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  1. Yes it's 1984 model. The compliance plated is dated Jan 1984, so its an early one. Oh.... I will also fix the year typo in the description.
  2. The oldest and newest bikes in the shed. The VF1000FE (1984) is the first litre size bike I ever owned. While not my original bike, this low km (20,000km) exsample is a keeper.
  3. Okay, Honda springs and caps it is then. Thankyou.
  4. I have a feeling the starter clutch needs rebuilding or a kit. Ah, the sound of the starter motor spinning while trying to engage the engine. In Austraila, and from what I have fond everywhere else, Honda has discontinued the 15x16 roller part # 91101-422-000 I can still buy the cap and spring but not the 15x 16 roller. Any ideas.... looking for either an alternative part or a honda part if this part was superseded.
  5. A soldering iron and a strip of ABS plastic off eBay worked for me. Sanded down the weld with a multi tool afterwards. Plastex is also worth considering www.plastex.com.au is you want to try something different. I have also had a lot of success with Plastex.
  6. Started getting a small backfire when de-accelerating on a closed throttle. The bike gets used one or twice a week, so it is not sitting for long periods. Possibly Plugs or coils? The bike has 65,000km on it and is serviced yearly regardless of kms. The spark plugs are due for replacement, so I am going to replace them anyway. Any suggestions? Or should I just go with whatever my honda dealer specs?
  7. I am pretty sure that they were factory polished and clear coated. I had VF1000F in the late eighties. I have tried mothers on them to no effect. I suspect the remnants of clear coat is the problem..
  8. Starting to look at reassembling the VF1000R. The alloy valve covers are quite a bit worse for wear. Any suggestions on the best way to refurbish them?
  9. Capt, just heard back from the re-seller, they are saying the Arrowhead brand starter motors are a 2 brush design. I will take your advice and get a second hand 86 VFR starter and put a kit though it. I much prefer the idea of having a 4 brush starter. Cheers
  10. Thanks, I will try asking the supplier if they ae a 4 brush starter motor. If not or if I cant get an answer, I will have a look around for a second hand 86 VFR starter and put a kit though it.
  11. The fareing has been repaired and undercoated. Still a small bit of body filler required in a couple of areas. To quote the Spray painter "Out of intensive care, in recovery. Just a couple of splits to be fixed then the body work" I picked the frame up a week ago. It's been re-sprayed in the original colour as well. With a bit of luck and some spare time I should be able to start putting the old girl back together soon.
  12. I have checked and the starter button is disengaging. At this stage I have purchased a rebuild/repair kit for the starter motor from Wemoto (uk). Brushes, seals, bearings etc.. I will fit the kit. I think I will still purchase a 86 - 87 VFR 700/750 starter motor as I do like the idea of having a 4 brushes starter motor on a VF1000 as opposed to the standard the 2 brush. I have 2 x VF1000's an F and an R so having a spare starter motor (the one with the kit in it) is most likely a good idea.. Does anyone have any experience with the Arrowhead brand starter motors? Are they a 4 or 2 brush starter motor? link below https://www.firestormmotorcycles.com.au/honda-vfr750f-1986-1997-arrowhead-starter-motor-a1
  13. I have an issue with the starter motor on the VF1000F. The starter motor engages and starts the bike without any problems. The issue is after I release the starter button the there is a rattle noise. It a bit like the starter is not disengaging... any ideas? Its different to the starter clutch issue I had with the 1991 VFR750F were the starter clutch does not engage. The problem is the noise after starting the bike witch last for a couple of seconds. I don't believe its the starter clutch.. but I have been wrong before.......
  14. They are a great bike. I can relate to the narrower feeling with the radiators at the front.
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