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  1. Do you know the paint code for that red?
  2. vfrcapn

    Estimated labor to R&R transmission?

    I had the same 2nd gear issue at 93K with my original '99 motor. $300 for a lightly used motor with about 25K on it and I've put another 25K on it since without issues. The money saved on shop labor you can throw at new hoses, seals, clutches or Sebspeed clear clutch covers.
  3. 118k miles (190k km) on a '99. Not my daily rider any more but still 2-3x per month, still fires right up. Had it since basically new. Wouldn't hesitate to jump on it right now for a week-long ride.
  4. vfrcapn

    Bein dropped in US

    So DirecTV and Comcast dropped Bein sports in the US, taking MotoGP and MotoAmerica with it 2/3 through the season. Any word on another outlet in the US or are we just stuck with streaming online?
  5. vfrcapn

    Got a new tattoo

    Nice! Thought about the same thing, a '99 though. Looks good.
  6. vfrcapn

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    The SP1 and SP2 bottom triples have different stems. Only the SP1 is going to fit the top VFR bearing (check that, my memory is failing me). Pic of both, SP2 on left, SP1 on right:
  7. Did you stay in Bologna? The wife and I are planning a trip there, probably next year and she's put this on the must see list.
  8. vfrcapn

    00-01 Engine in 98 VFR800

    Thanks. The CA cams are different, I couldn't recall if it was only '98-'99 or all 4 years, or if the '00-'01 49 state were different than the 49 state '98-'99. Different cams, different ecu's for timing. I swapped the 49 state cams and ecu in to my '99 CA bike, no other changes needed. But as long as you don't have a CA bike sounds like you're good to go. Good luck on the swap!
  9. vfrcapn

    00-01 Engine in 98 VFR800

    Check the cam part numbers on '98 to '00-'01 to check they're the same, to make sure your '98 ECU will be timed right for the later cams.
  10. vfrcapn

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Bike looks great! Everyone have a good time, enjoy and be safe!
  11. vfrcapn

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    I'm also going to need to bow out, hate to miss it but life intercedes. I'll be cancelling my Rocket Motel reservation today, in the next few hours. Have a good time everyone, enjoy and be safe. This is still the best motorcycling forum on the web with the best group of users. Cheers all!
  12. Mine is high mount but I understood they offered a low mount also.
  13. vfrcapn

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    I just moved from the Chief to the Rocket's last queen room.
  14. vfrcapn

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Looking forward to it also. I've been cleaning the VFR up but I just don't think I can do a week on it anymore, I've gotten so used to the relaxed position on the Multi, I'll probably be on that. Looking forward to some road time!
  15. Looks like the TBros header on my bike, the model they never made. They clean up nice.

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