now. In the meantime, a good friend in Texas who runs a Chevrolet body shop insisted that I ship all the bodywork down to him for repainting last year. In exchange, I did PC work for him and provided parts for his 900F and 1100F projects. My bodywork looked decent front feet, but there were some scrapes, cracks, and broken tabs. He started out by fixing all the cracks and made new tabs to replace the broken ones. He has the same bike, so he used it for checking decal alignment after painting. All that's left is the decal for the rear cowl and clearcoating, then he's giving me the bike and shipping it up to me with the new bodywork installed. This is actually safer than boxing everything up and shipping. When I finish my bike, I'll sell the spare to recoup the shipping cost. (It was a runner.) I may not have any updates for a while, but thought I'd share a picture of his beautiful paint work. I just wish he was local so he could help me paint an old car I'm restoring.
  5. I love the white CBR wheels on my CB1100R resto-mods. They really aren't that hard to keep clean if you have front and rear wheel stands and some S100 and a sponge. Well worth the effort.
  6. Beautiful bike and beautiful wife. Your wife is a saint - do not ever underappreciate her!
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