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  1. vfrcapn

    VFR - New Skin

  2. I think it was V4 chocolate crankshafts in the MS! But, I do think they've worked it out, Duc sales were up 90% last year lead by the V4 Multi. I had a '16 and now a '20, they've had some small issues, nothing that left me stranded. The '16 had leaking fork seal that was only solved by a new fork under warranty. But Ducati's nanny attitude towards "it's" owners get's annoying. The '20 gained a few hp and inches in the wheelbase, the '16 definitely felt smaller and more nimble.
  3. Edit: Added tank and adjusted prices. All pieces are structurally sound, no cracks, broken tabs or repairs. Use as-is or repaint for a beautiful new matched set. Prices are without shipping. Buyer pays actual shipping. Will donate $10 for each piece sold to VFRD. Tail - $150 Tail fairing is original paint in good to excellent condition, no fading that I can see. Structurally 100%. Front - $200 Front has been repainted and is a very close match to the OEM red. Few very minor paint imperfections but only visible on very close inspection. Structurally 100%. Left - $150 Left is OEM paint and decal but has a few scratches, see pics. Structurally 100%. Right - $100 Right has been repainted and color is a little off, no decal, see side-by-side pic with left. Paint and clear coat is in great shape, shiny. Few minor paint imperfections visible only on close examination. Structurally 100%. Tank - $250 No dents, few chips shown in pics. Fuel level sender included, fuel pump is not included.
  4. Welcome, very clean looking bike.
  5. Welcome, bike looks gorgeous. Had one myself for about 5 years, still my absolute favorite color scheme.
  6. 30 yrs later...from this to this Keep riding!
  7. Double nickel here, 55. Didn't start riding until early 30's though. Hoping to keep riding to my 70's at least, my '99 VFR will always be in the garage and get a regular workout.
  8. '98 to '09 VFR800 bikes all used the same cover I believe, in case you were going to look for a used one.
  9. It doesn't look like the offset to the steering stem is the same between the top and lower, so probably mismatched.
  10. Nice work, that looks as clean as the VFR. I put 200K on a '79 Capri 5.0, then a few more years on a '86 Mustang LX 5.0. Fun cars.
  11. Great looking bike, looks like new, like mine 20 years ago. I had the same 'stang back in the day too, although not to the state of tune that one looks to be.
  12. Keep riding! Was about 5 C today but I got caught in fog with under 50m visibility coming home. It's a good challenge. 👍
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