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  1. Has anyone tried repairing deep scratches with the Color Rite kit? I have some scratches on the fairing from when the side stand folded on my. I was thinking that by the time you get the primer, color, and several coats of clear, that you might be able to wetsand down to level with the paint, and have the repair come out looking somewhat decent. Not going for perfect here, but for $60, might be worth a shot. FYI this photo was after compounding and polishing.
  2. Looks like you have your work cut out for you! I had an SV650S; sweet little engine, suspension needed some help though.
  3. SlickWeevil


    I also just threw a set of MZS levers on the bike. The tolerances are as good or better than the stock levers, and the craftsmanship on them is fantastic. Can't beat the price!
  4. SlickWeevil

    High sight glass oil

    What does the coolant level look like?
  5. SlickWeevil

    How long do headlight bulbs on these VFRs last?

    My father still has OEM bulbs in his '95 Gen4 with 75k on the clock. H4's in my Subaru WRX are OEM with 120k on the clock. So I guess a good answer to "how long can they go?" is "How long is a piece of rope?".
  6. Wow. What do you do for a living, and are they hiring? 😄
  7. SlickWeevil

    Hypothetical Question

    Cash in hand? Yes, they'd get a ride.
  8. SlickWeevil

    White Leather Gloves?

    Thanks for the replies! I'm pretty fastidious about my gear and bike. Jacket gets a wipe down when I get home or the end of the day.
  9. SlickWeevil

    White Leather Gloves?

    I am thinking of getting some white leather RST gloves to match my partially white A*'s jacket. What has been your experience with white leather gloves? Do they look like crap after a few rides in the rain?
  10. SlickWeevil


    Yes, it fits. A little bit tighter than stock, but it fits.
  11. SlickWeevil

    Tall skinny nephew - what gear for him?

    Similar build here. Joe Rocket Atomic pants fit me well, and cheap enough to boot. Look for gear with "bad" reviews, where everybody complains that the gear is too long 😉
  12. SlickWeevil

    Chinese Clear Turn Signal Lenses

    Damn, that’s too bad. The clear lenses look very nice, but $60 puts them pretty far down on the list for me.
  13. Does anyone have experience with these? They are about half as expensive as the stock 2006+ lenses from Honda. https://www.ebay.com/i/162635922800?chn=ps Cheers!

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