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  1. Don't know about the windscreen, but I'd definitely pick up the white 8 spoke that's on ebay - it would look killer!
  2. Cogswell

    5th Gen vs 6th Gen VFR800

    As another that owns both, my $.02 is that it's maybe more a question of "what are your preferences and priorities" vs "is one better than the other"? You have to weigh the differences between them based on what's most important to you. The main absolute differences are that if you want factory luggage and / or ABS, you'll need a 6th gen which can be a real value for a bike that you can pick up for about $4,000. If you want the GDC's, you have to go 5th. I can ride either just as readily and have ridden both long distances. Past that things become more subjective depending upon intended use and personal preferences and abilities. I like that my '99 does not have a wax unit to cause trouble, a cat or cam chain tensioners that can fail. In an ideal world I'd take the two and meld them together keeping what I like best about both. Several years ago there was a post from someone, I think in Ohio that did essentially that. Actually in my ideal world Honda would still be producing the 5th gen - ah well. As I think of the two, while I like my 6th gen and will probably sell it as the miles pile up, I love my 5th gen and do not intend to ever part with it. I plan to leave it on the center stand in my garage and let it remind me of all the fun rides I had on it. YMMV.
  3. Cogswell

    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    That's one lucky 500! Very impressive on the frame repair - I would love to have those kinds of fabrication skills. Looking forward to more updates.
  4. Cogswell

    RC 79 emblem

    You might find some takers if you made more - also maybe for the RC 46.
  5. Cogswell

    2002 badging/decal US edition

    The April, 2002 edition of Sport Rider reviewed the then new 2002 VFR - there are numerous photos in the article. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/files/file/122-sport-rider-6th-gen-review-april-2002/
  6. Cogswell


    Only time I've seen a 5th gen can mounted on a 4th gen.
  7. Cogswell

    How to strap down bike in pickup?

    I think he is saying something like "see that new VFR? It's parked right outside the door of my love nest. Let's go inside and you can see the rest of my bike collection . . . "
  8. Cogswell

    2010 Gen 6 Big Blue Connector corrosion

    Thanks for the post - a good reminder to look after the electrics. In 2012 I did a preemptive strike and separated every connector I could get to and coated the pins with Oxgard. So far so good - but this post has me thinking that some ongoing maintenance is still a good idea.
  9. Cogswell

    Chasing rich condition

    Judging by the gunk on the intake plenums above the throttle plates, I'd bet a paycheck that if the injectors were on a bench flow device that the flow would be poor, the spray pattern the same, and also probably not shutting off completely. Varnished fuel and debris in the injectors can cause the pintle not to seat properly so fuel keeps flowing in even though the ECU thinks it isn't. Also , a poor spray pattern doesn't atomize the fuel fully so some can go unburned. At the state of disassembly in the photo, it's super easy to remove the injectors - 4 small bolts removed, unplug and they lift right out. Professional cleaning is about $25 per at RC Engineering - can be sent US Mail. Fuel additives will never clean them to the extent that a full service can. Definitely worth it.
  10. Cogswell

    Veefalo turned 60!

    Seems like when our bikes turn 65 that they should qualify for Medi Hondacare and receive free prescriptions for spark plugs and filters. LOL Mine's still in his late 20's, so still quite a ways to go. It seems like just yesterday that the Veefalo was brand new - where did the time go?
  11. +1 for Oxgard - I've been using it for a long time now on all my connectors, copper, aluminum or otherwise. It's worked great. Regardless of the type of metal is says it's for, it is a conductive paste while silicone is an insulator. Both have their uses on connectors - I generally use silicone on the plastic body of connectors exposed to the elements to seal out moisture or on spark plug boots - on the Viffer everything has gotten a treatment with Oxgard and has kept things happy for the past 30,000 miles.
  12. I know it doesn't directly answer your question - but a Marc Parnes balancer for your '14 is $115 shipped - I have the version for my VFR's. They're made like jewelry, very precise. IMHO this is one of those applications where it's worth the money. There probably are some home brew solutions, but getting things lined up and cones made, etc is still going to cost some money - and that's not factoring in your time. Marc's already got this one dialed in for a reasonable price. Just my $.02.
  13. Cogswell

    Surging at 3,500rpm

    Some good maintenance for a nearly 20 year old bike that's done a lot of sitting would be to check for water in the fuel, and for my money remove the injectors and have them bench cleaned. Injector cleaner is fine for maintenance, but does little for deposits that have built up over time. Not saying that's the issue, but even if it's not it's money well spent.
  14. Cogswell

    Pardon The Nudity...

    I have a friend that's done something similar - left the korporate world for self employment. He's says that his boss now is much tougher than any he's had before, but he wouldn't trade it for anything.
  15. Cogswell

    Missing toolkit

    Here's the photo from the FSM mentioned earlier. Even though this is shown as the way to support the tank, in the garage I use an old piece of 1x2 I have laying around - works just as well. Out on the road would be a different matter - but what am I going to get under the tank for while out riding? So I don't worry too much about it. The other thing it could be useful for is the shock spanner - maybe it needs more leverage. I have ABS so mine did not even include the shock tool. That too is less likely to need attention after leaving home, so all in all the absence of the extension handle probably isn't too big a deal.

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