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  1. I received an answer on the colours from a Facebook group, will post below (with an alternative for the blue) in case anyone else has the same question. VF1000RE 1984 paint colours Fighting red Shasta White Candy Aleution Blue. Accurate Silver (Frame) The red and white can still be found on the paint computer lists , but not the blue . Hyundai Sparkle Blue is a 100% match.
  2. No plan to swap the forks over. The only reason for the wheel swap was to change the front diameter from 16" to 17" to increase the tyre selection. I believe if I reuse the CBR600 calliper mounts, the callipers should bolt straight on.... I hope. My understanding is that CBR600F2 wheels, discs, brakes callipers and mounts can be swapped out using a kit supplied by Jamie. The speedo drive and CBR600 hub need to be modified. After that it should be just a bolt on change over. I have sourced the CBR600F2 wheels, discs, brakes callipers and mounts. They arrived yesterday. Still have not open
  3. Hello Capt, I have sourced a set wheels and brakes off a CBR600F2, just waiting on a speedo drive to come from the UK. I was planning to get Jamie to machine a hub and provide a change over kit. With the exhaust, I have a set of slip-on's (lazer I think, will need to check), was looking at putting a complete system onto it and storing the original headers and pipes. The only thing I am missing from the exhaust is the original mufflers. Still looking for a set in Europe, have found a couple, but not having much luck in getting the seller to box and ship them over here at my exp
  4. Thanks for website, will come in handy for a couple of other projects I have in the pipeline. Unfortunately the 1984 model VF1000R did not make it to the states, so it's not on any of the American websites. What I most likely need is a photo of a European or Uk model sticker that is under the seat.
  5. I finally made a start on the "R". last weekend stripped the VF1000R down to the frame, repaired the faring. A bit of plastic welding on the ABS rear and fibreglassing on the bottom front fairing. I have taken the fairing and frame into the spray painter yesterday. One question, does anyone know the paint codes for the VF1000RE 1984 model? It is the intention to try and keep it original with any changes such as fitting CBR600F2 wheels or after market exhaust to be reversible.
  6. Interesting comments. I ride an 8 gen and 3rd gen, recently acquired a 4th gen. On the 8 gen I do miss the gear driven cams but still find the bike a great ride, the V-tec is also rewarding (a PCV helps the transition and mid range). I haven't spent a lot of time on the 4th gen yet, but I would say it is most likely going to be the favourite child. It's hard to say if the 3rd/4th gen's are a better bikes than the 8th gen, I would say that as much as they are the same, single sided swing arms and V4 engines, they are different motorcycles separated by 20years as one would expect. In short they
  7. Hi Ronsk, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. Ronsk

    VFR750F S

    Finally managed to find a VFR750F S 1995 Gen 4.
  9. Ronsk


    Yes, I put an old go-pro 3 I have in the case. I have had a bit of road rage with a couple of clowns on the road tailgating. I just point to the camera when I stop at the lights and they leave me alone. Saves the aggravation. Recently brought a Forcite Helmet that has a camera fitted. Waiting for it to arrive..... A dash cam in the helmet can only be a good thing.😃
  10. Have anyone fitted a PVC and autotune to a 8 gen 2014?. I have the PVC is all wired up and working. The Autotune is a work in progress as I am in the process of getting a bund welded into the exhaust in front of the collector box, angled so the o2 sensor will fit. My understanding is that the Pair Valve needs to be disabled for the autotune to function best. I have not been able to find much on the 8 gen about this. Would a set of blocking plates do this and do this. I am looking at these on fleabay, would they work? PAIR Valve Removal kit with Block Off plates Honda VFR 800 F/V-te
  11. Thankyou. I was a bit hesitant about changing the wheel colours from white to the current colour, but they do match the brake callipers now.. I am very happy with the result. It's been a great bike.
  12. The VF1000R needs a bit or work. Will most likely strip it completely, re-spray the fairing and frame, and powder coat all the black bits. it's a low km bike and worth the effort to me. When I had my VF1000F's always looked upon the R's with a bit of envy.
  13. The VFR came with the red seat. The seat cowl also has the same red cover. I do like the red seat and have recovered the Paso seat as well in a lightly darker red. I did not have a Paso or VFR back in the day. Instead I had a couple of VF1000F 's in the late eighties/early 90's. A blue and white one and a red and black one. Always regretted selling them, but getting married and having to buy the new wife a car saw to that. I later brought a CBR1000F new in 1995, still have it. The Paso is the bike I always wanted when I was younger, the VFR750 is the bike I should have wanted and brought. Rec
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