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  1. @TimC I'v sat on the SS but haven't taken it out, the ergos seemed very similar to the VFR, but given everything I'd opt to stay with the VFR for that style of bike. I do have a 2016 Multistrada and it is generally a great bike, loads of torque and great for touring, two-up and bags. I use it for commuting, day rides and two up frequently. It's a blast to ride but I have had some issues with leaking fork seals twice at under 6K miles each time, the typical fuel sensor failure that seems to be common to Ducati and my biggest complaint is the wind buffeting. A few fixes have calmed it down but it's no where near the VFR for quiet or smoothness. I got an extended transferable warranty with mine, runs out at the end of this year, but I probably wouldn't buy a Ducati without the longest warranty you can negotiate. Despite all that, like the BMW, electronic suspension, adjustable riding modes and HP, adjustable traction control, wheelie control and ABS add some nice options. It's barely 525lbs wet weight and has about 135+ rwhp. Valve maintenance is at 18K but will run about $1500 for the major maintenance, with the variable valve timing I don't trust to do it myself even though I've always done my Hondas. A few local dealers have the newer 1260 2019 touring S models for $17K or $18K with bags, better electronics and more stable handling. You can find lower mileage 1200, '15-'17, models for $11K-$12K or so. The V4 Multistrada is due out at the end of this year, I'm holding out to see how they are received and if pricing is anything short of reasonable. I looked at some STs before getting the Ducati, I can see having an ST or FJR in the near future. Just some other considerations. But, the wife wanted me to have a sexy Italian bike before I got too old too.
  2. Congrats, I didn't know they were still making them for sale anywhere. Ducati's recommended oil. With 4 bikes I'm sticking to the dino for the Hondas.
  3. I'll plug https://www.kurveygirl.com/shop/index.php for angled stems. Plus they have the best stickers with your order.
  4. What do you think of a side mounted oil cooler? Could there be enough air flow? Or maybe a thermo controlled fan behind it?
  5. This is a good read. Check out the mileage on his 1990 VFR. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php%3Fid%3D51135&ved=2ahUKEwjL7LiH-pHqAhVJFTQIHaC-DAkQFjABegQIBhAV&usg=AOvVaw3sQvPho3oybkg97oAbYSP3&cshid=1592710010318 I've done 120k miles on my '99 in all weather, I'd trust the 8th gen to do the same.
  6. No, I'll post up once I work things out, haven't had much time lately. It looks pretty straightforward though.
  7. They used a PC 3 for the 5th gen mapping, so you (we) would need a 3, I have a PC 2 also. They used a PC V on the 6th and 8th gen.
  8. I had never read this end-to-end but you inspired me, 3 or 4 hours later...was time well spent. SF and Duc, I don't think I realized the effort and time you had put in to this, thank you. I can't imagine how many hours you and all the other bike donors and contributors have put in the last couple of years. It's probably going to cost me more now that I'm considering a RB or PC with autotune, I currently have an older PC2. I don't have much to add that hasn't been covered already. There was a note from SF about centerstand bolts mounting from the center of the bike out on the RH side. I had done just that, to remove the c-stand if needed without dropping the header. I had a question on PC5 and the 5G patch but I see you've already got a whole thread addressing just that. Thanks again guys!
  9. Google "New 5th/6th/8th gen performance header now in production in USA dyno" https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk02LcBd32MewRnlkFLizSGA2J6lWcA:1592001539406&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=New+5th/6th/8th+gen+performance+header+now+in+production+in+USA+dyno&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiNtfPxq_3pAhXhN30KHaodCooQ7Al6BAgKEBk&biw=1920&bih=937#imgrc=s96ctphRTaH7mM
  10. Was there for that, was big fan of Spies.
  11. I'll be running my underseat Wolf system with this header if all goes to plan.
  12. Looks like the 8th gen rads and fan will just fit with the 8g header and 5g fairings, may need to keep the 5g oil cooler though.
  13. Thank you, original thread answers my question about compatibility with 5th gens unfortunately.
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