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  1. You may be be to get a slip on shipped to you but good luck getting a PC5 sent to a CA address by any retailer. Maybe I should try ordering from the UK!
  2. I've got a red set in the classifieds but I assume you're looking for yellow?
  3. Problem is PC3 isn't available anymore except occasionally used, so PCV is best bet. Although here in CA it's illegal to even ship a PCV to a CA address, so I can't get either one! I have a PC2 available if you have a 2000-era computer with a serial port.
  4. vfrcapn

    VFR - New Skin

  5. I think it was V4 chocolate crankshafts in the MS! But, I do think they've worked it out, Duc sales were up 90% last year lead by the V4 Multi. I had a '16 and now a '20, they've had some small issues, nothing that left me stranded. The '16 had leaking fork seal that was only solved by a new fork under warranty. But Ducati's nanny attitude towards "it's" owners get's annoying. The '20 gained a few hp and inches in the wheelbase, the '16 definitely felt smaller and more nimble.
  6. Welcome, very clean looking bike.
  7. Welcome, bike looks gorgeous. Had one myself for about 5 years, still my absolute favorite color scheme.
  8. 30 yrs later...from this to this Keep riding!
  9. Double nickel here, 55. Didn't start riding until early 30's though. Hoping to keep riding to my 70's at least, my '99 VFR will always be in the garage and get a regular workout.
  10. Nice work, that looks as clean as the VFR. I put 200K on a '79 Capri 5.0, then a few more years on a '86 Mustang LX 5.0. Fun cars.
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