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  1. Seat is as shown in the picture, no rips or tears. I did cut the 2nd Skin tag or label off when I first got it, part of it is still there. I think shipping is going to be around $50 as that is what it cost me to ship my Corbin seat back to Corbin via UPS....so I expect this to be about the same. Price is $50 for the seat plus actual shipping cost. I will use the box that Corbin sent me.
  2. I looked into the common service manual...nothing there either. My guess is since the pump operates in a pulse-mode.....that a flow rate is not spec'ed. As long as there is flow from it, not a trickle, but a flow...then it is probably adequate enough to keep the float bowls full. Since these years will work by gravity flow....at lower speeds....again, it seems like almost any amount of flow out of the pump is good. I have tested others by putting the fuel line into a container and then apply power directly to the fuel pump and watched the flow. Do you have one that is not working at all?
  3. Hey....how about getting a full Black Widow exhaust system? Just saw them on ebay this past weekend....price is not bad at all.
  4. I did not make my question very clear about re-jetting, I went back and edited my posting....I was wondering if with the full Black Widow exhaust system if re-jetting is required? I will add that I have had numerous compliments about the sound of the Delkevic can I have on mine....without the dB killer of course.
  5. Well....the Black Widow exhaust looks pretty darn good to me. I have...or rather had the Delkevic high mount exhaust on my '97 but had to remove it to put the Givi hard cases on. I still have the Delkevic slip-on, just mounted in the low position. Curious though if the Black Widow requires re-jetting or not??? Thanks for the pictures.....
  6. Any 4th Gen owners with the Black Widow exhaust system? Never knew about these.......just saw them on ebay.......anyone???
  7. Wow....guess I am somewhat lucky as I was able to replace this hose about three years ago with a Honda OEM one.
  8. Easy to find this on ebay; you might find someone here that has a spare, but have seen these on ebay. I probably have the hydraulic hose as I replaced all of mine with braided stainless steel lines, but still using the master cylinder/lever assembly.
  9. I agree that both tires I have seem to me to have alot of tread left with having 10k miles on them, especially the rear. I was only replacing due to age.....if I remember correctly both have a 2013 mfg date. These tires were on there when I purchased the bike 5 yrs ago (next month). Appears my riding style yields higher mileage than most....so I probably do not need a tire that is made with long wear tire life. I agree that I do not need the GT version of the T31s....and would not mix them. I have read that all Bstone tires give a harsh ride. Sure do not want that on these "wonderful" roads around Southern Arizona. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Looking into the T31s..... Well now a bit confused with the T31s....the rear GT version is supposed to be for heavier bikes, but has a one number lighter load rating than the rear non GT version...does not make sense; the rear GT has 3 nylon, 1 steel belts....non GT has 2 nylon, 1 steel.....,makes sense that GT is a heavier construction.. The rear GT is available in a 170, the non GT is not, would have to use a 180.....???? Can someone explain this to me?? Also I need a tire for hot dry pavement, usually with some sand, not improved wet traction.....I live in the desert, not out when it might rain.
  11. So thinking with about 10k on the tires now, PP front, PR3 rear....time to replace them, although tread still looks good on both, see pics. Anyways as everyone here knows, finding a 170/60 is a problem. I am not an aggressive rider by any means, I just do a day-out riding the roads around Southern Arizona, no peg dragging....so do not need the grip of a sport tire like Pilot Power 2CTs which would probably not yield much in the way of mileage. Never two-up, not carrying much luggage, although I do have hard cases for it now. So what are you guys using on these days?
  12. Just wanted to update this and report that I did get the Givi cases and rack. The cases are road-rashed as he got hit by a car, but they still lock and seal just fine, just do not look the best. The rack is in pretty good shape, just a bit of some surface rust; might get them powder-coated depending upon cost. Have not had time yet to mount them onto my '97, still in the moving process and bouncing between two houses. I will take a few pictures and post them soon.
  13. The seller has told me that the cases have a label with "38" on them; thinks this means 38 liters. Also these are Monokey cases. I am going to try to get everything today and then try to find new cases. Correction: monokey
  14. E41 cases......so now I have something to look for. Yeah I see that there are ALOT of Givi cases out there, I just have no idea how to determine which ones would fit the rack for my '97. Thanks.
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