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  1. Like Captn said, the slots in the side panels give it away.
  2. I've got both a mint 84 and and 85, and yours is neither of them. I'm going with 86 as well.
  3. Anyone know the thread pitch and size on a 6th gen idle screw adjustment screw? Trying to McGuyver a longer cable for my 1st gen idle screw....
  4. Honda could make a ton by selling JUST those starter buttons. One side of the pegs always seems to break off. I've not found any glue that will keep the broken part attached. Someone here drilled out the remaining peg and slid a new rod into it. Tough to do. I did that once too, I think. I think last time I just went to ebay and bought like 4 of the whole pods and ended up with 2 that had decent buttons.
  5. I had Sta-Bil in all my stuff too. A healthy amount. Like much more than it calls for, b/c hey, why not? More=better, and I really don't want to be going thru the carbs on 4 bikes. And here I am, going thru the carbs on 4 bikes. All of this could have easily been solved by me...riding. Not 400 mile trips. Just a ride to the store now and then. But, add in a rainy CA winter and next thing you know, I'm going thru carbs. I got the 500 carb bank out earlier though already. Just need to get the bowl covers off tomorrow maybe sometime.
  6. I dunno. My 6th gen start/runs/idles/rides a-ok after sitting for months. None of my carb bikes do. So far, every one has needed a tear down cleaning.
  7. Bike buttoned up and idles and rides like a champ. Up next: my first gen. Same issue. Yay. My kingdom for FI on all my shite.
  8. Boom! Found out where it went from another member who found a foto of the carbs. I knew it had to be held in by tension somewhere, and that's exactly how it's held. #10 and #12 on the parts fiche showed two springs but did not show where they were connected. Thanks for the help, gang!
  9. Boom! That's it! Found out where it went, thanks to your foto, Cos. I knew it had to be held in by tension somewhere, and that's exactly how it's held. It does have a slight "bump" on the inside ends of those metal tabs in order to hold it in, but once I saw one side the spring and one did not, that was my clue. Thanks again. Now I can sleep at night!
  10. It's about an inch long and the coil is as big as a pencil
  11. If that IS where it is, it's super odd that its just held in by....tension maybe?
  12. 1) WHERE did you find that foto? Amazing. 2) I'll look and report back.
  13. Just pulled them off again and flipped them over and still did not see where it might go. Didn't see where #10 and #12 went either. It HAS to be 10 or 12 but I'll be damned if I know WHERE they go. Doesn't seem like anything goes THRU the spring, esp. since I didn't unscrew anything and take it off. 10 and 12 just seem to float in that diagram. Thoughts?
  14. yeah that one is smaller and stays locked on the cable unless you unscrew it I guess. I'll guess I'll have to pull them off again and see how #10 and #12 stay on. It's the only thing I see.
  15. fiche doesn't show one there either
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