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  1. NICE!!....lefty and righty........NICE!!! Waiting for the pics.....
  2. This is on my '97...has carbs....remember those?....anyways I have had a Delkvic slip-on with the plug or dB killer out. Have always wondered if I should install stage 2 jets or not. Still using the stock style air filter and have removed the PAIR stuff. I recently changed the plugs; old ones looked fine, not burnt or anything. This Winter I will be checking the valves and probably pulling the carbs out...so it would be a good time to install the stage 2 jets.....if needed. The only characteristic I have noticed is engine is a bit "cold-natured" even here in southern Arizona Stock sizes are: Slow jet #40, Main jet front #128, rear #125. The kit I have has: Slow jet #42, Main jets #130. I was thinking of replacing the slow jets and then use the #130 in the front and #128 in the rear. What you guys think??.
  3. My feeler gauges have the fine steps, just need to get the micrometer yet. Thanks again for the information.
  4. Regarding the right side crankcase cover removal, and this would be should the cams need removal....I misread the manual, thought it referred to marks on the "clutch", it was "starter clutch"....my bad. And yeah I will check all valves....my question regarding if the rear valves are okay, then probably the fronts are as well, I was just wondering if that would normally be the findings; same as the inverse, if I find out of spec clearances on the rear valves, then I will most likely find them on the front set as well. Got the hint of painting the cam anti-lash gear BEFORE removing anything. Looking forward to doing this in Nov/Dec/Jan....when it becomes just too cold to ride. THANKS!
  5. Ok...cam cover rubber-backed washers....., what about the right side case cover gasket....I assume it will need replacing? I do not have a micrometer, only calipers....guess I will need to find a micrometer somewhere. Torque wrenches I have. Any chance if the rear is ok, then the front is ok?.... Thanks
  6. The CBR bolts use the same hex key as the fairing bolts.....looks better. And I was able to find the info; bolts are from a CBR900, not a 600.....what would I do without partzilla.com.....
  7. I think I read on here somewhere of using the tie down bolts from a CBR600 or something like that to replace the original style bolts that uses a large flat blade screwdriver for removal; now of course I cannot find that info. Anyone happen to know what I am referring to? There were three part numbers to get...... Thanks
  8. As I passsed 35k miles recently, probably time for me to check the valve clearance; was wondering if there is a video I could watch to get me ready for this? Also what gaskets need replaced? This will be a Winter project...just getting started gathering parts...well...except shims of course...have to wait to see what I need. Thanks
  9. Seat is as shown in the picture, no rips or tears. I did cut the 2nd Skin tag or label off when I first got it, part of it is still there. I think shipping is going to be around $50 as that is what it cost me to ship my Corbin seat back to Corbin via UPS....so I expect this to be about the same. Price is $50 for the seat plus actual shipping cost. I will use the box that Corbin sent me.
  10. I looked into the common service manual...nothing there either. My guess is since the pump operates in a pulse-mode.....that a flow rate is not spec'ed. As long as there is flow from it, not a trickle, but a flow...then it is probably adequate enough to keep the float bowls full. Since these years will work by gravity flow....at lower speeds....again, it seems like almost any amount of flow out of the pump is good. I have tested others by putting the fuel line into a container and then apply power directly to the fuel pump and watched the flow. Do you have one that is not working at all?
  11. Hey....how about getting a full Black Widow exhaust system? Just saw them on ebay this past weekend....price is not bad at all.
  12. I did not make my question very clear about re-jetting, I went back and edited my posting....I was wondering if with the full Black Widow exhaust system if re-jetting is required? I will add that I have had numerous compliments about the sound of the Delkevic can I have on mine....without the dB killer of course.
  13. Well....the Black Widow exhaust looks pretty darn good to me. I have...or rather had the Delkevic high mount exhaust on my '97 but had to remove it to put the Givi hard cases on. I still have the Delkevic slip-on, just mounted in the low position. Curious though if the Black Widow requires re-jetting or not??? Thanks for the pictures.....
  14. Any 4th Gen owners with the Black Widow exhaust system? Never knew about these.......just saw them on ebay.......anyone???
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