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  1. So I might have done a thing......

    Interesting story. It must have been quite a feat of engineering to tie those 3 motors together and run all the power and torque through a gearbox that could take it. RC did a great job for me on both my bikes and cars. I'd definitely use them again.
  2. You might try some electrical contact cleaner on the kill switch. I've seen a no-start that was cured by a bit sprayed around the perimeter of the switch. It settled down in to the contacts and removed the oxidation off them - after cycling the switch a few times she started right up. Not saying this is your problem, but it's not out of the question and cheap and easy to try.
  3. I changed mine at 18,xxx miles and while functioning fine, it was a crispy critter. I used Custom Rewind. Couldn't beat the price, fast service and it's been working fine. I asked for a bit of extra wire length so if the connector ever melts down far from home I can cut off the connector and splice it.
  4. Hello from Nebraska

    Nice bikes. Great job with the 1100. Did the previous owner of the 1200 mention anything about naming it "The Punisher"?
  5. Still love my VFR

    I could not put this any better - wouldn't change a word. I'll never understand why some (many I suppose) don't get it.
  6. It was 20 years ago today…

    I wish I had a photo of my 4th and 5th gens at the dealership when I traded for my 5th gen - also coming up on 20 years in Dec. So did some 5th gens come new with white wheels? I have never seen that from Honda. My 5th gen is the only bike that will stay with me when my riding days end. Hopefully that's still a long way off!
  7. I have a ZG screen on my 6th gen. Fit seems fine to me and about as solid as oem. Photos are in my gallery.
  8. Basics

    I used to help out at a monthly free skills clinic, now defunct. At the beginning of each monthly session we would ask for a show of hands from those who were familiar with countersteer. Among new attendees about 2/3 of the hands would go up. It never ceased to amaze me how many riders are out and about who don't know the concept.
  9. Merry Christmas.jpg

    Great composition on the photo. I love that someone propped up the front axle for the missing wheel. Very cool. The bag looks as though it says "SW-Motech" on it. Maybe this one? http://shop.sw-motech.com/cgi-bin/cosmoshop/lshop.cgi?action=showdetail&wkid=15178065322359&ls=en&nc=1517806638-4036&rubnum=brands.honda.vfr800f&artnum=BC.HTA.00.307.10000&id=7&gesamt_zeilen=Tshowrub--brands.honda.vfr800f&typid=291963253
  10. 6th Gen Refresh

    I'd give this post a like if I could. Looks great! We'll done.
  11. Should I have buyers remorse?

    So sorry - so many years of abbreviating has become habit. SSSA = Single Sided Swing Arm. GDC = Gear Driven Cams. From the photo it looks to have the stock exhaust on it. Check around on youtube for videos of ones running with an aftermarket unit. You'll soon be shopping for one. The sound of these engines running with an aftermarket exhaust is simply intoxicating. I can't recall all the thumbs up I've gotten over the years as I have passed people by. It is by no means obnoxious - just a sweet rumble unique in the motorcycle world.
  12. Should I have buyers remorse?

    If you go to the Downloads section, there are some article scans from the day when the 5th gen was new. Just page through them and you'll see more. http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/files/file/138-motor-cyclist-5th-gen-review-moty-sept-98/ I think many will agree that while it's "not the best at anything, it is the best at being good at everything". Meaning you can track it, tour it, or just cruise around on it - it does all things quite well. Is it the fastest, lightest, most powerful, etc etc? No. Is it however probably one the most versatile bikes ever made. IMO the '98/'99 iteration was the best of it all - SSSA that was backwardly compatible with an 8 spoke, no cat, no wax unit, no carbs to fiddle with, but still had GDC's. And then of course there is the sound. Other gens have their +/-'s, but the 5th gen had a unique mix not likely ever duplicated. Even when I stop riding (whenever that is), mine will stay with me as long as I'm around. It's just a brilliant bike.
  13. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    IMO that's the best riding in Eastern Oregon - a can't miss. There's so much of it between here and there - doing all those and other side routes between here and SD could add nearly a week to the trip. So many roads - so little time!
  14. Not able to like all posts . . .

    I still find this to be happening. Was it decided that there's no fix for it?
  15. 6th Gen Refresh

    Once the grip is started, I work the tip of the nozzle between the grip and throttle tube. With enough psi and flow that seems to give it enough to slide it on. I've never used soap, spray or any type of lube to mount grips - love the compressed air method. The build is looking really good - like a new bike. Wrenching over the winter can be good therapy and very satisfying.

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