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  1. Thanks! I went with Bridgestone Battlax BT45's. Good tire, reasonably priced, and one of the only ones left in the 16" size we need up front.
  2. I'm down for a set and willing to pay the going rate. These are NLA and really finish off a restored by bike. Any updates?
  3. Finally, the day of reckoning arrived last night when I finished the bike. I still have a few odds and ends to tend to, and I'm waiting for my repainted seat cowl to arrive, but the bike is otherwise done and I'm very happy with it. It's mostly stock except for the Racetech fork springs, CBR600RR turn signals, and the slightly different colors I used on the engine covers and calipers. It seems to be running well and it felt great on the first very short trip that I rode it. Thanks to the help of Captain 80's, Joe Nelson from www.v4dreams.com, and Tom Funk the water pump rebuilder, this all came together nicely. Here are some pictures to enjoy.
  4. Inching closer to the finish line. Brakes are bled, chain installed and adjusted, clutch bled, (pictures taken before the clutch master was installed) bulbs in gauges replaced with bright white LEDs, carbs and exhaust installed, and various other bits and pieces cleaned and reinstalled. I tested out all the electrics and except for a faulty neutral switch, everything worked. I replaced the switch and on came the light. The bike will be ready to fire up this weekend and once the carbs are sync'd, the bodywork can go on. Looking forward to my first ride.
  5. Cogswell is spot on - that's what I meant. Once you clean a tank, it's prone to flash rust fairly quickly, so spraying a fogging oil to cover the bare metal will prevent that from happening.
  6. I second that motion. Kreem ends up failing and wreaking havoc with your petcock and carbs. POR or Red-Kote are two much better options. Or nothing at all once it's all cleaned up and fogged. Keep a full tank and it won't rust.
  7. I've done numerous tanks using this method with good luck. Keep at it and be patient - it will clean up nicely.
  8. Looks like a rear wheel spacer to me.
  9. Try using some paint stripper. That clearcoat is ancient and should come off pretty easily. Then you can polish to your liking.
  10. Lots of progress made over the past couple of days. Installed a new YSS shock and then proceeded to reinstall the sub-frame, inner fender, and all the goodies that attach. From there, the progress sped up even faster. I hate to stop now, but we're going away for a beach vacation. When I get back, it will be finished up in short order.
  11. Am I mistaken or did those come from the factory polished and clear coated? If you don't mind the tedious process of polishing and have the right buffing tools, you could strip off the clearcoat and start over. When I restored my '84 VF1000F, I media blasted them clean, then shot a coat of chrome base powder and after curing, I PC'd with a final top coat of high gloss clear. They came out nice and will stay looking that way for a long time.
  12. My spare bike came with a decent OEM exhaust, so I felt it only fair to restore it to match the condition of everything else. I masked off the cans, blasted off all the old paint, and did final prep. Yesterday I shot a coat of high temp satin black powder and cured it at 450 degrees. This powder is rated to at least 1000 degrees after curing. Then the cans got a final polishing and the end result is very presentable. Except for some small bits and pieces that might get refinished, the bike is now ready to go back together. The fun part is about to begin.
  13. I have rebuilt a lot of 2 brush starters for the DOHC Hondas and found that the Arrowhead brand was the best quality. Some of the "el cheapos" on eBay have brush holders that don't even fit the motor housing. If you are planning to rebuild, spend the extra money and get a quality kit.
  14. The last of the big parts is done. I originally wasn't going to remove the sub-frame and powder coat it, but it was pretty shabby looking. So off it came and after cleaning and blasting, it got a basecoat of zinc primer and a finish coat of 80% gloss black. Most of it will be out of sight, but I'm glad I did it. A little more cleaning and this can start going back together.
  15. More progress. I PC'd the wheels this morning, then pressed in the bearings, then mounted and balanced the tires. I have been using Dynabeads on all of the tires I've mounted over the past 6 months and I'm very happy with the results. No more ugly weights to look at and perfectly balanced wheels. The valve covers are done and back on the bike, and the entire cooling system is for the most part refinished and restored. Except for some small odds and ends that I'll PC in the next few weeks, I'm now able to begin final assembly. My goal to have the bike ready to ride in August looks achievable!
  16. I've made lots of progress on this bike over the past couple of months and I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel now. The bulk of my PC work is done, carbs are rebuilt, valves are adjusted, front end is rebuilt, steering stem bearings replaced, and lots of cleaning has been done. Below are some pics of the various parts I've PC'd. Note the textured finish I used on the clutch and alternator covers - it was recommended by a forum member here. Prismatic gold dust texture (PTB-4551) is a fairly close match to the original finish, as seen in the pic with clutch vs. breather covers. Perhaps a little more metallic, but I really like it. The valve covers will get this treatment next week. I have the wheels almost ready to go and I also plan to shoot high temp satin black on the painted areas of the stock exhaust. Reassembly will begin within a few weeks, so I'll post more pictures as I begin that process.
  17. Those look great - I really like the textured look. Keep us posted on your negotiations.
  18. Since I bought my 86 VFR750F, Mike has been my go-to guy with questions. He always provides a quick and friendly answer. His restoration work is exemplary, and so is his assistance. He's a real asset to this site.
  19. I was disappointed to find out that center stands were an option for the VFR750 and to make it worse, they're hard to find. Somehow I got lucky and found one on eBay in Japan that was NOS and less than $60 shipped. I paid for it in August and it finally arrived earlier this week, almost 3 months later. I already have the correct NOS spring and the rest of the hardware, and test fitment shows it to be the correct one. The 30 year old paint on this is nothing special, so I'll blast and PC it gloss black. Glad I found it, since it will make chain adjustment a little easier.
  20. My completed bodywork arrived late last week, installed on a spare bike that my painter friend had no use for. It has virtually all the little bits that my bike is missing, so I'll end up with a nice, original VFR when I'm done. Next up, I'll powder coat the wheels, engine covers, sub-frame, fork bits, and rebuild the forks. Most of the remaining parts are already done and in boxes in my shop. Carbs are overhauled and bench sync'd. Goal for completion is spring of 2021 - it will be here before you know it.
  21. It's been two and a half years since I bought this bike and put it on the back burner. I had three other projects in the queue to finish first, so I mostly left it alone. While I was finishing up my second '83 CB1123 Rest-mod, I started pulling parts off this one to prep for powder coating and rebuilding. So far the entire brake system is done, along with the rearsets. Brake rotors were surface ground and then I PC'd the centers. Carbs went off to Mike Nixon for rebuilding and are now waiting to be installed. I still have to adjust the valves and PC the valve, clutch, and alternator covers, along with the wheels and fork legs. I'm in no rush to get this one done, but I expect to be finished a year from now. In the meantime, a good friend in Texas who runs a Chevrolet body shop insisted that I ship all the bodywork down to him for repainting last year. In exchange, I did PC work for him and provided parts for his 900F and 1100F projects. My bodywork looked decent front feet, but there were some scrapes, cracks, and broken tabs. He started out by fixing all the cracks and made new tabs to replace the broken ones. He has the same bike, so he used it for checking decal alignment after painting. All that's left is the decal for the rear cowl and clearcoating, then he's giving me the bike and shipping it up to me with the new bodywork installed. This is actually safer than boxing everything up and shipping. When I finish my bike, I'll sell the spare to recoup the shipping cost. (It was a runner.) I may not have any updates for a while, but thought I'd share a picture of his beautiful paint work. I just wish he was local so he could help me paint an old car I'm restoring.
  22. Beautiful bike and beautiful wife. Your wife is a saint - do not ever underappreciate her!
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