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  1. It was just an operational check. Making sure the starter and electronics were working. The air box arrived. Of course, it’s missing a hose connector. I’m modeling and 3D printing a new one. Should be done modeling, printing and in-hand by tomorrow evening. Basic shape is done... now some refining...
  2. Putting on the base plate for the air box is a bit of a bear! But I hooked up to a battery today and heard the motor turn over! All the electronics seem to check out. It sounded good. Just need to keep pushing along and find all my missing pieces.
  3. Not a bad idea at all! I'll look up replacements.
  4. Looks like this is an amazing wealth of information. Thanks!
  5. Good news! Found an air box and base plate on eBay. While I wait for delivery... more cleaning. What have you all used to restore plastics?
  6. No cutting of the fender here. I'm not opposed to the look.
  7. I had thought that since it was sitting for 12 years, it probably needs new seals everywhere... perhaps not? I mean, the oil was clean, the coolant was clean... no leaks... I'll think about it while I try to find the airbox.
  8. You guys are great! The carbs look clean. Got an air compressor today just to clean all this off. Past the butterfly, the cards are spotless. Looks like it was just dust and saw dust. next step... meticulously pulling the engine.
  9. Oil looks clean, just smells a bit... stale? Not burnt though. If it hasn’t run since ‘08, I won’t know about gaskets until I run it. But, that’s a long ways off.
  10. No doubt. Working on a slow tear down and then cleaning. Shopvac and an air compressor will do wonders.
  11. Found a guy on eBay. We chatted back and forth a bit. He said no problem. We’ll see if the keys work. I just provided year, make, model and cylinder code. This obviously won’t work if you have HISS as you’ll need a matched key and ECU. Not sure about the linking policies on this forum, so mods can remove if not allowed. https://m.ebay.com/seller?sid=cyclekeysonline
  12. No idea... that key doesn’t work either. I’ll have to drill the cylinder and replace it... unless I can pick it. It’s only four tumblers, I think. airbox? What airbox? Going to have to acquire or 3D print a new one.
  13. Found a coat hanger and was able to hook the latch for the seat. Keys are on order. The layers of... stuff... though... I really didn't want to pull the engine for cleaning, but I might just be easier to get it out at a good working height to get all the nooks and crannies... I guess that will make it easier to work on the frame clean up too. It's not all doom and gloom, the tool set is intact!
  14. Wow... thanks for the welcome. Right now, it's mostly complete so I got lucky there. I have a bendy coat hanger... will investigate seat removal. I mentioned the carbs because there appear to be rags in the intake... maybe that means they were trying to be nice to it and keep it clean? Of course, it could have attracted rodents, too. I just hope I don't have to tear the entire engine down to clean it inside an out.
  15. Hi All! First timer on these boards, please be kind as I jump back into building a bike and riding. I joined up because I found a 1992 VFR750F leaning on the side of a friend's garage. Not the worst shape I've seen for a bike, but nowhere near great. I'm looking forward to giving it a new life with me. I've not ridden for many years, but couldn't pass up the "just take it" deal I got. The keys it came with don't fit anything on it, so I'm starting there. Once I get them, I can pop the seat and start to see what they thought they were doing with the carbs. I'm giving myself an arbitr
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