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  1. The insurance industry has a free database of VIN's of salvaged, stolen or written off vehicles. It may also provide location info. Mite give it a try, or other similar VIN databases. https://www.nicb.org/vincheck
  2. Welcome to the forum. Foam earplug user here, so can't be of much assistance. Please do post a photo of your machine - those 400's are rockin' bikes. Same great V4 sound as their larger cousins. I'd love to own one but way too small for my lanky frame.
  3. I've seen another 5G with the constricted tank opening like that one - on my 99 the opening is the same size as where the cap seals, so it's much easier to see inside. There must have been 2 variants made depending on what market they went to or possibly that changed somewhere in the production run - who knows. The visible rust seems minor - but it does point to the possibility that more lurks inside - the question is how much. Probably the only way to know would be to use a camera and with the tank empty look directly inside. Harbor Freight sells one for about $80. I would at least use that as a negotiating point. If you have to remove (and possibly replace) the fuel pump / filter to clean and seal the tank it will run in to some money. If the price is good enough you're getting an otherwise minty bike that if required it may be worth putting some more cash in it. Also consider that might be a DIY project - I've not seen a shop that would undertake that project on a 20 year old machine but it could be out there. YMMV. BTW - how does the brake and clutch fluid look?
  4. I would at least have a look inside the tank to see if there is any rust, and also check the sight glasses on the brake and clutch master cylinders. If the brake fluid is the color of gravy you're in for some service on the braking system. Rusty fuel tanks are no fun either and a shop might not be willing to tackle that job. You might also check the date code on the tires - chances are good they'll need to be replaced even if the tread looks good.
  5. My '99 has started like that since new. It needs about 1/2 the lever's travel or a touch more to start well, that's about all I ever use. After about 30 seconds it idles fine without, which is when I cycle the lever back until the next cold start. Ride it and don't worry about it.
  6. The emissions equipment you're probably thinking of is that starting in 2000 5th gens had a catalytic converter and O2 sensor, absent on 98/99 models. The non-cat models have mild steel headers vs stainless 2000 forward, so earlier models could be more prone to corrosion. That can be rectified should another batch of custom "Wade brand" headers be made.
  7. It's the same in the US and probably every where else. The vehicle is insured, not the driver. Multiple vehicle owners - count me in that - are just as unhappy here. To the latter, I'm not sure what that assessment is based on. If you read "The Crash" thread posted recently, there's nothing about being left for dead by the medical community. Just because the government pays for it does not make it better.
  8. Cogswell


    That . . . is the best cover photo I've seen in a v*e*r*y long time. If by "better at it" you mean be better at photography, it can't be by very much because you are superb - that is an awesome shot.
  9. Given what was touched on the bike 2 things might be incorrect cam timing or a vacuum leak. BTW - do you mean you replaced the cam chain tensioners rather than the chains themselves?
  10. I recall seeing a group with a 7th and 4th gen - spotted twice. Also saw a lone wolf silver 6th gen on 36. Wondered the same thing - someone we might know? ? 🙂
  11. My $.02 is that we're already past the optimum time for this year. In to July and August the thunderstorms can really come up in the afternoon with sometimes drenching rains that may only last for 1/2 hour, but leave you soaked (don't ask me how I know). If I were to do it again I'd go in late May. Summertime heat lifts hot air up high in the atmosphere and can bring on clouds and rain. I went through there in August and got lucky just missing some intense rain - didn't find traffic to be any issue. Could be after Labor Day in to October is good also, but haven't studied that time slot as closely.
  12. The 5th gen was Motorcyclist's MOTY in 1998. I have the article scanned to the archives here. That article was what got me going on trading in my 4th gen for my now 5th gen. I still recall the anticipation of taking it home to read that evening. There was an excitement about it that no longer exists. A bygone era.
  13. Two thoughts on that. One would be that the fan is a large current draw and the battery is relatively small, the other is that when the engine is off the coolant is not circulating, so the fan will only cool what's in the rad, but isn't going to draw heat out of the engine. If you want that functionality, a fan override switch can be installed. Use it to force the fan on and allow the engine to idle to move the hot coolant out to the rad.
  14. Has it been confirmed that the splayed 8th gen tubes will clear 6th gen bodywork? My gut reaction is that they should , but it would be a major bummer to have them and find out otherwise.
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