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  1. Good weekend great weather, and a few nice bikes on display.
  2. Wife and I driving down Saturday through Monday. It's been 10 years since I made it to Laguna Seca for the races.
  3. I used a spare left peg from ebay and just hacked the whole front off so it only mounts with one bolt. Wanted to keep the helmet lock/seat release and my charging port.
  4. So, SFDownhill hooked me up with a Wolf exhaust and my thinking was it wouldn't mate to my TBros header so I'd need a stock or equivalent header replacement. No oem fitting pipe I ever tried would work with the TBros header outlet that is angled to work only with their mid-pipe. But, with just a little fiddling, the two-piece Wolf pipe allowed me to get everything turned and lined up with the TBros. Long story short, I probably won't be in for one of the new headers but I'll keep an eye on developments in case a new 5G batch gets going. Many thanks to SFDownhill for the Wolf, it is literally like new and sounds great.
  5. Looks like Veefer is selling copies of his bodywork now out of China. 🙂 https://www.ebay.com/i/173862375487 Big bore kit info:
  6. Motor, 93k miles. Free with local pick up. Was running great when removed, issue was transmission 2nd gear, not engine. Throttle body, extra, came off '99 donor motor. $50 obo plus shipping or local pick up.
  7. Prices dropped - get them out of my garage! Two seats for 3rd Gen. Corbin is solid but covering is well used and starting to break down. Corbin quoted me $275 to recover this to like new condition, which they did for my '99 Corbin and it came out great. Stock seat has been previously recovered. Corbin $25 + $40 flat rate shipping to cotus. If you want to recover this I can ship straight to Corbin. Stock seat Free + $25 flat rate shipping to cotus.
  8. Welcome to VFRD from a Lancaster native!.
  9. Good luck. enjoy! BTW, a previous bike was a '78 cb750 cafe bike I built, those can be fun bikes.
  10. I never 'abused' my '99 but after 93k miles it would barely stay in 2nd. And, I agree you're not going to be sure what it needs until you break it apart. Swapping in a $300 low mileage used motor is so much easier than going through a tranny rebuild unless you have the time, I've put 25K on the $300 wrecker mill.
  11. Dutchy, do you have details on the rack mount for the Givi trunk? Custom made?
  12. Hi vfrcapn, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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