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  1. I don't think you guys have 9003 or HB2 bulbs over on your side of the pond, but those two designations are interchangeable with H4.
  2. My bike came with an unknown brand fender eliminator. I got some hard bags, looking to go back to stock. Does anybody have a rear fender setup they don't want? Located near Lehigh Valley, PA.
  3. I have an SW-Motech Alu-rack. Uses the grab handle mounting points only.
  4. I've heard varying reports that the above volt meter doesn't update the information displayed very often, leading to false readings. Does it rise and fall with the rpm?
  5. That's funny. My father and I did a similar trip to The Dragon. Him on a '95 VFR, me on an '03 SV650S. I also had a brief dismount from the bike, but was able to continue and enjoy the rest of the trip. Still have the scars (and the good memories). Next trip is to the Cabot Trail, this time with brother on an '08 GSX650F, me on the Viffer, and my father on his '12 GL1800.
  6. That's where I got mine, as well as the rear cowl. It took a few weeks, as it was out of stock with their supplier. The initial order was damaged, but Partzilla made good on it without a hassle.
  7. SlickWeevil

    Old Tires

    5-6 years is the currently accepted life span of a tire, but that is in a climate controlled environment. Chuck 'em. Lots of rebates going on right now! Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, maybe more. Usually $60 off a set. Try Rocky Mountain, usually good prices.
  8. That's a sweet RC51! I'd love to get a bone stock one some day and just keep it forever.
  9. I got the $35 kit. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to get somewhat acceptable results. (sorry, don't have a pic ATM). You can still see the scratches, but they are less visible, and the black areas that were down to plastic look much better. It is NOT a perfect fix though. The problem is that if you get the area sanded flush with the surrounding paint (which is no small task), when you go to polish out the sanding marks, the polishing pulls the paint out of the scratch long before the surrounding, harder paint glosses up. When I got the bike, I also bought a new rear cowl. The paint matched as well as could be hoped for, considering the bike is 15 years old. I'd say go OEM if the price is the same.
  10. The PO put a single exit Two Brothers pipe on my bike. It sounds great, but it's definitely not quiet. I took the bike out once without wearing ear plugs, made it about half a mile before I stopped to put them in.
  11. SlickWeevil

    Tires on sale??

    Yeah, not much going on right now with tires it seems. Gear can be gotten cheap though.
  12. Has anyone tried repairing deep scratches with the Color Rite kit? I have some scratches on the fairing from when the side stand folded on my. I was thinking that by the time you get the primer, color, and several coats of clear, that you might be able to wetsand down to level with the paint, and have the repair come out looking somewhat decent. Not going for perfect here, but for $60, might be worth a shot. FYI this photo was after compounding and polishing.
  13. I also just threw a set of MZS levers on the bike. The tolerances are as good or better than the stock levers, and the craftsmanship on them is fantastic. Can't beat the price!
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