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  1. Thinking out loud (so don't give too much credit to it), the 6 gearsets ride on 2 parallel shafts, so a bearing problem would seem likely to affect each gearset equally vs only one. It seems possible though that the 6th gear pair could have an issue of some sort, but unless abused dont often develop problems.. Typically I don't engage 6th until closer to 6,000 rpm which brings it to the 5,000 rpm area. I'd only be running 4,000 in 6th if going downhill and I'm too lazy to shift. It doesn't seem to like trying to put lots of torque through at lower rpm - even accelerating in 3rd or 4th from 3,000 rpm or so. If it turns out not to be the chain / sprockets (mite be worth a look at the front sprocket as well to rule that out), then maybe it is a gearbox problem. If so, a teardown is probably not the best approach. Splitting the cases is a daunting project that could possibly be stalled by parts availability and it could be difficult to find a shop that will undertake that on a 20 year old bike. It's probably more economical to find a used unit and swap motors vs trying to rebuild what you have. Hopefully the chain / sprockets is the cure.
  2. Try searching for member Viffercrab - he did an extensive writeup on this. He got them from Auctmarts. AFAIK they sell on ebay.
  3. IIRC Marc included some weights with the balancer. Mite want to check with him before buying more. They're likely steel vs lead - lead weights have become difficult to find. I prefer them as for a given weight they have a smaller footprint. I always reuse my weights when fitting a new tire - I get the 3M 2 sided tape - maybe $5 +/-, peel the old adhesive off and cut a piece to fit. Haven't lost one yet.
  4. StromShadow3: Comm check . . . are you still logging in here? If you are, please post up and update us on how you're doing. Over
  5. Yes- http://www.marcparnes.com/ Very high quality - a precision piece. Well worth the $.
  6. Two 330 ohm resistors are needed, 1/2 watt or more. More wattage doesn't hurt - you just don't want them too small or they'll fry.
  7. Wow - that had to be heartwrenching to watch your prized ride in its funeral pyre . . . and on top of the other bad news. So sorry to see that. On the brighter side, out of the ashes come new beginnings - not always easy to see in the moment. The ending of "Castaway" comes to mind - standing at the crossroads. Hang in there for better things ahead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afiuJ2tsoVA
  8. If I had mad fabrication skills (which I do not . . . ) I would get a starter valve manual control and cable from a 98 or 99 and adapt it to my 6th gen and ditch the wax unit. On my 99 I've always liked that I could use it to control the idle speed when at high(er) altitude. Maybe in another life . . .
  9. Cogswell

    last day

    A 25,000 ton or thereabouts train going even 40mph must do to a deer / elk, etc what a car does to an insect . . . There's probably on occasion some gruesome cleanup back at the yard!
  10. Nice find - with white wheels and an 8 spoke.
  11. Hence why so many of us don't take our machines to the dealer. On the plus side it sounds like the dealer isn't trying to sell you things they don't think you need. That sounds very much like the failing R/R on 5th gens. Mine had the same symptoms. A new R/R brought it back to spec. Not saying it will yours but it sounds very familiar.
  12. This was in the first post of the thread. I had probably read through this whole thing 3 times before I noticed it - lots of info to digest. *Some dimensions, features, and specifications of the header will be taken from the TBR. The new header will incorporate the following specifications from the original TBR header design: -header construction will be from 18 gauge 304 stainless steel tubing, [0.049"/1.24mm wall thickness] -header will have 38mm od primary tubes [1.5" od] -header will have 41.5mm od secondary tubes [1 5/8" od] -header will have 51mm od collector tubing [2" od] -header's rear primary tube junctions will be fastened by spring tension fittings -header's left front and left rear primary tubes will merge -header's right front and right rear primary tubes will merge -header will have no crossover of front or rear primary tubes -header's collector exit tube will have a 51mm od [See Note c below] -header's tubing will be mandrel bent
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