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  1. Cogswell

    eliminating VTEC on 6th Gen

    Just thinking out loud, owners that have transplanted a 5th gen motor over have reported keeping the VTEC solenoid attached to the wiring harness to fool the ECU so it still thinks it's activating the VTEC. Then I suppose it would require figuring out how the VTEC solenoid activates the 2nd set of valves - voltage applied or not. If the former, maybe run a switched hot wire to the solenoid attached to the engine then to ground, forcing all 4 valves open all the time, then obtain a 2nd solenoid not attached to the engine to keep attached to the wiring harness to keep the ECU happy. The only out of pocket would be the cost of the 2nd solenoid. I may be off base on how the solenoid works, but AFAIK it's electrically actuated.
  2. This is not a 5th gen, but worth reading re: Chinese fairings. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/81765-viffercrabs-chinese-fairings-build-thread/
  3. Cogswell

    Battery: YTZ14s vs YTZ12s?

    The 12 will supply more amperage than the starter can draw, so using a 14 confers no advantage. For my $.02, buying the best quality battery I can get goes further than buying one with higher CCA. I got my Yuasa YTZ12 on Amazon for a ridiculously good price (I don't know how AMZN does it) and it's never let me down. The link has some interesting reading on batteries. YMMV https://batteryuniversity.com/
  4. Cogswell

    New guy. help needed

    +1 to the above - nice 5th gen example. Those headers look suspiciously aftermarket . . . Are you able to tell us anything about them - manufacturer, etc?
  5. Now that I think more about it, I'm kind of surprised that the XX (Blackbird) motor didn't make the list. Owners seem to rave about how ultra smooth and refined they are.
  6. Great find - thanks for posting. I'd love to see the 5th gen cutaway in person - that would look awesome in anyone's collection or in a museum.
  7. My '08's stator looked like the one pictured above at 18,000 miles. I was still getting 14.6v at the battery, but I was glad I replaced it.
  8. Cogswell

    FNG from SoCal

    Do you have a pic of the XX to share? Been looking for one on and off for several years.
  9. Cogswell

    rear shock

    I wrote this up in 2014. The photos are gone unfortunately, but the description is detailed. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/79986-6th-gen-abs-shock-removal-in-pictures/ The trouble is the hose that connects the shock and the adjustment knob - it's routed under the rear fender and over the rear subframe. It will not come out intact without removing the fender (and by extension the exhaust). The two alternatives are to 1. cut the hose or 2. remove it from the shock or adjuster. Either way it renders the adjustment function inoperable without the hydraulic fluid for the adjuster being bled. I believe there is a thread on one of the Honda ST forums on a bleeding procedure. I was getting my shock back from Jamie and I didn't want to bleed it myself, so I stripped mine down to the rear subframe. It was indeed a PITA, but it was the only way to get it back without disconnecting the hose.
  10. Don't know about the windscreen, but I'd definitely pick up the white 8 spoke that's on ebay - it would look killer!
  11. Cogswell

    5th Gen vs 6th Gen VFR800

    As another that owns both, my $.02 is that it's maybe more a question of "what are your preferences and priorities" vs "is one better than the other"? You have to weigh the differences between them based on what's most important to you. The main absolute differences are that if you want factory luggage and / or ABS, you'll need a 6th gen which can be a real value for a bike that you can pick up for about $4,000. If you want the GDC's, you have to go 5th. I can ride either just as readily and have ridden both long distances. Past that things become more subjective depending upon intended use and personal preferences and abilities. I like that my '99 does not have a wax unit to cause trouble, a cat or cam chain tensioners that can fail. In an ideal world I'd take the two and meld them together keeping what I like best about both. Several years ago there was a post from someone, I think in Ohio that did essentially that. Actually in my ideal world Honda would still be producing the 5th gen - ah well. As I think of the two, while I like my 6th gen and will probably sell it as the miles pile up, I love my 5th gen and do not intend to ever part with it. I plan to leave it on the center stand in my garage and let it remind me of all the fun rides I had on it. YMMV.
  12. Cogswell

    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    That's one lucky 500! Very impressive on the frame repair - I would love to have those kinds of fabrication skills. Looking forward to more updates.
  13. Cogswell

    RC 79 emblem

    You might find some takers if you made more - also maybe for the RC 46.
  14. Cogswell

    2002 badging/decal US edition

    The April, 2002 edition of Sport Rider reviewed the then new 2002 VFR - there are numerous photos in the article. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/files/file/122-sport-rider-6th-gen-review-april-2002/
  15. Cogswell


    Only time I've seen a 5th gen can mounted on a 4th gen.

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