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  1. Might as well throw that left exit exhaust on too. http://tyga-performance.com/index.php?cPath=72_1036_1819_1820&osCsid=6pggf6ba3htvnqo8rjcb51crs5
  2. Sebspeed custom clear clutch cover for 3rd gens, '90-93. I never got this installed and am selling the bike. Includes Honda gasket. $225 plus shipping in North America.
  3. 5th gen rear sets by Danmoto with Sebspeed adapters for '98-'01 5th gens. Used briefly and went with another set up. $250 plus shipping in cotus.
  4. Clutch cover gasket for VF1000's and others. New, never used it, cleaning out garage. Honda part #: 11394-MB0-306 $15 shipped within North America.
  5. New V4 is out, https://www.ducati.com/ww/en/home/ducati-world-premiere Dropped the sssw for conventional swingarm and 19" front wheel with 170 rear tire. Looks like they're going after the GS buyer in a big way. The S model with radar f&r starts about $25K, although the radar isn't enabled in the US because they haven't received approval yet from DOT, so that's a $950 dealer software add next summer when it becomes available. Have to wonder who will spend $30K for a fully outfitted 170hp bike to drag it through the mud.
  6. Airtech makes a set: https://www.airtech-streamlining.com/honda-fairings-seats-fenders-parts/VFR7501990-93.htm
  7. Nice, left exit for 3G?
  8. BTW, I found that RevZilla sells the genuine Sidi replacement soles for about $20, if anyone is looking to keep an old pair going.
  9. And...the new Multi V4 has 170hp, 95 ftlb torque or so, plus...37K mile valve check intervals. Sounds like the 2 rear cyl deactivate at idle to manage heat. Front and rear radar. To be continued...would love to see this in a Honda sport tourer, or even the Duc supersport. Good video embedded in this article on the V4. https://www.motorcycledaily.com/2020/10/new-ducati-v4-granturismo-engine-ditching-desmo-to-achieve-60000-km-73000-mile-maintenance-intervals/
  10. RC51 SP2, whole front end. There are several threads here on the conversion. Back to hissing valves now...
  11. I'd dig in to it a little more and verify compression like squirrelman says. Although...it can be a little bit of a chance buying a used motor but you can get the compression checked before or after you buy. I dropped a used $300 20K mile motor from a wrecker in mine and have put 25K trouble free miles on it. I understand the rebuild it urge, but these motors are (typically) almost bullet-proof. Spend the saved money on injector cleaning, new hoses, gaskets...
  12. In all my reading I've never seen the 4G cstand adapted to the 3G. Given how rare the 3G stands are and how the 4G cstands are on ebay like weeds, someone would have documented it. Other than JZH's mod, I've haven't seen an aftermarket 3G-4G header, or the oem 4g header, that allowed you to keep the original 3G cstand. I'd like to fit the Tyga header to my '93 but after a 5 year search to finally score a cstand I'm on the fence myself about giving up the cstand for a new exhaust.
  13. The tubular racks can be made to work with a high mount.
  14. CA has never done bike inspections or bike smog checks.
  15. If you do the Samco hoses I'll recommend them, put a set on my '93.
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