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  1. Excellent !! My '86 has been silent for 20 years, but I do remember its distinctive voice. I don't know why, but the '97 doesn't speak with the same accent. Yet. Does Hindle make a left side exhaust for the 4th Gen? I'll have to look them up. THANK YOU for the video AND audio ! Brian
  2. Hope it is okay to post as a 3rd party, but saw this ad for (looks like) late-model VFR fairings. Rear seat cowl also shown. Looks really complete for the price. I saw this ad posted 3-4 months ago, too, so the seller may be motivated. Here is the link (hope this works...) https://austin.craigslist.org/mpo/d/honda-vfr-fairing-kit/6799756316.html Brian
  3. Fastdruid, I'm curious about your special note of E85. Have you run such? If so, I realize this is a carburetion discussion, but did you make any other optimization changes (higher compression/boost)? VERY interesting topic (retrofitting FI to older VFR's) and I agree that it is probably the better way to go for those with increasingly complex modifications (E85). Please, keep this thread going ! -Smack-
  4. I would like 2 sets, please. Anyone got an electronic manual for these Keihin carburetors that discusses jet sizes etc.? I have the '96 shop manual. Any idea if these diaphragms are the same size as used in the '86 750? Thanks for putting this idea together !

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