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  1. Good luck. enjoy! BTW, a previous bike was a '78 cb750 cafe bike I built, those can be fun bikes.
  2. I never 'abused' my '99 but after 93k miles it would barely stay in 2nd. And, I agree you're not going to be sure what it needs until you break it apart. Swapping in a $300 low mileage used motor is so much easier than going through a tranny rebuild unless you have the time, I've put 25K on the $300 wrecker mill.
  3. Dutchy, do you have details on the rack mount for the Givi trunk? Custom made?
  4. Hi vfrcapn, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  5. RC made it home. 11K mile bike with lots of extras. Receipt history for work done incl Racetech sprung/valved forks and shock. Tires on order, need to make some time to go through it and change out all fluids.
  6. Lol, ok, picking up Saturday. Garage is getting tight, mbd in full swing. So glad Mrs vfrcapn fully supports the addiction.😂
  7. I'm looking at picking up an '02 RC51, 11K miles, Dymag mag wheels, Jardine exhaust, Scotts steering damper, plus a bunch of other goods and extras including an extra set of Honda plastics for track use. It's been sitting for 4+ years, the owner is over 70 and says the riding position isn't for him anymore. He's had it since '04, and I believe was the 3rd owner. It's going to need tires, fluids changed, maybe fork seals, registration renewed. It's registered non-op but has a clean title. Other than that it looks very clean, runs & sounds good, maybe needs some Seafoam and/or old gas changed out. No indication it was every low-sided. Price is $5K and he will not budge on that. What's the wisdom of the MBD group? Add it to the stable?
  8. I had the same 2nd gear issue at 93K with my original '99 motor. $300 for a lightly used motor with about 25K on it and I've put another 25K on it since without issues. The money saved on shop labor you can throw at new hoses, seals, clutches or Sebspeed clear clutch covers.
  9. 118k miles (190k km) on a '99. Not my daily rider any more but still 2-3x per month, still fires right up. Had it since basically new. Wouldn't hesitate to jump on it right now for a week-long ride.
  10. The SP1 and SP2 bottom triples have different stems. Only the SP1 is going to fit the top VFR bearing (check that, my memory is failing me). Pic of both, SP2 on left, SP1 on right:
  11. Bike looks great! Everyone have a good time, enjoy and be safe!
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