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  1. Gorgeous bike, and the exhaust looks great.
  2. He helped me out a couple times with carb parts for my `93. Great info and good guy to work with.
  3. Before I go to eBay, wanted to see if there was any interest for this suit. I've had it for almost 2 years but it has less than 500 miles on it. Well kept, non-smoker. Includes Aerostich's TF6 knee, shoulder, elbow pads and TF3 back protector. Also several Velcro accessory pockets that attach to the inside. No rips, tears, never been down. It is a standard 42L, no alterations. I'm 6'1", 190lbs and it fits me well. More information here: https://www.aerostich.com/r3-features Retails for $1435 with backpad. Asking $900 plus shipping.
  4. Beautiful work, appreciate the attention to detail to bring it to like-new condition!
  5. My first thought was exactly the same as Jimbob, or a Multi for 2-up. Kawi is more modern with more features. Consider long term maintenance and repair $$ too...
  6. I ended using a et of the OEM gaskets I had on hand, the included gaskets just would not go in the port without deforming.
  7. I have a PC2 but plan to try out a RB in the future. They replaced a TBros header so it was dialed in pretty well I think. I'll have to check on the hugger, iirc it was from Europe. edit: Hugger is a Skidmarx from UK, not sure who their US distributor is any more. https://www.skidmarx.co.uk/guards-huggers#/manufacturer-honda/models-vfr800/products-rear_huggers
  8. Thanks gents. Took it out Friday for first ride and all seems good!
  9. How about if you just dropped almost $30K US for a new V4 Multistrada, to find out the valve guide material in many of the engines is made of peanut butter, and Ducati is giving everyone a completely new engine. Oh, and don't ride it until the engine shows up... hope you enjoyed the first 300 miles...
  10. Thanks guys, received today. Looks like there may be a TBros header in the classifieds very soon... One O2 plug option: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B087RBYY29/
  11. Only '98-'99 CA bikes had 6-8 less hp, and only difference in hard parts for lower hp was camshafts and ECU.
  12. Can't you just bolt up an entire VTR front end? Uses same bearings I think? Oh look....
  13. RC30s and RC45s are getting pricey, the 30's seem to be selling for $50K all day but I saw a couple at $60K & $90K, the 45's are hitting six figures. https://iconicmotorbikeauctions.com/auction/1990-honda-rc30/ https://iconicmotorbikeauctions.com/auction/1994-honda-rc45-with-zero-miles/ Someone has a nice Honda collection. I say make the replica and enjoy it.
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