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  1. Love the 4 peaks pic - beautiful bike posed with a gnarly saguaro . . .
  2. Never a waste of time - helping each other is what this forum is about. I try to chip in with sharing my stupid repair / mod blunders . . . ! 🤪 LOL
  3. I seem to remember this little guy from other photos . . . reminds me of my avatar!
  4. That was a great stop to see the two battleships side by side - such an impressive sight. Sad we'll never see that again. Was the closer of the two the Missouri, or was it gone then? The bow doesn't look quite right to be BB63, but clearly the New Jersey is in the background.
  5. I lived in Seattle and later in Pouslbo for a while. Loved Pouslbo, but don't miss Seattle for a second. It has unfortunately gone downhill badly in recent years. The scenery around Puget Sound is beautiful. The sight of a carrier transiting is indeed impressive . . .
  6. For older models where these are NLA, a good machine shop could possibly replicate it, maybe with better material. We have just a shop locally who will take on these one off type projects and has made some items for me. It's not cheap, but you get what you need to get on the road.
  7. Some really great content ^^^. I seem to be at one of the "we don't give a rip about the virus" employers, so it's been back to the office . . . we do have a great view of the a.m. sunrises tho. Here are two taken recently, 15 to 20 mins apart. Mt Hood in view, looking East.
  8. This thread from the recent past has some photos of a seriously grenaded starter clutch, below . . . not sure if that's been ruled out by now. The OP began another thread looking for a replacement for his '86, but I don't recall seeing the outcome if one was ever posted. Hopefully that's not the issue in this case. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/99151-86-vfr750-changed-starter-clutch-now-bike-just-backfires-and-wont-run/#comment-1128681
  9. Wow - with a truck like that, imagine if you had a trailer . . . ! Great collection - love the vintage bikes. Do you do the paintwork yourself?
  10. I got pulled over on my Suzuki 90 at 14 y.o. riding with my friend on his Trail 70. We both got a stern talking to by the LEO about riding with no license. The next Saturday we were at it again!! How the heck else was I supposed to learn how to ride? Thankfully my parents never found out - LOL. It's a right of passage . . .
  11. As long as we're revisiting this topic, after 1 summer of riding, the headers had turned more or less a bronze color, with some blueing near the heads - not surprising. About 30 to 40 minutes with a sponge, spray bottle and some Barkeepers Friend has them looking like new. Not sure if that affects the passivation or not - I can't imagine that the B.K.F. removes any significant layer of material to get down to anything ferrous - but if so, so be it - they look very nice again.
  12. I found this article from Southern Illinois University Automotive program to be some interesting reading about the difference between 2, 3 and 4 wire coil packs. Interesting that the 3 and 4 wire versions are apparently using a 5v command pulse to fire the coils. Getting so that diagnosing these things is getting more and more complex. https://opensiuc.lib.siu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1025&context=auto_pres
  13. So if I may, I'd like to understand this better. If you're pulling away from a stop light at maybe 4,000 to 5,000 (or whatever) rpm, you experience a mis-fire. But once moving, maybe 40 mph, if you're in a gear that produces the same rpm as when leaving a stop and using the same throttle setting you are not experiencing a mis-fire . . . do I have that right? In other words, is the only variable that causes or eliminates the mis-fire the speed? That would seem very unusual but plausible. Also, when you mentioned "2nd hand coils" - do you have a buddy that also owns a 6th gen? Just wondering how you sourced them. The Denso part number is also common to many Honda and Acura cages, so they are common. They do differ though from many other coil packs in that they have a 3 wire set up vs 2. If you have any high(er) resistance connections in the circuit(s) to the coils you could potentially have issues, or any wiring with cracked insulation that could be intermittently shorting out, possibly under certain loads or conditions and maybe not others. Some thorough inspection of the wiring and connectors may be helpful, particularly cylinders 2 and 4, which get the brunt of oncoming moisture and debris.
  14. Not on a 5th gen - but on my G6 I had the same issue with the midpipe - a small crack began to appear just as it got sized enough to fit over the header. It was right at the clamp location - there are two bungs, one threaded, that draws the pipe down tight. I had a good tech doing it, just barely touching the control on the machine as it expanded - we test fit it a number of times. The split is small, has not propagated any further since and has been fine. It was at the very limit - if the header were any larger it would have needed surgery to adapt it. One thing for sure - there's no going back to the stock header now with that midpipe.
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