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  1. Is that 2nd picture of the faulty neutral switch ?
  2. Thanks for the updates. Keep up the excellent work !
  3. Nice-looking work !
  4. I bought the Abba Superbike Package 3. For the high price, I expected a lot more. There is a coarse thread bolt that holds the vertical bit to the rolling stand; my bolt was mis-located by almost 1/2 the bolt dia. Of course, that prevents it from working (i.e. locking the pieces into place); so, I must be VERY careful rolling the bike on this stand as it very easily can fall off. The front/rear extensions are practically useless; they send a strap which is supposed to pull the rear of the bike down (to lift the front wheel), but that whole arrangement is crap, so it is not being utilized either. I cannot recommend that manufacturer.
  5. I recall going for a 'mileage run' on my '86 750 once. Those carburetors returned 55 MPG. Wasn't all that fun; much better to ride 'normally' at 45-50 MPG.
  6. Contrary to the naysayers, many of us find immense joy and personal satisfaction in building (with our own hands) the thing that we desire. If you want an RC30 clone and the building of such would bring you happiness, then I support you doing it.
  7. Good source for the 4.5" headlights? Anyone know of a similar look, but LED ?
  8. I, too, would love to know the secrets of the RC45 mill..... 🙂 but, it wouldn't be "secret" any more.
  9. I think that you BEST bet is to contact Joe (V4dreams.com). He is constantly finding and refurbishing the breed. If you want a showpiece or just a mechanically sound VFR, I'd call HIM. Brian
  10. WOW !!!! That is quite the find. I would collect 'em just to have 'em ! Too bad I'm so far away...
  11. Those are some nicely-wrapped pipes ! What is the wrapping material, please? Is it adhesive-backed or how is it retained in-position? Brian
  12. I need a 4th Gen engine, but it might cost a bit to ship to Texas. All the Californians are leaving California (for some reason); where are you going ?
  13. JZH, where did you source those Infiniti G35 projectors? I can find replacement bulbs, but not the whole assy.
  14. Am I understanding the last bit of this thread correctly? Are you saying that it is possible to run the projector lights WITHOUT the usual shiny, parabolic reflector ? That would seem to save quite a bit of weight (my '97's feels like it weighs 15 pounds!). Brian
  15. Great story; keep up the hard work to get this one back on the road ! Dazed, please elaborate (copy link?) to what you refer on the "electrolysis videos" and how do they apply to rusty tanks? Thanks. Brian
  16. I'm following this as I most likely will need to do the same on my '86 750 one day... Please follow-up on the problem. Brian
  17. Thanks for that info, Greg. I concur with the superior 'tweakability' of the EFI setup. For an E-85 conversion, the EFI/timing looks very desirable. Still, I have a soft spot in my heart for those carbs (agree the '97 runs well on carbs!). Brian
  18. Well Ken, I believe that you are very much mistaken then. Nope, I definitely mean "ethanol" (aka 'ethyl alcohol'). Methanol is a bit too poisonous for me, plus, I can distill my own fuel (eventually). Yes, less caloric value PER EQUAL MASS, but you have to use more ethanol than gasoline (air/fuel ratio), so ACTUALLY, you make MORE horsepower. Yeah, most people "wouldn't" because they don't really understand the benefits (cleaner burning, more power, environment, maybe less expensive, cooler burning, much higher octane), but yes, the mileage MAY decrease a small amount. I'm pursuing it for the POWER. We get an 85% ethanol blend here, so it is available (maybe add "availability" to the drawback list). Did you know that our Indy Car racing series uses E85? They certainly make plenty of power. Also drag racers like it. The high (14:1 maybe 15:1) compression pistons take advantage of the high octane and greatly increase the mechanical efficiency (power). Yes, there are certainly risks to excessive speed (shame you have such a repressive government, us too. ), but the extra power also translates to quicker acceleration. You understand all of that as you want to overbore and change camshafts for more power. On to fairings, yes, there are some European manufacturers and THOSE would probably be cost prohibitive for ME. Understood, we'll pick the best 'local' sources. Are you going to paint or use vinyl graphics? A while ago, I saw a French graphics company had made an RC45 fairing decal, but I can't locate that company now. Decals would be easier/cheaper/more accurate than paint for me. I need to find a spare engine to fool ('fuel'?) around with before I tear into mine, but the fairings s/b much sooner if I can find that decal. My timeframe is probably a year or 2 on the engine plans. Brian
  19. Ken, I, too, have the urge to make a faux RC45 from my '97. Focusing on the graphics; got any leads on vinyl graphics? I'm leaning towards Beasley Composites for the fairings. Thanks for the Mohawk camshaft lead; I'm thinking of custom high-compression pistons and ethanol, so different cams are possible. Pictures when able? Brian
  20. Fastdruid, I'm curious about your special note of E85. Have you run such? If so, I realize this is a carburetion discussion, but did you make any other optimization changes (higher compression/boost)? VERY interesting topic (retrofitting FI to older VFR's) and I agree that it is probably the better way to go for those with increasingly complex modifications (E85). Please, keep this thread going ! -Smack-
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