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  1. Given what was touched on the bike 2 things might be incorrect cam timing or a vacuum leak. BTW - do you mean you replaced the cam chain tensioners rather than the chains themselves?
  2. I recall seeing a group with a 7th and 4th gen - spotted twice. Also saw a lone wolf silver 6th gen on 36. Wondered the same thing - someone we might know? ? 🙂
  3. My $.02 is that we're already past the optimum time for this year. In to July and August the thunderstorms can really come up in the afternoon with sometimes drenching rains that may only last for 1/2 hour, but leave you soaked (don't ask me how I know). If I were to do it again I'd go in late May. Summertime heat lifts hot air up high in the atmosphere and can bring on clouds and rain. I went through there in August and got lucky just missing some intense rain - didn't find traffic to be any issue. Could be after Labor Day in to October is good also, but haven't studied that time slot as closely.
  4. The 5th gen was Motorcyclist's MOTY in 1998. I have the article scanned to the archives here. That article was what got me going on trading in my 4th gen for my now 5th gen. I still recall the anticipation of taking it home to read that evening. There was an excitement about it that no longer exists. A bygone era.
  5. Two thoughts on that. One would be that the fan is a large current draw and the battery is relatively small, the other is that when the engine is off the coolant is not circulating, so the fan will only cool what's in the rad, but isn't going to draw heat out of the engine. If you want that functionality, a fan override switch can be installed. Use it to force the fan on and allow the engine to idle to move the hot coolant out to the rad.
  6. Has it been confirmed that the splayed 8th gen tubes will clear 6th gen bodywork? My gut reaction is that they should , but it would be a major bummer to have them and find out otherwise.
  7. This may bring us to around 8 or 9 for the 5/6 version. Not far to go for a batch, but we'd need a formal count kept to be sure. I seem to recall mention that "a few" had put deposits in on the 2nd batch, so hard to tell for sure where that's at. One thing looks fairly certain - if a 2nd batch does happen, there probably won't be any more, so get 'em while you can.
  8. Cogswell

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    Sweet 5g~! Very tastefully done. Funky spot - my kind of place for a brief stopover. I'd like to find out more about "gossip girl"!
  9. If you've got in the range of 25,000 miles or more, it's worth pulling the cover off and having a look at the stator. That will likely convince you to change it regardless of whether it's still working. I pulled mine off at just short of 20,000 miles (while still working) and it looked like it had been grilled with the last batch of burgers on the BBQ. The insulation on the much of the wiring was fried. I have another failed one if you'd like a pic for comparison. More than a few members have been on long trips and been left stranded when their stators went south. Even though it costs a bit to replace it pre-emptively, it's a lot cheaper than a tow, motel rooms, missed work etc while things get sorted out. Plus you depart with peace of mind not wondering if it's going to crap out on you. I used Custom Rewind in Birmingham, AL (on facebook) and have been very happy with their work. Be patient - the owner Gary has MS and sounds drunk - but he's a very nice guy and they do quality work.
  10. +1 to the Parnes balancer and Mojolever. Together they make tire changes a job anyone can do well.
  11. Put yourself in for a set of custom headers in that thread (updated today). 🙂
  12. Do we know if 8th gen headers will be compatible with 5th / 6th gens? I might be in for a set of so. Otherwise I'd be holding out for a 5/6 set. Or, possibly are they similar enough that he would run a batch if the 5/6 and 8 orders together totaled 15?
  13. While watching the TT tonight was browsing around on TT riders. Conor Cummins popped up in this photo taken with Team PokerStars member, Fatima Moreira de Melo (linked from their website). Can anyone (or everyone!) name the bike they're posing behind? They certainly have good taste and it proves that true classics never go out of style!
  14. If it turns out to be the ECU, unlikely as that is, don't pay the dealer $900 . . . Find a used one on ebay (there's one from an 07 now for $120) and swap it out yourself. It's an easy 30 min job and you'd save yourself in the neighborhood of $700 to $800.
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