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  1. Nice find at under 10K miles! I put the $40 Symtec heated grips on and they've been going strong for 12 or 13 years. These lower blocks work very well: Enjoy the bike!
  2. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. Note the '98-'99 California spec bikes had different cam profiles and a few, 3-4, less hp, so check the VIN tag for 49-state or CA market. I'd still rather have a well cared for CA '99 bike than a poor condition '01, it really comes down to how they were treated.
  4. The '98-'99 differences were really limited to camshafts and ECU, different timing and firing/fueling, and CA bike down a handful of hp. The '00-'01 49-state and CA models spec the same cams although they do list a different ECU, but I would suspect mechanically they are the same and have the same output.
  5. I just poured the foundation for a new 20'x22' shop, should be ready for move in in about 5 or 6 weeks. Was definitely thinking of getting a lift, any brand/model recommendations?
  6. Nice looking bike, congrats. Sounds like it's in good hands.
  7. I just turned over 10K on my 2016 Multistrada 1200 S. 160hp, 100-ft-lb torque claimed, at about 525 lb dry. rwhp probably 135. But with a button click you can dial that back to 100hp. It's a computer on wheels; traction control, wheelie control, abs, electronic suspension front and rear, angle sensors. The four available riding modes can all be customized by changing any of the settings and saving it to your own custom configuration. The 1200 changes are done through the bar controls, the 1260 that came out in 2018 also lets you change and save set ups through an app. It's got so much torque it's a blast to ride and in the right gear/rpm will get you to triple digits like now, if you avoid the small flat spot in the middle of the rev range. And it's got real electronic cruise control, cornering lights, gear indicator, and on and on. At idle with stock exhaust I think it sounds a little like a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower, but when the throttle cracks open it's got a roar that's intoxicating. I plan to pay the Termignoni tax and put a proper exhaust on eventually. It is a tall bike and carries that weight higher than a VFR. For me, not growing up on dirt bikes, the position and spread out bars were a change but I've gotten used to it after lopping an inch off each side of the bar. It tours with ease, the wife enjoys it immensely, the bags look good on it, and the bike looks good with them off. I get a solid 40 mpg every single tank. But it wouldn't be Italian without a few little things. The right front fork seal is on it's second leak, the fuel gauge is on it's way out, both common problems. My (used) bike came with a 5 year all expenses paid warranty, so it hasn't cost me anything except a couple trips to the dealer. The heated grips were useless, replaced with a $40 Symtec kit. The biggest complaint is wind buffeting at the shoulder and helmet, which equates to noise, another common complaint, I'm on my 3rd screen with some screen offsets that's helped a lot. It's really grown on me and I can see having it long term. The 2018 1260 had some improvements but not enough for me to switch. However, apparently Ducati is set to announce a V4 Multistrada in October, probably due out late next year along with the V4 streetfighter they've already previewed. Rumor is the V4 Multi will get some form of active radar and be well over 170hp. Given all that, my '99 VFR is just as good of a bike, probably because it fits me like an old pair of leather shoes that just get more comfortable with age.
  8. Looked like a good run. No motorcycles next year at PP. Godspeed to Carlin Dunne, #5.
  9. The high mount TBros has a different outlet angle, so if you throw a stock pipe on it and it's pointing off at 3 o'clock it's a Tbros. As far as I remember, the low mount Tbros and Erion systems had a standard outlet.
  10. Gorgeous. I just got my '93 on the road after 4+ years. It's a lot rougher but you can feel what a great bike these are. The Yosh pipe sounds incredible too, congrats.
  11. Here's some high res pics of my Two Bros system and it looks identical, the welds, spring retainers, pipe and outlet shape. I'd bet it's a TBros system.
  12. Took me long enough but got these test fitted finally. I picked up a set of inexpensive Danmoto rearsets. I'm going to remake the rear brake line, waiting on a new heim joint to connect to the shift linkage Danmoto has in their kit, need to get a pressure brake switch. Going to be finally mounting this up while I'm in there too..
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