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  1. ye i thought it has to be fuel problem ill look into it again ill contact shop first, cheers.
  2. Hi bike had a couple issues been to bike shop carbs off stripped all new jets float valves balanced...now choke works now which it did,nt but only running on 3 cylinders front right bangs into life if choke pulled on but push choke off back to 3 cylinders?? ive tried 2 different plugs one new as others if i leave plug in and a spare plug in lead it sparks good as i know ive had a few shocks!! any iders? rode it home from shop went really well so maybe on the throttle fuel is getting to plug??blocked jet ??
  3. Think it,s battery as i,ve fully charged it again and got a trickle charger connected 24/7..fires up fine now as it did before.Battery is 4 years old so about to get a new one.
  4. ok cheers hopefully its just a battery issue...time will tell
  5. ok cheers for that guys what dose and what is the starter clutch and i it a big job to sort out ? i think i will look to get a good make new battery as it seems to be associated to the starting...
  6. Hi again here we go ..right sometimes when i go to start her up there is a loud crack thump sound lower engine,and won,t start like battery dead you can hear starter click but no start lights dim..thing is battery shows over 12volts and charges over 14 volts when running.When back on charge fires up straight away,now it does,nt always do this only now and then on a fully chrged battery ,battery is i think 4 years old powerline but does hold 12.6 volts even when i crank it over and does start does,nt seem to lose much voltage...now is it battery or something to do with starter clutch or something else should i try take out starter clean lube or just leave it spins real fast when fires bike up dont really think it is a starter issue anyway...any thoughts on this will be great thanks.
  7. Bike all done 👍back on road rides lovely go,s well stripped down calipers all new seal,s front and back re-bleed again as binding at MOT passed now also new pads in front as last set nackered.Pulls strong had a couple 110s ...easy👍bedding in pads and tyres now, love the bike i had a cbr 600 f4 before this ..must admit i like this better so comfortable on the road over potholes bad surface,s gearbox smooth as silk as is clutch,thanks for all the advise, just wondering... if i carry a pillion would rear suspension need to be harder? i see from some posts changing settings on these makes little difference? its set to standard at the moment front and back..Heres a couple of pics ..bike has a grand into it bought and put on road .... spare tank..i think i done allright 🙂👍need another bargain project now🤔
  8. yes starts on the button idles lovely does,nt seem to want much if any choke? knocking i seen is something to do with cam tolerances or clutch basket that,s what i saw online about oil ways in cam jurnals..im not to bothered about engine as the way it starts and runs and sounds right.Also for an engine that has been well engineered im happy with the bike hope to put it on the road in a few weeks time just cleaning, changing all fluids at the moment watch this space....
  9. Hi it runs! new jets cleaned chock tubes they were blocked all slow jets blocked fired up straight away had next to no fuel in it! oil changed new filter.Now there is a knocking sound that comes and goes on idle whe slight rev it goes... not tappet,engine runs and sound superb ive seen online somthing to do with cam jurnals? and drilling a hole ...not sure i want to do that what esle might it be any iders? also temp needle moves but wont rise power to both sensors rad and thermostat fan cuts in good is the radiator the one to change for temp?
  10. got a wet weekend coming up so plenty of time to get to the bottom of it all got new jets too as now i know my slow jets are blocked up
  11. Im sure been asked before but here goes what,s uk standard carb jet size for 4th gen 1996 slow and main most reliable running.cheers.
  12. Its not mechanical got good idear now from joe at V4 dreams and yourself its a vacuum issue on slide also no fuel going into cylinders although float bowls got fuel so apart again more cleaning also chock tubes i never thought of them.
  13. ye have another go weekend 2 out of 4 not bad...not started for 2/3 years
  14. Hi got it to run rear bank hot front bank not all with new plugs front did have spark all fuel bowls have fuel water circulating oil light out..need to see why front not fireing front exhaust cold so for some reason fuel not getting into cyclinders ...on we go any idears?
  15. Hi all back together at the moment but wont take long to pull out again where to buy replacement jets? like i asked do those jets have a hole all the way through im not clued up on carbs really
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