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  1. Yes it's 1984 model. The compliance plated is dated Jan 1984, so its an early one. Oh.... I will also fix the year typo in the description.
  2. Ronsk

    VF1000FE and VF800FE (The old and the new)

    The oldest and newest bikes in the shed. The VF1000FE (1984) is the first litre size bike I ever owned. While not my original bike, this low km (20,000km) exsample is a keeper.
  3. Ronsk

    VF1000F E

    The first big bore Motocycle I ever owned. Regretted selling the original, now replaced with a 21,000km example. Happy days!
  4. Ronsk


    looks good! I do prefer the red look. Went the same way on my 8 gen.
  5. Installed a set of Ventura rails and the topbox off my gen 3 as this is fast becoming the daily rider. Recovered the seat, replace the mirrors with OEM ones, fitted a quadlock bracket in the triple clamp, a RAM ball on the clutch master cylinder bracket, and put OEM adjustable brake and clutch leavers back on. Still need to put on a USB charger with a volt meter. Lastly, replaced the black double bubble screen with a standard light tint one from "screens for bikes" in Melbourne Australia. Great screen. But I just realised that the problem for me with the last screen was not the shape but that fact that it was solid black. My bad..
  6. Ronsk

    VFR750F S

    Finally managed to find a VFR750F S 1995 Gen 4.
  7. Hi Ronsk, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. Ronsk


    Yes, I put an old go-pro 3 I have in the case. I have had a bit of road rage with a couple of clowns on the road tailgating. I just point to the camera when I stop at the lights and they leave me alone. Saves the aggravation. Recently brought a Forcite Helmet that has a camera fitted. Waiting for it to arrive..... A dash cam in the helmet can only be a good thing.😃
  9. Thankyou. I was a bit hesitant about changing the wheel colours from white to the current colour, but they do match the brake callipers now.. I am very happy with the result. It's been a great bike.
  10. The VF1000R needs a bit or work. Will most likely strip it completely, re-spray the fairing and frame, and powder coat all the black bits. it's a low km bike and worth the effort to me. When I had my VF1000F's always looked upon the R's with a bit of envy.
  11. The VFR came with the red seat. The seat cowl also has the same red cover. I do like the red seat and have recovered the Paso seat as well in a lightly darker red. I did not have a Paso or VFR back in the day. Instead I had a couple of VF1000F 's in the late eighties/early 90's. A blue and white one and a red and black one. Always regretted selling them, but getting married and having to buy the new wife a car saw to that. I later brought a CBR1000F new in 1995, still have it. The Paso is the bike I always wanted when I was younger, the VFR750 is the bike I should have wanted and brought. Recently picked up a VF1000R 1984 model to restore. needs quick a bit of work on the fairings and will need a respray including the frame. that said the motor has just 25,000km on it and the carbs have been rebuilt, so not all bad. I recently had the VF1000R parked next to the VFR800 2015, it's a similar comparison for me. Thanks for the comments
  12. The 906 Paso is a 1990 model and the VFR750 1991. they are for all intents and purposes the same age. That said the Honda is the tour de force of technology while the Paso is a different animal altogether, a 900cc v-twin with a desmo valve system. Both great bikes in their own way. Purchased the VFR as I was going to do a bit of work on the Paso. I enjoyed riding the VFR that much ended up restoring it, buying a Gen 8 and a VF1000R... go figure? 🙄😀
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