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  1. The axle is hollow, but it tapers down to a smaller I.D. approx. .5" in from the threaded end. (probably so that the end doesn't squish in when the nut is torqued?) The threaded rod I used slipped through nicely until I reached that point, so I cut some threads in the very end to resolve that issue. The spools are on, but unfortunately, my PitBull is not tall enough to life the wheel completely off the ground. Not a big deal since this setup is only good for servicing the chain anyway. I've ordered a different rear wheel stand that doesn't require spools and will allow for wheel removal.
  2. I love this approach - this is the route I'll take. Thanks!
  3. Now that I'm done with my previous restoration, it's time to dig into my 86 VFR750F. Since it has no center stand and I have very little chance of finding one, I want to mount spools on the swingarm so I can use my Pit Bull. If anyone here has suggestions on how to do it, please reply. I don't know if the swingarm itself is thick enough to drill and tap, so maybe I need to machine a couple of threaded mounts to weld onto the bottom of each side? Anyway, you know what I'm looking for, so feel free to chime in. Pictures are always welcome. Thanks.
  4. I've been using these for the past year and am very happy with them. They do a good job with wind noise and loud exhausts.
  5. That finish looks great. No big deal that the match isn't perfect - they're going to look awesome on the bike. Powder coatings will hold up fine on engine covers, as long as they're rated to cure in the 375-400 degree range. Once cured, it takes a considerably higher temperature for the finish to soften up. I've powder coated hundreds of various engine covers over the years and have never had an issue. Valve covers probably get the hottest and I've never had a problem with the finish failing.
  6. Beautiful bike and beautiful wife. Your wife is a saint - do not ever underappreciate her!
  7. I'd say that the gold dust looks the best of the three. I'll check with one my suppliers to see if they have anything similar, but I'd say that Prismatic has come pretty darn close. I'll be powder coating quite a few parts for my VFR750F in the coming months, so if that one comes out nice, I'll have to get a pound for myself.
  8. According to Kemp, it should be re-jetted, snorkel should be removed, and a K&N filter should be used. He will provide the re-jetting specs.
  9. Kemp is a great guy to deal with. I have a SS exhaust coming from him for my CB1100F. Several guys from the 1100F.net forum that I ride with have Hindle exhausts on their 1100F's. They look and sound awesome and are a great value. How often do we get lucky enough to have someone like Kemp develop custom exhausts for our older bikes? I intend to get one for my VFR750, but I need to get it in good running and riding condition first. In the meantime, I love the way this system looks! I'm leaning toward the high mount version. Very sexy!
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