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  1. So we've gone from VFR's with Frankenstein bolts to VFR's with Frankenstein mirrors! Actually I also like the home brew ingenuity to keep 'er on the road. I must not be up on my 400's - I've always thought of them with SSSA's, vs a traditional swingarm - always something new to learn. She sure sounds good - just like any other V4 motor. I'll bet it's fun to wring the snot out it - listen to the rpm's comin' up and up and up. Looking forward to more photos as you continue along with it.
  2. Cogswell

    20190623_211201 b.jpg

    The composition of this shot is on a professional level - well done!
  3. Wow, you have been busy. We've had members around forever that have not done that much. While I don't live in AZ, I had thought about using the VTR fan. Before I did I installed a fan over ride switch and found that it worked so well I never did the fan swap. Mite try that 1st before going further. Definitely would like to see pictures when available.
  4. The mid 90s days of the RC45 were ones that in my personal feeling will never be equaled. Seeing (and hearing) those V4's on the track was magic and I loved (and still do) having some of that Honda DNA in my garage and at the command of my right wrist. The V4 experience is like no other and if I have to explain it to someone, they simply cannot understand. No other formula is its equal.
  5. I haven't seen this previously - for anyone interested in these but siting on the fence, below is the #3 tube next to the OEM 6th gen equivalent. It's one thing to have the diameter measurement, but visually the difference is striking.
  6. We played a similar gag once on an airplane-mechanic friend who is super-particular about his bikes. At a lunch stop we tossed one of those fake oil slicks under his TL1000R and when we came out of the restaurant he about sh*t little green apples on the spot. We had one straight man who could keep a poker face that played him on the hook - "dude - that looks really BAD - what did you do to it, anyway . . . ???" While he went berzerk the rest of us had to turn away to keep from laughing. Good times.
  7. I had noticed Michelin is no longer listing them. Road 2's have been my go-to tire - going to miss 'em.
  8. Many of us here have Heli's on our rides - another option if you really want to go "higher" are Convertibars. Those will however will require new, longer hoses for clutch and brake. Heli's take the stock hoses more or less to their max. At the same time, getting the torso more vertical also places more weight on the pelvic area, so other, unintended consequences can sneak in, such as a sore arse - so maybe seat mods would go along with higher bars. And don't discount peg lowering blocks for added comfort - a 1" drop doesn't look like much but can go a long way to making these bikes more comfortable. Also, +1 on the TENS device - I got to try one out helping a relative use one - they can be very effective for pain and stiffness relief. They can be had on Amazon for very reasonable prices - if you buy one, get a pack of extra electrode pads - you'll need 'em.
  9. I'm curious if anyone here has done this with the 8th gen version. The gap between the #3 rear tube and the collector is just a touch under 3/4 inch - while the upright on the center stand is 1 inch material. I don't want to bend the tube that much, and while I'm no 98 pound weakling, neither am I Schwarzenegger - it's a tough fit. That leaves removing the C-stand. Is that the only option? Not the end of the world - just hoping there's a more elegant solution.
  10. One idea might be Stomp Pads or Tech Spec on the tank. The idea is to support the body with the legs / knees by gripping the tank vs using the arms. If you can ride with a very light pressure on the grips generally there will be less stress in the back and shoulders. A sportier position is more demanding physically, so maybe some motivation to increase one's fitness level. I go through that each spring - have to work out more to be fit for long rides. It also helps me to stop every hour or so to take a brief brake and stretch.
  11. I wasn't referring to the timing marks - I'm referring to how the narrow and wide gears (photo above) move relative to each other after removal and Honda specs matching the gears back up upon re-installing - nothing to do with timing. I believe it's the smaller gear that is spring tensioned and that needs to be correct relative to the drive gear to eliminate backlash. That's why there are 3 white lines on the photo rather than just 2 . . . AFAIK it's possible to having the timing marks lined up with the heads and crank correctly but not have the two gears lined up correctly relative to each other. It's only briefly mentioned in the FSM, but I can find no detail.
  12. I'm curious if anyone knows (no mention in the FSM I can find) if one loses the reference points on the gears how to find them again. When removed the gears seem virtually impossible to move relative to each other by hand. The gears lining back up as described when tightening things down seems to make it somewhat foolproof - could they "go the wrong direction" and actually loosen the spring tension vs being correct (it doesn't seem so . . . ). I too marked the gears prior to removal but after reassembly I began doubting myself - "did I get that back together correctly??" so just wondering if there is any way of definitively doing it the way Honda did from scratch.
  13. Call a penalty on me for piling on - I've been at my 5th gen's hoses, etc. Even though it's a very low mile bike and has had regular cooling system maintenance, when I removed the two water necks from the V, I found mine in very much the same condition . . . These things are absolutely petrified. Strangely other joints in the system look new and the o-rings are in fine condition (though those o-rings are also being replaced). So the condition of the two (below) is not due to lack of maintenance or mileage, just age. Rather than attempt to clean these, they're relatively cheap (about $20 for the pair) so a new set is on the way along with new o-rings. So it seems regardless - if a motor is old enough, it's going to experience deterioration in the rubber cooling system components. Thankfully these are all still available from Honda. Once they're gone - I suppose my 5th gen will be my personal museum piece.
  14. Looking at my 5th and 6th gens side by side, at least from what I can see this will not work on the 5th g. It does not have the long hex head bolt (standard size instead) and even if one were swapped in, the cushion (Honda's term for the shock mount) does not protrude out far enough past the bolt head for this to have anything to push against (that is the adjustment screw would be outside the shock mount itself). As I need something for my 5th gen, I hope someone can prove me very wrong (please! ) as if it will work, I'm in for one.
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