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  1. Ok got it....made sense after I re-read your posting. Somehow I got the idea that you installed switchback LEDs in the rear signals. So the Thurn clear rear turn signals have an LED board in them; not an 1157 LED "bulb"....is that correct? The front Thurn clear turn signals do have an 1157 LED "bulb", correct? I like this idea of having additional white running lights but then switches to amber when turn signal is activated. This is how my car works. Now if the Thurn rear signals used an 1156 bulb it might be possible to remove the 1156 socket, replace with a 1157 socket and then mod the wiring to have both rear turn signals become additional brake lights if a dual color red/amber LED 1157 "bulb" is available. Would just need to figure-out how to have the turn signal flashing when the brakes are on so that both amber and red are not trying to be on at the same time....that would not look very good. Thanks
  2. SlickWeevil: hey I received the pair of LED bulbs from Amazon, got them installed right away and YES!!…..nice and bright, strobe works well, although I wish the strobe function lasted longer. A huge improvement over the OEM 1157 bulbs, especially in heat!! coupedupsbie: a bit confused by your reply above; you installed switchback bulbs?....in the rear?...but the turn signal indicators are separate from the tail / brake light....or did you mod the wiring such that the turn signals become brake lights as well? That would be awesome....three brake lights.....that should be visible to almost everyone...
  3. Hi Lannyl81, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. SlickWeevil: is there a lot of difference between the brightness of the tail light and the brake light? I watched the video in the Amazon link and it does not spend much time showing the tail light...it is all brake strobe function. I want one that there is a significant difference between the two.
  5. Has anyone found an LED replacement for the 1157 bulbs that are actually brighter? How about one with the built-in brake strobe? I purchased one brand and found that the tail and brake light contacts were reversed such that turning the key to ON results in the strobe and then a nice bright steady light....no tail light at all. So they went back. Thought I would ask if someone found a brand / source of ones that actually work.
  6. Lannyl81

    Gear Indicator

    How did the topic get changed to speedo? I was asking about a gear indicator.
  7. Just saw this....been really busy....what is the status of this? I would be in for a set.
  8. Lannyl81

    Stem locking nut tool

    Just wondering what do you use if you do not have the Honda spanner wrench for the notch stem locking nuts? I had been using a drift and hammer, but finding I am not able to get the tapered bearings torqued down just right, as the two nuts want to turn together once they get to a certain tightness. I have also tried large slip joint pliers, but this requires two people...which I am only one. Soooo what have you guys done?
  9. Just curious about addition of a gear indicator....have others installed one?....do they work?.....or is the thinking, "if you don't know what gear you are in, then you should be driving a car"...... I just came across an ad for a VFR where the owner had installed one and was just curious.
  10. THANKS for your contribution to this website !! :cheerleader:

  11. Hi Lannyl81, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion

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