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  1. The Duc has a center nut that is supposed to be torqued to around 175 ft-lb. Getting it off is a pia, I busted a 1/2" breaker bar with a 6 foot extension trying to get it off. The nut laughed at my 275 ft-lb pneumatic impact wrench... Harbor Freight, 1050 ft-lbs, took less than a second to pop it off.. https://www.harborfreight.com/12-in-heavy-duty-extreme-torque-impact-wrench-64120.html
  2. I got the CB last year and the NR this year!
  3. I did make a custom tray and battery box out of aluminum, basically replicated the OEM tray, and added some insulating mat to the top of the tray. The headers are TBros ss headers.
  4. I've had 19 years to fiddle with it so plenty of time to add/delete and re-add mods. I've put some insulation to the underseat tray to protect the electronics and my underseat from the exhaust. 😉
  5. Yes, picked up a full nose, tail and side set last year from a local who had them repainted. Not a perfect match but big improvement, the originals had faded to pink.
  6. Happy New Year. Last ride yesterday of 2019 and the decade on the 20 year old, 120K mile bike, which just seems to be aging so well. Never get tired of it. Thanks VFRD, Happy 2020 all.
  7. Update: Will donate $50 to VFRD on the sale of these. Sebspeed adapter plates with Dan Moto rearsets. Decided to go a different direction so putting these up for sale. Mounted briefly with maybe 2 short rides on them, still new. Sebspeed sold the adapters for $150, the Dan Moto rear sets are $180. Fit '98-'01 5th gens. $275 for the set, shipping included to US and Canada.
  8. I'm in Cali but happy to provide my '93 for fitment if feasible.
  9. Yes, would be interested to know if this could mount on the Gen 3 like other aftermarket systems have.
  10. I'm glad I made the time to go this past July. We're planning to put Austin on the travel schedule in 2020, probably Rossi's last go around. And the Marquez brothers both on Hondas...
  11. Same thing on the left side, minor but noticeable. I had a tinted db for a number of years before switching to a clear touring screen.
  12. This issue has come up before and a solution was found, I recall reading about it several times but can't remember the fix. Search the forum or google, the truth is out there. Good luck,
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