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  1. body work in superb condition the odd small marks all plastics no tabs broken or cracks tank was immaculate on out side but just yesterday i dropped something out of cupboard onto top put a little dent in it not bad but enough to pxxxme off after 25 years of no dents wish i covered it but there you go.Cleaning going well freed up rear brake new fluid all moves nice now soon the fronts if it was,nt that its been stood you would think its in daily use...was up for £700 still cheap i sold a cbr 600 f4 2 years ago and regreted it, it was immaculate with only 11.000 miles so i jumped at it.. know i
  2. just to add not keen on POR15 dont really want to line tank seen Phosphoric Acid adds a coat is it like grey etch primer ...
  3. Hi again...fuel pump works a treat tank cleaning going well 21 l white vineger got fuel sensor to work petcock both out of tank and blocked off look like new cleaned with elbow grease fantastic stuff.after ive flushed out all the crap and used baking powder to neutralise acid aprt from gey primer i suppose to just swill it around is there any other products to use ..like POR15 or phosforus product or tank ok without just new petrol? all advise be great.
  4. cleaned carbs up took bowl off in really good condition just needed a litte wipe around pulled jets not blocked loosened everything up ...looking good feeling good about it worst is tank and look at fuel pump then all fluids onwards and upwards!
  5. Hi got carbs off really easy after all... took pet cock off strainer looks ok ish cant get em anymore.. so hope its ok sucks and blows ok tank next to clean its dreadfull inside ive got another coming from ebay lovely clean inside but different colour as a back up also try fuel pump cheers for now.Herrs a couple pics of bike before i took apart hope one day when back together it runs and on the road! Got it for £550 so worth a chance.
  6. cheers ill check seen cheapo for £22 ebay if i cant get it to work.Got fuel sender to work waiting for 20L white viniger get the tank sorted its a right mess in there try to prize the carbs of next..happy days
  7. Cheers i think fuel punmp not working how should it run ? cranking over or buzz or something..
  8. ok would i get away without gettting carbs out? i dont think fuel pump working does it run when ignition on or buzz or click? ive got nothing tank off put my finger over inlet no suction any thing to try thanks got all the lights to work today so a start.
  9. oh and grey etching primer ? is it like self etch and does,nt the fuel wash it all out ? all new to me.
  10. electrolysis with a battery charger ? uhhh sorry im thick how to with batt charger? cheers .
  11. Hi just bought a 96 vfr750f 4th gen been stood 10 years! in great consdition but tank needs cleaning carbs removal and cleaning all cables locked up engine spins fine only 30.000 miles all original.Whats best way to remove carbs clean and setup and what to use to flush/clean fuel tank any advise would be great to get her back on road.
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