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  1. They are Harris rearsets, I think they were oem on the 50th Anniv. bike? Throwing out a pic of Sebspeed's triples too before I mounted them. Offset set at 35mm, mid-point between the VFR 40mm and the RC 30mm. Cerakote H coating in a simple graphite black. I know he isn't on vfrd much but can be found on FB at https://www.facebook.com/SebspeedCustoms/
  2. Gorgeous bike. Seems like Ventura makes a rack for ever bike ever manufactured, I think they're still available for the old VF1000's.
  3. Just posting about a few things done on the '99, I'm coming up on 20-years of ownership this week (9/14) and just short of 118K miles. Finished up adding the Ducati 1098 rear wheel conversion with the Australian Extreme Creations kit. And more Sebspeed Customs parts, custom cut RC51 triples with an offset closer to the original VFR specs, with a Rizoma bar. VFRD Wild headers mated to the completely refurbished Wolf exhaust from sfdownhill, done late last year. And just had the Ohlins serviced a few weeks ago. More to come eventually, on the lookout for some forged wheels. Thanks to Sebspeed for the work to create the triples, awesome design.
  4. Congrats, got pictures of the bike? I'm 54 next week so sign me up for the old farts club too.
  5. I'm not far from that first SS check either. ha How does the weight of the Transit compare to the Roadcrafter? I'm just imaging the 2-piece RC, but in leather, weighing like 30 lbs?
  6. I picked up an R3 1-piece a couple of years ago to replace a 17 year old 2-piece Roadcrafter that had over 100K on it. I've never gotten comfortable in the R3 and noticed a few quality issues, like stitching. I've probably ridden less than 2K on the R3, I'm still grabbing the old Roadcrafter most of the time. The wife has Klim gear, jacket and pants. She's happy with it but only used them a couple of times. Looking for something new I spent an hour or two going through the Klim gear at the Ducati dealer just last month. If I recall the Kodiak is very heavy. What put me off Klim is the lack of zippers on the pant legs, that easy on-off I want for commuting the Stich has. I don't want to be dancing in the parking lot trying to get pants on. But other than that Klim had a few models I'm still considering. The other brand I want to get a close up look at before I make a decision is Motoport. It's been almost 20 years since I saw one but was very impressed and they always have good reviews. I think they're still in San Diego and have considered riding down for a fitting. otoh, I may just get a new 2-piece Roadcrafter and call it good for another 20 years!
  7. Great info, thank you. I'm literally looking at this now on my bike, just finished the Extreme Creations conversion to an early 1098 hub and wheel and can confirm the F4 master doesn't work well with the Duc caliper, which was expected. I have the Ducati master but need to figure out how to mount to my Harris rearsets, this is good info and appreciated.
  8. It's already being done. https://www.wired.com/2015/06/new-ducati-stability-system-makes-crashing-near-impossible/ The new 2021 Multistrada has front radar, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot radar built in, BMW too in 2021. Accelerometer abs, wheely and traction control since 2015. Will be on most bikes in the next 5 or 6 years i would expect.
  9. I have a set of 5th gen headers I don't need, just a couple of pinholes that need welding up. pm me if interested.
  10. What are you asking for the Ohlins? Interested, pm me. Seems here in the US fully stock RC's are commanding premium pricing.
  11. My main beef with HD LV is the styling, like they're trying to bring along the HD faithful, many of whom won't look at an electric bike. Redesign it to be stylish and modern, throw the orange on it so you know it's a HD and get the price under $25K. I'd consider it. Probably buy a Zero bike first though. With that, if they sell, & customers are happy, & company makes a profit, & shareholders are happy, then that is where the market is going. Honda seems focused on selling Groms, 300/500cc bikes and ATVs, seems a waste of a reservoir of engineering talent, I just don't see the innovation BMW, Ducati or others are bringing to their IC bikes.
  12. Sounds like it's been checked over, I'd also check brake and clutch lines for any excessive aging, look for any obvious signs of coolant leaks, have brake pads been replaced? If it's been garaged it's whole life it should be fine. Ask if it's been ridden regularly or has it sat for 10 years and just been `tuned` up for sale? Maybe some close up pics of running gear, front end, etc. and a short vid of it running? If it checks out enjoy the trip!
  13. Yeah, no worries at all. Thank you Miguel. I know how much work this takes, it's very appreciated.
  14. The 3rd gen '90-'93 VFR750 starter motors bolt right in also. (And I think the 3rd-4th-5th gen starters were all the same, probably the same through the 8th gen knowing Honda...)
  15. I just mounted a set of Bridgestone T32 after many years on the PRs and Road5. Just a hundred miles so far, they are seeming a little stiffer. They replaced the oem Scorpion Trail tires on my Multi, so it's an improvement. DK has the T32 set for $250 so I thought I'd try them.
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