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  1. Got my registration and tag today. Almost road legal. Just needs to pass inspection. Needs new tires to pass. I got all the front plastics on. Of course I forgot the stupid scoop thing so I have to take it all off again, but such is life. I decided to roll with the crappy condition plastics for now. Getting them reconditioned is… costly. So I’ll save up for that. Either way, photos!
  2. I did a running voltage check on the stator. All the phases appear to be putting out the right voltage. No continuity between phases and ground when cold or warm. I don’t have a meter sensitive enough to measure the resistance between phases. At idle, everything is fine. At a sustained 4k rpm for about 90 seconds, the regulator/rectifier stars smoking. is it worth trying a $20 rectifier off Amazon to see if it smokes or just bite the bullet and get the $160 heavy duty one? Cyleto Voltage Regulator Rectifier for VFR750 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G5VDFZ8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_Q1WKWPYK0DN2ZCG17XWR
  3. Just checking that I wasn't missing out on some unicorn for documentation on this thing! I'll get the stator checked tomorrow and one on order if needed. Probably this one... https://www.electrosport.com/products/esg754-stator-honda-vfr750f-90-93
  4. You're talking about the service manual right?
  5. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but VERA moves! of course, it looks like I have a ground short somewhere or I need a new voltage regulator. That thing was smokin’! Started to melt the connector a little.
  6. Hey All! To say I’m excited doesn’t begin to describe it. A couple weeks ago, I sent my carbs off to @squirrelman for some… pro work. Today they arrived and I had them on Vera within 20 minutes of opening the box. Well… he did amazing work with those old things. Thanks! Now on to the rest of the fixing!
  7. That's a fun bit of information. I was wondering why there were two strainer tubes with no reserve. It makes sense now.
  8. I think I’m going to use the new tank. No reason not to.
  9. Can’t believe my luck! The cheapo tank I got off eBay is way better than the one I had AND it had a great petcock and strainer tube! Now to get these carbs sorted.
  10. Well crap… that doesn’t sound at all like a quick fix so I can ride. Guess the carbs are coming apart again. Boo.
  11. Perfect. That’s what I thought. So I think the pump is fine.
  12. Today was interesting. Got the plenum reattached and got carbs back on. Decided to hook up an IV and give it a go. New battery attached and turned the key… pushed the button. She fired right up and sat idling. Choke worked no problem. If I so much think about the throttle, she dies. Starts right back up. I original had the IV connected to the fuel pump. Noticed the fuel pump “pulses”. Should the pump be on constantly? Maybe it’s a bad pump and / or a fuel pressure issue?
  13. Taking a chance... just bought this off ebay. The pic shows it with the petcock and the tank looks clean. Maybe I'll get lucky and the fuel strainer is intact. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324471977799
  14. The tank was had a fair amount of sludge at the bottom before I got it cleaned up. It was all metal flake rust, old gas... some dirt..
  15. No reserve. The tank has sender for fuel level and a "low fuel" sensor. I don't think the screen is critical... but if there's anything the tank, it does keep it from clogging the valve. I don't think I'll find the pickup tubes, so I'm just looking at how to prescreen before the valve. I imagine that on 20 or 30 year old bikes, that plastic is pretty degraded anyway.
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