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  1. That's above my pay grade . . .
  2. Mohawk I believe posted a thread some years ago about replacing those with braided steel hose. Mite check that out. If you're thinking of using bare rubber hose, it will be vulnerable to debris entering. Don't forget the pressure those lines are subjected to, even a small cut could result in a gigantic mess and loss of oil pressure.
  3. What an ordeal. At least they're responsive and trying to make it right for you. That I think, counts for a lot. Best of luck with it.
  4. These are relatively short stroke motors and unlike a car want some more revs to produce adequate torque. Short answer is that you should always be above 3,000 rpm while riding. Give it some revs, it doesn't mind a bit ( that doesn't mean to rev the piss out of it constantly tho). There's nothing wrong with it, keep it no less than about 3,500 to 4,000 and enjoy.
  5. Note that Fedex and UPS along with numerous other compaines around the globe have ceased operations in / out of Russia. I don't know about national postal operations, but if so that would not surprise me.
  6. I find some insect carnage on the inside of my screen when I remove it for cleaning, tho I don't know how much of that is coming up and actually striking my helmet, etc. It's not a big deal tho and since it's a dark screen, it's not visible.
  7. Is that "The Yellow Peril"?
  8. Is the lower chin fairing in the "V" going to fit over the 8th gen rad? Mods for that in store?
  9. She really bulked up and got a tan between thumbing the starter and riding off . . .
  10. I've got fingers crossed for you that this sorts it.
  11. The unfortunate reality these days . . . if at all possible, I recommend DIY to everyone. There's more knowledge here than at most dealer shops.
  12. Ask and ye shall receive . . . There was also a 6th gen version, as I recall it not have the external (black in the photo) portion - it just tucked up under the screen - I might be wrong about that. I'll see if I can find something. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/25621-5th-gen-bug-busters/ Edit: Here's the 6th gen iteration. The plastic mesh is easy to find - I've seen it used to cover gutters to keep leaves out. And wow, look at how minty-fresh that cam cover is on that then nearly-new 6th gen . . .
  13. The creator, Rivcyko, did not I believe create or sell a lot of them. He also made fiberglass huggers. He made the last bugbuster probably 10or so years ago. He hasn't been active here for over 5 years now. If an owner has one and likes it, they're not likely to part with it. If the bike goes to the breaker, they likely won't even know what it and thus not offering it. It was nothing more than expanded plastic mesh which he formed and painted. Probably not all that hard a DIY project.
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