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  1. The crud / dirt on the hoses and any visible cracking, particularly on the ends, will likely tell you all you need to know. Also, absolutely do not use Prestone or any other coolant with silicates, as the new leak will be coming from the water pump seal.
  2. I don't recall seeing this, so please forgive me if I'm repeating something posted previously. FWIW I have my 6th gen OEM cans (catback) and headers off for some other work, so I thought prior to install I'd compare the weight to that of Wade's headers and my Remus catback setup (including its "Y" pipe). This was done on a digital bathroom scale (holding each then re-weighing myself without and subtracting) so there is a margin of error baked in. At any rate it came out as (rounded to the nearest pound): OEM 32 lbs Wade's 22 lbs Cheers
  3. I watched the 1st installment - Ehh. Maybe he prefers the body work to the 6th gen - to each their own. His rendering looks to be Photoshopped - at least he could have included the 6th gen motor in it.
  4. Yup. Same concept except you'll be removing carbs vs FI throttle body. The thermostat and pipes coming out of each cylinder head that feed the thermostat all live in the same general location - down in the "V". Hoses can be weird - some give no trouble for decades while others don't last more than 5 or 6 years - but all oxidize and eventually weaken. Plus the thermostat has been submersed in coolant for years and and can get stuck just from age. With the newest of the 3rd gens now nearing the end of their 3rd decade, if I had one that I knew had never had the coolant hoses (or rad cap) replaced I wouldn't take it out for more than a day ride not too far from home. A re-fresh of the cooling system would definitely upgrade the long term reliability of such a bike particularly for long haul touring.
  5. It is a pesky devil, isn't it? That's long been the knock on the V-4 - two of everything - 2 cylinder heads, 2 sets of cams and covers to remove for a valve adjustment, and then all that stuff crammed down in there where it's hard to get at. But the result is V-4 magic! Be sure all your hoses are tight - 1/2 turn too loose and you'll be chasing another coolant leak with all that to do over. If you're having the injectors cleaned (good idea BTW), RC Injector service is in SoCal and would be a quick turnaround for you. $25 per plus shipping. I just sent mine to WitchHunter Performance in Duval, WA which was cheaper, but he has a 3 week backlog. Removing them has a set procedure that includes removing the TPS - too long to describe, would recommend reviewing that in the FSM before going further. Also, be kind to the throttle body boots. They are no longer available so if they get borked you'll have to find them used. Maybe a PITA for now, but you'll be glad to did this and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. It's a nice looking ride and deserves the service. Cheers
  6. Here it is. I guess I read it 5 or so years ago . . . it's much older than that. Photos are mostly gone, but the text can still give some idea of how it went. https://advrider.com/f/threads/poor-man-uraling-the-u-s-a.454177/ He posts a lot of pics on Sugmug - you can see his military-looking Ural there. https://mr-cob.smugmug.com/
  7. There was a thread on ADV Rider 5 or so years ago by a man that did this very thing, although on a Ural with a sidecar. Ural sponsored him by providing the bike. He would post up his itinerary and then as he went along other members who followed his posts would offer to let him stay with them. He had very little invested in the trip as almost every night someone had their door open to him. It went on for quite some time. I'll look to see if I can find it - might provide some ideas. One piece of trivia about the XB-70 was that one of the test pilots was a USAF Colonel by the name of Fitzhugh Fulton. His subsequent flying career had him flying the 747 SCA aircraft that carried the Space Shuttle Enterprise up on its landing tests in 1977 and later ferried the operational shuttles back to Florida. Indeed the XB-70 was an incredible project that was well ahead of its time.
  8. It mite be a good time, if not already to download the FSM here: https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/files/ Since you reported that the engine ran perfectly for 115,000 miles and is now exhibiting this behavior with two different T/B units, it would seem something untoward happened elsewhere during the service. The manual states this about idle speed: It could be something simple such as the crankcase breather hose was overlooked, or two hoses got mixed up, etc. The manual can help you retrace your steps in removal / re-installation and possibly help you sort it.
  9. No surprise it's off their site given that the last one was imported 5 years ago. When I used to go to the dealer to pick something up I would walk around to look at the new offerings, sometimes lusting after them. No longer. I see no passion in new bikes. They're more capable and sophisticated for sure, but for me that's all they are. To me most look like industrial machinery - they lack a soul and elegance of design. I'm sure I've already purchased my last new bike - my Viffers should last through my riding days - glad to have 'em.
  10. I know that bridge - crosses Yaquina Bay at Newport.
  11. It can only do that if everything is in good nick . . . FSM mentions checking the throttle freeplay - make sure no changes were made and everything is connected correctly. In these instances I would not assume it was done properly - follow the manual. Secondly and maybe more likely check for a vacuum leak(s). Unmetered air entering will not be measured by the ECU and you'll get idle and performance issues from it. The aforementioned starter valve synch will reveal a leak and is good practice, particularly on your ebay sourced T/B. Best of luck sorting it.
  12. If it were me I would do a valve check - it will never be easier than while it's right in front of you. I don't believe Honda calls for a new valve cover gasket when removed, but they do spec a small amount of sealant around the corners. The rear cam cover is powder coated while the front Honda left bare aluminum - dealer's choice on treating those. I would also change out the thermostat - servicing that requires removal of the throttle body and since you already have that off it's prime time for it. You'll find that the throttle body boots are no longer available new, so be kind to the ones you have. They may be interchangeable with 6th/8th gen versions (which are available), but I've never seen anyone confirm that.
  13. While I really miss the anticipation of a new edition of monthly magazines, I've learned so much more from the forums - swaps, parts interchangabilty, mods, repairs, and met so many nice people, the web has significantly enhanced my motorcycling experience. I just wish the two could co-exist, but like so many other parts of life, things change.
  14. Google is your friend (well, if nothing else at least in this instance . . . ) https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thurn-motorsport.de%2Fhtml%2Fvfr.html It may be a function of Google's translation - but you may have to right click on links and open in a new tab to get them to work. It 'aint perfect but it's better than my ability to read German . . .
  15. If you are doing a vid or write up on VFR's, maybe start with your 5th gen - from the looks of it in your avatar, that might be a good place to start. Can't go wrong with a 5th gen . . .
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